Gift From The Past

Chapter Eleven

Riley sits on the bar stool glaring at the diminutive man beside him.

Riley: So you understand what I want?

Stan: Yes.

Riley: And you can do it?

Stan: I said I could, didnít I.

Riley: You better not be playing me.

Stan: Iím not. I swear.

Riley: You better not be. I will be back at four and you better have it ready.

He stands up and walks out.


Giles Apartment

Willow walks into the bedroom and looks at Angel.

Willow: You okay?

Angel smiles.

Angel: Iím great.

Willow: Not hurting?

Angel: It doesnít matter. Not now.

Willow: Because you kept your soul?

Angel nods.

Willow: Well hope you donít mind if I prove it.

Angel: Prove away.

He closes his eyes. Everyone stands watching as she loads the straw and aims it at the vampire. The blue powder flies over his upper body and turns him a soft shade of blue. A collective sigh fills the room. Angel opens his eyes and smiles broadly.

Xander: Looks like dead-boy ainít going to be killing us.

Angel: I might if you keep calling me that.

Giles: Wes, you want to help me release him?

Wes: My pleasure.

The two former watchers begin removing the locks and chains. Angel lays patiently with an almost silly grin on his face. Cordy stands watching.

Cordy: Would you stop that. You are really creeping me out.

Wes: You could help us.

Cordy: I think you can handle it.

She saunters out.

Giles: Angel, might I ask what you intend to say to Buffy.

Angel: I promised her the truth.

Giles: I think that is wise. You need our help?

Angel sits up swings his legs over the side of the bed.

Angel: No, I think I can handle it.

Giles: Well if you change your mind or she has questions I am here.

Angel: Thank you. Thank you both for everything

Giles: I am just glad we were successful. Now why donít we leave you so you can get changed.

The two men leave and walk into the room.

Cordy: Whereís Angel?

Buffy: Good question.

Everyone looks to see her standing in the doorway looking over the crowd.

Willow: Hey Buffy. I thought you were in class.

Buffy: I was. We let out early.

Tara: Hi B..bufÖffy

Buffy: Hi Tara. Glad to see you.

She looks around the room. She stares at Wes.

Buffy: Wes, whatís with the Smurf makeup?

Wes: Well uh, well.

She looks over at Spike sipping from a cup in front of the TV.

Buffy: And why does Spike look like he has measles.

Xander: Those are burns.

Buffy: Burns. Okay.

Spike: Ask Red. She was the one trying to torch my ass.

Buffy: Do I want to know?

Willow: Uh well uh.

Buffy: You sound like Wes. Let me try an easy question. Where is Angel?

Giles: He should be right out.

Buffy: Where?

Cordy: Relax, heís in the bedroom.

Buffy drops her backpack on the floor and walks toward the bedroom. Everyone watches her unsure what to do or say. She gently taps on the door and then pushes it open. She stops as he turns toward the door zipping his trouser.

Buffy: Sorry.

She looks around the room.

Buffy: Okay you too into the Smurf look.

Angel: Hey. You are early.

Buffy: Apparently.

She walks over and fingers the pile of chains and manacles on the bed. Then picks up the emerald green silk boxers. She stares at the large cut and singed fabric.

Buffy: Whatís going on? I saw you take these from your bag this morning. What happened here?

Angel: Letís talk about it later.

Buffy: No. I agreed to not ask questions when you had everyone researching but this (she lifts the chains) and this (she holds up the boxers) is not research. Now I want to know what is going on.

Angel: And I will explain. Just later.

Buffy crosses her arms over her chest. The boxers still gripped in her hand.

Buffy: No.

He looks at her determined stance and smiles.

Buffy: Not going to work.

Angel: What?

Buffy: Trying to charm me.

Angel: Buffy, I will tell you everything. But tonight. When we are alone.

Buffy stands and stares at him, contemplating.

Buffy: Is it bad?

Angel: No, my love. Itís not.

Buffy: You promise?

He nods and moves slowly toward her. She notices his gingerly controlled movements.

Buffy: You are hurt. I knew it.

She glances at the underwear.

Angel pries them from her hand and tosses them in the trash can.

Angel: I will explain everything tonight.

He smiles.

Buffy: You staying all night?

Angel: Yes. If your mom doesnít mind.

Buffy: Iíll make sure she wonít.

Angel leans over and kisses her gently. His hand seeks out her abdomen.

Angel: So how are you and how is the little one?

Buffy: I am okay and guess our baby is fine.

Angel: Did you call the doctor?

Buffy: Havenít had a chance.

Angel: Buffy.

Buffy: Okay, I will do it now.

Angel: Good.

He guides her out of the room. Everyone looks at her expectantly.

Buffy: Giles, can I borrow the phone?

Giles: Of course. Be my guest.

She walks to the phone. As she dials she watches Angel talking quietly with the others. Willow and Tara wave to her as they leave. Xander throws a blanket over Spike and pushes him out the door. Cordy talks to Angel once more before following the others. Buffy closes her eyes as she starts speaking to the receptionist. Angel watches and notices her frown. She nods and agrees to the woman on the other end. She hangs up the phone.

Angel: What is wrong?

Buffy: Nothing really. Seems mom already called and voiced some concerns and the doctor is willing to fit me in at the end of his day.

Angel: Thatís great.

He looks at her furrowed brow.

Angel Itís not great?

Buffy: I just wish mom would have let me handle it. Itís like she doesnít trust me or something.

Angel: Or she just wants to assure her daughter and grandchild are healthy.

Buffy: Maybe. I donít know.

Angel: Buffy, how do you feel about the baby?

Buffy: Feel? I want it. You know that.

Angel: You love it already?

Buffy looks up at him and nods.

Angel: And would you do anything for him or her?

Buffy nods again.

Angel: Just imagine how your mom feels.

Buffy thinks on it and shakes her head.

Buffy: How do you always do that? Know what everyone is thinking?

Angel: Talent I perfected over the years.

Buffy cocks her head and looks over him.

Buffy: A predatorís talent?

Angel: You could say that. I think you use it too.

Buffy: At times. I just wish I could figure you out.

Angel: And ruin my man of mystery reputation?

Buffy smiles and he leans into her lips. Buffy pulls back and pouts.

Angel: Whatís wrong?

Buffy: If I am going to see the doctor this evening and you after, I better go back to library and get my homework done.

Angel: Okay.

She begins to back away.

Buffy: I am not sure when I will be free.

Angel: You have my cell number.

Buffy: Iíll call.

Angel nods. She grabs her backpack and hurries out of the door. He glances into the kitchen at the two watchers sipping tea and talking.

Angel: Rupert? Wesley?

Giles: Yes?

Angel: Thank you again.

Giles: You are welcome. Glad to be able to help.



The Pub

Riley saunters in and strolls over to the bar. Jack moves to him.

Riley: Where is he?

Jack: He just called. He is on his way.

Riley: He better be.

Jack: Can I get you a beer or something on the house.

Riley: Water.

Jack fills the glass with ice and water and sets it in front of Riley. He picks it up and sips. He looks over and nods at Graham sitting with a brunette coed. Jack notices this and drops a glass. It shatters on the floor. Jack grabs the broom and dustpan and his hands shake as he sweeps up the shards. Riley watches amused. When Jack finishes Riley signals him over.

Riley: What is the problem Jack? You are not planning something are you?

Jack: No. No I swear. We just want this over with.

Riley: Good to hear that.

Jack sighs as the door opens and Stan comes in. He moves over to the bar and sits beside Riley.

Riley: Youíre late.

Stan: Hey this is not an easy spell. It took awhile to get everything.

Riley: But you got it?

Stan: Yes. Are you sure about this?

Riley: Just give it here.

Stan hands him a bottle. In the bottom are two small pale colored balls.

Riley: This is it? How does it work?

Stan: Pretty simple. You give her the orange one and you take the green. Then wait for her to find you.

Riley: How long does it take to start?

Stan: About fifteen to thirty minutes.

Riley: And how long does it last?

Stan: About twenty-four hours. Maybe a few hours longer.

Riley: Perfect. And she will remember?

Stan: Everything.

Riley: And if someone tries to stop her?

Stan: She wonít let them. She will fight anyone who tries.

Riley: Perfect.

Stan: Once you start this it canít be stopped.

Riley: I wonít want to.

Stan: Now you realize that you will be as much under the influence as she is.

Riley: I already am.

Stan: Okay. I would say good luck but that is a given.

Riley: Oh I feel lucky alright.

Riley pockets the bottle and slips out of the bar.

Jack: I hope this does not blow up in our faces.

Stan: How can it? We gave him exactly what he wanted.

Jack: I just feel something will go wrong.

Stan: You worry to much.



As the sun sets, Angel steps out of Gilesí apartment and moves to his car. He climbs in and drives away. He maneuvers the large black auto down the streets of Sunnydale. He never notices the small blue two door as he travels through the intersection or that it makes a right hand turn from the left lane and follows him. He is too absorbed in his plans for the evening.

He slides the car into a parking space along Main Street and strolls into the coffee bar. He glances around and takes a seat. As the waitress takes his order, Riley stands on the sidewalk watching. Angel glances at his watch for the second time as two cups of Cappuccino are placed on the table.

Waitress: Can I get you anything else?

Angel: No thank you.

Waitress: Well let me know if you change your mind.

She smiles at the handsome dark haired man before moving slowly away. Angel picks up his cup and sips the sweet rich concoction. He can not wipe away the smile that continues to tease at his eyes and lips. He is so caught up in his thoughts he never notices the blonde male approaching until he feels the hot liquid splash on his pants. He glances down at the dark wet spot.

Riley: Oh my, I am sorry. I wasnít watching where I wasÖÖ.let me get you some napkins.

The waitress hurries over and hands him a towel. Neither she nor Angel see the small orange pellet fall in the yet untouched drink..

Riley: Hey, donít I know you?

Angel looks up and nods.

Riley: Buffy, your that guy she was visiting in LA. Angel, right?

Angel: Yes. And you are Riley.

Riley: So how is Buffy?

Angel ignores him and thanks the waitress for her help.

Riley: Well tell her I said hi.

He walks away and rushes to his car. He can not help but smile as he drives away.

Angel picks up his cup just as the seat across from him fills. He glances up at the woman across the table.

Angel: Youíre late. Is everything okay?