Gift From The Past

Chapter Fifteen

Buffy sits at the table waiting impatiently for Angel to come back. When he finally enters the dining room, her whole face lights up. He sets a bowl of ice cream and plate of chocolate dipped strawberries on the table in front of his chair. She looks at him as he sits down. He reaches out and takes her hand in both of his.

Angel: Buffy.

Buffy: Yes, Angel?

He looks down and then back at her.

Angel: Buffy, what do you know of handfasting?

Buffy: You bring out desert and then want to talk about fasting. That is not funny.

Angel looks down and tries to quell his near panic. Buffy reaches out with her free hand and touches his cheek.

Buffy: Iím sorry. Isnít handfasting a pagan ceremony?

He looks up at her and smiles in relief.

Buffy: It requires a wiccan priestess and a broom, right?

Angel: Among other things.

She keeps quiet and smiles as he takes an unneeded deep breath.

Angel: Buffy, I love you. And I am thrilled beyond words about the baby.

He pauses for a moment.

Angel: I canít offer you everything. Only my love and my support.

Buffy: That is all I want.

Angel: So no picnics in the park or days at the beach.

Buffy: Not important. Besides we can have as much fun at night.

Angel brings her hand to his lips while he slips his other hand in his pocket.

Angel: I can not give you everything. But everything I have is yours.

She audibly gasps as he drops down in front of her. His eyes fill with tears as he looks into hers.

Angel: Buffy, I want to give you more but all I can offer is me. Will you honor me with becoming my wife?

He flips open the small box clutched in his hand. Buffy stares at the shiny platinum band crowned with a single emerald flanked by two smaller diamonds. She can not even force the words from her throat and nods her head furiously. He releases the grip on her hand and pulls the ring from itís velvet cocoon. Buffy holds out her shaking hand as he slides it over the nail and knuckles. He leans over and kisses the symbol of their love. She presses upward and guides his face to hers. Her hand entangles in his thick hair as her mouth claims his. Her tongue seeks entrance and is welcomed into an erotic tango with his. They become lost in the passion until she is forced back to draw in needed oxygen.

Buffy: I love you.

Angel: And I you.

He smiles.

Angel: You want desert?

Buffy: Can we take it upstairs?

Angel raises back into his chair and looks at her intently.

Angel: Buffy, I want to wait.

Buffy: Wait? Until I eat my ice cream? I would prefer you to ice cream.

Angel: No, I want to wait until after the wedding.

Buffy: Huh? You want to what?

Angel: Buffy, I love you and I want to wait to make love until we are married.

Buffy places her hand on her stomach.

Buffy: I think we are a little late for no premarital sex.

Angel: Please, baby. It wonít be long. Just two weeks. We can wait that long.

Buffy: Two weeks. You think I can put together a wedding in two weeks.

Angel: Yes. If we keep it small. Your mother has already said we can do it here. All we need is to find a wiccan priestess.

Buffy: And a dress. And flowers. And a cake. AndÖand..and

Angel: Nothing we can not do. I bet Willow and Cordelia would help you find the perfect dress. And I can order the flowers and the cake.

Buffy: What about your clothes?

Angel: I have my tux or if you would rather I wear something else.

Buffy: I donít know. It is a handfasting. Should we go more casual?

Angel: You tell me.

Buffy: Yes. More casual.

She pauses to think.

Buffy: Two weeks. Okay, let me think.

She glances as he begins stirring the ice cream in the bowl.

Angel: Itís melting.

He holds out a spoonful to her. She take it in as she continues to mull over the plans.

Buffy: I need pencil and paper.

She jumps up and he grabs her hand

Angel: Tomorrow. We can start making plans tomorrow.

Buffy: ButÖ

Angel: Tonight I just want to celebrate.

She sits down slowly.

Buffy: Sexless celebrating?

Angel: Yes. Now eat your ice cream and strawberries.

She picks up her spoon and smiles at him.

Buffy: Two weeks. Youíre sure?

Angel: I am.

Buffy: Spoil my fun.

He laughs at her pouty face.

Angel: Anticipation can be a good thing.

Buffy: I have been waiting too long. Well I guess it has been even longer for you since you donít remember the last time seeing it was 250 years ago for you.

Angel: Uh. Thatís right. It has been longer for me.

Buffy: We donít have to. Wait I mean.

Angel: I know but it means a lot to me.

Buffy: Okay. I will try and behave.

Angel: Thank you. Now eat.


After dinner, they sit snuggled on the sofa watching an old movie.

Buffy: I love Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy movies. They had such wonderful chemistry. Even when the story is lame they sparkle.

Angel: Uh huh.

Buffy tilts her head back and looks up at him.

Buffy: We sparkle too.

Angel: We do?

Buffy: Yes, when I see Hepburn and Tracy I am just like kiss her already. And when I look at you, I think the same thing.

He smiles and leans down into her waiting lips. Her mouth opens as the kiss deepens. His tongue sweeps inside savoring the sweetness that is only Buffy. Her sigh tickles his sensitive pallet as they become lost in the passion. Neither one knows who instigated the movement but they quickly end up laying down. His back presses against the back of the sofa as his arms keeps her from teetering near the edge. Their mouths duel in an erotic well rehearsed dance of pleasure and power. Each one giving and taking in the battle of domination and submission.

His hand slides down to her hip and squeezes gently as she pulls back for necessary breaths. As she moves back to claim his lips, her hand snakes under the hem of his shirt and caresses his muscular torso with feathery motions. His own hand creeps up onto her bareback in kindred actions. He tries to ignore her leg flung over his hip until he feels her pivot their bodies. He tries to pull back as he finds himself sprawled over her small body and cradled between her powerful thighs. She strokes his back as her other hand imprisons his head. He groans in a mixture of arousal and frustration.

He gives into her sensual oral demands and ignores her wandering hands as he pushes his own impulses down. He is so distracted by her mouth and his own tenuous resolve he is stunned to feel warm fingers sneak into his boxers and around his turgid flesh. As he reaches down and wraps his hand around her errant wrist, there is a raping at the front door. Before they can properly react and disentangle themselves, the door swings open and in pours Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya, and Giles.

Angel leaps to his feet as Buffy gasps in complete shock. She shoves her skirt over her thighs as she sits up.

Buffy: What is going on?

Willow: Uh, Angel, uh he told us to come over at seven. Right?

Angel: I did.

Xander: And it is seven. See, the clock on the mantle agrees.

Willow: You did mean tonight. Donít tell me it was tomorrow night.

Angel: No it was tonight.

Buffy: You invited them over? Why didnít you tell me?

Angel: I got distracted.

Buffy: Oh.

Xander: So what is the big deal? Cause I did not come here to see you two go at it.

Anya: I agree cause I would have much rather stayed home and had my own sex.

Willow: I donít think that is why we are here.

She looks at Angel.

Willow: Why are we here?

Angel: To help us celebrate.

Xander: Celebrate what? That you can have sex? Cause sorry guy that ainít that big a deal.

Buffy: No. Angel meant this.

She holds out her hand and Willow squeals loudly before running and grabbing Buffy in a bear hug.

Anya swats Xander.

Anya: See she gets sex and jewelry.

Willow releases Buffy before moving to hug Angel. He awkwardly hugs her back. Xander moves into hug Buffy. He whispers in her ear.

Xander (w): You sure about this?

Buffy nods: Very.

Xander: Okay then.

He releases her and turns and nods at Angel.

Willow: You can at least shake his hand.

Xander begrudgingly holds out his hand and mumbles his congratulations as Anya follows the others and throws her arms around Buffy. She quickly turns to Angel and looks at him oddly before he holds out his hand. She sighs audibly before taking it.

Anya: Is that it? Can we go now?

Willow: No.

Everyone glances over as Giles moves toward Buffy.

Buffy: Are you okay?

Giles: Yes. I am just stunned. Not bad stunned, mind you.

Buffy: I know the feeling.

Giles: How do you intend to do this?

Buffy: Handfasting. It is not legal but I donít care.

Giles: Quite right. It would be appropriate I assume. But your will need a priestess.

Buffy: We know. Kinda hoping you might know one.

She looks at Willow.

Buffy: Or you.

Willow: Sorry Buffy.

Giles: I donít know one in America but I can call my friend in England.

Tara: DÖd..donít.

Willow: Why?

Tara: M.mmy .a..aÖaunt.

Willow: Your aunt is a wiccan priestess. You never told me.

Tara: Sh..she is r..real aunt. She is g..randm..momís best friend.

Buffy: Do you think she would do it. The ceremony I mean.

Tara: I..I c..can ask.

Buffy: Please. We want to do this in two weeks. Can you call her?

Willow: Two weeks. Why so soon?

Buffy: Because I want to look like Buffy and not the Goodyear blimp.

Willow: Oh right.

Buffy: Which means I will need your help. Actually everyoneís help. And Willow will you uh not sure what they call it in a handfasting but will you be my maid of honor?

Willow: Of course I will. But you will need four. Two men and two women to represent the four elements and directions.

Buffy: I know. Angel and I discussed it already. We decided to each ask a guy and a gal.

Willow: That sounds fair.

Buffy: Xander, that means I want you standing up for us too.

Xander: You know I will. But I guess this means I need to rent a tux.

Anya: Oh you look so good in a tux.

Buffy: No tux. We are going more casual.

Anya: Nuts.

Buffy: Iíll let you know as soon we decide exactly what you need. Oh god there is so much to decide.

Angel: Relax. We will worry about all of it tomorrow.

Buffy: Right. Party now. Stress later.

She takes a deep breath and looks at the others.

Buffy: Uh, can we at least have Tara call her aunt. So we will know if we need to keep looking.

Angel: If she doesnít mind.

Tara: I..I..I w..will.

Willow: There is phone in the kitchen. Iíll show you.

Tara follows Willow out of the room. Buffy sighs loudly.

Xander: So where is the party stuff?

Buffy: Well I know we have ice cream and soda.

Xander looks oddly at Angel.

Xander: That is it? I thought this was a I am getting married party.

Anya: I think that is engagement party.

Xander: Fine. Engagement Party. We need food, drinks, music.

Anya: And streamers. Oh and I love balloons.

Xander: Well since there is no party here, I say it is Bronze time.

Buffy: The Bronze?

She looks up at Angel smiling.

Buffy: You game?

Angel leans over and kisses her.

Angel: Iím game.

Buffy looks at Giles.

Buffy: Giles?

Giles: Yes?

Buffy: You will come, no?

Giles: I will come. If you donít mind an ancient one along.

Buffy: You are not ancient. Now Angel, he is ancient.

Angel: Hey.

Buffy: And I love my wise, sexy older man.

She lifts up to her toes as she draws him into a kiss. Giles looks toward the kitchen for the witches as Anya stares at the couple kissing.

Xander: Enough. Or I may go blind.

Buffy pulls back and looks over her shoulder at Xander.

Buffy: Get use to it. We all have to deal with your sex life in vivid details.

They all turn as Willow and Tara enter the room.

Buffy: You reach her?

Willow: We did.

Buffy: And?

Willow: We decided not to go into the uh well special circumstances over the phone. We invited her here for lunch tomorrow.

Angel: So she can meet me I guess.

Willow: Yes. I figured meeting you would be better way to help her understand.

Giles: Very good idea.

Buffy: So I have to cook?

Willow: No. We will pick up something. All you have to do is set the table and serve it.

Buffy: Okay, that I can handle.

Xander: So the Bronze?

Buffy: Guess so.

Angel helps Buffy with her jacket before they all head out the door.




The Bronze

A group of guys sit around a table ogling the various females.

Forrest: So Riley said he had a headache?

Graham: That was his excuse.

Forrest: Damn. I was so hoping after he put the moves on that brunette with the big tits he would be finally over the bitch.

Graham: Maybe he really has a headache.

Forrest: I am not buying it. You think a little pain in the head would stop him. More like a little blond pain in the ass.

Shawn: Well I heard him ask Engleman for something for his head.

Forrest: Fine. He has a headache but I still think that bitch is to blame.

Graham: Well I hope you donít plan on confronting her.

Forrest: Of course not.

Graham: Good. Cause she just walked in with her friends.

The guys look over toward the doors. Buffy stands between Xander, Anya, Giles, Willow and Tara.


Xander: Dance?

Anya: Of course.

The girls smile as Anya drags Xander onto the floor.

Willow: Well I will find us a table.

Buffy: Good luck.

Willow takes Taraís hand and begins weaving through the crowd. Giles follows the two witches. Buffy glances over and smiles happily at Xander and Anya.


Forrest: Look at her. All smiles while Riley is miserable.

He stands up.

Graham: You said you were not going confront her.

Forrest: That is before I saw her ass.

Graham stands up and places his hand on Forrest chest.

Graham: You know she can really hurt you.

Forrest reveals a stun gun inside his jacket.

Forrest: If she tries something, Iím ready.

He marches off toward Buffy.

Graham: I see this going badly.

Shawn: I know.


As Forrest nears Buffy he is halted by the large imposing male slipping up behind her. He watches as Angel wraps his arm around her waist and leans down to nuzzle her neck. She smiles and tips her head. His lips move from her neck to her lips eagerly.

Angel: Dance with me?

Buffy nods and they move onto the dance floor. Forrest stands fuming before returning to his table. He flops into his seat and scowls at the couple.

Graham: Well looks like she has moved on.

Forrest: Yeah. But Riley is wearing her tire tracks.

Shawn: Iím getting another drink. Anyone?

Forrest: Definitely.

Graham: I am good.

Forrest continues to glare at Buffy wrapped in Angelís embrace.

Forrest: Wonder where she found that putz.

Graham: Hey forget about her. Here comes Shawn. Looks like he got more than drinks too.

Forrest looks up as Shawn approaches and sets down the glasses. He nods and introduces the two girls with him.

Shawn: Guys. This is Margot and Marisa.

Graham pulls up chairs for the newcomers and they all sit down. Graham turns his attention to the two young ladies as Forrest looks back to the dance floor. Margot turns to see what he is looking at.

Margot: What has your attention?

Forrest looks at her.

Forrest: Nothing.

Margot: Come on. You look like a man who has it bad.

Forrest: You have to be kidding me.

Margot: So who are you staring at so hard?

Forrest: No one who matters.

He turns his focus to Margot.

Marisa: Hey Margot, did you see who Buffy is dancing with? Ainít that the hottie from before.

Margot turns and looks again.

Margot: Sure is. I thought he left town. Aura said Cordelia was with him now.

Marisa: But I thought she was just helping him with his business. Are they involved?

Margot: Not sure but you know how she had a thing for him back in high school. Still not sure how he ended up with Buffy when he could have had Cordelia.

Forrest: So this is an old boyfriend?

Margot: Huh?

Forrest: The guy with Buffy?

Margot: Oh him. Yeah they dated for quite a while. Heard he was her first even.

Marisa: Well remember the rumor after junior year when she was wanted for murder. They both disappeared and everyone thought they ran off together but she came back alone.

Margot: But then later he was back with her.

Forrest: So where has he been?

Marisa: Los Angeles. He has some detective agency.

Forrest: So they broke up?

Margot: I heard from Aura, he dumped her right before the prom.

Marisa: But he was with her at the prom.

Margot: I know but I think he felt sorry for her.

Everyone turns to look as Buffy and Angel move to the table of their friends. They stop and he kisses her softly before sitting down and letting her settle in his lap.

Margot: Oh they are reconciled.

Marisa: Seems so.