Gift From The Past

Chapter Sixteen

Angel maneuvers the black convertible along the curve in front of the large Apartment complex. He turns toward Cordelia.

Angel: You need help with your bag?

Cordelia: No thanks. I got it.

Angel: Okay.

She steps out of the car and reaches into the back seat and grabs her satchel.

Angel: See you later.

Cordelia: That you will.

She turns and trudges up the walk. The front door opens as she nears and Aura steps out. The girls quickly hug.

Aura: I was starting to get worried.

Cordelia: Oh sorry. I told you it would be after dark.

Aura: I know. Just Ö..oh never mind. God it is good to see you.

Cordelia: You too.

They step inside the building and move to the stairs. They head up to the second floor.

Aura: So you ready to tell me about you and the cutie in the car?

Cordelia: Cutie? You mean Angel?

Aura: Yes. So whatís his story?

Cordelia: Nothing much to tell.

Aura: Uh huh.

Aura opens her apartment door.

Aura: Oh, this way.

She leads Cordy down the hall and points out a bedroom. Cordelia drops her bag on the bed and then follows Aura to the living room. They both curl up on ends of the sofa.

Aura: So what brings you to Sunnydale?

Cordelia: Here to plan a wedding.

Aura: A wedding? Oh and who is the lucky groom.

Cordelia: Not sure how lucky he is, but itís Angel.

Aura: Oh come on Cor. Any guy that gets you is damn lucky.

Cordelia chokes and looks at Aura in shock.

Cordelia: Whoa! You have it all wrong. Iím not marrying Angel

Aura: Youíre not? Then who?

Cordelia: Buffy.

Aura: Buffy Summers? A man like that could do so much better.

Cordelia: Yeah but for some reason he loves her, besides sheísÖ.

Aura: Sheís what?

Cordelia: Nothing.

Aura: Oh come on Cor, you can tell me. You know I donít talk to her.

Cordelia: Sorry canít.

Aura: Okay just see if I keep you up on the latest gossip around here.

Cordelia sighs and looks around the room.

Cordelia: Fine. Not like everyone wonít know soon anyway. But you did not hear it from me.

Aura: Spill already.

Cordelia: It isnít anything really. Sheís just pregnant.

Aura: Pregnant? With his baby?

Cordelia: Yes.

Aura: Is he sure?

Cordelia: Listen. Buffy is not one of my favorite people, but Iím sure itís his.

Aura: Okay. I believe you.

Cordelia: So fill me in on what has been going on. Is Aphrodesia still dating that lawyer?



Stephenson Hall.

Angel strides up the stairs and heads down the second floor hall glancing at the room numbers. Two girls stop in front of him and both smile.

Girl 1: Are you lost?

Angel: No.

Girl 2: Cause if you need help, we would be willing to help.

Angel: Thank you but I think I can find my way.

Girl 1: So you are here to see someone particular?

Angel: Yes.

He stands patiently waiting for them to move.

Girl 2: Do you know the room number?

Angel: 214.

Girl 1: 214? Thatís Willowís room. Are you her brother?

Angel shakes his head as he tries to figure out how to maneuver around the persistent females

Girl 2: Well I happen to know she doesnít have a boyfriend.

Girl 1: Yeah and her roommate is dating the blonde frat boy.

Angel: I am sorry but my fiancé is expecting me.

He slips past the two girls and stops outside room 214. He raises his hands but halts as he hears her hard breathing. He frowns in concern and knocks.

Buffy: Who is it?

Angel: Itís me.

Buffy: Angel? One second.

He hears her moving around inside before flinging the door open. She throws her arms around his neck and draws him inside. Their lips connect in a hot passionate kiss. His hands rest on her hips as she reaches her hand out and pushes the door closed. Angel glances around the room.

Angel: You alone?

Buffy: Uh huh. Willowís at the library, studying.

Angel glances once more around the dark room and takes in the rumpled bedding.

Angel: You studying?

Buffy: Already did. Wanted to have my evening free.

Angel: So does that mean you are ready?

Buffy: Not quite. I need to change.

Angel: You want me to wait outside?

Buffy: No. You wait here. Iím going to the bathroom.

She grabs her clothes from the closet and dresser. He sits on the bed and she leans over and gives him a quick kiss before heading to the door.

Buffy: Be back in a flash.

Angel: Take your time.

Buffy darts out the door and is quickly waylaid by the two girls from the hall. They follow her to the bathroom with questions. Buffy quickly shows them the ring and smiles.

In the dorm room Angel keeps looking around suspiciously. His heightened sense of smell has been in overdrive since he walked into the room. He runs his hand over the wrinkled comforter and slowly pulls it back. He stares at the small pink rubber toy under it. The smells assault him as he realizes what he must have interrupted. He slowly replaces the covers and smiles. His mind wanders to wonderful naughty plans. He is still plotting when the door opens. Buffy smiles at him from the doorway. Angel smiles back and swallows hard.

Buffy: Let me get my bag and we can go.

Angel nods and stands up. He watches as she stuffs a few things into her bag and moves behind her. His hands slide down her sides and land on her hips. He leans his mouth close to her ear.

Angel: You smell so good.

Buffy: Hmm. Not wearing any perfume. Must be my shampoo.

Angel: No. I think this smell is from much lower.

He runs one hand over her round bottom as he reaches with his other to pick up her now closed bag.

Angel: Got everything?

Buffy stands in shock and nods.

Angel: Shall we go?

She looks into his face and takes in his smirk.

Buffy: Can I have any secrets?

Angel: Iím sorry.

Buffy rubs her hand over his jaw and he nuzzles into her palm.

Buffy: Iím sorry. You just surprised me.

Angel leans into her lips.

Angel: Ready to go?

Buffy: Yup.

Angel: You have dinner yet?

Buffy: Nope. Mom said she was cooking chicken.

Angel: Then lets get you there and feed you both.

Buffy: Both?

Angel: You and our little one.

Buffy: Oh gotcha.


Later that night.

Angel knocks on the bedroom door before entering. Dressed for bed he closes the door and watches her in front of the full-length mirror brush out her long golden tresses. He drops his clothes on a chair and moves up behind her. She cannot see his reflections but she feels his presence and drops her hands and smiles. He places his hand on her shoulders and gently kisses her ear. She sighs, and leans back into his bare chest. His hands skim slowly from her shoulders to her neck and then downward. She softly gasps as she watches the fabric of her tank top shift as his hands slide over her breasts. Her nipples harden under the sensual touch. His hands continue their downward journey over her stomach and to her hips.

She peels her eyes away from the mirror and tilts her head back. Their eyes connect for a moment before he captures her mouth with his own. She willingly opens her mouth and allows his tongue to play with hers. With her back pressed tight against his torso they continue to plunder and devour each otherís mouth. He slowly pulls back and smiles.

Angel: You ready for bed?

Buffy: Uh huh.

He drops his hands and walks away toward the bed. She continues to watch in the mirror as the bed moves under his weight. She turns around and looks at him sprawled over her bed smiling. She smiles back and moves to place her brush on the dresser. She lies down beside him and he pulls up the cover before spooning behind her. His cool lips brush over her bare neck. He drapes his arm over her hip and softly strokes her stomach as he nibbles on her lobe.

Buffy tries to relax in his embrace until his hand roams up to her breast and his fingers begin to stroke her nipple. She opens her eyes and glances down at the large fingers tugging at her now taunt nub. Angel kisses her ear once more before whispering in her ear.

Angel: So what were you doing when I arrived today?

Buffy: Huh? Where?

Angel: In your dorm.

Buffy: Oh nothing.

Angel: Nothing? You werenít pleasuring yourself with your little pink toy?

Buffy gasp and begins to blush.

Angel: Well?

Buffy lays silently in the dark staring at the stuffed animal on the chair. She cannot ignore the gently tugging on her nipples as he gives each breast its turn.

Angel: Tell me what you were doing. Tell me how it felt.

Buffy tries to turn her head but he is gently sucking on her earlobe.

Buffy: Angel, please.

Angel pinches her nipple and runs his tongue over the shell of her ear.

Angel: Tell me, baby. Tell me how you laid on your bed naked.

Buffy: I uh I wasnít naked.

Angel: You werenít?

Buffy: No I had my shirt on. And well my socks.

Angel: Tell me more.

He cups her breast in his hand and begins to squeeze and fondle the round flesh. She arches into his hand without thinking.

Angel: Were you on your back?

Buffy: Uh huh.

She takes a deep breath as he continues to molest her sensitive flesh.

Buffy: I was on my back with my legs spread.

Angel: Yes?

Buffy: And I was pretending you were touching me.

Angel: And the toy?

Buffy: I imagined it was you.

Angel: Kind of small.

Buffy: It was your fingers. You had them inside.

Angel: And what were my fingers doing?

Buffy: Stroking me.

Angel: Fucking you?

Buffy: Uh huh.

Angel: That all?

Buffy: No. I was using my fingers to rub my clit.

Angel: Was it all hard and swollen?

Buffy: Uh huh.

Angel: And it felt good?

Buffy: Uh huh.

Angel: And did you cum on your little toy?

Buffy flips her face toward him and stares into his eyes.

Angel: Did you?

Buffy: No. Someone interrupted me.

Angel: Oh, that is too bad. Well I could have waited for you to finish.

He smiles at her.

Angel: I could have watched.

His mouth comes down on hers. It takes a moment from the surprise of the kiss to notice his hand has moved from her breast and was slipping under the waistband of her pajama bottoms. He lifts up and looks into her confused face.

Angel: I guess I should make it up to you.

Buffy just stares as she feels his knee pressing between her legs. She lifts her leg and his slides between. With her thighs parted, his hand slides down and tugs gently at her coarse hairs before moving lower. She bites her lip as his fingers caress her outer lips.

Angel: Do you want me to stop?

Buffy shakes her head.

Angel: Tell me baby. You want me to use my fingers like you used your little pink toy.

Buffy: YÖy..yes.

Angel: Okay.

He slips one finger between her soft folds.

Angel: You are so wet.

His finger slides front to back then back up. She jerks as he hits her sensitive clit. He moves his finger across the slit a number of times as she lifts her leg backwards over his, opening her wider. He continues to tease her by grazing her hard bud each time.

Buffy: Oh gawd, please.

Angel: Please what?

Buffy: Rub it.

Angel: What? Your hard little nubbin? Like this?

He begins to rub her clit and she lets out a small moan.

Angel: But wait you said my fingers were inside. How many?

Buffy: Donít know.

Her hips begin moving to find more friction.

Angel: Letís try two.

She squeals as he plunges two long fingers into her slick hole. As he begins to thrust them in and out, his thumb resumes the assault on her swollen bud. Her breathing becomes fast and erratic as he plunders her hot flesh. He leans into her panting mouth and devours it. His tongue begins to mirror the movements of his hand. His cool flesh is sliding in and out of her steamy openings. Her hips begin bucking to meet him as her tongue battles his. She runs her fingers through his thick hair and holds his head tight as the first waves begin to crash over her. Her satisfied groan is lost in the wet cavern of his mouth. Her body shakes from the shear force of the orgasm and her body feels like Jell-O.

He lifts his head and looks down into her serene lust filled eyes. All he can do is smile as he slips his hand out of both her body and her pants. She smiles back and then watches as he slowly sucks off the juices soaking his hand.

He attempts to maneuver her back to the spoon position.

Buffy: Hey wait. You didnítÖÖÖ

Angel: Didnít what?

Buffy: Get satisfied?

Angel: That can wait

Buffy: But.

Angel: No but. I still want to wait to make love.

Buffy: Oh.

He pulls her close and curves his body around hers like a cocoon. He kisses her neck and closes his eyes.

Buffy: So now you are jealous of a piece of plastic.

Angel: Jealous? No, not at all. I just want to be there when you use it from now on.

Buffy: Oh.

Angel: So going to tell me when you bought your little friend?

Buffy: Oh I have had it a while.

Angel: You have?

Buffy: Uh huh. Bought it when I lived in LA.

Angelís eyes fly open and he gasps.

Angel: What?

Buffy: Oh oh not before I moved here. When I ran away that summer.

Angel: When I was gone?

Buffy: Uh huh. I use to pass this little store on my way to and from work. And well I kept having these dreams about you and me and well.

Angel: I see.

Buffy: It was not you but it helped a little.

Angel: So you have had it awhile?

Buffy: Yes.

Angel: Any others?

Buffy: No. Just the one.

Angel: Well maybe we can change that.

Buffy: Huh?

Angel: Maybe we can get a few more.

Buffy: More.

Angel: Uh huh.

His hand slips down over her covered crotch and teases it a moment before moving back to her stomach.

Angel: You game?

Buffy: Maybe.

Angel: Well at least bring your little pinky on the honeymoon.

Buffy: Okay.

Angel: You ready to sleep?

Buffy: If youíre sure you want to wait.

Angel: I do.




Next Day

Cordelia steps from the coffee shop with a large steamy Styrofoam cup. She moves down the sidewalk enjoying the hot sweet cappuccino and nearly runs into the large male exiting the small drug store. She glances up in surprise.

Cordelia: R..Riley.

Riley: Cordelia. Iím so sorry. I was not watching.

Cordelia steps backwards.

Cordelia: Itís okay.

Riley looks her over.

Riley: You feeling all right?

Cordelia: Uh uh. Look I have to meet someone.

Riley: Oh sorry.

Cordelia moves to walk past him.

Riley: Cordelia?

She turns back toward him.

Riley: Have you had any headaches lately?

Cordelia: No, why?

Riley: No reason. Well Iím sorry I delayed you

Cordelia: Bye.

She turns and moves down the street to the dress shop.