Gift From The Past

Chapter Twelve

Riley enters the fraternity house and heads up the stairs. He stops as Forest meets him coming down.

Forest: Hey. I was looking for you.

Riley: What is it? I’m kinda busy.

Forest: Nothing really. A couple of us are heading to the Bronze. Thought you might want to go.

Riley: Sorry, but I have plans.

Forest: Plans? What more Buffy watching?

Riley: No, I am done watching.

Forest: Good. Good for you. So you have a date?

Riley: You could say that.

Another fraternity brother walks past them.

Forest: Well if you and your date feel like it, stop by the Bronze.

Riley: Oh we have better ideas. Oh and Forest, make sure and tell the others my room is off limits. I don’t care if the world is ending, I am off duty until tomorrow night.

Forest: You seem confidant.

Riley: Oh I am.

Riley heads on up the stairs and enters his room. He pulls off his shirt and tosses it in the corner. He pulls out the bottle from his pocket and pours the small pellet into his hand. He rolls it around in his palm before tossing it in his mouth. He smiles and heads to the shower.

After taking a quick shower and shaving he slips on a pair of soft gray sweat pants. He straightens the room and turns down the covers. He checks his small dorm refrigerator and assures it is stocked with drinks. He then begins pacing as he waits. He rubs his arms over the prickly feeling skin on his arms. He feels like he is going to explode and begins to stalk the room in frustration. He feels his cock straining against the soft cotton. His senses are on overload. He turns and reaches for the doorknob.

As he jerks open the door, he looks down into the intense hazel eyes. He grabs her and pulls her inside. Slamming the door he presses her hard against it. His hands tug at her long skirt, yanking it up and around her waist. Her hands plow into his hair and draw his hot lips to hers. She mewls as his fingers shove aside the crotch of her silk panties and slide into her wet heat. She rocks her hips against his hand and whimpers as the stroking flesh escapes her body. He uses both hands and grabs her by the hips and slides her up the wall and back down onto his raging erection. She gasps at the forceful invasion. He cups her ass in his hands as her legs surround his waist.

His hips rock and gain momentum as he plows in and out of her hot slick channel. She begins moaning each time he thrust into her. She slides her hand from his shoulders and begins fondling her swollen bud. He pounds her against the door relentlessly as she worries her sensitive flesh. Mere moments pass until his hot fluid floods her. She whimpers and rocks her hips sending her into her own climax. He leans against her as they both cling panting.

As he feels his knees begin to buckle he shifts and lowers her to her feet. She grips his arms as her high heels wobble under her. Steadying herself, she glances down. His soft manhood hangs over the waistband of his barely lowered pants. She reaches out and strokes it with her fingers. Before he can respond she drops to her knees and encompasses his tender flesh in her mouth. Her hands draw the fabric down his plump thighs and calves. He throws his head back and runs his hand through her dark tresses. He moans as she gently teases and sucks on his rapidly hardening shaft.

As he stands straight and ready, she shimmies up his body and latches onto his mouth with hers. He begins clawing at the delicate fabric of her shirt. It tears away exposing her lacy black bra. He unhooks the back clasp and the plump globes spring free. He dives onto one pert nipple with his lips while his hand molest the other. As he pays homage to her soft flesh she divest her self of the scraps of her shirt and her bra. She unzips her skirt and lets it pool around ankles. She stands in her black bikini underwear and heels.

He kicks his pants off his ankles and scoops her up. He lowers her onto the mattress and climbs on top of her prone form.

Riley: You are beautiful.

Cordy smiles.

Riley: My beautiful mate.

Cordy: My mate. My Riley.

Riley: My…….

Cordy: Your what?

Riley: Your name my love.

Cordy: Cordelia.

Riley: Name of a goddess, my Cordelia.

He lower his lips to hers. She reaches and strokes his throbbing erection as his hands attempt to divest her of her skimpy panties. They slide down her legs and catch on her shoes. He slithers down her body and unbuckles the straps. He tosses each shoe over his shoulder. His hands reach down and caress her calves before moving up to her thighs. She parts her legs wantonly and he stare hungrily at her dripping flesh. Her hands entangle in his shaggy mane as he moves in and delves his tongue into her hot pocket.


Coffee Shop

Angel sits nursing his third cup of coffee and trying to understand what has happened over the last week. His whole life has been altered in a mere few days. From a lonely man denied the woman he loves to a man with child on the way and possible future with his love. Nothing in his long life has ever been so amazing before. He still is unable to grasp the thought around the child. His child. Her child. Their child. He feels tears again threaten to surface.

The waitress approaches and smiles.

Waitress: Can I get you anything else?

Angel: I’m fine thank you.

Waitress: Will your girlfriend be coming back?

Angel: Girlfriend? Oh no that was not my girlfriend. She’s my employee.

He smiles broadly at her.

Angel: My girlfriend is at the doctor. We’re having a baby.

Waitress smiles.

Waitress: Congratulations. She meeting you here?

Angel: No. She’s suppose to call me when she’s done.

He holds up the phone he has clutched in his hand.

Waitress: Well I hope she calls soon.

Angel: Me too.

She walks off and Angel picks up his cup. He almost drops it as the cell phone rings. He answers it quickly.

Angel: Buffy.

Buffy: How did you guess?

Angel: I’ve been waiting. Where are you?

Buffy: The house.

Angel: I’m on my way.

Buffy: Okay.

He hangs up and tosses a tip on the table before dashing to his car.


Riley’s room

Cordelia’s fingernails claw into his back as he strokes in and out of her griping heat. He never stops as her orgasm consumes her and her muscles flutter around his engorged flesh. He pounds into her quaking body as his primal needs overtake him. Even as his seed spurts from his body, he never stops his powerful thrusts. She keens his name as another orgasm consumes her. His climax ends but his erection still demands his attention and he continues to rock gently.

Cordelia: I need….

Riley: What?

Cordelia: More. Everything

Riley: I know. Me too. You feel so good.

Cordelia pulls his lips down to hers. As their tongues battle she maneuvers him over. She sits up and places her hands on his broad chest and begins writhing up and down upon his cock. They both moan as she increases the pace.

Riley: Ride me baby, ride me hard.

His hips slam up to meet her downward movement.


Summer’s House.

Buffy opens the door as Angel approaches the steps.

Buffy: Hi.

Angel: Hi yourself.

He crosses the porch and wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her into a deep kiss. She stands stunned as he releases her.

Buffy: What was that?

Angel: Can’t I kiss the mother of my child?

Buffy: Yes, but, well yes.

Angel looks around the room as Buffy closes the door.

Angel: Where is your mom?

Buffy: She went out to eat and a movie with a girl friend. Wanted to give us some space.

She takes his hand and leads him to the sofa. She sits and he follows. She pulls her feet under her and faces him.

Buffy: You need anything?

Angel: I’m fine.

Buffy: Did you eat?

Angel: At Giles’ place.

Buffy: Good. Hope he gave you the good stuff.

Angel: It was fine.

Buffy looks down at her hands in her lap.

Angel: Is everything okay?

Buffy looks back up and smiles.

Buffy: I saw the doctor.

Angel: Good. What he say?


Riley’s room

Riley collapses beside her. Cordy crawls closer.

Cordy: I need you

Riley: Uh huh.

He rolls on his side and pulls her close. Her leg lifts and drapes over his hip. She hisses as his shaft slides into her dripping passage.

Riley: You okay?

Cordy: Fine. You feel so good.

Her hips begin bucking to meet his.

Cordy: My handsome mate.

Riley: My beautiful mate.

Their bodies join at two points, as there lips and tongues meet in a passionate battle.


Summer’s House.

Buffy: He said everything looks fine.

Angel: What did he do?

Buffy: Well he did blood and urine test first. Then he did an exam. He said everything looked normal. I have to go back in four weeks. He may do a ultrasound then.

Angel: But no problems.

Buffy: Not a one.

Angel let’s out a soft sigh.

Buffy: So are you ready to tell me what is going on?

Angel smiles and nods.

Angel: Buffy, when I first heard about the baby, I was so happy. It was the most amazing thing. Then I got scared.

Buffy: We are both scared.

Angel: But I got scared I was too happy. And if I was this happy just thinking about a child.

Buffy: How would you feel when it arrives?

Angel: Yes.

Buffy: Oh god. I never thought. Well we just have to find some way. There has to be a way. I need you with me. With us.

Angel reaches out and touches her hand stopping her babbling.

Angel: We found a way.

Buffy: What?

Angel: That is what everyone was researching. Giles and Wesley found information that the energy of the dimensional vortex I went through might have fused me.

Buffy: What vortex?

Angel: The Acathla.

Buffy: Oh my….I…..but can they be sure?

Angel: Yes. We tested it today.

Buffy: The smurf makeup?

Angel: Well actually that was to test if there was a soul. If there is one the powder stays blue. And if not it burns away.

Buffy: Spike!

Angel: Exactly. He was our test to see that Willow detection spell was working.

Buffy: Okay so they tested if you had a soul but we knew that. So I guess the next step is to make you happy.

Angel: Not necessary. We found another way to take my soul.

He smiles bigger.

Angel: And it failed.

She sits trying to grasp what he is saying.

Buffy: Failed?

Angel: Yes. They could not remove it. We found an ancient dagger honed by a sorceress named Agatha. It is used by group of demons in the middle east. They feed off the souls they steal.

Buffy: Okay let me got this straight. You got scared that the birth of our child would cause you to lose your soul and didn’t tell me.

She raises her hand to silence him.

Buffy: You had everyone research and found out it might be fused and didn’t tell me. Then you decided to try and take your soul and again didn’t tell me. Now you have done the test and proven your soul can not leave. You did all of this without ever confiding in me. Me. The mother of your child. The woman most affected by all of this.

Angel: I…

She holds up her hand again and glares at him.

Buffy: I have but one question.

He looks down at his hands.

Angel: You want me to leave?

Buffy: What I want to know is when do you plan on letting me do my own test?

Angel glances up and notices her stern look disappear under a saucy smile.

Buffy: Because I will not be convinced until I run my own private test.

Angel: Well I would love to let you. But the last test has left me a bit injured.

Buffy: Injured?

Recognition flashes across her face.

Buffy: The boxers. What actually happened?

Angel: The dagger had to enter the body at a specific location. The source of life’s beginnings.

Buffy: Oh….OOOOOh. Are you, well okay?

Angel: I will heal. Just may take a little while.

Buffy: Oh.

She smiles.

Buffy: So no more tests for few days.

Angel shakes his head.

Buffy: Okay, I can wait. Well uh unless you well are tired of tests.

Angel reaches over and wraps his arms around her shoulders. He nuzzles her ear.

Angel: That is one test I am looking forward to…

Buffy: I hear a but coming.

Angel: Well I want you, you know that don’t you?

Buffy nods.

Angel: I just want to take it slow. And when we make love the next time, I want it to be perfect.

He brushes his lips over hers.

Angel: Nothing rushed.

He nibbles at her lower lip.

Angel: No disruptions.

He kisses her deeply and her hands entangle in his hair. She moves closer and his arm slides down around her waist. Her hand wanders down his back but suddenly he pulls back and grimaces.

Buffy: What’s wrong?

Angel: I need to stop.

She backs up and looks confused.

Angel: Sorry. Give me a few days

She suddenly understands and smiles.

Buffy: I can wait.

Angel smiles and she shifts over and sits beside him, laying her head on his shoulder. He wraps his arm around her pulling her close.

Buffy: Are you leaving tonight?

Angel: No. I was thinking since tomorrow is Friday, I would wait and you can come with us.

Buffy jerks around and looks at him

Angel: Unless you have school work of course.

Buffy: You want me to come to LA? With you? For the weekend?

Angel: Yes. If you want to.

Buffy: Of course I do. You should know that.

Angel pulls her back into his arm. She relaxes against him.

Angel: It will give us time to talk and decide what we both want.

Buffy: Big decisions.

Angel: The biggest.




Joyce walks into the dark house. She slips up the stairs and glances in her daughter’s room as she passes. She again notices the serene contentment on both their faces as they lay spooned together. She moves on to her room and flips on the light. She picks up a note on her pillow and sits down.

Dear Mom,

Thanks again for giving us time alone. Angel and I had a wonderful talk. He gave me some amazing news. We will tell you tomorrow.

I hope it is okay, but I told Angel he could stay at the house tomorrow while I am at school. He has invited me to go to LA for the weekend. We still have so much to decide.

Oh yeah, can you wake me up again, still no alarm clock. Not so early this time of course.




Joyce sighs and picks up her alarm clock. She set the time before changing for bed. She walks down the hall once more to check on her only child. She wishes her child could look that peaceful every night.


Riley’s Room

Cordelia whimpers as he thrust into her again.

Riley: You okay?

Cordy: Sore, but please don’t stop.

Riley moves off her and struggles to his feet. She clambers toward him desperately. He grabs her hand and pulls her toward his private bathroom. He lets go of her and leans over to turn on the water. She roams her hands over his bare bottom and leans over leaving hot wet kisses on his exposed flesh. He moans as he adjust the temperature and sets the plug in place. Riley turns and lifts her into his arms then steps into the rapidly filling tub. They both hiss as the steamy liquid flows over their aching bodies, as he sits back and places her in front of him.

Cordelia: Hmmm.

Riley reaches for the bar of soap and lathers his hands. He gently strokes the bubbles over her shoulders and across her heaving bosoms. She whimpers in need.

Riley: Relax.

Cordy: I can’t. I need you.

She rocks her back against his hard cock and he gasps loudly.

Riley: Your too sore.

Cordy: Never. Please.

She leans forward and turns off the cascading water before lifting her hips and guiding him inside her. Her hips rock urgently as her hand seeks out her sensitive bud. He grips her hips and matches her every stroke.