Gift From The Past

Chapter Thirteen

Buffy lets herself in the front door and quietly drops her backpack and satchel on the front hall floor. She glances in the living room before mounting the stairs. Entering her room, she smiles. There he lies, quietly reading.

Buffy: What did you find to read? One of momís antiqueing books or romance novels?

Angel: Nope. Giles and Wesley came by earlier. They brought me sustenance and a couple books.

Buffy sits beside him and leans in for a kiss.

Buffy: So you are fed and entertained. And how goes the healing?

Angel: Itíll take time.

She lays beside him and rest her head on his chest.

Angel: How were classes?

Buffy: Boring. But I think that was because I was distracted thinking about spending the weekend in LA

Angel: Hey, school is more important.

Buffy: I know. It just has been so long. You and me.

Angel: It will just be the first of many to come.

Buffy: But before you know it, it wonít be just us.

Angel: I know.

He smiles big and Buffy tilts her head back for a soft kiss.

Buffy: When we leaving?

Angel: Wes and Cordy should be here at sunset.

Buffy: Well I am going to shower and eat while we wait.

Angel: Good idea.

She slips off the bed and opens the closet. She pulls out a robe and heads for the bathroom. He listens as the water starts. He soon has to force his mind away from the sounds of the nude woman down the hall before it initiates some serious pain.


Rileyís room

Cordy lies prone across the bed. Riley is mere inches away. Both their bodies ache beyond measure but the need to join still fills their every senses.

Cordy: Need you.

Riley: Me too. Sore.

Cordy: I know. Please.

Riley: I canít.

She glances over at his throbbing erection. She rolls over and slips her long fingers around the shaft. Her hand slowly pumps his super sensitive flesh. He whimpers and moans in turn. He closes his eyes as she lifts her body over his. She guides his tip to her already slippery anus and lowers down. His eyes flies open and groans.

Riley: Too sore. Too tight.

Cordy: Sorry. My pussy is too sore still.

She begins writhing over him and he soon starts meeting her rocking motion. His hands grasp her hips and soon is thrusting into her insanely. She throws her head back. Her dark hair trails back and tickles his raised knees. He reaches one hand between her dripping thighs and strokes her hard clit. She whines and immediately climaxes. Her muscles spasm over his as they continue the frenzied pace.

Riley: Oh god.

She collapses across his chest. He quickly rolls them over and continues the punishing thrusts.



Cordy climbs off the bed and moves toward the bathroom.

Riley: Where are you going?

Cordy: I, well, I need a shower. I well I got to go.

Riley: Right, a shower. Good idea.

She closes the bathroom door and he climbs out of bed. He slips on his discarded sweat pants and begins gathering her clothing. He slips a t-shirt over his head. When he hears the water stop, he knocks on the door.

Riley: I have your clothes.

She opens the door and he hands them to her.

Riley: Your shirt was ruined. So there is one of mine.

Cordy: Thanks.

She closes the door and he begins straightening the room. He looks up as she emerges. She avoids his eyes.

Cordy: I am not sure whatÖÖÖwell I need to go. My friends are probably worried to death.

Riley: Okay. Can I Ö.well give you a ride somewhere? It is the least I can do.

Cordy nods.

Cordy: Thanks.

After they both slip on their shoes, she grabs her purse and he opens the door.

Riley: You going to be okay?

They move down the hall and stairs.

Cordy: I think so. It should feel better in a few days.

Riley: It should.

Cordy: And you?

Riley: In a few days.

Cordy nods. They walk out the front door as his friends watch.

Cordy: They know.

Riley: They wonít talk.

Cordy looks up into the night sky.

Cordy: It is has been a whole night and day.

Riley: Yes.

Cordy: No one can know.

Riley: Agreed.

They get in his small blue car and he drives her across town. He follows her directions and as they approach Xanderís house, she has him pull over.

Riley: Cordelia?

Cordy: Yes?

Riley: Here is my number. Call me if you need me.

Cordy: I wonít.

Riley: Just take the number just in case.

Cordy stuffs the card in her bag and walks off down the block.


Xanderís Basement Apartment

Angel stands staring at the bag on the floor.

Xander: I stayed over at Anyaís last night and when I stopped by before work she wasnít here. I just thought she must have run into an old friend or something. Then I had to rush to work. Iíve missed too much time lately.

Angel: You couldnít bother to tell anyone she was missing.

Xander: I didnít know she was missing. Sheís Cordy. She does what she wants. Does she keep you posted every night?

Angel lifts up the bag and sets it on the bed. He begins looking through it.

Xander: I take that as a no.

He glances at Wes.

Xander: Iím sorry. I just thought she hooked up with a friend or some guy.

Wes: And well you could be right still. She is not one known for being punctual.

Angel dumps the contents of the bag on the bed and begins to examine them.

Xander: I donít think you should do that.

Cordy: He is so right.

The three men turn to see her standing with her hands on her hips. Angel looks her over carefully. The pale blue manís shirt is tied at her waist and the skirt is the same one she was wearing the night before.

Angel: Where have you been?

Cordy: Since when did you become my father?

She moves over and begins shoving her things back in the bag. Angel watches with a frown deepening his features. She closes the bag and turns toward the men.

Cordy: Are we leaving?

Angel: As soon as you explain why you reek ofÖÖÖÖ

Cordy: Keep your nose to yourself. Hear me?

Angel nods uncertainly.

Cordy: I am a grown woman and if I want to reek, I will reek. Now lets go.

She heads for the door.

Cordy: Would one of you grab my bag.

The all stare at her retreating back. Angel reaches over and grabs the satchel. He and Wesley follow her out to the car.



Angelís Apartment

Buffy steps out of the bathroom and looks around. She hears a sound from the bedroom and walks in. She pauses watching Angel move folded shirts from one drawer to another.

Buffy: What ya doing?

Angel turns and smiles.

Angel: Thought you might want your own drawer.

She moves closer and looks into the now empty space. She smiles happily.

Buffy: Drawer? I get a drawer?

Angel: You need a place for your stuff. Well in case you want to leave something here.

Buffy: I have a drawer.

Angel: Couples do that donít they?

Buffy: They do. And you can have a drawer at momís too.


Outside Cordeliaís Apartment Building

Wesley pulls the big black car over to the curb.

Wes: Here you are.

Cordy: Uh huh.

She grabs her bag and purse and climbs out of the car.

Wes: You sure your all right?

Cordy: Yes. Now quit asking.

She closes the car door and moves toward the apartment door.

Wes: Cordelia.

She stops and turns.

Cordelia: I am fine. Okay.

Wes: Just wanted to say I will pick you up in the morning.

Cordelia: Fine. Just not too early.

Wes: I wonít.

She moves on to the building as he pulls away. Her shoulders sag as she approaches her door. After fumbling with the key, she manages to let herself in. She drops her bags on the ground and collapses to her knees. Her head drops to her knees as sobs rack her body. The door closes and locks behind her. A tissue floats to her face.

Cordy: Thanks Dennis.

She lies gently sobbing until she hears the sounds of water running. She gathers herself up and moves into the bedroom. She slowly strips off her clothes and shoves them in the trash. She glances at her shoes and sighs.

Cordy: So much for my major on sale bargain Gucciís.

She shoves them on the can and travels into the bathroom. She steps in and lowers herself into the steamy jasmine scented water.

Cordy: Thanks again Dennis.

She closes her eyes and relaxes. Soft tears stream down her cheeks.


Angelís Apartment.

Angel: No.

Buffy: Come on. The doctor said I should keep up my normal exercise as long as it did not include lifting or sparring.

Angel: Why donít you just relax. You could read or well watch TV.

Buffy: Later. I need to move my muscles.

Angel: Well then how about Tai Chi?

Buffy: Maybe but after I a little pummeling

She moves over and begins to batter his leather bag. He sighs softly and removes his shoes, socks and shirt. He begins the slow movements of his kata. He forces thoughts of the blonde vision nearby away. He focuses on his own body and itís needs. Problem is he needs the blonde vision. He struggles to gain his concentration. The smells of her body calls to him as she begins to sweat under the exertion. He pauses and drops his hands to his sides. He closes his eyes and wills his growing desires down.

Buffy: Hand Push?

He opens his eyes and looks down at her expectant face.

Buffy: Well?

Angel: You know how?

Buffy: Yes.

She nods and places her feet. He takes an opposing stance.



Cordyís Apartment.

She rises from the now tepid water and takes the towel from the rod. She gently dries her skin, avoiding the more sensitive flesh. Once dry, she moves slowly into the bedroom and slips on her robe. She zips it up and crawls into the bed. Dennis pulls the covers up under her chin and extinguishes the light.


Angelís Apartment.

Buffy and Angel shift slowly through the soothing movements. Her eyes focus on his chin and avoid the expanse of bare skin and his soft lips. He suddenly stops grimacing.

Buffy: What is wrong? Did I do something wrong?

Angel shakes his head and sits down

Angel: No it was me.

Buffy: What did you do?

Angel: Just happen to wonder what it would feel like to exercise in the nude.

He glances up and smiles.

Buffy: Alone.

Angel: Hardly.

Buffy: And that was painful?

Angel: No but my bodyís reaction to the idea was.

Buffy: Reaction? OhÖ.oh well uh letís not do that. Well not now. Uh not well until you are all healed.

Angel: Good idea.

Buffy: Well I guess that ends this work out. You want to shower first?

Angel: If it is okay.

Buffy: Iím good. Just think I will take few more rounds with Mr. Bag.

He retrieves his clothes and heads toward the bathroom.

Buffy: Save me some hot water.

Angel: Not a problem.

She stands staring as he closes the bathroom door.