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Here are my challenges. If you want to accept an available challenge just contact me.

Number ONE:

Alternate Universe. All human. No Slayers, No Vampires, No Demons, No Witches Buffy and Angel will not know each other before the story begins. He will be in some sort of danger or risk and she will be the one that helps or saves him. It does not have to be a physical danger but it can be. Other than Buffy and Angel, you must use ten other characters from Buffy and ten from Angel. Five males and five females per show. Any character that has appeared on the shows can be used. Now for the big challenge. All other romantic pairings can not be from cannon. Neither actual or implied. No couples that occurred or no couples where one hoped it would occur. Meaning no Xander/Willow, Cordy/Wes, Cordy/Doyle. I think you know what I mean. Now I do want NC-17 content. The big challenge will be if you can include activity between other couples but I will not make that part of the challenge although I thought about it.


I Hate To Love You by Liz(adult content)
Leap of Faith by Stars(adult content)

Number TWO:

Angelus O’Shea of New York City is called to grandfather’s attorney’s office. He is given an ultimatum by his grandfather. His grandfather has chosen six young women and Angelus is expected to marry one of them within six months or sacrifice his entire inheritance.
If he is married to one of the six in time, he will receive one fourth of the inheritance, which will include houses in the Hamptons, Cayman Islands, and Miami. And a penthouse in New York City. Plus investments that will produce enough income to cover all his needs, wants and still have plenty left. He asks about the house in Aspen he loves.

Second stipulation is he must have a child within the first two years of the marriage. If he does he will receive another fourth of the estate. This fourth includes the house in Aspen and a chalet in the Swiss Alps (which he complains won’t be as much fun with a child around). And more income producing investments. If there is no child, then he loses that fourth of the estate forever.

When his grandfather passes away he will receive the balance of the estate as long as he is still married.

His grandfather has chosen young women of both financial means and proper education and stature.

Angelus is shown their pictures and given a brief synopsis.

  • Cordelia Chase. Her family owns one of the largest producers of fine wines and liquors. Also owns portions of a major tobacco company.
  • Harmony Kendall. Her family owns a major chain of department stores.
  • Anya Jenkins. Her father owns and operates a couple dozen power companies across the Unites States.
  • Faith Hamilton. Her father is a Texas oil man.
  • Willow Rosenburg. Her parents are both doctors and own a top drug research lab with hundreds of drug patents.
  • Buffy Summers. Her father is CEO of an import/export business and her mother’s parents own a vineyard. But her largest wealth is from her work as an artist. She is a sculptor. She prefers marble and granite sculpting but does work with clay and metals.

    Angelus is given the women’s pictures and more detailed bios. He goes home and reads them. After calling his grandfather and realizing he is serious he proceeds to check out the women.

    He starts with the two living in NYC. The records show they are friends and both are known for attending a trendy night club on Friday nights. Angelus dons his leather pants and silk shirt and heads to the club. He finds the ladies amongst the crowd. He maneuvers close and listens in. He soon finds out Cordelia is angry with her father for cutting off her credit cards for a month because she spend over $100,000 on clothes in one day. She thinks her dad is being totally unreasonable. She suddenly up and leaves her friends when she sees Owen Thurman and she wants to dance.

    Angelus stays to observe Harmony. It takes only minutes to peg her as an air head with not a thought not put there by Cordelia. He heads home to pack.

    He arrives in Chicago on Saturday and decides to check out the next lady. He rents a car and sits outside her home until he sees a dark-haired man arrive in a beat up pickup. He follows them to a sports bar. He finds a nearby table and watches as the guy wolfs down hot wings and beer why the girl makes inane chit chat. Then he hears her demanding Xander have sex. She needs sex now. He follows as them out and watches for a few moments until he realizes they are doing it in his truck in the parking lot. Anya Jenkins is scratched off the list.

    Angel goes back to the hotel and take the first available flight to Austin. He contacts a former college friend and is pleased to learn that there is big barbecue planned at the Hamilton ranch the next afternoon. His luck seems to be turning as his friend invites him to come along.

    The next day he arrives at the party and quickly find the young lady in question. She is standing amongst a throng of young men. He moves closer to listen to what has them so enthralled. He is actually impressed with her vivacious spirit as she discusses her latest riding competition. He finds himself smiling at her youthful enthusiasm. She also seems to hate the airs being put on by some of the other females at the party. The young men seem to flock to her beauty and liveliness.

    As the party progresses he is able to introduce myself and begins to win her attention. He begs off when she attempts to get him to two-step but as the sun sets he hears a mellow song and drags her into a slow dance.

    Over the week he takes her out every night to restaurants and clubs. Even one night he takes her to a movie. He is beginning to think he may have found one he could possibly live with. She invites him to join her to a rodeo on Saturday. They head out at daybreak following the truck pulling the horse trailer. At the rodeo, he waits while she settles in the horses. When she seems to be taking a long time, he slips into the stable to see her in the arms of a burly ranch hand. She is palming his crotch and telling him he needs to get a condom if he wants to scratch her itch. Angelus hears the guy ask about her date. She tells him that he is just for daddy’s sake. She likes her men less pretty boy and more dangerous. Besides types like him all want to get married and have babies and there is no way she is wasting 9 months of her life without a horse under her. Angelus gets in his car and leaves. He has his bags and is on the way to the airport before Faith even knows he left.

    Angelus lands in San Francisco still angry. He checks into and goes down to the restaurant. He eats dinner and begins to watch the sassy waitress. He flirts madly and invites her upstairs after she gets off. He leaves the restaurant and takes a cab. He picks up a fifth of bourbon and a pack of condom. He is either getting laid or drunk tonight. He is tempted to call his grandfather and tell him to shove his money ups his………..well you know.

    Back at the hotel he sits flipping channels and sipping the brown liquid until he hears a knock at the door. He opens and lets in the trashy blonde. Within moments they are kissing and moving toward the bedroom of his suite. A few hours later he lays staring at the ceiling while the soft snores of his bed partner let him know he not alone. He tries to decide if he wants to pursue his grandfather’s agenda or just forget and go back to NY and try to parlay his not too shabby trust fund balance into enough to last him. By morning he is ready to continue the pursuit for a wife.

    Later that morning he stands outside the townhouse watching for the redhead. He is pleased to finally see her exit the building. He watches as she stands on the stoop and turns back toward the door. The door opens and taller blonde female departs. The two intertwine hands and move down the steps and toward the cable car. Angelus shakes his head as his grandfather’s utter stupidity. Did he even bother to check these ladies out?

    With only one name left on the list, he rents a convertible and heads along the coast highway toward LA.

    Monday morning he arrives at her gallery and discovers it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. He is not willing to wait until then and heads to Malibu and her beach place. He parks as close as possible and tries to get closer on foot. He finds the security too tight to get too close. He heads back to the hotel.

    According the records from his grandfather she never strays far from either her gallery or her house on the beach. She keeps studios in both places and is constantly working on new projects.

    He heads back to her place come morning dressed for the beach. He sets up in front of her house. He can see a large security type dog on her back deck. After a couple of hours of pretending to read while he sneaks furtive glances toward the house and at the three college age girls apparently skipping classes, he decided that he is being an idiot. He gathers his chair and book and moves back toward his car. He stops to watch the lone jogger make her way up the beach. Her petite nubile form attracted his attention. Her face is masked by sunglasses and a baseball cap but her body is exposed for his lustful stare. As she passes by he turns back toward his car and never sees her climb the stairs and on to the deck, petting her dog as she passes.

    The next day he approaches the gallery and with little hope and a lot of irritation and anger. He pretends to admire the works of art, hoping to see his last potential. After forty-five minutes of roaming the large space, he hears her steps behind him. She offers her assistance and he puts on his most beguiling smile. She pauses and then demands to know why Mr. O’Shea is actually there.

    He is shocked she knows him. She laughs and says she sees his body all the time. She then laughs harder at his confusion. She leans forward and says in a conspiratory voice. She saw him a couple years ago at Martha’s Vineyard. He looks confused. She admits she never actually spoke to him but she saw him none the less. Actually she saw a lot of him as he flaunted his body on the beach. A body she has used as a model for many of her male sculptures since then.

    He is shocked and tries to figure what to say. She then tells him if he expects payment for his contribution to her works, it won’t happen. Besides he would have to prove it and they are the only ones that know. It is not like she ever included is tattoo. He is suddenly convinced she is serious. He then demands to see one. She smiles and leads him to her studio. She is working on a marble sculpture. She has the torso but has yet to complete the lower body or face.

    He asks about and she admits it is a nude but she is trying to decide about the genitals. That is the one part she hates. She had never found the perfect male to model after. But one day, but for now she wings it and integrates various men she has had model for her.

    She suddenly returns to her earlier question. Why is he here?

    Now I think it would be neat if we later discover the six women all are friends from maybe boarding school but that is not necessary.


    Bachelor by Dragonqueen(adult content)

    Number THREE:

    AU - Buffy is the twenty-one year old spoiled youngest daughter of a very rich family. Angel has fallen on hard times and is homeless and collecting cans and the like on the roadside to survive. Buffy is walking from her car to a café for lunch after a tennis lesson and sees him about to get hit by a truck when he stops to pick up something he dropped. She knocks him clear and then buys him lunch. She takes him home and hides him in the pool house. Darla is the maid and Cordelia is the older sister. Riley can be a “respectable” beau. The rest is up to you.


    Jo has taken this challenge. She is currently posting it on Michelle's site. A link is available in the recommended fanfic section.

    Number FOUR:

    Late season 4/1 - WR&H decide to make Angel lose his soul. They plant a mating spell on Buffy’s brush and Angel’s comb. It will compel them to seek out one another and get “fleshy”. Cordelia mistakenly uses Angel’s comb in his bathroom to fix a flyaway with his hair gel. Buffy and Riley go for a picnic and a ride in the country. He borrows her brush to fix his wind blown hair. He suddenly begins driving to LA and the office. Buffy panics as he rushes out of the car and into the building. Buffy and Angel look on in horror and shock as Riley and Cordy get active on her desk. They soon grab the two and pry them apart. They have to fight to keep them apart as the teams try to discover the cause.


    Daydreamer has chosen this challenge. She will be posting it Here.

    Number FIVE:

    Angel is from Ireland and ending his junior year at college in the US on a student visa. After much pursuing on her part, he has been dating Cordelia for the last few months. Her grandfather is not pleased that she is dating below her and refusing to date the more acceptable men he chooses. He decides to get rid of Angel and pulls strings and has his Visa revoked for irregularities in his paperwork. He will have to leave in a week before he finishes the spring semester.

    Cordelia is upset that he has to go, especially after all her work to ensnare him. Her friend Harmony suggests she marry him and then he can stay. Cordelia knows, if she does her grandfather will disinherit her. They discuss Harmony marry him. Harmony offers she find some ugly chick he wouldn’t look twice at to do it. Cordelia laughs it off.

    Later while at the popular student lunch spot with Angel she notices the waitress. The badly dressed haggard young girl is rushing around trying to keep up with the growing crowd. Cordelia and Angel discuss his leaving. She even mentions him finding someone to marry in name only. He thinks she is crazy. She continues to watch the waitress. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom and ask the manager about the girl. She learns she is a freshman who is putting herself through school working there and has a second job as well. Cordelia smiles.

    After Angel heads to again to talk to the government officials, Cordelia sits and waits for the crowd to thin out. When it is slow, she invites Buffy to sit down. She proposes that Buffy marry Angel so he can stay. And in return she will pay for all Buffy’s tuition, books, and fees. Not sure if Angel should know Cordelia is paying Buffy.

    After another rough night at her second job, Buffy accepts the offer and Cordelia tells Angel she found him a name only wife. He is shocked but after meeting Buffy and realizing she is willing to help, they get hitched and she moves into his apartment. He finishes the semester.

    Buffy is able to quit one job and cut back her hours. Then Cordelia’s grandfather learns what happened and sicks INS on the couple. They have to deal with home inspections and interviews. Going into their senior/sophomore years, he is forced to take a sophomore level course he has been putting off. Something like Biology maybe or US History. Buffy offers to help him since it is her best subject. They sign up for the same class.

    Soon they discover they are being followed and fearing the INS and the consequences they have to be more demonstrative in public. Angel continues to see Cordelia secretly.


    Gia has chosen this challenge. She is currently posting it on her site Every Six Seconds. A link is available in the recommended fanfic section.

    Number SIX:


    Rupert and Joyce Giles married for 14 years. All children refer to them as mom and dad.

    Rupert’s children from his first marriage to Jenny(she died in a car accident):

    Angel, 18 (almost 19) college freshman at the local university, still living at home
    Cordelia and Alexander, 17 (twins, almost 18 ) high school seniors
    Faith , 16 high school junior

    Joyce’s child from her first marriage (ex is around somewhere):

    Willow, 17 (almost 18 ) high school senior and computer nerd

    Base story

    Current house hold

    Four bedroom home. Due to Joyce’s foresight, they had the house built with a private bathroom for each bedroom.

    Story begins the summer before school starts.


    Angel and Xander share a room
    Faith and Willow share a room
    Cordelia has her own room
    And of course mom and dad have theirs

    Intro new cog in the wheel:

    Rupert’s best friend from college, Hank is being sent overseas for three years to set up a new plant for his company. His daughter does not get along with his new wife, Maggie. She refuse to go with them and he ask Rupert if she can stay with them and complete her senior year in the states. Rupert and Joyce agree.

    New house member:

    Buffy Summers, 17 (almost 18 ) high school senior.

    First problem: Cordelia refuses to share her room with a stranger. She finally chooses Faith as her roommie. Although she is a slob, Faith never spends much time in her room. So before the new member can arrive a flurry of room moving occurs. So all the females’ lives are altered because of the addition.

    Second problem: Xander is immediately smitten with the new housemate.

    Third problem: Buffy’s irritation about having to attend a new school for her senior year.


    This Challenge is currently open

    Number SEVEN:

    Angelus Keane finds out on his 30th birthday, he has been stripped of his various trust funds because the original principle has reverted as scheduled back to his mother and he over the years has squandered most the earnings. He is left with approximately $50,000 and no work experience or desire. He returns home to confront his mother. She refuses to restore the assets. His parents had assumed he would have allowed the earnings to grow and made investments to secure his own future. And also be able to support himself by now.

    But she will consider setting up new trust funds for his wife and children if he marries someone she approves of. A woman from a proper family in society. She even suggest the daughter of close friends Frederick and Amelia Chase. She also offers he can stay at the family home if he helps with his younger sister Druscilla. Druscilla has the mentality of a 6 year old due to a fall from her horse as a child. An accident no one knows was caused by her angry older brother. A sister he hates to be around.

    Upon returning to his penthouse he has to decide what to do. He decides to find a woman his mother will approve of but one who he can easily control. He also wants her to be desirable if he is going to be stuck with her in his home. He sets out to find the youngest, prettiest female in the “acceptable” society. He finds 16 year old Buffy Summers.

    You can figure how he finds her. He has to get her as his bride in an abnormal way. And of course he has to learn she is not as controllable as he expected.


    Challenge is currently open


    Please beware that most the stories in this area contain adult content. If you are too young or uncomfortable with adult or sexual situations please do not read.

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