Bachelor by Dragonqueen



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SYNOPSIS: Completely AU. Challenge issued by Tara. Angelus is a major playboy, will that change when he is given six months to find a wife?

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He was slowly pulled to consciousness from the incessant ringing of the phone next to his head. The shrill ringing made his head throb even more than it already was. He picked the phone up off the hook and then replaced it.

He pushed the arm that was cast across his chest away and rolled over. But the phone started ringing before he was even comfortable.

Picking up the phone he growled, as well as he could with his hangover, “Do you have any fucking idea what time it is?!”

“Actually, yes, I do. It is nearly noon. You are to have your lazy, lay about ass out of that bed and sending what ever women that are with you home this instant. You will be in my offices in exactly one hour.” With that the British voice that belonged to his grandfather was replaced by a dial tone.

Angelus Liam O’Shea slammed the phone down on the hook. Wincing when the sound reverberated throughout his skull.

He groaned as he rolled over to stare at the ceiling. He slowly turned his head to look at the two women who were also in his bed. Both were blonde, extremely beautiful, and if he remember correctly the taller one gave great head. He considered going another round with them, but the throbbing in his head and the phone call from his grandfather prevented him.

‘Damn it!’, his grandfather had given him “exactly one hour” to get around and across New York City during the lunch hour. He was going to be late, and his grandfather was a stickler for punctuality.

He was out of the door with in twenty minutes. The two women had been shown out, the taller one was told that her services would be needed again.

Angelus tried to call his grandfather and warn him that he may be late. He was informed by Lilah, his grandfather’s secretary, that his grandfather would not be taking his calls and that any problems he had could be addressed when he got there.

He really hated that bitch of a secretary his grandfather had. Lilah was way to high and mighty for being nothing more than a glorified answering machine... but she was a good fuck.

He got to his grandfather’s law firm nearly a half-hour late. Lilah smirked at him as he sprinted past her desk. He slowed as he came to the door; he straightened his suit as he knocked on the large, oak doors.

“Come in.”

“Sorry I’m late. Traffic was hell.” Angelus strode over to the liquor cabinet and poured himself a drink.

“I would like to be sober if I were you.” His grandfather stated, he had yet to turn his large, leather chair from the windows

Sighing Angelus sat the bourbon down on the desk.

“Coaster,” His grandfather commanded. Angelus let out another sigh, but did as he was told.

“So, Giles,” his grandfather inwardly groaned at the nickname, “what is so important that it couldn’t have waited? I had two very,”

“I don’t care who or what you were whoring around with.” His grandfather said angrily as he swung his chair around, “From this moment on you’re whoring days are over.”

“Sorry Giles, not happening.” Angelus said with a cocky smirk.

This had been an ongoing struggle between the two of them. Giles had tried everything to get his grandson to grow up and to become a more respectable man. He had friends that refused to invite Angelus into their homes because they were afraid he would ‘taint’ their daughters or wives for that matter. Giles really couldn’t blame them. So far Angelus had fought him all the way.

“Yes, it is.” Giles said firmly as he threw a file across the desk. Angelus let it slide to a stop. He glared at his grandfather. “Read it.” Giles commanded angrily as he turned his chair to look over the city.

Angelus sat there for a few minutes, debating the merits of just walking out. Finally he picked the file up and opened it.

After reading for a few seconds Angelus shouted, “You have got to be shitting me!”

Giles smiled to himself, “No, I am not '‘shitting’' you.”

Angelus looked down at the file in his hands. The shortened version was that his grandfather had chosen six young women, Giles expected Angelus to be married to one of the six within six months or he would lose his inheritance.

If he were married to one of the six in time, he would receive one fourth of his inheritance.

The fourth included houses in the Hamptons, Cayman Islands, Miami, and a penthouse in New York City. Plus investments that would produce enough income to cover all his needs and wants, yet still have plenty left.

“What about Aspen?”

“Keep reading.”

There was a second stipulation. He would have to produce a child within the first two years of the marriage. If he accomplished this he would receive another fourth of the estates. Including the estate in Aspen, a chalet in the Swiss Alps, and more income producing investments. No child meant losing that fourth of the estates, forever. When Giles passed away the remaining portions would be handed over to Angelus... as long as he was still married.

“What good is the Alps if you’ve got a fucking brat?”

Giles turned his chair to face his grandson once more, “That is no concern of mine. There will be no negotiations on this Angelus. This is final.” Giles said as he pointed to the file in Angelus’s hand. “You will be married in six months or consider yourself disowned.”

“Giles, Grandfather, you have to be reasonable. You want me to get married, fine. But let me pick who I want to marry.”

“You can, I have chosen six women for you. You may have your pick out of them. I know your games; you would pick a woman who has no more interest in marriage than you do. You are going to settle down and will no longer be a disgrace to your family. These young women were chosen for having their own financial means, they all have a proper education, and they all have a name that is as respectable as your name. The file contains pictures and a bio on all six women.”

“Don’t need to read the fucking thing. They’re a bunch of prude bitches.”

“Read the bloody bios! Go home, get rid of the hangover and be ready for your meetings tomorrow.”

“Meetings? I don’t have any fucking meetings.”

“Yes you do. You will be meeting both Cordelia Chase and Harmony Kendall. Chase’s family owns one of the largest producers of fine wines and liquors in the world. They also own a large portion of the second largest tobacco company in the country. The Kendall’s own Neiman Marcus, portions of Macy’s, and several other clothing companies. In two days you will be on a jet to Chicago to meet Anya Jenkins. Her father owns and operates several dozen power companies across the United States. Then you will be off to Texas to meet Faith Hamilton; Mr. Hamilton is the owner of the largest oil company in Texas, second largest in the country.”

“I’m not flying across the fucking country to meet these women. You want me to? Fly them here!”

Unfazed Giles continued, “You will then fly to San Francisco to meet Willow Rosenburg, her parents are both doctors and own a top drug research lab with hundreds of drug patents. Finally you will meet Buffy Summers. Her father is CEO of an import/export business and her mother’s parents own a vineyard. But her largest wealth is from her work as an artist. She is a sculptor. She prefers marble and granite sculpting but does work with clay and metals.” Giles said with a gleam in his eye, as he gestured to a small figure sitting on his desk.

“No, no fucking way. I am not doing this!”


‘No fucking way,’ he sighed to himself as he walked into the club where he would find both Chase and Kendall. Lucky for him the girls were friends. Lilah had given him a more detailed bio on the women, he had then proceeded to take her to the closest storage closet and fuck out his frustrations.

He was dressed in his normal attire that consisted of black leather pants, and a blood red Italian, silk shirt. His first stop was the bar, after a shot of whiskey and a beer in hand he was ready to find the first two women on his list.

Angelus soon found both Cordelia and Harmony at the same table. He maneuvered himself close enough to the table to hear what was being said with out seeming like he was spying.

“I can not believe Daddy!” Cordelia exclaimed as he got close enough, “He took all of my credit cards away for a month! All of them, Harmony. For an entire month!”

“Why would he do that?”

“He’s pissed that I bought a dress.”

“Why would he be mad about that?” ‘Why indeed.’ Angelus thought.

“I spent hundred and twenty thousand on my dress for my birthday party.” Angelus choked on his drink.

Harmony got a confused look on her face, “Why would he be upset about that?”

“My point exactly. Doesn’t he understand that I have to have the prefect dress?” Harmony kept nodding her head, Angelus couldn’t help but wonder if the airhead was even following the one sided conversation.

Cordelia looked towards the dance floor and squealed, “Owen,” She rushed to a young man dressed in all black.

Angelus looked back over to Harmony who was giggling to herself. With a sigh he finished off his drink and headed for the door.

He had packing to do. ‘This was going to be a long couple of weeks.’


He had been sitting outside Anya Jenkins’s home for the last two hours. She had yet to leave or do anything that would help him in his decision on her. He was about to leave when an old pickup pulled up to the large apartment building.

A dark-hair young man jumped out and jogged up the steps. He was rang up. A few minutes later Anya and the boy came out and got into the pickup.

Angelus decided to follow. He soon found himself pulling into a shabby sports bar.

Definitely not a place Angelus would have went to on his own accord.

He went in and got a table that was fairly close to Anya and the boy. They ordered, and

Angelus ordered a beer. He soon found that the boy was named Xander. Angelus watched in disgust as the boy inhaled hot wings, slices of pizza, and beer.

Anya had yet to stop talking about the money she had made over the week. Xander didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything but the food in front of him.

Out of, seemingly nowhere, Anya said, “Xander, I’m horny. I want sex, now.”

The boy finally looked up from his plate and said, “’Kay,” He wiped his mouth, threw a tip on the table and paid their bill on the way out.

Angelus sighed and also went to pay his bill. As he left the bar he noticed that the pickup was still in the parking lot. He shook his head as he walked to his own rental car, moans and the slight squeaking of the truck’s suspension the only sounds in the nearly empty parking lot.

Yet another name off the list. ‘Only three more to go.’ He thought to himself as he pulled out.

Angelus went straight to his hotel room. He called his pilot and told him to get ready for take off. Angelus always had hated Chicago.

On the way to the airport he called a friend he had in Austin. He told Gunn his predicament; Gunn had been able to help him out a little. There was going to be a party held at the Hamilton’s ranch the next day. Gunn invited him. Angelus was happy because this would allow him to get close to Faith Hamilton and he would also be able to meet

Fred, the women that had somehow tied his friend down.


He had already talked to Gunn and Fred. Fred seemed to be... sweet. Nothing he’d ever bang, but whatever floated Gunn’s boat.

Angelus decided to find Faith Hamilton. He soon found her in the middle of a large group of men of all ages. They seemed to be hanging on her every word.

He joined the group and listened to what she was telling them, “Ok, so we’re rounding the second barrel and my horse goes wide. So, I’m having to make up time around the third, and coming home. Ended up running a 14.” The raw emotion that was flowing out of her drew you in and didn’t let go. ‘She’s gorgeous. She’s perfect.’ Angelus thought to himself.

Faith was dressed in all black boots, leather pants, tight mid-drift baring shirt, and cowboy hat. The passion she felt for riding, and for life shone in her eyes.

Angelus moved closer and was soon monopolizing her attention. The group of men quickly thinned out.

Later on in the evening Faith tried to get him to join her in a two-step. He explained that a man like him did not two-step, for any reason.

“Oh, please. You just don’t know how.”

“Of course I don’t know how. Go, have fun. I’ll watch.” So Faith headed for the dance floor. Angelus had a nice, long laugh when Fred dragged Gunn onto the floor and made him dance as well. He couldn’t help but wonder what in the hell marriage had done to his friend. The man he knew would have rather been shot than seen two stepping.

Soon a slow song was played. He appeared next to Faith saying, “Now this I can dance to.” As the song came to an end Faith gripped his hand and looked around. Seeing that her father was not looking she drug Angelus off into a darkened barn.

Once there she quickly undid her pants, Angelus watched in amusement as she pushed the tight leather down her well muscled legs.

“Fuck me.” She commanded, Angelus was not going to turn her down. Just as quickly as she had rid herself of pants, he had as well.

He roughly grabbed her and slammed her into the stall door. The horse inside jumped in surprise. Faith hopped up, wrapping her legs tightly around him. Angelus rammed the whole length of his member into her with one smooth movement.

Faith moaned in appreciation at his size as he deliciously stretched her. He slammed in and out of her, making the large Quarter Horse jump every time her ass made contact with the wooden door. Faith gave as good as she got, using all of her well trained muscles to ride him hard.

Faiths walls started to flutter around him. She was a good enough fuck that he made sure he hit her clit with his every thrust. Soon she was screaming her release into his still silk covered shoulder. Angelus was not done with her. Sitting her on her feet he backed up, taking his cock out of her still quivering heat.

She looked up at him with dazed eyes as he pulled her down in front of him. Getting the hint when her knees hit the dirt covered floor, she took as much of him into her mouth as she could.

Angelus roughly grabbed a fistful of her hair, forcing her head farther down on his cock. She instinctively swallowed, when he hit the back of her throat. Angelus forced her head to the pace he wanted. He thrust with his hips, fucking her hot, little mouth.

Faith choked more then once, but Angelus did not care. He just pumped harder. Finally he felt his balls tighten with his impending climax. With one more deep thrust to her mouth, he spilled his seed down her throat. She swallowed most of it, a bit trickled out of the corner of her mouth.

Angelus smirked at her as he pulled his pants around his hips. Fishing out his wallet he pulled a card out. Tossing it at her still kneeling form he sauntered out.

Over his shoulder he said, “Call me.”


Faith did call. Over the following week he took her out every night. She showed him the best of Austin’s nightlife. Usually they ended up fucking in the back of her black pickup. She was definitely his kind of girl, which made him wonder what his grandfather was thinking when he added Faith to the list.

On Friday Faith invited him to a rodeo. The rodeo was the next day. She was going to be riding in it. Angelus agreed to tag along.

He arrived at the Hamilton ranch at six A.M. Faith had him follow the matching pickup and trailer that she was riding in.

Angelus watched as Faith unloaded the horses. She and a man who Angelus had not seen before took the horses to the stables. He waited several long minutes. Faith had told him on her way to the barn that she’d “only be a few”, and it had already been nearly fifteen minutes.

So Angelus followed the same path he had seen Faith and the strange man take. What he saw nearly made him snarl. The strange man had Faith pressed against one of the stall doors. Angelus started forward intent on ripping the man off of Faith. He stopped when Faith spun the guy around and pressed him against the stall door.

“You like that Wes?” Faith asked in a husky voice. Angelus could clearly see Faith’s hand rubbing Wes through his jeans.

“You know I do, now stop teasing me.”

“Oh, but I’m having fun.”

“What about your date? That momma’s boy you drug here with you?”

“Him? It’s five by five, Wes. He’s just to keep ‘daddy’ off my ass for awhile. Boys like him? They want to ‘settle down’, have a family. What about my riding, hmmm? I’m not going nine months with out a set of barrels and a horse to run ‘em!” Faith ranted.

“Shut up, Faith.” Wes said as the unbuckled his belt.

Angelus had seen and heard enough. ‘Boy?!’ His mind growled. He was half tempted to go over there and show Faith just the kind of ‘boy’ he was.

He quickly made his way to his rented car. Angelus jumped in, his tires squealed in his hurry to put Faith Hamilton behind him. He was furious. He wanted to show that bitch no one played Angelus O’Shea.

Yet, he had been. He was almost as pissed at himself as he was Faith. He had turned a blind eye to her flirting openly with other men. He had just wanted someone he could have fun with. But he would not spend the rest of his life with a woman who thought she could sleep around on him.

He had no intention of being ‘loyal’ to his wife to be, but he would never be played. He kept fuming all the way to the airport. As Angelus pulled in, he realized, in his haste, that he had forgotten to warn the pilot.

So he had about an hour to sit in the stuffy waiting area, waiting on his jet.

This only increased his anger. Finally he was told that he could board. The entire flight to San Francisco he brooded about the whole situation.

There were only two names left on the list. He would not settle on the other four. With the choices his grandfather Giles gave him, he doubted the other two would be any better.

He sighed and got a drink from his bar.

The plane landed and he rented a convertible. He found a hotel and got a room. Angelus then went down to the restaurant. As soon as his waitress came up he knew he had to have her.

“What would you like to drink?” She asked in a bored tone, her nametag read ‘Gwen’. Angelus spent the rest of the evening flirting with Gwen. When he asked for his bill he handed her a piece of paper that had his room number on it.

“Come up when you get off.” He instructed her. She gave him a seductive grin and took the paper.

Angelus headed down to a store he had passed earlier. He picked up a fifth of bourbon and condoms. He was either going to get laid or drunk, at that point it really didn’t matter to Angelus.

Angelus drove back to the hotel. He sat on the bed and channel surfed as he drank his bourbon. He was sorely tempted to call his grandfather and tell him shove the whole fucking inheritance up his stuffy British ass. As he reached for the phone there was a knock on his door.

He got up and answered the door. On the other side of the door was Gwen. She was dressed in red leather pants, and a black leather top that came several inches above her naval. To top the look off she had on black combat boots.

Angelus smirked at her and gestured for her to enter, he knew she was his type. Gwen walked to the middle of the suite, and then started to undress. She was soon naked. Gwen strolled over to the nightstand and took a swig out of the bottle he had left sitting there.

When she turned around Angelus was also unclothed. She crawled onto the bed, shook her ass at him. He rolled on a condom as he stalked to the bed and slammed into her from behind. He rapidly plunged in and out of her, pleasuring himself with no regard for her own. After several minutes of his carnal acts, Angelus was shouting his release.

He rolled off of her and onto the bed. Gwen grabbed his cock and started to pump him hard and fast. He was soon erect. She straddled his waist and eased down on his large member. She rode him hard, it was her turn to derive pleasure from his body.


They had gone at it for several hours, finally they both had passed out with exhaustion. Angelus woke sometime later. He looked over at Gwen who was lying on her side facing away from him.

He smirked. She had been a great fuck. He lay there brooding and listening to the slight snore from his bed partner.

He was torn between going back home to New York, or finishing what he had started. He still felt like telling his grandfather to shove the inheritance. It wasn’t like Angelus was poor. If he was careful, his trust fund alone would last him his entire life. Though that would mean his life style would drastically change.

The more he thought about it the less he liked that idea. So the decision was made, he’d find Willow Rosenburg in the morning.


Angelus pulled up across the street as the red head exited the building. She was a cute little thing. Definitely not some one he would ever look twice at. She was dressed in a knee length, frilly, pink skirt and a fuzzy white sweater with a bright yellow duck on it.

He watched as she fished around in her over sized bag. A blonde who was larger in size soon came out of the building. The blonde came up next to Willow. The two women shared a kiss and walked away hand in hand.

Angelus shook his head, ‘What the hell were you thinking Giles?!’ He couldn’t help but laugh at his grandfather’s stupidity. He wondered if his grandfather had even bothered look into these girls’ lives.

He headed for the high way; Angelus was going to take a drive down the coast.


He arrived in Malibu very late into the night. He found a hotel and was out before his head hit the pillow.

It was nearly Monday afternoon when Angelus woke. He got around and headed for

Buffy Summers’ gallery. Upon arriving he found it closed, the sign on the door said that Mondays and Tuesdays the gallery was closed.

Angelus got back into the rented convertible and headed to her beachfront home. He walked around it and found that her security was very tight. He couldn’t get close to her home at all.

So once more he headed back to his hotel room. He’d stake out the beach in the morning.

When Angelus got to his hotel room, he poured himself some whiskey. He sat down and went over the file on Buffy Summers.

According to the file she was never far from her studios. She had one in her gallery and one in her home. She was always working on a project. It then went into detail of her work. Seemed like his grandfather was a fan.

What kind of name was ‘Buffy’, anyway? He thought.


Angelus carried a book, a beach towel, and a cooler from his car to his spot on the beach. It was about ten o’clock in the morning. He knew this could be an all day affair.

He was directly in front of Buffy Summers’ home. There was a large Rottweiler lying on the deck.

Angelus sat for several hours. The only entertainment was his book, one that he had read before, and three girls in string bikinis.

The girls were in their early twenties. Probably skipping some college class.

‘What the hell am I doing?!’ he asked himself. With a sigh he got up and gathered his things.

On the way to his car Angelus noticed a women jogging towards him. He couldn’t see her face but her body was perfect. He felt himself get hard by just watching her jog, he felt an amazing pull to follow her. With another sigh he stopped himself from pursuing her, he had more important things to worry about at that moment.

Buffy Summers jogged up to her deck. Her dog jumped up as she ascended the stairs. She patted his head as she entered, the large, black dog followed her in.


Angelus stalked to the double doors of Buffy Summers’ gallery. He was pissed. He wanted to be home. Instead he was about to spend the day stalking yet another bitch that he would surely hate.

Angelus pretended to be interested in the sculptures. When he took the time to look they were actually very good. He had always loved art. He drew, people told him quite well. He never thought his work was all that good. It was just a hobby.

He wondered around the large building for forty-five minutes. Finally, when he was about to leave, he heard footsteps approach.

“Can I help you with anything?” A sweet voice asked from behind.

Angelus put on a smile that had gotten him laid more times then he could count, and turned towards the voice.

Before he could say anything, the woman demanded to know why “Mr. O’Shea” was at her gallery.

He was shocked to say the least, “You know me?!”

Buffy giggled. A sound that was normally akin to nails scraping a chalkboard to him, but hers was like music. He wanted to hear that sound over and over again.

“Of course I know who you are. I see your body every day.”

“What the hell does that mean?” He demanded. Once again she giggled, and he could hardly fight the smile that threatened to over take his scowl.

She lowered her voice as if she was imparting some huge secret, “I was at Martha’s Vineyard a few years back.”


“I never actually met you , but I did see you. Actually, I saw a lot of you. You were flaunting your body all over the beach. A body that I now model most of sculptures after.”

Angelus was shocked after hearing her ‘secret’, he had no idea as to what to say in response.

“If you’re here for some kind of payment, you’re outta luck buddy. You’d have to prove it, but we’re the only ones that know.” She was managing to keep a strait face, but barely, “And it’s not like I’ve ever added your tattoo.”

At the mention of his tattoo, Angelus knew she was serious. “I want to see one of these sculptures, now.”

She finally lost control of the grin she had been holding in. Buffy led him into the back of her building. In the center of the large, open studio was a man’s torso sculpted out of marble.

“I’ve only got the torso done on this one.”

“Is it a nude?” He asked with interest as he circled the marble man.

“Yeah,” she said with a sigh, “I have yet to find the perfect man so I’m going to have to improvise.”

“Perfect man?”

“Uh huh. I haven’t found a man with the perfect,” Buffy stopped, and started to blush when she noticed the intense look Angelus was giving her.

“Perfect what?” His voice like velvet.

“Uh, um g, genitals.” She stuttered out. She felt like a dumb ass, she was an adult damn it. She shouldn’t be blushing like some little schoolgirl who was getting the ‘Talk’. But she was, the look in his eyes set her on fire. She felt like she was standing naked in the middle of a bunch of strangers.

Angelus had felt an instant pull to this woman from the moment he saw her. He felt like he had the day before on the beach. It was then he realized that the jogger was Buffy. The feelings she invoked in him were like nothing he had ever experienced before. His blood felt like wildfire was racing through his veins, and all of said wildfire was racing towards his groin.

“So what do you do?” Angelus’ voice dripped with pent up passion, the very sound had Buffy’s nerves trembling with need. She unconsciously shivered when their eyes met, she had never seen such hunger before. Yet, she was completely certain that her eyes held much of the same.

“I, ah, wing it. I integrate various men that have modeled for me.” She looked away from the thrall like hold his eyes had. After taking a deep breath, her voice returned to normal, it was time to talk business, “So what are you doing here?”

Angelus was lost in her hazel eyes. When she looked away it took him a few seconds to realize she had asked a question. When he finally processed the question, he found he did not have an answer.

“I, ah, um...” then it hit him, “My grandfather loves your work. I wanted to pick something up for his birthday.” It wasn’t a total lie. Giles’ birthday was in three weeks, the only problem was he had not bought a present for his grandfather in almost ten years.


“Uh, yeah.” For some reason the thought of lying to Buffy felt very wrong. It was a first time thing, Angelus never had the problem of lying to a woman for any reason, if it lead to getting what he wanted.

Buffy turned on her heal and headed for the displays that held her work, “What does he like?”

“I, ah, don’t know.” He finished lamely, he truly had no idea what his grandfather’s tastes were.

“Well, where would it go?”

“Ummm, he has one of your sculptures on his desk.”

“Hmm, not very helpful. Why don’t you look over the selection and see if you can find anything that you like. If not, you can a have a piece commissioned, but it probably won’t be done for his birthday.”

“Ok,” Angelus said to her retreating back. She had hurried off to answer a phone that had started ringing.

Angelus looked over her work once more, yet again he was not really paying attention. He was forming a plan. He wanted to get to know Buffy, there was an undeniable attraction between them. If he had a piece commissioned it would give him a great opportunity to spend time with her.

When Buffy returned a few minutes later she asked him, “Did you find anything you liked?”

“Actually, I was thinking about commissioning a piece.” He answered her. He gave her a half smirk.

The half smile that was gracing Angelus’ handsome face was making Buffy’s knees go weak. After she found her voice she said, “Great.” She told him with a blinding smile.

She’d love to have a reason to spend more time with Angelus.


Angelus left the gallery with a spring in his step. He was to come back the next day so that they could draw up some ideas. He was at least going to fuck the little, blonde beauty.

He headed strait for his hotel. It was later then he had thought, Angelus hadn’t got to the gallery until almost four. He had slept off a hangover from his fun the night before.

He was tired. So when he got to his room he stripped down to his boxers and lay down.

Angelus fell asleep with in minutes. He dreamed of a little, blonde, hazel-eyed goddess.

He woke with a raging hard on and a need so strong that it almost scared him.

He was soon pumping himself. Trying to relieve the painful erection he had. As he proceeded to masturbate his mind drifted back to his erotic dream. Remembering the way she moved, tasted, sounded in his dream had him soon coming all over his hand.

Angelus laid there for several minutes trying to figure out why he was jacking off to a woman he had never had. The last time he had had to resort to rubbing one out, he had been fifteen and panting after some chick he went to school with.

With a sigh he went and cleaned himself up. When he went back to sleep his dreams were

once more haunted by hazel eyes.


Buffy was hurrying around, making sure every thing was in its place. She wasn’t a neat freak by any means, her bedroom floor would attest to that. Yet, she had been painfully aware that her studio was a mess the day before as she lead Angelus O‘Shea through it.

Angelus was supposed to be there with in minutes. On Thursdays she opened late, but today had been ridiculous. She had spent an hour and a half trying to decide what to wear. Then it had been what shoes would look best, then how to wear her hair. She finally decided that things were going to far when she had a cocktail dress, and high heals laid out on her bed.

Finally she decided on a pair of hip-hugger dark blue jeans, and a little white tank top that showed just a hint of golden brown skin.

Buffy heard the bell on the door ring, she really hated that thing. She had been meaning to take it down from the day she looked at the building as a possible place to put her business.

She hurried out to meet her visitor. She was unhappy to find that it was not Angelus, but an older couple who were inspecting a piece that she had done over five years before.

Buffy went over to the couple and was soon engrossed in discussing what piece would be perfect for their home.

Angelus had arrived soon after the old couple. He had seen how Buffy lit up once she started to talk about her art. She practically glowed. He stood back, watching her converse with the people. She looked gorgeous, the pants hugged all the right places.

He watched as she helped the people make a selection and rang them up. As they left he strode up to her counter.

Buffy gave him a smile and gestured to follow her into the back. They sat at a small table. Buffy had a sketch pad in front of her.

They talked for a long time about ideas, sharing innocent touches here and there. Angelus finger tips grazing the fine hairs on the back of her hand as he pointed to this or that on the paper. Buffy’s knee touching his as she shifted for a better look.

After several aborted examples Angelus took the sketchpad and drew what he wanted. It was a nude woman, who looked suspiciously like Buffy.

She didn’t seem to notice who the drawing looked like. She was to busy admiring his work. “This is amazing.” She said softly. She could draw, but her talents with a pencil were meager at best.

“It’s nothing, just a quick sketch.” Angelus replied with a little shrug. Their hands touching, both feeling sparks shoot through their bodies once again.

“It’s beautiful.” Buffy said breathily, she couldn‘t tare her eyes away from his. She didn‘t notice that she was leaning forward ever so slightly, just as he was. Realizing she was falling into the dark depths of his eyes, and mere inches from his lips, she got up from the table and walked over to a shelf that held examples of the different types of material she liked to work with.

Once again she had broken the moment, he was almost sure that they would have kissed if she had not turned away. He was surprised at the depth of need he felt for this woman just by touching her hand.

Clearing her throat Buffy said, “We need to decide on size and medium.”

“Nothing too large. I was thinking marble.”

“Marble, good choice. It’s my favorite to work with.”

They worked out the details of the piece. Buffy made sure to keep a safe distance from the gorgeous man. Not touching again. It scared her just how much one little touch could set her on fire for this man. She had never met a man with the capability to make her melt with just a look.

As Buffy walked Angelus to the door, Angelus stopped. Buffy stopped as well with a questioning look on her face.

“When can I see you again?” He asked her, his voice taking on that velvet like quality. “I plan on being in town for a while. I’d like to get to know you better. Besides, I need some one to show me what there is to do here.”

“I, ah,” she squeaked out. A little voice inside had been urging her ask him out all day, but she had ignored it. Now she had the perfect opportunity, but would she act on it?

“We could just have lunch or something. Say tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? I can’t. I already have a date.” She winced at her wording, the ‘date’ was with her ex nanny, Olivia. But it was too late now.

Angelus felt a bolt of jealousy race through him at that little tidbit of information. But he kept his voice even, “Oh, well then never mind.” He shrugged nonchalantly, acting as if it was no big deal to him.

“Um, how about Monday?” She wasn’t about to let him just walk out. He offered a date, maybe just for lunch, but it was better then nothing.

“Monday? Works for me.” He answered some how keeping his elation out of his voice.

So plans were set, they were to meet at a café a block from her gallery.

Buffy went home that evening and had the most delicious dreams featuring chocolate brown eyes.


“I’m in here, Dear.” Olivia called out when she heard Buffy yell her name.

“Hey, Nana.” Buffy said as she kissed her ex Nanny’s cheek.

Olivia lived in a house twenty minutes from Buffy’s own. Buffy had bought the house for her after Buffy’s eighteenth birthday. Buffy had become well know with her art by her junior year of high school. Her art sold quickly and had earned her a large amount of money early in life, let alone her parent’s fortune.

When Buffy turned eighteen Olivia was relieved of her duties as nanny to the blonde, spitfire. Buffy had insisted on buying the house. Olivia had retired after she was relieved of her duties. Being sixty-two, she knew she would never be able to keep up with another child like Buffy, not that there would ever be another person like Buffy. Buffy took care of her ‘Nana’, she would have it no other way.

“So, how have you been?” Buffy inquired, bringing Olivia out of her musings.

“I’ve been fine, dear. You?”

“Great. I’ve been great.” Buffy’s face took on a far away look, a dreamy half smile formed on her lips.

Olivia had seen that face once before, it only meant one thing, “Buffy, you met someone!”

“That transparent?” Buffy asked with a slight laugh tingeing her words.

“That transparent.” Olivia confirmed. “Tell me everything, now!”

“His name is Angelus, he is commissioning a piece.”

“Well, what does he look like?”

Once more Buffy’s face took on a dreamy, far away look, “He’s gorgeous. Ya know that saying ‘tall, dark, and handsome’?” At Olivia’s nod Buffy continued, “He rewrote the rules. His eyes, they are dark chocolate brown. You could drown in his eyes...” Buffy trailed off.

Olivia smiled, if asked at that moment she would swear her Buffy was in love. After that disaster of a relationship Buffy had had with that Scott guy, she wondered if Buffy would ever date again.

“I’m so happy for you, honey. When am I going to meet him?”

“Um, Nana, we just met. Two days ago in fact. We are going to have lunch on Monday.”

“Oh,” Buffy couldn’t have already fallen for this guy after two days, could she? “Well, dear do you really like him? I mean could you see yourself having a lasting relationship with him?”

“Yeah,” Buffy said with a bright smile, “I could.” The smile faded as she went on, “I just don’t want to make the same mistakes I did with Scott, ya know?”

“Yeah, I understand. I’m glad that you might have found someone, after Scott I wasn’t so sure you’d ever move on.”

“Nana,” Buffy whined.

“What? It’s been almost two years. This Angelus is the first guy you’ve been interested in all that time.”

“There’ve been guys.” Buffy said defensively. At Olivia’s arched eyebrow Buffy said, “Ok, ok. So I haven’t dated. It’s been hard, and I’ve been very busy.”

Patting her hand Olivia said, “I know, dear. But I think this date will be good for you.”

“It’s not a date. Just lunch.”

“Ok, whatever you say, honey.” Olivia said mischievously. “So, tell me more about your not-date-date.”

Buffy sighed in exasperation, but proceeded to tell Olivia everything she knew about Angelus. Olivia was surprised when Buffy commented on his “most amazing body”.

“How do you know that?!” Olivia nearly shouted. She knew she sounded like an old mother hen, but Buffy was like her own granddaughter.

“Remember when I went to Martha’s Vineyard?”

“Yes, what does that have to do with anything?”

“I saw Angelus there. He was on the beach.” At Olivia’s sigh of relief, Buffy did not comment on her use of him in almost all of her male sculptures.


‘Ok, it’s just lunch. Just lunch.’ Buffy told herself as she went through her closet. “I used to be so good at this.” She mumbled to herself as she tried on yet another shirt. Since meeting Angelus, her fashion sense seemed to be on the fritz.

Finally she decided on an ankle length skirt that was full of colors, with a matching halter-top. Buffy pulled her hair back into a lose ponytail.

She glanced at the clock, she was going to be late! She pulled on a pair of sandals as she dashed out of her house.

Buffy parked as close as she could and ran the rest of the way. She rushed towards the door when she collided with something as hard and solid as a brick wall. As she went crashing towards the ground strong arms wrapped themselves around her, stopping Buffy’s downward progress.

Angelus had been nearly running to the café, he had had a hell of a time getting around. He was nearly to the door when he felt himself crash into a warm, little body. He had automatically caught the person.

He looked down at the person that he had nearly trampled, he was met with the very beautiful set of, hazel eyes that had haunted him for days now.

“Oh, it’s you.” Buffy said, her face scarlet with embarrassment. She was beyond mortified that she had just plowed into the very person she had been dreaming about for days.

“Hi to you, too.” Angelus answered with a smirk. He still had his arms firmly wrapped around her waist.

“Um, hi.” Buffy’s face was still bright red. The patch of oh-so-lick-able skin, that was peaking out of the top three buttons that Angelus had left undone, was not helping matters any. She couldn’t tear her eyes from that patch of skin, she was so close, and if she leaned ever so slightly she would be able to taste him. Her tongue darted out of her mouth to lick her lips instead.

Angelus watched as Buffy’s tongue flicked out to moisten her lips. He unconsciously pulled her closer. He barely suppressed a moan. He would give anything to be her top lip at that moment.

At the movement Buffy’s eyes darted to his, hazel met chocolate brown. The look in his eyes made her nearly quiver. She swallowed hard, her mouth dry suddenly.

A car went past, it’s horn blaring when someone nearly stepped in front of it. The moment was broken, Buffy stepped out of the circle of safety his arms created.

Angelus gave her a half smile, knowing she felt the same pull he did every time they were near each other. He offered her his arm and led her into the small café.

Buffy was very quiet, in fear of embarrassing herself more. They found a small table tucked away in a corner on the deck behind the café. Angelus pulled her chair out for her, the waiter soon came with a menu, they both ordered.

They sat in tense silence for several long minutes, finally Angelus broke the silence, “So, how was your date?” He couldn’t help himself, it was something that had bugged him all weekend. If he wasn’t dreaming of her with himself, he was dreaming of her with another man, something he found quite agitating.

“It was nice. I haven’t seen Nana for a few weeks now.” She answered, this was a safe subject... at least she hoped it would be.

He asked, confused, “Nana?”

“Mmhmm, I went to see my Nana. She used to be my nanny when I was a kid.”

“Oh,” Angelus was very happy to hear that she had visited her ‘Nana’.

Throughout the afternoon they covered many subjects. Buffy ended up doing the majority of the talking, which was fine by Angelus. He had realized strait off that Buffy was not the type of woman he was used to, she wouldn’t have enjoyed listening to the life he led.

With as little as he was willing to share about his life, they seemed to find plenty to talk about.

Buffy glanced down at her watch, “Wow, it’s almost five.”

“Really? It doesn’t seem like we’ve been here that long.” Angelus replied.

“I need to get home, I have a lot of work to do.” Buffy said regretfully. “I had a lot of fun.”

“So did I. I wouldn’t mind doing this again.”

“There’s this club down town, the Bronze. I was going to go there Friday with a few friends of mine. Would you like to come with?” She asked hopefully.

“I don’t want to intrude.” He did want to intrude, but dancing wasn’t his thing.

“No intruding. Come on, it’ll be fun.” She gave him her best pout. She wanted to see him as much as possible. And dancing would be a great excuse to get very close to him.

Seeing the pout on her face was enough to break the strongest of wills, “Of course I’ll come.”

A brilliant smile lit up her face, just that smile was enough to have had him agreeing to anything.

Buffy scribbled down her address on a napkin, “Pick me up at nine, on Friday.”

Angelus took the napkin wordlessly, not telling her that he already knew where she lived. He had a feeling that wouldn’t go over to well.

They parted ways, he knew that this would be the longest week of his life. It would take all of his will power not to be loitering at her gallery all week. He passed a liquor store on his way back to his hotel. He thought about stopping in for something, but he decided against it. He did not feel like getting drunk that night... a first in his life.


Angelus was having a surprisingly good time. He hated going to clubs, they were to loud, there were to many people.

He watched as Buffy and her friend Lily danced. Buffy’s eyes were closed as her body swayed to the beat. She was the most graceful creature he had ever seen. There were a group of young men trying to keep up with her, at first Angelus had been angry. But he soon realized the boys had no chance. She moved in her own world not even noticing the men that surrounded her. When one got close enough to touch her, she danced away.

Angelus took a sip of his drink, the first one he had had in over a week. He had not felt the need to get drunk. If he thought about it, he would find that he had also not had a woman since he was in San Francisco. Nearly two weeks, he had not gone that long with out a woman since he had turned seventeen.

He glanced down at his drink, but his eyes soon strayed back to Buffy. He had barely taken his eyes off of her all night.

A slow song came on. Angelus happily got up to dance with her. Buffy danced to the new tempo on her way off the dance floor. Angelus intercepted her, wrapping an arm around her slim waist he led her to the center of the floor. Once there his other arm encircled her waist, her arms went to either side of his neck. Her fingertips found the soft hairs on his neck, she lightly ran her fingers through them.

Buffy kept a slight distance between their bodies, much more then either would have liked. As the song progressed, their bodies swayed into each other. Her head soon found a hollow on his shoulder, one seemingly made to fit her head perfectly. His head came to rest atop hers. Buffy’s eyes drifted closed as a soft smile played at the corners of her lips and a contented sigh escaped.

Buffy felt Angelus tighten his grip on her, pulling her body closer. Something she wanted very much, no matter how she denied it. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t escape her need to be near this man. Her body physically relaxed when he was near, it was as if her body knew that no harm would come to her if Angelus were there.

Angelus could feel his body respond to Buffy’s nearness. Once more an indescribable need pulsed through him, yet nothing short of an apocalypse would have made him relinquish his hold on her.


Angelus held the rental car’s door open so that Buffy could exit the vehicle. He took her hand and lead up the front steps and to her door. They stood in silence, neither wanting the wonderful evening to end. This had been their fifth date. After the success of their night at the Bronze they had went on several dates.

Angelus had taken Buffy to the ballet. They had missed most of it in favor of finding an empty dressing room to make out and participate in some heavy petting. Over the last three weeks they had both tried to fight their physical attraction, but it had been a lost cause.

Finally, Angelus swooped down to capture her sweet lips. The kiss was heated and filled with passion. The raw need pulsed in the surrounding air. Finally they broke apart for air, Angelus trailed kisses down her neck. He licked and sucked on the heated flesh of her neck, he could feel her pulse race as he nibbled.

Buffy moaned as he attacked her neck. Her fingers were soon buried in his hair, pushing his head down harder on her neck. She groaned in frustration when he left her neck in favor of her mouth.

Angelus swept his tongue into her hot, sweet mouth. He tasted every part of her mouth as if he hadn’t just spent most of the night doing that very thing. He was soon mimicking, with his tongue, what he’d truly like to be doing. Buffy once again moaned for him. The sound made his dick jump. He pressed her more firmly into him, letting her know how much he wanted her.

He knew that if he didn’t stop soon he’d end up taking her right there on her front porch. So he slowed the fevered pitch of their kiss. It became sweet and gentle, full of promises of pleasures to come. He finally pulled away all together.

Angelus rested his forehead against hers. Buffy felt a happy smile form on her lips as she said, “Tonight was wonderful.”

“That it was.” Angelus replied softly. “I need to go.”

“Mmmm, do you have to?”

“Yes, I’ll call you tomorrow.” With that he kissed her forehead and made his way to his car.

Buffy waved as the convertible pulled out. She walked inside, petting her dog’s head when she entered. She floated to her bedroom and quickly divested herself of clothing. She slid under the covers, naked.

She let her mind drift through the last three weeks. Buffy had tried to keep things from going too far too fast. Buffy and Angelus had gone out to dinner for their third date. When Angelus walked her to her door they had shared their first kiss. The most amazing kiss Buffy had ever experienced. After that, there was no going back. At the ballet they had almost lost control, a janitor had heard sounds and investigated.

Buffy’s mind lingered on the events from earlier in the evening. Angelus’ hands and mouth had been everywhere. She knew she had a huge hickey on her neck, it had felt like he was trying to mark her as his... an idea that didn’t sound to bad to her.

Her eyes drifted shut, memories giving way to dreams. She tossed and turned in the empty bed. Her moans filled the house as her hands traced the same path phantom hands were tracing in her dream. Dream hands made their way in between her thighs, hers followed.

Between the dream and her own wondering hands, she quickly climaxed. She arched off of the canopy bed, crying out “Angelus”.


Over the following weeks Buffy and Angelus got to know each other better. They both kept things to themselves though. Neither knew where they wanted this relationship to go.

Angelus had been staying away from both liquor and women. He had found the need for cold showers almost every day, but had yet to cheat on Buffy. They had been dating for just over three months. She was taking him to meet ‘Nana’.

He was actually terrified. He knew how much Buffy loved and respected her Nana. If she didn’t like him he would not be surprised if Buffy dropped him like a bad habit. As it was he was never good at this kind of thing. Oh, he could easily get the old woman in bed, but to impress her? He wasn’t sure if he had what it would take.

Angelus pulled up in front of Buffy’s house. He exited the car and went up to her door. When he knocked he could hear the deep bark of Mr. Trick on the other side of the door. The dog wasn’t fond of Angelus at first, Trick had been almost mean even. Over the weeks Trick had come around, somewhat. Angelus had a feeling if left alone with the dog he would end up bit.

Buffy opened the door, and quickly came out saying good bye to her dog. Angelus didn’t understand her attachment to the dog. He led her to his large, classic, black convertible, he had ended up having his car shipped to him about a month into his stay in Malibu.

The twenty-minute drive was made with just some small talk. Both were extremely nervous. Buffy wanted her Nana to like Angelus, and vise versa.

Buffy told Angelus when to stop, she gave him a nervous smile as she jumped out of the car. They made their way to the front door. Buffy walked in, calling out, “Nana.”

A woman in her sixties came through a door to their right. “Buffy, dear. I’ve missed you.” Olivia said as she kissed Buffy’s cheek.

“Nana, I want you to meet Angelus O‘Shea. Angelus O’Shea, this is Olivia.” Buffy introduced them.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you ma’am.” Angelus said to Olivia.

“Yes, my Buffy has told me a lot about you Mr. O’Shea.”

“Please, call me Angelus, Ms. Knight.”

“Fine, Angelus. Why don’t we all go sit, hmm?” Olivia turned away and went back through the door she had come out of just minutes before.

Buffy glanced at Angelus as she followed the ex nanny. Olivia pulled Buffy down next to her on the love seat, forcing Angelus to sit in a chair that was diagonal to Olivia. Buffy inwardly sighed, this was going to be a long day.

“So, Angelus, what is your line of work?”

“I’m a CEO of my father’s company.”

“Is that so? What do you do?”

“I, ah,” He did not have an answer for Olivia. He had inherited the company when he was fifteen, as of yet he had done nothing for or with the business. “I hold the controlling shares, they really don’t let me do much.” He said as truthfully as he could, he had never found out what he would be allowed to do.

“Hmm, so you don’t work? But they give you a paycheck and an office because of your name?” Olivia had always despised freeloaders. That was why she had fought Buffy when it was suggested that Olivia would do nothing in return for the house or any other things that Buffy insisted she, Olivia, needed.

“Nana,” Buffy implored.

“No, Buffy, that’s a fair assessment.” Angelus said.

‘At least the boy is honest.’ Olivia thought to her self. Then said, “So what do you do with all of your free time?”

The rest of the visit continued on in this manner. Angelus tried to answer all of the questions as truthfully as he could, but he knew Ms. Knight did not like most of his answers. Angelus drove Buffy home in silence.

Buffy knew that her Nana disliked Angelus. She didn’t understand why. Buffy had instantly fallen for his charm. She let out a sigh, she loved her Nana dearly, but she wouldn’t give up Angelus if Olivia asked her to. These last few months had been the happiest for Buffy in a long, long time. After Scott, she doubted she’d ever be able to get into a relationship again.

Angelus looked at Buffy from the corner of his eye. He had that ‘brooding’ look, one that his friend, Parker, accused him of every once in a while. He couldn’t help but wonder if she was regretting her time with ‘a lazy, lay-about’ as his grandfather had often called him.

He had always known in some part of his brain, that he was not good enough for some one like Buffy. After meeting the ex nanny, that notion was brought to the fore.

Angelus was surprised by this realization, he had never been one to care what someone thought of him. Now he did not only care what Buffy thought of him, but also what her surrogate grandmother thought of him.

Angelus pulled into Buffy’s driveway. He debated walking her to her door, he wondered if she would need time to herself. His debate was cut short when Buffy said, “You want to come in?” He gave her a half smile as he got out. They walked to the door hand-in-hand. After entering they were assaulted by a large, black mass, called Mr. Trick. Buffy squatted down and greeted her dog.

Angelus headed for the kitchen, asking Buffy if she would like anything on his way. He rummaged through her cupboards and decided to cook dinner. By the time Buffy came in he had already started. She came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, and pressed a kiss over the tattoo on his shoulder that was hidden by a layer of silk.

“You know how to cook?” She would never have pegged him as a cook.

“Uh huh, learned when my mother taught my sister.” He answered her offhandedly.

“Really?” He had rarely divulged anything about his family. She knew about his grandfather. That Angelus had had to live with him when he was fifteen, but the reason why he had to live with Giles had never been shared.

“Mmhmm,” He offered no more information. He took the pasta off of the burner and turned to face Buffy. He leaned down to capture her lips in a searing kiss. He broke away to turn back to the food, leaving Buffy panting and frustrated behind him. “Why don’t you set the table?”

Buffy glared at his back. Damn the food, she wanted smoochies. But she turned and went to set the table. By the time she was done and had fed Mr. Trick, Angelus had served their dinner. They ate, making small talk, both avoiding the visit they had had with Olivia.

When they had finished they cleared the table and did the dishes... which had ended up a huge water fight. They had ended up out side, moving the water works onto the beach. Buffy had gotten the hose and sprayed Angelus, he in turn had threatened her with a dip in the ocean. Buffy had responded with another squirt and a sprint down the beach. Angelus gave chase, he quickly over took Buffy with his long stride. Angelus scooped her into his arms and flung her into the night-darkened waters.

Buffy’s squeal echoed for all to hear. Angelus jumped in after her. They swam around and splashed each other for a time. Their carefree play soon turned into seductive caresses. By the time they made it out of the water Angelus’ shirt was unbuttoned and pushed down to his elbows, Buffy’s skirt was bunched up around her waist, and both were lost in each other.

Angelus laid Buffy out in the soft sand. His hands glided up her firm, tanned, legs, he slowly pulled the wet skirt down her legs. He cast the article of clothing off to the side. Buffy slid his shirt the rest of the way off, throwing it to land near her skirt. Buffy’s shirt, and Angelus’ pants soon followed suit.

Angelus unclasped Buffy’s bra, allowing her breasts to bounce free. He couldn’t help but admire the sight before him. He reverently leaned forward and took one of her peaks into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around her hard nipple as one of his hands came up to tweak the other. Buffy’s moans were music to his ears.

Buffy ran her hand through his hair, then gripped and pushed his mouth harder onto her breast. She couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips when he nibbled. He switched sides giving her other breast the same thorough treatment.

Angelus’ free hand had slowly made its way to the top of her thong, one of his long fingers traced the edge. The finger soon found its way to her molten core. He thrust the finger in, his thumb brushed her clit. Making her arch into his hand, her deep moan brought a masculine smirk to his face. Angelus quickly added another finger, and then a third. Buffy was incredibly tight, his dick became even harder at the thought of what it would feel like if it was his member buried in her and not his fingers.

Buffy was awash in sensations. She wasn’t sure how much longer she would be able to hold on. Then Angelus pinched her clit, sending her careening over the edge she had been dangerously close to. Her body arched high into the air, Angelus’ name falling from her lips.

Angelus ripped her thong away, and his boxers followed. He positioned himself at her entrance, when their eyes met he thrust to the hilt. He set a loving pace, something he had never done before. Angelus couldn’t believe how impossibly tight and hot she was. Angelus could feel his large cock bump the mouth of her womb with every thrust.

His thrusts were long, slow, and deep. He made sure Buffy felt every inch of his hard length. She tried to hurry the pace, but he slowed even further.

“Yes, oh god, faster, harder, please yes, yes, faster, oh god, harder,” She chanted.

He didn’t speed up but he did add more force to his thrusts. Buffy whimpered and moaned as he hit all the right places. Her finger nails raked down his back, leaving little red trails. He lost track of time as he lost himself in her.

They were so close to the edge, finally Angelus flicked Buffy’s clit, Buffy screamed ‘Angel’ as she climaxed. The feel of Buffy’s walls pulsing around him was enough to send him into his own climax.

Angelus rolled to the sand, pulling Buffy on top of his chest. She let out an exhausted yawn, and fell asleep. Angelus watched her sleep, but soon his mind drifted to what he had just done. He had already decided Buffy was too good for him. He couldn’t possibly taint such innocents and purity. Yet he had just done exactly that. And the feelings coursing through him were unknown to him.

How could he have been so stupid? He couldn’t stay there, he had to think. So he stood up and carried Buffy to her hammock on her porch, covering her with a blanket. He jogged back to their spot on the beach and picked up their previously discarded clothing. He dressed and took Buffy’s clothes to her. He left them folded on the table.

Angelus walked around the house and to his car. He sped off, his thoughts caught in a whirlwind. His first instinct was to get drunk, but he went to his house instead. He paced back and forth in the little room. He finally strode over to the phone and quickly dialed a number.


Giles groaned as he turned over to answer the phone. He barked out a ‘yes’. He was jolted awake when he heard his grandson’s voice.


“Yes, Giles, it’s me... I need help.”

“Help? I don’t even know where in the devil you are!”

“I’m in Malibu.”

“Why would you be there?”

“You remember that list you gave me?”

“Oh, yes, one of the girls lived in Malibu.”

“Yeah, Buffy Summers.”

“Oh, yes that’s right.” Giles found his glasses and put them on. He slipped on his slippers and got out of bed. He went to the kitchen to make himself some tea. “You mentioned help. Let me guess, I need to bail you out?”

Angelus sighed, “No, it’s nothing like that. I, ah, it’s about a woman.”

“A woman? Angelus you are the expert in women.”

“Not in this area.” He said quietly.

“What area?”

“L,” Angelus gulped before he tried again, “love.”

“Love?! What in the bloody hell are you talking about?!” Giles did not think he had ever heard his grandson utter the word love, let alone actually feel it.

“Yes, love. I think I fell for Buffy.”

Giles stopped his spoon in midair and blinked several times, he couldn‘t quite believe he had just heard his grandson say he was in love. “Yo, you think you’re in love?”

“Yes,” Angelus moaned miserably.

“In love?’

“Yes, damn it. I said I think I’ve fallen in love. Is that too fucking difficult to understand?” Angelus huffed.

“Coming from you? Yes, it is.” They sat in silence for several minutes. “So, tell me what brought on this epiphany?”

“I made love to her tonight.”

“Made love? Angelus you do that almost every day.”

Angelus tried to explain, “No, Giles, I’ve never made love before. I’ve fucked countless women, but made love? Never. Giles, after meeting Buffy I’ve wanted to be different... better... for her. I haven’t touched the bottle or a woman in almost four months. I fucking went and met her family today.”

Giles was floored by Angelus’ revelations. One woman was able to bring about *that* much change in his grandson? “I, I don’t know what to say.”

“Tell me what to do. I am so scarred Grandfather.”

Giles could hear the boy he once knew coming out in that last statement. “Angelus, if you love her, you love her.”

“But I’m not good enough for her. How could I be? She is every thing pure and good, and what am I? I can’t drag her into the darkness with me. How could someone like Buffy ever love me?”

Giles’ heart went out to his grandson. The boy was truly in love. “Darkness? There is no darkness in you. You’ve partied, yes, I know I’ve even went so far as to say you’ve whored around. Which is also true. But if she feels half as much for you as you seem to for her, then it won’t matter to her. She will understand that your past is colorful to say the least, she’ll let it go if you prove to her that that is your past and will stay that way.”

Giles had a hard time trying to convince his grandson that if his feelings were real he needed to stay in Malibu and prove himself to the girl. When they finally hung up, Giles was fairly certain that he had succeed. Angelus had agreed to going to Buffy’s first thing in the morning and bare his soul to her.


The first rays of the new day peaked palely over the horizon. Buffy’s eyes fluttered open, she stretched deliciously sore muscles. She realized that she was alone in the hammock. She got up and wrapped the blanket around herself, toga style.

She searched her house, finding it empty save Mr. Trick. Buffy looked out into her driveway, Angelus’ car was gone. With tears gathering in her eyes she quickly went to her bedroom and dressed. She hopped in her car and made the twenty-minute drive to her Nana’s in ten.

She banged on the door, Olivia groggily answered. The tears Buffy had valiantly fought, on the drive over, finally won. Olivia gathered the sobbing form of her former charge in her arms.


Angelus tossed and turned for the thousandth time. After ending the call with Giles, Angelus had tried to sleep. Yet, the sweet oblivion he was seeking alluded him. All he could think of was the blonde, beauty he had left alone and naked in a hammock.

He had nearly went to her many time, but he had come up with a reason to wait, until morning, every time. As the sun’s first rays crept through the flimsy curtains, he wearily got out of bed.

Angelus jumped into the shower. The warm drops of water traced miniature rivers over his smooth skin. He regretted washing Buffy’s sent away, but the sand was chaffing.


Angelus knocked on Buffy’s door for several minutes before noticing the garage was open. Buffy’s fire engine red Miata was not there.

Angelus had no idea where Buffy would have gone at that hour. After much internal debate he decided to go to the only family member of Buffy’s he knew. Angelus made the twenty-minute drive in nearly forty. Finally, the inevitable caught up with him as he pulled up in front of Olivia Knight’s home.

He strode up to the door with feigned confidence. For some reason the sixty odd year old woman scared Angelus more then any person he had ever met. He picked up the knocker and held it for a second. It wasn’t to late to back out. Finally, he knocked.

After a few minutes the curtain was brushed aside. He could hear two voices on the other side of the door, one of which sounded a lot like the woman he was searching for. The door opened a crack and a small, gray haired head popped out, “Mr. O’Shea. What are you doing here?” Olivia openly glared at him, hostility coming off her in waves.

“I, ah, I was, um, looking for Buffy.” He was unnerved to say the least. Some how the old lady had become even more terrifying over night.

Olivia answered him dismissively, “Well, she isn’t here, Mr. O’Shea.”

“I just heard her voice, Ms. Knight. I know she’s here. I need to talk to her.” Angelus would not get the brush off by this old woman.

“Mr. O’Shea if Buffy had anything to say to you she would. Now, you will please leave, or I will be forced to call security.” With that the solid, wood door was slammed in his face.

Angelus stood there for a few minutes. He finally turned and trudged back to his car. He could feel Buffy’s gaze weighing on his back, but he did not turn. As he pulled away he glanced in the rear view mirror; he saw a curtain fall back into place.


Buffy left Olivia’s later that afternoon. She couldn’t help but wonder if she had over reacted. Angelus had come looking for her. Maybe something had come up, what if someone he knew was sick and she had acted like that? Yet, she knew that she was wrong, nothing like that had happened. He would have explained to her Nana. He felt guilty, and that was it.

When she got home she went straight to her studio. When she was upset, working on a piece always helped to soothe her. She worked for hours on end, not stopping for a break. Finally, her tired body just gave out.

The statue she was working on was well on its way to being complete, the groin was the next section to be carved. She sighed, she had found the perfect man. But he wouldn’t be modeling for her.

As she went to her kitchen for a glass of wine, she noticed that the clock read two thirty. Her eyes darted to the phone, would he be awake? Probably not. Her hand reached for the phone, as she touched it she snatched her hand back like it had burned her.

With a dejected sigh she called for Mr. Trick and went to her room. The large dog curled up at the end of her bed, keeping watch over his love sick owner.

Buffy slipped off to sleep much faster then she would have ever thought possible. Her mind quickly went to her favorite dream.

{She was naked on a large bed that had deep, red silk sheets on it. The room was littered with hundreds of burning candles, all smelling of jasmine. The French doors swing open and Angelus stalks through. He is dressed only in black, leather pants. Angelus slowly strips as he walks towards the bed. Buffy’s eyes follow every move. She wets her lips as more and more delectable skin is reveled. He stands proudly nude before her. A tremor of need races through out her body. Angelus’ eyes lock with hers for a moment then he looks behind her. Buffy’s eyes follow the same path his had taken and she sees a faceless woman standing behind the headboard. Buffy can only watch in horror as Angelus walks to the other woman. He picks up one of her legs and smoothly thrusts into her. Buffy can feel tears trace the fine bones of her face.}

Buffy sat up in bed. She scrubbed her face, feeling the tears that she had cried in her sleep. Her favorite dream/fantasy had changed into her worst nightmare. Her eyes are drawn to the bright, red numbers on the clock. It was six A.M.

It was Wednesday, she had to go to the gallery. She decided on a half day and then she would go talk to Angelus. She had to know the reasons behind his actions.


Angelus had went strait to the nearest liquor store after leaving Olivia’s. He bought several bottles of Irish whiskey. He had every intention of getting drunk off his ass and staying that way. When he got into the car he had opened the first bottle and gulped a quarter of its contents in one swallow.

He nursed the bottle all the way back to his house, the house Buffy had helped him pick out after being in Malibu for almost two months. Angelus was feeling the affects of the whiskey a lot sooner then he used to. He had not drank anything more then wine in months.

Angelus made it to his house with out incident. He went straight for the leather couch. He took another deep pull at the bottle, not even bothering to find a glass.

He sat that way for hours, the sun had set and rose once more in the time he spent brooding and getting drunk. He was almost through his fourth bottle when the liquor finally caught up with him. He slid into unconsciousness, the near empty bottle slipped from his limp hand to shatter on the hard wood floor.


Buffy ran her fingers through her hair in an attempt to tame the unruly locks. On top of every thing else her hair had decided she was in need of a bad hair day.

Her hand hesitated over the door bell she was about to ring. She could turn away now and he would never know she had been there.

Finally, she shoved the coward part of her back down and pressed the white button. She could hear the ring from inside the house. She waited several minutes, yet no answer. She pushed the button again, and again no answer. She knew Angelus was there, his black convertible was sitting crookedly half on the pavement and half in the grass.

She rang the door bell again and added a few bangs to the door for good measure. Yet her efforts were to no avail. Buffy angrily strode back to her car and grabbed her handbag. After fishing for a few moments she found the key Angelus had given her after renting the small house.

She unlocked the door and went in. Upon entering she was met with a sight that made her gasp. Angelus was half on his couch, not moving. She couldn’t tell if he was breathing. She ran to him, and began shaking him. He groaned and batted at her. She then noticed the broken bottle on the floor. Glancing around she saw three more empty bottles and one unopened one.

The sent of the whiskey hung heavily around Angelus. He was drunk! Her anger came back full force. She went about rousing him, it took her several tries before his eyes cracked open.

“Wha?” He whimpered.

“Get your ass up!” She shouted at him. He could barely make out her words. He was still extremely drunk.

[I am not Irish, so sorry for the poor attempt at a drunken Irishman.]

He could make out a fuzzy image of her. With a smile he reached out and yanked her on top of him. “ Aye Missed ya, Luv.” He tried to kiss her but missed. She tried to get away, but even drunk he was much stronger then her. He knew he had wanted to tell her everything, in his uninhibited state he could not discern what needed to be said and what should wait, tact was out of the question. “Ya know I called me gramps? Seems that you’re the first lass I’ve fucked and felt anythin’ for? I can’t e'en ‘member ‘ow many lasses I’ve fucked.”

His words were horrible slurred and he had gained a strong accent. Yet she could still make out what he was saying, and his words were bring tears to her eyes. “Angelus?”

He continued on without acknowledging her, “You’re not e'en me type. Weeeellll, I do have a thin' for blonds. But you, lass, were juust a name on the list. I was gonna gooo back t’a Faith. Hot lit’el number that lass was. But nooooooooo ya just ‘ad to steal me heart din’t ye?”


“Mmmhmmmm, me gramps gave me the liiisssttt. Six lasses, me ‘ad t’a marry one of ya in sssix months.”

“You lied to me?” She whispered, but he heard her.

“Yep, me ‘ad t’a tell ya somethin’, din’t I?”

She saw red, lashing out she punched him directly in the nose. Blood spurted out. He howled in pain and cupped his bleeding nose. He had freed her, she quickly got up and ran from the house in tears. She had been nothing but a name on a list? He had come to find her and then leave? Her thoughts made her sob even harder.

She had no idea where to go. She couldn’t go to Olivia’s, it was too soon. She didn’t want to go home. Finally a thought struck her, she hopped on the highway and headed to the airport.


Giles heard shouting coming from the lobby outside of his office. He cautiously opened the door to find a diminutive, blonde backing Ms. Morgan into a corner threatening Lilah’s life if she was not let into his office. “What in the bloody hell is going on?!” He yelled over the petite, blonde’s voice.

“Mr. G, Giles ca, call security this bitch is crazy!” Lilah said in a frightened voice. In all the years she had worked for Giles, he had never seen anyone intimidate the cold hearted bitch that was his secretary. The blonde had backed off. Yet she was openly glaring at Lilah.

“Ms, um, I don’t think I caught your name.” He said in his most fatherly voice.

“Cut the bull shit. We need to talk.” With that the woman breezed past him and entered his office. Giles glanced helplessly at Lilah but she gave him a look that clearly stated he was on his own.

Gathering his courage he turned around to find the blonde in his leather chair.


“You don’t recognize me do you?” She stated when Giles closed the door.

“No, I’m afraid I do not.” He wearily took a seat across from her. He felt childishly vulnerable without his chair.

“My name is Buffy Summers.”

“Buffy Summers? As in the artist?”

“Buffy Summers, as in the woman you put on a fucking list of potential-fucking-wives for your asshole grandson.”

His eyes went wide. Angelus had been dumb enough to tell her that? The way she was acting he doubted Angelus had told her gently. Knowing his grandson he had thrown it in her face during an argument. “Ye, yes, that too. H, he told you about that?”

Buffy imitated in a poor rendition of Angelus‘ brogue, “Oh, he’s also told me he can’t even ‘’member ’ow many lasses’ he’s fucked.”

“What in the bloody hell was that boy thinking?” Giles said to himself.

Buffy caught his words, “Angelus was very drunk at the time. The bastard had no idea what he was saying. But I doubt that he was capable of making anything up. So it’s true isn’t it? I’m nothing more then a name on a list.” Her fiery demeanor seemed to deflate on its self.

Giles stood and went to the girl, “No, my grandson loves you. He has never loved a woman before you. I can confidently say he loves you more then anything in his life.”

“Then why did he lie to me? Run out on me when we... why’d he leave me alone?” She looked at him with huge, tear filled eyes. He could feel himself tear up as well.

“Because he was confused. He had no idea as to what he was doing. Like I said, the boy has never been in love before.”

“Re, really?”

Giles smiled at her, “Yes, really. He called me the other night scared shitless. He felt he was not good enough for you. He didn’t want to taint someone so pure.”

She gave him the most brilliant smile he had ever seen. Noticed the figure sitting on his desk, “I see he didn’t lie when he said you liked my work.”

“No, he didn’t. I own several pieces, actually.” Buffy tried to suppress a yawn, it wasn’t that Mr. Giles was boring, she had not slept well since waking up alone from her nightmare. Add jet lag and the emotional strain she had been under, it was a wonder she had not passed out. “Why don’t I take you back to my home so you may rest up, hmm?”

“That would be really nice.”

Giles got his coat and held the door for Buffy. Lilah watched Buffy with a weary glare as the pair walked past her desk.

Giles tucked Buffy in Angelus’ old room. Telling her to sleep herself out. He had then went to his study and called Angelus. He did not get an answer, which didn’t surprise him. He left a message, telling Angelus that is was imperative that he called Giles as soon as possible.


When Buffy woke, she decided to take a look around the room that had once belonged to Angelus. There was very little furniture in the room, just bare essentials. There were not any pictures or paintings on the walls.

Buffy wondered over to the closet. There was an old wardrobe hanging, the clothing were sizes that would no longer fit the adult Angelus.

Save a ratty pair of sneakers and the clothes, the closet was empty. As she flipped the light switch off, she noticed an old box nestled in a corner.

Buffy flipped the switch back on and went to kneel in front of the box. Lifting the lid, the first thing she saw was what looked like legal documents. As she skimmed them, she noticed one name in repetition, “Drusilla O’Shea”. The name caught her eye so she read the papers more thoroughly.

The papers were from a mental institution. Drusilla had been admitted when she was eighteen, by her guardian Rupert Giles. The papers detailed her illnesses, Buffy skimmed over the descriptions of what was wrong with Drusilla.

As Buffy went deeper into the papers she found a handful of news paper clippings. Each one had something to do with a plane crash. The occupants of the privet jet were the pilot, Mr. Liam O’Shea and Mrs. Kathy O’Shea. No one had survived the crash. Some of the papers mentioned that Mr. O’Shea’s company would be handed over to his fifteen year old son. Others gossiped about how the already eccentric Miss Drusilla O’Shea had had to be admitted into a mental hospital after her parents’ horrible deaths.

Buffy grabbed another handful of papers from the box. These were pictures. There were a lot of a dark haired, beauty in dresses that were more fit for a century ago. Buffy assumed that the girl was Drusilla. In some of the photos of Drusilla, was a young, dark haired boy. Buffy instantly recognized him as Angelus. Other pictures were of a red headed woman, she had Angelus’ chocolate, brown eyes. With the woman was a hardened looking man. He was scowling in a lot of the pictures, but the family portrait showed the man smiling proudly.

Buffy had emptied the box. She gently put all of the papers back and replaced the lid. She sat for a while processing the information that she had gotten from the box. She had found the reason Angelus had never mentioned any of his family, the reason why his grandfather had gotten custody of a fifteen year old Angelus.

Her eyes prickled with tears. She had only been five when her mother had died, but it still hurt like it was yesterday.

She felt yet another bond between them being formed, but she fought it. Buffy was still unsure of it she was ready or willing to ever be near Angelus again.


Angelus woke with one of the worst hangovers he had ever had. He went to scrub his eyes, but when he touched his nose he winced in pain. He didn’t remember how he had been injured, his memory stopped shortly after flopping on his couch.

He stumbled to his feet. Swaying dangerously from side to side, he caught himself on the back of the couch before he fell. It was about two in the afternoon. He had slept the whole night and most of the day. He stumbled to his windows, drawing the heavy material tightly shut. He held his throbbing head as he slowly made his way to the bathroom medicine cabinet. He took a handful of aspirin. He was almost hoping that he would overdose, maybe then his head would stop killing him.

He went in search of coffee. He started to mentally curse himself for getting so wasted, when his head nearly imploded from ‘ding’ his microwave made. He careful brought the instant coffee to his lips.

His eyes were drawn to the blinking ‘1’ on his answering machine. He slowly got up and went to the machine. Pushing the button his grabbed his head and quickly tuned the volume down. He was surprised to hear Giles’ voice. Angelus decided against calling the older man for a while. He needed time to recover.

After finishing his coffee he went to his bed to sleep off the hangover.


When Angelus woke he felt much better physically, but his emotions were still a wreck. He needed to talk to Buffy, he had to beg for her forgiveness.

He tried calling her house several times, but never got an answer. Finally he tried Olivia’s.

“Hello, Ms. Knight. I was wondering if you had heard from Buffy?” He turned on as much charm as possible.

“Mr. O’Shea?”

“Yes, it’s Angelus.”

“I’m sorry, I told you before if Buffy wanted to speak to you she will.”

“Please, I need to talk to her.”

“Will you leave the poor girl alone?! Haven’t you done enough damage? She’s not even in Malibu!” The line went dead. She had hung up on him.

‘Not even in Malibu?’ Where could she be? He didn’t know any of her friends. He had met Lily and Kate when they had went to the Bronze. Buffy had told him that she and her father did not have contact. So who else did she know?

He decided to call his grandfather. Giles had connections, maybe one of them could help find her. Glancing at the clock he decided that his grandfather would still be in his office.

“Mr. Giles’ office.”

“Lilah, it’s Angelus. I need to speak to my grandfather.”

“Hmm, well good for you. He’s not in today.” She said bitchily.

“Damn it Lilah, Giles doesn’t miss work.”

“Well, he did today. Stayed in with that Fluffy bitch. She was rather pissed at him. Probably a one night stand that didn’t get the hint.”

“Fluffy? A dog?”

“Maybe her name was Bunny?”

“Buffy?” He whispered.

“That’s it. A real bitch. So you know her? She’s one of your one night stands isn’t she?”

“Don’t you ever call her that again.” He slammed the phone down. Angelus felt like it was time to hyperventilate. Why was Buffy in New York? Visiting his grandfather? The only thing he could come up with was that she had some how found out about the list.

Buffy would not take finding out about that list well. She would not like the fact that he had lied so frequently to her.

With shaking hands he dialed Giles home number. On the third ring the opposite line was picked up. “Giles residence. Rupert Giles speaking.”

“Giles, I got your call. I know she’s there. I called your office and Lilah was bitching about Buffy. What’d Buffy do to her?”

“She just threatened Lilah’s life, nothing serious.”

Angelus couldn’t help but chuckle, Buffy was such a fiery person. “Is she ok?”

“Who? Lilah?”

“No, Buffy.”

“She’s fine. She had Lilah backed into a wall.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“No, I fear she is not doing well emotionally. I’ve only known her for under twenty-four hours. But I can tell she’s hurting. Angelus I suggest you get your ass here as fast as possible. The jet is waiting on you.”

“Why are you doing all this for me? What have I ever done for you to deserve your help?”

“You’re family.”


Angelus walked through the door’s of Giles house at a brisk pace. He followed the tingling in the pit of his stomach until it brought him to the gardens. There he found Buffy reading on a stone bench. He took the sight of her in, she made his heart skip a beat every time he saw her.

Buffy felt a tingling in her stomach, something she had only experienced when Angelus was near. She slowly brought her head up. Glancing around she saw him standing in the door way to the house. She stood, her eyes darting around looking for an escape route.

When she stood Angelus practically ran to her. He scooped her body off the ground and crushed her to him. He bought his lips down, hard on hers, silencing any protest she would have made.

Buffy held herself stiff for a few moments, trying to fight her body’s reaction. But soon she was swept away with the raging tide of feelings Angelus invoked in her. The world and all of the problems that came with it, faded away. It was only them, and nothing stood between them.

Yet, the moment inevitably had to be broken. Buffy brought her head back taking a deep gasp of air. Angelus rest his forehead against her shoulder. He had set her on her feet. Buffy took a second to bask in the feelings he brought forth, but soon pulled herself out of his arms.

No mater how much she needed him, wanted him. There was too much between them to be swept under the proverbial rug.

Wrapping her arms around her middle, she asked, “How did you find me?”

“If I was blind, I would see you.” He took a step towards her, but she took one back. With a defeated look he asked, “Did you think I would not look for you?”

“Why would you care? You just are going back to some one named Faith.”


“You were really drunk the other night.”

“Th, that’s how you found out? What else did I say?”

“Oh, that you have had countless other women. That I’m not your type, even though I’m blonde.”

As she talked snippets of what had been said came back to him. “I also told you that you stole my heart.”

“You were drunk.”

“You believed everything else but that?”

“Why would I believe that? You left me alone after we made love for the first time.” She bit her lower lip as she felt tears prickle the back of her eyes. Leaving her alone had hurt more then the list ever could. “Was I not go, good?”

He looked as if she had struck him, then he went to her and pulled her to him once more. “God, no Buffy. I have never experienced anything as perfect as being with you. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to protect you from me. I’m not a good person Buffy. I’ve never cared what happened to others, just as long as I get what I want. Then you come along. First it was just lust. I got to know you and I wanted to protect you from the person I am. But I couldn’t I needed you so much. And afterwards I realized what I had done. I felt things I have never felt before. I needed some time to think.” He looked down at her to see if his words had convinced her. She still looked a little undecided, “Buffy as much as want to regret us making love, I can’t. It was too perfect, too right. In all my life I’ve only loved one person.”

Her tears were spilling down her cheeks by the end of his speech, “It is me, right?” She chocked out.

With a smile he replied, “Yes.”


Buffy and Angelus spent the next two weeks in New York. Buffy wanted to get to know Giles. Angelus also spent the time getting to know his grandfather.

Giles had been immediately enchanted by the little, blonde. Giles proudly took her to one of his business parties. For the first time, ever, Angelus agreed to attend one. After surveying the roomful of men, he stayed protectively near Buffy for the rest of the night. Angelus nearly snarled at any man who even walked by.

The others in the room noticed this and obeyed. Most had heard just how vicious Angelus O’Shea could be.

Buffy noticed that people were avoiding them as if they were the Black Plague. She turned to Angelus and gave him a warning look. He toned his glares down to mere glowering.


As her head hit the pillow, she sighed in relief. Angelus was carrying their bags into the house. Mr. Trick snuggled up next to her. Olivia had told Buffy that the dog had missed her terribly during the three weeks she had been away.

Buffy slightly rubbed her cheek into the pillow. She had not realized that she would miss even the most simple things, such as her pillow.

Angelus came in and flopped down next to her, he spooned his body against hers. Earning a low growl from Mr. Trick. Angelus glared back at the dog. He pulled her closer just to spite the animal.

Buffy giggled at the fact that Angelus would be jealous of a dog. Angelus started to kiss down her neck and slide his hand up her shirt. Buffy’s eyes drifted closed for a second, letting the sensations wash over her. Soon her mind kicked in and she pulled away. She turned her back to him, putting her feet on the ground and saying softly, “I’m sorry. I’m just not ready.” She stood and padded out of the bedroom.

The dog followed her out. Before he left the room he looked back at Angelus. The dog’s look was almost mocking him and the stupidity that had put Angelus into the situation.


Over the next few weeks Buffy and Angelus got to know each other again. One evening, about a week after they returned from New York, Angelus sat Buffy down and told her of himself. He told her all of his darkest secrets, everything he had ever done right or wrong.

He told her of his family, which she already knew some about. That he had hated his grandfather for putting “Dru” into the hospital. That he had made sure that Giles did not have it easy in raising him. He told her about how he had taken pleasure in hurting people when ever he could. How he had used women after women with no regard to them.

After his revelations, Buffy had asked for a break. On some level Angelus understood that she needed time to process every thing he had told her, but it still hurt.

As Buffy walked away sadly he had asked if she was still his girl. She had responded in a tearful whisper, “Always”.


Two weeks later Angelus answered his door to find a crying Buffy on the other side. Buffy fairly jumped into his arms. She kissed and hugged him. She said, with her head nestled into the crock of his neck, “I don’t care about the past. It’s behind you and doesn’t matter anymore. I love you.”

Angelus felt his heart swell with happiness, and it felt almost as if a large weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He held her close, their lips found each other. The kiss they shared was full of unbridled passion, longing, and want. Yet, they could feel the wounds to their souls slowly heal from the kiss.

Buffy pushed Angelus back against the wall. She rubbed herself into him, creating friction in all the right places for both of them. Finally when the need for air became to great she pulled away. She moved her mouth down his neck, biting none to gently. She pulled back, a possessive smile graced her lips at the mark she had left.

Angelus didn’t know what had come over his blonde vixen, but he liked it. She fumbled with the small buttons on his shirt for a moment before giving up and ripping the velvet shirt away, not noticing the tiny buttons bouncing off the walls. Her mouth hungrily attacked his bared chest. Her lips found their way to his flat nipples. She took one into her mouth licked and nibbled at it, then switched to the other.

Angelus could not keep his hands still any longer. He made quick work of the button on her jeans, he slid his hand down the front of her pants. Teasing her pleasure point through it’s silk enclosure. Buffy arched more fully into him, tossing her head back to release a near silent moan.

Angelus swung her around, it was his turn to pin her to the wall. He slid the flimsy material that was her tank top over her head. Her breast were free of any confines. He kissed his way from her mouth to her breast.

After spending several long, pleasurable minutes on her breasts, Angelus decided to take it to the bedroom. So he pulled her small frame up and into his arms. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his trim waist. She rubbed her throbbing center on his equally throbbing cock.

Angelus nearly ran to the bedroom. He lightly tossed her onto the bed, eliciting a giggle from Buffy. She sat up on her knees, smiling seductively at him. She beckoned him to her with a crook of her finger. Angelus eagerly went to her. His first taste of her, all those long nights ago, did nothing but fuel his hunger for her.

Angelus made to push Buffy back on the bed, but she grabbed him and knocked him on his back. Angelus realized that Buffy was going to be in control this time. That thought sent a thrill shoot down his spine, to be at the mercy of the blonde goddess, that was currently stripping away the remainder of her clothing, was nothing short of heaven.

Buffy made fast work of both their clothing. She gave him a smirk that rivaled his own when his very large, and very hard dick sprang free. She leaned forward and liked the drop of liquid that sat on the tip of his penis. Angelus could not stop himself from thrusting up, seeking the depths of her mouth. But she pulled away.

She crawled up him until her dripping pussy was positioned above his straining cock. Angelus could feel a warm drop of her juices slide down his member. As slow as she possibly could, Buffy lowered herself on his cock.

Once fully seated she sat perfectly still, content to just feel him for a moment. But that quickly passed. She started to circle her hips, which made Angelus moan. She then rose up a little to come right back down, every time she rose she’d go a little higher. Soon she was slamming down on him with abandonment.

Angelus could feel himself quickly come to climax. So he brought his hand to Buffy’s clit, wanting her to cum with him. He pinched the little nubbin and sent her careening into release. As her tight muscles clamped around him, milking his cock, Angelus came as well.

Buffy collapsed on his sweaty chest. Her breaths puffed out against his cooling skin. Angelus pulled her closer, happy to lay that way for eternity.

“I love you.” Angelus murmured softly.

“Mmm, love you, Angelus.” She responded.

They laid that way for a long time. Neither wanted to ever separate again. They both just basked in the feeling of each other.

Finally Angelus asked, “Buffy, when you woke up alone, why did you freak out like you did?”

“Because I didn’t think you wanted me. It was like last time.” She said softly.

“Last time?”

“My first time ever was with this guy named Scott. I met him at an art show. He was a fan. We dated for about a year. He had been pressuring me into “going all the way” as he put it. I wasn’t ready, but finally gave in. It was fast, he told me the next morning that he wanted to break up. When I asked why he had said he had wasted a year for a lousy lay.” A single tear slipped out, to that day it still hurt.

Angelus possessively pulled her closer. Buffy could feel a angry growl rumble through his chest. “That little fuck did not know what he was talking about. You were wonderful Buffy. No one has ever been able to do the things you do to me. I love you with all that I am.”


Angelus unlocked the front door to Buffy’s house. He had a very special evening planned. He had to set a few things up and then every thing would be ready.

It had been one week since they had re consummated their relationship. It was exactly four days too late on his inheritance. Buffy and he had not talked about when the time limit was up, so she didn’t know.

Angelus was going to purpose that night. He had decided to wait until the contract was void. He did not want anyone to be able to question his intentions behind marrying Buffy.

Angelus hesitantly swung the door open, he didn’t want the damn dog to attack him. But to his surprise Mr. Trick was no where to be seen. There was something wrong. The dog always came to the door unless Buffy was home, and Angelus had just left her at her gallery.

Angelus walked fully into the house. He called softly for the dog, not wanting to scare him if he was asleep. There was a soft growl from up the stairs, Angelus had just placed a foot on the first step when he was roughly grabbed from behind.

His attacker pushed him into the stairs, hard. Angelus’ head hit one of the stairs with a thud. It dazed him. Feet raced past his head, he grabbed out and caught their foot bring the attacker down as well. But to Angelus’ unfortunates the person landed mostly on him. The attacker couldn’t have been very big, but he sure was strong.

Angelus got up slowly, as did the small redheaded man. Angelus glared and shouted, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing boy?”

“Who the hell are you?!” The other man shouted back. The fight and shouting attracted Mr. Trick. He came out growling, and barking... at Angelus. The dog took a defensive stance next to the strange man.

“Shut the fuck up you mutt.” Angelus shouted in exasperation.

“Leave the dog alone.” The other man said quietly. He reached out and put a hand on the large dog’s head. Angelus glared at the dog when it licked the smaller man’s hand.

The door behind Angelus was opened, Angelus used the opportunity to lunge at the redheaded man. He grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the wall. Mr. Trick jumped at Angelus, biting deeply into his forearm. Angelus barely noticed, he knew that Buffy had just walked in, and he would not allow this man to hurt her.

“Oh my god!” Buffy yelled from behind. “Trick no! Heel!” The dog let go of his death hold on Angelus’ arm and obediently went to his master’s side. Buffy rushed to Angelus, completely ignoring the man he held by the throat. “You’re bleeding.” She stated softly, she lightly probed the wounds with her fingers. Angelus fairly growled at her from the pain that had shot through his body when she touched it.

“Don’t.” He growled out. She withdrew her hand, finally noticing the small man pinned to her foyer wall.

“Oz?!” She exclaimed.

“You know him?!” The both yelled at her.

“Angelus let him go. We need to get you to the hospital.” She grabbed Angelus’ good arm and started to drag him towards the door.

“Buffy, what the hell is going on?” Angelus nearly shouted. The pain in his arm was making him testy, but finding a strange man in his soon-to-be-fiancé's home pissed him off.

“I’m trying to get you outside before you bleed all over my house.”

“Who the hell is this?”

“Not now ok, we’ll talk on the way.” She whispered, but to her dismay Oz followed them out and held the car door for her. Angelus glowered and made sounds very close to a growl the entire ride to the hospital. Oz sat very quietly in the back seat of Angelus’ car.

Buffy tensely drove, shooting glances to the men sitting just as tensely in the car. She pulled up and killed the engine. Angelus angrily got out of the car, he did not like the implications that came with Buffy’s whispered answer to his earlier question.

Buffy’s short legs could not keep up with Angelus’ angry strides. She watched as the Angelus was quickly whisked away by a beautiful nurse. Who was cooing soothing words to Angelus. Buffy started to follow, very jealous at the sight of the exotic beauty draped all over her Angelus.

As she started forward a small hand landed on her arm. She looked over at Oz when he said, “Buffy we need to talk.”

She looked between the door Angelus had disappeared though and her dearest friend. Finally, with a sigh, she followed Oz to the empty waiting room. He sat down she sat next to him. They both stared ahead not sure what to say.

“You’re soul searching is over I take it.” Buffy said softly.


“Find what you were looking for?”


“Oz, you wanted to say something, so say it.”

He ran a hand through his hair, not looking at her for a second. The he tuned in his chair to face her and said, “Who was that guy?”

“Angelus O’Shea.”

“Angelus O’Shea? I’ve heard of him. When I was in New York. He’s a real ass.”

“You don’t know him.”

“What is he doing in your house?”

“We’re seeing each other.”

He looked at her for a second then said, “You love him, don’t you?”

“Very much.” Oz could see the love she held for the other man radiating around her.

“You’re happy?”


“That’s all I need to know. I’m happy for you Buffy.”

She leaned over and kissed his check, “Thank you. It means a lot to me.”

“I just want you to be happy.”

“Miss Summers?” The nurse from before asked from the door way.


“Um, Mr. O’Shea has requested your presence.” With a haughty smile Buffy walked past the auburn hair woman. She followed the nurse to his room. The doctors were just finishing up with him.

“There you are, love.” He said when he spotted her at the door. He beckoned her to his side, where he gathered her up with his good arm and kissed her for all he was worth.

The doctors quickly took their leave. Neither Buffy or Angelus noticed them leave. The nurse stood for a moment, glaring at Buffy. But soon she turned and left in a huff.

When they pulled a part Buffy asked, “What was that for?”

Ignoring her question he asked, “You’re still my girl, right?”

With a laugh tingeing her voice she said, “Of course. What is this all about, Angelus?”

“That guy, you were acting weird. Who is he?”

“That’s Oz. Daniel Osborne. We’ve known each other since first grade.”

“You were acting like he was an ex or something. He’s not an ex right?”

“No, just a dear friend.”

“Then why did you act like that?”

“’Cause the summer between my senior year in high school and my freshmen year of college he left saying he needed to go soul searching. He didn’t really keep in touch. I got a postcard from Tibet once, and London. Just a postcard every once in awhile. Seeing him after almost seven years threw me.”

He pulled her to his lips once more. When he pulled away, he turned to his coat draped over a chair he fumbled around in the pocket for a second. Finally he grabbed something but Buffy couldn’t see it. Angelus pulled her down next to him on the hospital bed. "This isn’t how I planned this. It was going to be this whole romantic evening with candles, and soft music, then a walk on the beach, and I’d say ask you under the moon and the stars."

“Ask me what?"

"Buffy, I have never known what love felt like until I met you. I never wanted to be anything more then I was until I met you. You changed me, for the better. And you will never know how eternally grateful I am for that. I love you more than anything in this life or any other. I will never be worthy of someone like you. But I can not image life with out you in it.” Angelus opened the little velvet box he held in his hands, “Buffy Anne Summers, I’m asking you to make me the happiest man alive. Will you please marry me?"

Buffy squealed in pure joy and threw herself in his arms, chanting over and over, "Yes,”


[AN: This epilogue is for Meghan. I wasn’t going to write an epilogue until I realized that I had not included this into the fic as you had requested. So here’s a bit of smut for ya.]


“Damn it. I said hold still. Angeeelll, stop moving!” Buffy had started to call Angelus “Angel” soon after he had proposed to her. “Stop. Moving. Now!” She nearly shouted. Her anger did nothing to deter Angelus’ nimble hands. “Angel, oh, um, don’t stop...” She trailed off in a moan.

Angelus smirked at her as he slipped a third finger into her tight sheath. He moaned with her as her walls clamped around his invading fingers. Buffy really had tried to stay professional. He backed her up until she was directly in front of him, her ass in his face.

Angelus pleasured her from behind with his mouth. He licked, nibbled, and sucked until she was about to climax. He pulled away, licking his lips, wanting to savor her juices. He spun Buffy around and brought her down on his lap, impaling her with his cock.

Buffy started to ride him. His mouth found hers as she rose and fell in his lap. They made love the first two times, and fucked the next three.

Buffy laid sprawled half on Angelus and half on the large chunk of canvas stretched out in her studio. “I won.” He said.

“Oh really?”

“Mmmhmm, I told you I’d have you before we were finished. And I did.” Angelus picked up her hand and kissed it, her wedding ring flashed in the soft light.

Buffy glanced up at the large statue standing a few feet away. Sure enough she hadn’t even got half done in craving the nude man’s penis before Angelus had had her.

“Well, it looks like you’re going to have to ‘model’ for me again some time.” The wicked gleam in his wife’s eyes had Angelus’ mouth watering and dick hard again.

“Sounds like a date.” He whispered as he pulled her under him to ‘model’ for her.


The End.


The Challenge:

Number Two:

Angelus O’Shea of New York City is called to grandfather’s attorney’s office. He is given an ultimatum by his grandfather. His grandfather has chosen six young women and Angelus is expected to marry one of them within six months or sacrifice his entire inheritance.

If he is married to one of the six in time, he will receive one fourth of the inheritance, which will include houses in the Hamptons, Cayman Islands, and Miami. And a penthouse in New York City. Plus investments that will produce enough income to cover all his needs, wants and still have plenty left. He asks about the house in Aspen he loves.

Second stipulation is he must have a child within the first two years of the marriage. If he does he will receive another fourth of the estate. This fourth includes the house in Aspen and a chalet in the Swiss Alps (which he complains won’t be as much fun with a child around). And more income producing investments. If there is no child, then he loses that fourth of the estate forever.

When his grandfather passes away he will receive the balance of the estate as long as he is still married.

His grandfather has chosen young women of both financial means and proper education and stature.

Angelus is shown their pictures and given a brief synopsis.

Cordelia Chase. Her family owns one of the largest producers of fine wines and liquors. Also owns portions of a major tobacco company.

Harmony Kendall. Her family owns a major chain of department stores.

Anya Jenkins. Her father owns and operates a couple dozen power companies across the Unites States.

Faith Hamilton. Her father is a Texas oil man.

Willow Rosenburg. Her parents are both doctors and own a top drug research lab with hundreds of drug patents.

Buffy Summers. Her father is CEO of an import/export business and her mother’s parents own a vineyard. But her largest wealth is from her work as an artist. She is a sculptor. She prefers marble and granite sculpting but does work with clay and metals.

Angelus is given the women’s pictures and more detailed bios. He goes home and reads them. After calling his grandfather and realizing he is serious he proceeds to check out the women.

He starts with the two living in NYC. The records show they are friends and both are known for attending a trendy night club on Friday nights. Angelus dons his leather pants and silk shirt and heads to the club. He finds the ladies amongst the crowd. He maneuvers close and listens in. He soon finds out Cordelia is angry with her father for cutting off her credit cards for a month because she spend over $100,000 on clothes in one day. She thinks her dad is being totally unreasonable. She suddenly up and leaves her friends when she sees Owen Thurman and she wants to dance.

Angelus stays to observe Harmony. It takes only minutes to peg her as an air head with not a thought not put there by Cordelia. He heads home to pack.

He arrives in Chicago on Saturday and decides to check out the next lady. He rents a car and sits outside her home until he sees a dark-haired man arrive in a beat up pickup. He follows them to a sports bar. He finds a nearby table and watches as the guy wolfs down hot wings and beer why the girl makes inane chit chat. Then he hears her demanding Xander have sex. She needs sex now. He follows as them out and watches for a few moments until he realizes they are doing it in his truck in the parking lot. Anya Jenkins is scratched off the list.

Angel goes back to the hotel and take the first available flight to Austin. He contacts a former college friend and is pleased to learn that there is big barbecue planned at the Hamilton ranch the next afternoon. His luck seems to be turning as his friend invites him to come along.

The next day he arrives at the party and quickly find the young lady in question. She is standing amongst a throng of young men. He moves closer to listen to what has them so enthralled. He is actually impressed with her vivacious spirit as she discusses her latest riding competition. He finds himself smiling at her youthful enthusiasm. She also seems to hate the airs being put on by some of the other females at the party. The young men seem to flock to her beauty and liveliness.

As the party progresses he is able to introduce myself and begins to win her attention. He begs off when she attempts to get him to two-step but as the sun sets he hears a mellow song and drags her into a slow dance.

Over the week he takes her out every night to restaurants and clubs. Even one night he takes her to a movie. He is beginning to think he may have found one he could possibly live with. She invites him to join her to a rodeo on Saturday. They head out at daybreak following the truck pulling the horse trailer. At the rodeo, he waits while she settles in the horses. When she seems to be taking a long time, he slips into the stable to see her in the arms of a burly ranch hand. She is palming his crotch and telling him he needs to get a condom if he wants to scratch her itch. Angelus hears the guy ask about her date. She tells him that he is just for daddy’s sake. She likes her men less pretty boy and more dangerous. Besides types like him all want to get married and have babies and there is no way she is wasting 9 months of her life without a horse under her. Angelus gets in his car and leaves. He has his bags and is on the way to the airport before Faith even knows he left.

Angelus lands in San Francisco still angry. He checks into and goes down to the restaurant. He eats dinner and begins to watch the sassy waitress. He flirts madly and invites her upstairs after she gets off. He leaves the restaurant and takes a cab. He picks up a fifth of bourbon and a pack of condom. He is either getting laid or drunk tonight. He is tempted to call his grandfather and tell him to shove his money ups his………..well you know.

Back at the hotel he sits flipping channels and sipping the brown liquid until he hears a knock at the door. He opens and lets in the trashy blonde. Within moments they are kissing and moving toward the bedroom of his suite. A few hours later he lays staring at the ceiling while the soft snores of his bed partner let him know he not alone. He tries to decide if he wants to pursue his grandfather’s agenda or just forget and go back to NY and try to parlay his not too shabby trust fund balance into enough to last him. By morning he is ready to continue the pursuit for a wife.

Later that morning he stands outside the townhouse watching for the redhead. He is pleased to finally see her exit the building. He watches as she stands on the stoop and turns back toward the door. The door opens and taller blonde female departs. The two intertwine hands and move down the steps and toward the cable car. Angelus shakes his head as his grandfather’s utter stupidity. Did he even bother to check these ladies out?

With only one name left on the list, he rents a convertible and heads along the coast highway toward LA.

Monday morning he arrives at her gallery and discovers it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. He is not willing to wait until then and heads to Malibu and her beach place. He parks as close as possible and tries to get closer on foot. He finds the security too tight to get too close. He heads back to the hotel.

According the records from his grandfather she never strays far from either her gallery or her house on the beach. She keeps studios in both places and is constantly working on new projects.

He heads back to her place come morning dressed for the beach. He sets up in front of her house. He can see a large security type dog on her back deck. After a couple of hours of pretending to read while he sneaks furtive glances toward the house and at the three college age girls apparently skipping classes, he decided that he is being an idiot. He gathers his chair and book and moves back toward his car. He stops to watch the lone jogger make her way up the beach. Her petite nubile form attracted his attention. Her face is masked by sunglasses and a baseball cap but her body is exposed for his lustful stare. As she passes by he turns back toward his car and never sees her climb the stairs and on to the deck, petting her dog as she passes.

The next day he approaches the gallery and with little hope and a lot of irritation and anger. He pretends to admire the works of art, hoping to see his last potential. After forty-five minutes of roaming the large space, he hears her steps behind him. She offers her assistance and he puts on his most beguiling smile. She pauses and then demands to know why Mr. O’Shea is actually there.

He is shocked she knows him. She laughs and says she sees his body all the time. She then laughs harder at his confusion. She leans forward and says in a conspiratory voice. She saw him a couple years ago at Martha’s Vineyard. He looks confused. She admits she never actually spoke to him but she saw him none the less. Actually she saw a lot of him as he flaunted his body on the beach. A body she has used as a model for many of her male sculptures since then.

He is shocked and tries to figure what to say. She then tells him if he expects payment for his contribution to her works, it won’t happen. Besides he would have to prove it and they are the only ones that know. It is not like she ever included is tattoo. He is suddenly convinced she is serious. He then demands to see one. She smiles and leads him to her studio. She is working on a marble sculpture. She has the torso but has yet to complete the lower body or face.

He asks about and she admits it is a nude but she is trying to decide about the genitals. That is the one part she hates. She had never found the perfect male to model after. But one day, but for now she wings it and integrates various men she has had model for her.

She suddenly returns to her earlier question. Why is he here?