Mending Wounds by Jo



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Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

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Summary: Angel’s a doctor. Buffy’s his patient.

Dedication: David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar for bringing my imagination of Buffy and Angel into anything that I want. To anyone that has read my previous story.

Author’s note: I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this.

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Italics denote flashback or song lyrics



Angel McCallister, a young OB/GYN doctor at Sunnydale General was going through a usual day. He had patients to see right and left. No matter how many women he dated in his line of work or outside of work it; it just didn’t workout. The thing that he struggled with the most was finding the perfect woman. You know the one that will make your heart stop, that smile that won’t come off your face whenever she’s in the room. He needed that spark, that electricity that would ignite in his body to feel him that she’s the one for him. Forever.

“Doctor McCallister, you have a patient waiting for you in room three.”

“Thank you, Darla,” he said flashing her a smile. Darla and Angel had dated a few times, but he wanted a serious relationship and all she wanted was to sleep with him. Even though the broke up was amicably, Darla was always jealous whenever a woman would make a pass at Angel.


Buffy Summers-Finn, a young prominent lawyer was busy with her latest case. She was working undercover at Wolfram & Hart. Her law firm Summers & Rosenberg was getting suspicious at how their clientele just somehow disappeared and started relying on Wolfram & Hart. The thing that boggled her mind the most was when they went over to Wolfram & Hart, about six months to a year later they mysteriously disappeared. Buffy befriended a detective, Kate Lockley that worked in the LAPD. She and Kate were trying to figure out the whereabouts of the missing clients.

Today Buffy was supposed to meet up with Kate and probably try to go home and see her husband Riley. Her and Riley were newlyweds and things between them couldn’t be better. As she was getting dressed in her business suit, the phone rang in her apartment.


“Hey, baby. Do you miss me?” She recognized the voice right away.

“Riley, of course you know that I miss you. Guess what? I’m coming home this weekend.”

“Great. ‘Cause I miss seeing your beautiful face.” She laughed.

“I’m sorry to cut things short, but I have to go. I’ll see you soon.”


Cordelia Chase-Harris was a frequent patient of Angel’s. Cordelia met up with Angel because he was one of the best doctors in his field at Sunnydale General. She had her monthly appointment and was reaching her sixth month.

“Finally you’re here. What took you so long?” Cordelia said agitated.

“Well hello to you, too Cordelia. So how have you been?” he said smiling.

“Sorry about that. Hello to you, too. I’ve been feeling a bit cranky and getting fatter everyday,” she said gesturing to her swollen stomach.

“Cordelia, I think it’s natural for you to feel this way. Now why don’t I check your vitals and see if everything’s okay.” As Angel took out his stethoscope to check Cordelia’s breathing and then measured her protruding belly, Cordelia started talking again.

“Doc, I always wondered, why a handsome man like yourself doesn’t have a wife at home waiting for you?” Angel looked at her and laughed. It seemed so typical for every female to be asking him that question. They always somehow would either match him up and the typical thing usually happened. He’d date for a while; probably sleep with them and then breaking up.

“I just haven’t found the right woman yet. I know for sure that when I do, you’ll be the first to know.”


Buffy met up with Kate for lunch. They sat outside, since it was a beautiful day. As Buffy bit into her sandwich, Kate started talking.

“So have you found anything new to incriminate Wolfram & Hart?”

“Well, I’ve been through the archives like I said, but something just feels weird. I can sense it. It’s almost like a sixth sense.”

“I just hope that your right. ‘Cause so far I’ve got nothing incriminating on them.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you the evidence that you need.”


Saturday. It seemed like forever, but it finally came around. Most people would sleep in and wake up late, but not for Angel McCallister. His life was his work. At first when he started medicine it was an exhilarating experience. Angel’s parents were so proud of his accomplishments. They both knew he’d be successful in anything when he put his mind to expect for women.

As Angel stepped into the shower and let the water beat against his muscular back; his thoughts went back to a year ago.

He finished making love with Darla and he was about to ask her something.


“Yeah.” Her head was laid against his smooth chest as her fingertips glided up and down his slick chest.

“I was thinking that things between us have been quite serious and I wanted us to take the next level in our relationship.”

Darla looked up at him. She couldn’t believe that he was that serious about their relationship. She loved Angel, but not in that way. He was the best lover that she had ever had, but she just wasn’t ready to walk down the isle.

“Angel, I’m surprised. I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“I want you to be with you forever, Darla. You’re the one for me. I love you. Darla, if you feel the same way, will you marry me?”

“I’m not ready yet, Angel. You’re a nice guy Angel, but I just can’t be with you in that way. I’m sorry.”

“I think you should go now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

‘Why can’t I find the right woman and then live happily ever after? Yeah, right. That’s only in the movies.’


Buffy was heading home for the weekend. She had missed Riley, her friends and family too. The thing that she wanted was to finish this undercover work and go back to working in her own law firm. She stepped into her house and headed upstairs to surprise Riley. Buffy spotted Riley in bed, still sleeping and walked towards him as her hand caressed his cheek and he opened his eyes and spotted his wife.

“Buffy. You came pretty early. I thought that maybe you’d be coming home later.”

“Well things are going pretty well in LA. So I figured why not come home early and surprise my husband.”

“Well if you put it that way, how can I not refuse this beautiful woman before me,” he said smiling. She leaned over and kissed him.


The day went petty smoothly for Angel. There weren’t too many disasters or upsetting pregnant mothers complaining. Angel headed to the locker room to change. Out of his scrubs into a t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans with his black boots. He had plans to hang out with is best friend William, but his nickname was Spike. As he stepped out he bumped into Darla.

“Sorry about that Darla.”

“I’m not. So do you have any plans that might include me in them?” she said trailing a finger down his chest.

“I don’t think so, Darla. You and I are only co-workers and nothing else.” He then left her standing as she saw him walking out the hospital.

“You’ve got another thing coming, Angel. I’ll get you back. You were mine once. You’ll be mine again.”


Angel met up with Spike at Willie’s Bar. Willie was a close friend to both of the guys. So if things got out of hand and they couldn’t pay they had a tab.

“So how’s the doc tonight?”

“It’s been a long week. Just give me a Heineken and I’ll be waiting for Spike.”

Spike or William to his fellow co-workers was working at the Sunnydale Police Department. It wasn’t his first choice of a dream job, but since he wasn’t doing well in high school, that right after his second year of college, which he dropped out of, he joined the force. He spotted his friend at the bar drinking away. It could only mean one thing. Darla. She just somehow always ruined things for Angel since their breakup.

“Hey, Angel, how’s it going?” Spike said smacking his hand on Angel’s back. Angel looked at his friend and smiled.

“Not much. I’ll buy you a beer.” Spike was thrilled at how gracious about getting a free drink.

“I can tell that you’ve been thinking about Darla again. What’s she done now?” Angel looked at him with the expression of ‘I don’t want to talk about it.’

“Okay. How about I hook you up with someone at the Department? I know a really cute girl that wouldn’t mind having a doctor as a boyfriend.” Angel smiled at him.

“You know perfectly well why I haven’t dated a cop. I sure don’t want that if I break up with her, that she’ll stalk me and then kill me. If I was a cop, then I’d accept it.” Spike couldn’t believe the bullshit Angel was throwing at him. He knew Angel was the type of guy that could walk in anywhere and all the women would be starring at him.

They kept on drinking throughout the night. Finally both men were truly drunk because they both stared babbling, especially Angel.

“You know I don’t why I always go for blondes. It just seems that I never dated a brunette, ever. I want to meet a girl and hear that song on the radio like in the movies and look right at her and know she’s the one.”

“Okay. You know what Angel why don’t we just go on home now. I think you had enough for now.” He started to lift Angel up, but Angel moved his hand away.

“I’m not ready to go home yet. I say that I have another drink and I’ll buy for the whole house as well.” After those last words he fell flat on the floor. Spike looked up at Willie.

“I’ll drive him and he’ll come pick up his car tomorrow.”


The weeks have been passing by and Buffy was getting closer into incriminating Wolfram & Hart. The sad thing was that they had some great lawyers such as Lindsey McDonald and Lilah Morgan, who she had become friends with. As for her boss Holland Manners they were okay.

Holland Manners on the other hand noticed and suspected about Buffy Summers eagerness wanting to join the law firm, she told him that she wanted a change of scenery. He accepted it, but that didn’t mean he believed it.

“As much as Buffy maybe a good asset to this law firm, I believe it’s best she’d be eliminated for good. So Jack Hamilton, I’d like you to make Buffy’s accident look as realistic as possible.”


Darla had figured out a way to make Angel hers again. She figured that if he was with her for a year, she could convince him or rather persuade him again. The last thing she wanted was for Angel to fall for some young woman and leaving her out in the cold. This time she thought about it and if she had Angel back, she’d reconsider his marriage proposal. Darla spotted Angel talking with the other nurses and laughing away. She was green with envy.

“So Doctor McCallister, when are you going to get married?”

“I don’t know, but when I do you’ll see it by the way huge smile I’ll have on my face everyday,” he said flashing her a smile.


Buffy was at the office and had to rush towards the bathroom. As she made inside the stall, she started to throw up. If she knew better, she’d say that she was pregnant. Buffy happened to buy a pregnancy test kit while she was in LA.

After what seemed like an eternity, Buffy looked over at the pregnancy test and noticed a plus sign. She was pregnant with Riley’s child. It was the best news that she had received. Buffy couldn’t wait too tell Riley the news, so she started dialing his work number on her cell phone. After two rings he picked up.

“Hello, Riley Finn speaking.”

“Riley, I have great news to give you,” she said excited.

“What is it?”

“I’m…” Someone entered the bathroom calling out her name.

“Buffy, are you here? It’s Lilah. Holland would like to see you.”

“I’m here. I’ll be right out.”

“I have to get going. I’ll call you later. Bye.”


As Buffy was heading home because she was so excited to tell Riley the great news about her pregnancy, she heard a tune on the radio and drove along the highway. There was a black car that trailed behind her and he was ready to cause an accident. As her assailant got closer to her, she just kept on singing. Then all of a sudden he hit the fender of her car. Buffy felt her car shook and looked through her rearview mirror to see who was tailgating her.

“What’s wrong with that guy? Why doesn’t he just move over and cut in front of me?” Buffy moved a bit faster to let the car behind her move on ahead. He went right back and hit her again, but this time he added more force, which led Buffy’s scattered over to the side of the highway and her car was stuck by a pole. The car then fled the scene, but no one spotted who the perpetrator was. Buffy was now unconscious with her head against the steering wheel. A car that was passing by along the highway noticed an injured young lady and called for an ambulance.


As Angel was about to head out to lunch someone called out his name.

“Doctor McCallister, you’re needed in the OR.” He couldn’t understand as to why they needed him there, but walked over to the OR.

When he entered the room, he spotted a young blonde with minimal scars on her cheeks laid unconscious having no idea what was happening to her.

“Xander, what’s the reason of why you called me in? You seem to be handling things pretty well here,” he said handing his colleague Alexander Harris, a surgeon handing him a suture kit.

“I know that, but you’re gonna have to talk to her when she gets up. She just had a miscarriage.” Angel was shocked. He felt sorry for the young blonde woman lying on the gurney.

“No offense Xander, but don’t you think that maybe after you tell her she’ll want to talk to a psychiatrist.”

“No! I can’t do this to her. She’s my friend and I trust you to talk to her all right. Are we clear here?”

“Alright, alright you win. Can I at least have her name?”

“Sure. It’s Buffy Summers.”


Angel left the room afterwards and waited until Buffy was up in her room to speak to her. He just didn’t want to talk to her about how things will get better in time. As he made his way towards her room he heard Xander talking with Buffy.

“Well Buffy, it’s hard to say this, but you lost your child.” Angel then heard Buffy crying and yelling out loud.

“No! This can’t be happening. My baby’s fine. I know it,” she said placing her hand on her abdomen. Xander leaned over and hugged Buffy.

“I’m sorry Buffy, but it’s true,” he said rubbing her back.

As Angel was about to enter a tall blonde haired man passed him and entered.

“Oh, Buffy. I just got the call and heard you were in an accident. Are you okay?” Riley said looking at her.

“Oh, Riley. I lost our baby,” she said crying onto his shoulder while he rubbed her back. Riley couldn’t believe that she was pregnant. So that was the good news she was about to tell him over the phone.

Angel just stood at the doorway while he saw Buffy crying helplessly over her husband’s shoulder. Xander spotted him watching the scene before him.

“Angel, why don’t you come in?”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll come back later.”

Buffy moved away from Riley wiping her tears to notice the dark haired man standing by the door for the first time.

“Yes, come in.” Angel entered the room.

“Buffy, I’d like you to meet Doctor Angel McCallister, he’s our OB/GYN at Sunnydale General. I asked him to come so you could talk to him about how you feel.”

“Xander, you know how much I love you, but Doctor McCallister isn’t a psychiatrist.”

“That’s what I told him, but he won’t listen to me,” Angel answered. Xander looked back and forth from Buffy to Angel.

“Well since I figured that both of you are my friends, I figure it’d be better for you to talk to Angel instead of a total stranger that might want to pry into your business.” If Angel knew any better he’d say that Xander was setting him up with Buffy. It’s not that he didn’t notice her beauty, but there was a huge factor. She’s married.

“Fine, Xander. If Mrs. Finn doesn’t object to it,” he said smiling her way.

“No. I’m okay with it.”


Buffy hadn’t slept that well that night. She kept on tossing and turning in her bed replaying the accident over and over in her mind. She wondered who would do this to her and why? Her mind was in such deep thought that she never heard the voice calling out her name.

“Mrs. Finn, do you hear me?” Angel said as he placed his hand on her shoulder. The sudden movement startled her.

“Oh, I’m sorry Doctor McCallister. Could you please call me Buffy?”

“Alright, Buffy, but as long you call me Angel.”

“Sure. So let’s begin.”

Angel started talking to her briefly about how she felt before the accident and the after effects of her miscarriage. He made sure where to draw the line.

“Hey, baby. How are you?’ Riley said as he standing by the doorway. He was listening to the conversation between the two.

“I’m fine. Come over here.” Riley walked inside her room and stood beside her.

“I’ll be leaving you to. Buffy, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thanks Doc.”

“Buffy, when are you coming home? I miss you at home.” Buffy thought about it. It’s not like she wasn’t physically fit to return home, but emotionally she just didn’t want leave this place. Her fears of hospitals were lessened all because of Angel.

“I don’t know yet. I’m waiting for the doctor to release me,” she lied. She could have been going home today.

“Alright, honey. Have you spoken to Willow or your parents for that matter?”

“Actually, I haven’t gotten around to calling them since the accident, but I’ll give them a call later.”


Buffy dialed up Willow’s number at her office. After two rings she picked up.

“Willow Rosenberg speaking.”

“Hey Will. You’re so formal.”

“Buffy, I haven’t heard from you in quite a while. How are things at Wolfram & Hart?” That was the last thing that Buffy wanted to be talking about with her long time best friend.

“I’m in the hospital actually. I got into an accident yesterday. So I’m at Sunnydale General. Oh, Willow I have one more thing to say.” Buffy paused and started crying. Willow was at the other end of the line wondering, why her best friend was crying.

“I was pregnant and I miscarried,” Buffy said solemnly. Willow was shocked, she thought that maybe her friend her arm was broken or possibly her leg. She started crying for her best friend as well.

“Oh, Buffy. I’m so sorry. If there’s anything that I can do just tell me.”

“Sure thing. Call Wolfram & Hart for me. I’m hoping you’ll see me tomorrow.”

“I’ll do that.”


Darla noticed that Riley seemed a bit down. She could tell because he wanted his wife to come home and she just wasn’t ready. So as the friendly nurse, she’d give Riley some love and affection.

“Hello, Mr. Finn. So how’s your wife doing? Are you ready to her home?”

“Not really. She just seems to be distant. I don’t know how to convince her into coming.”

“There, there. Everything will be alright,” she said patting his back.

Angel was passing by and noticed how Darla was being so friendly with Buffy’s husband. ‘Things never change with her.’


Willow kept her promise and stopped by to see Buffy.

“Buffy, how have you been?” she said hugging her best friend.

“I’m holding up as much as I can. I’m really glad that you’re here. I missed seeing my best friend.”

“I miss you, too. I noticed Xander has kept you in such great comfort.”

“You know Xander, he just doesn’t want me to leave and stay here eating this dreaded hospital food.”

“So do you have any idea, who’d want to hurt you?”

“I have no clue, Willow. All I know is when I find out who did this to me, they’re going to regret it.”

Before Willow had a chance to interject, Angel knocked on Buffy’s door.

“Is this a bad time? I could come back later.” Buffy looked up at handsome doctor and smiled.

“No, it’s not. Willow I’d like you to meet Doctor McCallister. He’s my OB/GYN.”

“Nice to meet you, Willow.” She smiled at him. ‘I can see why Buffy isn’t too crazy about going home. He sure is a looker.’

“I have to get going, Buffy. I’ll see you soon.”

“But Willow you just got here not to long ago.”

“I know, but the handsome doctor here wants to talk to you.” Angel couldn’t help, but blush at the comment that Willow rose. Willow left the room leaving Angel and Buffy alone.

“Sorry about Willow. She tends to be shy, but I don’t know what’s gotten into her today.”

“It’s alright. So do you feel ready to go home today?” ‘As much as I enjoy looking at your pretty face.’

“No, I’m not. I feel if I go home, Riley won’t want to be near me. I’ll think that he won’t find me attractive like when we first got married.”

“You shouldn’t think that. Riley seems like a supportive husband. He’s been by your side. You should give him the benefit of doubt.” Angel checked her vitals signs and noticed that everything was well.

“But I just think that he won’t want to make love me.”

“If Riley is the nice man, that you say he is, he’ll understand if you won’t want to make love.” ‘Hell I’d understand. I would just want to hold you in my arms and comfort you.’

“Thanks. You know you’re so sweet,” she said smiling.


Riley had missed his wife so much, but couldn’t understand as to why she just didn’t want to come home. He loved her, but he missed having her near and making love to her. So he chose to go a different route. In his bed with him, was a beautiful blonde with blue eyes.

“So how do you feel?”

“Great, but miserable. I feel that Buffy’s going to know about us. If she does, it’ll hurt her.”

“Don’t worry that pretty little head of yours.”


Buffy went back to at her law firm in Sunnydale. She wasn’t ready to head back to Wolfram & Hart yet. Parts of her felt completely disoriented. She had been avoiding Riley in more ways than one. Buffy knew that he noticed, but he disregarded it. What she needed was a nice bath and a book.


The week had already passed by and Angel couldn’t get the pretty blonde out his mind. He needed to stop thinking about her. Buffy had the prettiest smile that he’s ever seen. He started having those feelings of happiness, but the problem was the woman he’s in love with is married. Happily married. ‘Why am I even wasting my time thinking about her? It’s not as if she’s having trouble sleeping at night.’

Darla appeared and noticed Angel was far off and had a smile on his face. ‘He’s in love, but with who? It can’t be Buffy Summers-Finn, because it’s obvious that she’s married. Oh, I’ll make sure he doesn’t fall for that little girl. Angel will always be mine.’

“Angel, who’s on your mind? Is it that pretty blonde that you were helping out?”

“Darla, mind your own business. Don’t you have somewhere to be? I’m busy.” She left the room.

‘Was it that easy for her to realize that I’m falling for Buffy? I have to be able to control my emotions when it comes to Buffy. She doesn’t feel the same way about me.’


Things around the Finn household weren’t going to well. Buffy had slept in the same bed with Riley, but he kept on wondering when she’d make the move to start on having a family again.

“Buffy, honey it’s been a while since we’ve been together. Do you want to right now?” His hands went around and traveled up to cup her breasts. She flinched at his touch. She couldn’t believe that he was taking things so lightly. She just thought that losing their child meant nothing to him.

“I can’t Riley. I don’t know when I’ll be able to. I just can’t do this now.”

Riley couldn’t believe how she was reacting. She didn’t want him touching her intimately. He had this feeling that she was cheating on him.

“Buffy, are you seeing someone?” She turned around and looked at him.

“How could you think that? I love you Riley. I thought you’d understand since this was our first child that passed away.”

“I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk. Take all the time you need. I’ll be there for you every step of the way,” he said hugging her to him. Though the thought that haunted him was that Buffy finding out about his affair with Darla.


Angel was sleeping in only his boxers, tossing and turning throughout the night. He couldn’t get Buffy out of his mind, that it driving him insane. He envisioned himself kissing her endlessly and never letting her leave his embrace. Somehow his dream almost seemed so real to the point that he could smell vanilla permeating from her delicate skin.

He woke up in a sweat and headed over to his table and turned his lamp on. As he looked at the clock and it read two forty-eight a.m. He definitely has to change some things in his life. The first one being was getting rid of Buffy Summers out of his mind. Angel made a promise to himself that starting tomorrow morning, no more thoughts of Buffy.


Buffy was starting to feel a bit better. She’d let Riley hold her at night and kiss her, but that’s as far as it went. She still felt that if they tried for another child, the same situation would occur. Those thoughts have plagued her for quite a while. The only thought that brought a smile to her face was her doctor, Angel. She clearly remembered what he said that Riley would understand. ‘I guess the good doctor was right. He does understand.’


Buffy had cases right and left. Her workload had increased drastically from the time of the accident. She was grateful that she had help. It looked like as if she was never going to stop working. So Buffy decided to take the cases home with her and Riley would give her a back rub.

As she made it to the driveway of their home, she spotted Riley’s car. ‘Great! I can surprise him.’ She made her way up the stairs and was about to open the bedroom door, but instead she heard moaning. ‘What’s that?’ Buffy opened the door and it revealed a blonde haired woman moaning on top of Riley.

“Oh!” Buffy said loud enough for the couple to disentangle themselves. Both of them turned and saw Buffy’s face turned completely white.

Buffy ran down the stairs, out the door and sat on the porch. She was in a state of shock. Total shock. She just couldn’t believe the sight she’d seen with her own eyes. That’s when it really hit her and the tears were flowing down her cheeks. Her eyes were all puffy and red. She kept on crying, but stopped to wipe her tears away and heard the door open. Riley placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t,” she said not facing him.

“Buffy, let me…”

“I told you I don’t want to hear it. I can’t believe that you’d do this to me. What did I do? Since when did you stop loving me that you had to sleep with that slut? How could you do this to me? To us?” she said raising her hands up in the air. She felt such betrayal from a man that made vows to cherish her and to love her.

Riley had no idea what to say to Buffy. It was true though; she hadn’t done anything to harm him. He harmed her. This could be the end of their marriage. That’s the last thing he wanted. He still loved Buffy dearly.

“So what are we going to do?” he asked.

“Well, I for one am not spending the night here. I’ll just get a couple things from upstairs and I’ll be out of your way,” Buffy said without even making any eye contact.


She was glad that Darla wasn’t in the bedroom when she packed a couple of her things into a bag. The last thing was seeing the sight of that nurse. She looked over the bed and was completely disgusted by the sight of the rumpled sheets; then the image of both of them going at it caused her stomach to get nauseous all over again.

Buffy was out of the house and started her car and drive off. She had no clue as to where she’d go. ‘Should I head over to Willow’s? Or Xander’s? I definitely can’t go home now. Where else can I go, that won’t mind having my company? Angel? Yeah, like my own doctor’s going allow me to stay over his place.’ She thought about it some more and decided to call him. After two rings someone picked up.

“Good Evening, Sunnydale General. How may I help you?”

“Could you connect me to extension 516, please?”

“Sure. Hold on while I connect you.” After what seemed like an eternity was only two rings Angel picked up.

“Hello, Doctor McCallister speaking.” She sighed and took a moment to her herself together. Angel on the other hand was wondering why no one had spoken yet.

“Hello,” he said again.

“Angel, I need your help. It’s Buffy,” she said solemnly. His heart melted at the sound of her voice. She sounded sad about something.

“What is it Buffy? Are you not feeling well?”

“I’m…I don’t know. I’m not feeling well. Could I stop by the hospital and talk to you?”

“Sure. I’ll be waiting.” They hung up. Angel kept on wondering in his mind what could have happened to Buffy for her to call him.


Buffy arrived at the hospital and went straight for his office. As she entered he raised his head and looked into those hazel eyes that he fell I love with were all red and puffy from crying.

“Buffy, what’s wrong?” She didn’t answer, but started crying instead and couldn’t stop.

“I don’t know where to start,” she said uncontrollably. Her tears were streaming down her cheeks.

“Well you could always try the beginning. That usually helps.” She looked up into his beautiful brown eyes and gave him a small smile.

“I found Riley with another woman in our bedroom. It was Darla.” Angel was shocked. He just couldn’t believe the turn of events that occurred. He remembered seeing Darla comforting Riley, but to lead to that point was rather low even for her.

“Buffy, don’t you think that maybe you should have discussed this with Willow perhaps?” ‘Are you an idiot? You know your glad that she chose you to talk to.’

“I didn’t want to talk to Willow. She might somehow convince me to take him back. I chose you because you have an objective mind.”

“Great, thanks. Now you make me sounded like a self help book.” She laughed at him.

“No, I didn’t mean it that way. You’re a really nice guy. I have a favor to ask.”

“Ask away.”

“I was wondering if I could spend the night at your place. If it’s a problem, I’ll understand. I just didn’t want to confront my parents yet about Riley.” Angel looked at her and loved how she was babbling on and on. ‘Here’s your chance to prove to Buffy Summers that you’re the one for her and not Riley.’

“Sure you can.” She jumped out of her seat and leaped into his arms.

“Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea what this means to me,” she said pulling away. Her lips were merely inches away from his. He wanted to kiss her so badly. Buffy’s heart was beating rapidly and she wondered if Angel heard it.

“I think we should get going.”

“Yeah, good idea.” ‘I have the feeling that if he didn’t move away, he was going to kiss me.’


They made it to his apartment in no time. As they sat on his couch a distance apart, Buffy struck up a conversation.

“So do I get the pleasure of sleeping on the couch?”

“No. I do. You get to have my bedroom.” They went inside while Angel placed new sheets on the bed and pillows.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Buffy. Good Night.”



The next morning Angel was glad that it was Saturday. It meant one thing. Sleep in. He didn’t have to worry about patients, nurses and his fellow doctors hording him with complaints. It was great lying comfortably, being peacefully relaxed. He had no worries or anyone to worry about.


Buffy woke up finding herself in someone else’s bed. She didn’t recognize her surroundings. Then she remembered that she was staying over at Angel’s place. He had been so nice to her. At least he understood somewhat of her problems. She made her way down the hall and spotted him on the sofa. The sheets covered most of his body. From a glimpse she could see that he worked out. A lot. ‘Oh, you have better stop thinking about him this way. He’s not your husband.’ She left the living room and headed towards the kitchen.


Angel entered the kitchen with only his black silk boxers. His hair was all disheveled from sleeping. He had totally forgot about Buffy being a guest in his home until she spoke up.


“Morning. Did you sleep well?” he asked leaning against the counter. The only thoughts that entered Buffy’s mind was, ‘Oh, my God. He has such a gorgeous body. He also looks so cute when he first gets up in the morning.’

“I slept well. All things considered. How about you?”

“Like a baby. When I don’t have to work on weekends, sleeping in bed is the ideal thing for me.” ‘All I need now is the prefect woman to share that bed with. Preferably you.’


As they both sat down in his living room, Angel wanted to know if Buffy was ready to talk about the Riley incident.

“Buffy, if you think I’m pushing just tell me to stop. What are you going to do when your friends or family call you home and not find you?” Buffy sighed. He was being so thoughtful and had to ruin the moment with that question.

“I’m just not ready yet. I just don’t want to be judged for my actions. I feel embarrassed.”

“Buffy, you can’t say that. You know perfectly well that family and true friends would never judge you wrongly. You need to tell someone that knows you, the whole story so they can understand your pain.”

“I just feel that after this, no man would ever want to be near me. I have this fear that if I enter another relationship, that the man I’m with will cheat on me,” she said and started crying. He had a box of tissues on the table, picked some up and handed it to her.

“Don’t cry. I didn’t mean to bring anything bad.”

Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes were red and puffy and she blew her nose into the tissue.

“No, it’s not you. It’s me. I’m a jinx. I thought Riley was my true love, but he isn’t. I doubt I’ll ever fall in love with the right man,” she said continuing sobbing on his shoulder.

“Don’t say that. You’ll find a ton of guys that will fall head over heels for you,” ‘Including myself.’ he said while she was in his arms.

“Really?” she said looking up into those brown eyes that held so much love.

“Yep. You’ll find prince charming knocking on your door wanting to sweep you off your feet,” he said with their lips merely inches a part just like the way they were in the hospital. Before Angel knew what was happening his lips found hers and they both kissed. Her hands found it’s way around his neck, while his hands held her closely around her waist. Buffy wanted more of the kiss, but Angel pulled away.

“Why’d you stop?” she asked breathlessly.

“We can’t do this Buffy. You’re married. Things could get worse.”

“Yes, we can. I’m getting a divorce from Riley and seeing him with that bitch Darla naked my bed totally disgusted me completely. I don’t want to be with a man that can’t be fully honest with his feelings. I can do that with you.”

“Buffy, you don’t even know me that well. I’m a doctor at Sunnydale General the only way you’d know me was through Xander.” He couldn’t believe that he was establishing reasons as to why she shouldn’t be with him. He was falling in love with her and he was asking her to stay out of his life.

“I guess there’s nothing left to say. ‘Night Angel,” she said walking towards his room.

“Buffy…” ‘Oh, God, what have I done now. She’s so right for me. I have to make it up to her.’


That night Buffy cried until she fell asleep. She thought that when Angel kissed her, that he felt that spark that went throughout her body. The kiss was magnetic. She decided not to leave his room until he needed to take a shower or change his clothes. The thought that annoyed her the most was that she could smell that musky scent that was uniquely him inside the bedroom.

Meanwhile Angel lay back on the couch replaying the kiss in his mind over and over again. Her lips were soft, sweet and delicate against his. Her fingers finding it’s way around his neck made a perfect fit just made for her; as his hands held her closely at her waist. He’s kissed other women before, but not even Darla came as close to the way Buffy’s kiss had affected him. He needed to find a way to explain to her that he really cared for her, but he couldn’t pursue a relationship with her while she was still married with Riley.


Buffy decided to take a shower to try and forget about that kiss she had with Angel, but how could she was still in his apartment. As the water went through her hair and fell down her back, she knew that she would have to leave today. Buffy made a decision and that she didn’t need a man telling her what was best for her. She stepped out, got dressed and headed out of his bedroom only to bump right into him.

“I’m sorry Buffy.”

“It’s okay Angel. I won’t be in your way any longer. I’ll be heading over to my parents’ house tonight,” she said and walked away. Angel was stunned by her reaction. He couldn’t believe that she could be this way.


For the rest of the day Buffy avoided Angel at all costs. She didn’t want to be near him after what happened. Angel decided to give Buffy her space and went out for the day. He needed to sort out his feelings for her. So he headed over to see Spike and tell him what happened. As he entered Sunnydale Police Department he spotted Spike sitting by his desk.

“Hey Spike. How’s it going?” he said and sat down next to his desk. Spike looked up at his friend and noticed the saddened expression crossed over his face. It could only mean one thing he’s in love.

“I’m fine. But the looks on you face tells me you not fine.”

“How can you tell?”

“Geez Angel, it’s obvious your strung over for a girl. So who is this special lady that captured your heart?” Angel thought about it for a while and answered his question.


“Buffy, huh? She’s got quite a weird name there.” Angel lifted his eyebrows to that statement.

“I’m sorry and Spike isn’t?”

“Okay, okay you win. So why aren’t you with Buffy instead of here with me?”

“Well for one thing, I messed up. I kissed her and she’s married,” Angel sighed.

“Okay, that could be a problem, but you do still like her?”

“Yeah, and that’s the problem, too. I promised myself that when I found the one, that hopefully she’d come without and excess baggage.” Spike looked at his friend and noticed that he was really in love with Buffy.

“You know what, just wait a few minutes and we’ll go out.”


Buffy was at the apartment and kept on wondering why she was so worked up about Angel.

“He’s a jerk and made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want to do anything with me. So then why did he kiss me? Was he sorry for me? Did he really do it out of pity? Why am I wasting my time with this? You know perfectly well why, you’re in love with him.”

Buffy decided to take a cold shower after that thought. She figured while she’s under the cold water the thoughts that were mostly Angel McCallister would drift away.

She then headed towards the living room afterwards and watched some television and was getting bored and finally fell asleep on the couch.


Angel and Spike arrived at the bar and ordered some beers. As they were drinking away Angel started talking about Buffy.

“She’s really pretty Spike. You should see that when she smiles, she lights up a room. Then I had to be a jerk and ruin everything by kissing.”

“Because she’s married.”

“Yeah, but she’s getting a divorce.”

“Divorced? So then everything’s set. Tell her that your sorry and go out with her.”

“I guess I could. I’ll see you around.”


By the time Angel got home he spotted Buffy sleeping on his couch. She looked so peaceful and serene. As Angel made his way towards her, he wanted to tell her the truth about his feelings.

“Riley leaves me alone.”

“I’m sorry to say this, but I’m not Riley.” She opened her eyes and looked into a pair of brown and noticed that it was definitely wasn’t Riley.

“Oh, it’s you. I’m sorry, I was suppose to leave earlier,” she said getting up from the couch.

“Don’t go. I have to tell you something. Please stay,” he said with his hands on her shoulders.

“Fine,” she huffed and sat right back down.

“What I said yesterday wasn’t entirely true.”


“Let me finish. We don’t know each other, but whenever I’m around you I have this feeling that I haven’t felt in a really long time. I’m happy, extremely happy. The thing is after when we kissed I wanted to keep on kissing you.”

“You did, but you seem to have all these reasons why we can’t be together. Do you still believe in them?” she asked.

“Yes and no. I want to be with you, but not while you’re still married to Riley. I don’t want him thinking that I was part of the reason for your divorce to him.”

“But it’s not. He did something to me that I thought he would never do.”

“Can I ask you for one thing?” She nodded.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Kiss me, but I thought you wanted to be with me after my divorce,” she said teasingly.

“Buffy. Come on. I’m just asking for one kiss. Please,” he whined with his brown eyes looking right at her.

“Okay.” He leaned in and gently brushed his lips against hers. As he was kissing her his hands held her firmly on her back, while one of her hands were on his arm while the other was behind his neck. She moaned his name and continued on touching him. The feeling of his hands on her body caused her a sheer sensation that she never felt even when she was with Riley. Angel just didn’t want to let go of the petite of blonde in his arms.

“That was…”



The next day Buffy woke with such great happiness. She was excited, but yet disappointed because she decided to stay at her parent’s house for the remainder of her divorce. As she made her way to the living room she spotted a sleeping Angel. She leaned above him and kissed him.

As she was about to move away for the kiss, Angel’s hand found the nape of her neck and held her down. As they pulled apart Buffy was the first to speak.

“Morning,” she said smiling.

“Good Morning to you, too. So did you sleep well?” She nodded. She couldn’t stop thinking about their kiss from last night. Her kisses with Riley were nothing compared to the ones with Angel. Kissing Angel was an art form. His delicate lips sought purchase on hers and made her feel like a real woman being loved by a man, a real man. But even though she loved the company of the young handsome doctor, she had to go home, her parent’s home.

“I definitely slept well. I hate to ruin this happy moment, but I think I should head over my parent’s house.” His smile turned into a frown. ‘She didn’t want to be with me anymore.’

“Am I going to be distracting you so much if you stay here,” he said raising his eyebrows. She laughed.

“You distract me. How could you ever do that?” she said placing her hands on her chest. He looked at her with those green eyes that were teasing him lie an innocent schoolgirl not wanting to be caught. He pulled her closer to his embrace not wanting this young blonde to leave.

“Don’t go. Stay. Stay here with me. I promise I’ll be a good boy,” he said pouting. His brown eyes were pleading with her to stay and never to leave his place.

“It’s not you that I don’t trust, it’s myself. You can be very distracting. The sight of you is very tempting. So my promise to you is when my divorce with Riley is over with, I’ll call you and we’ll go on our first date.”


“Promise.” She then kissed him to reassure him.


The rest of the day passed smoothly for both Buffy and Angel. Angel drove her to her parent’s house. He figured that it’d be quite a while before Buffy Summers would kiss him again. As they made it to her parent’s porch Buffy knew it was time to say see you soon and not goodbye. Buffy had no intention of letting this man out of her life or sight for that matter.

“I’ll see you soon,” she said sadly.

“Yeah.” He then walked off, but she called out his name.

“Angel!” He turned around facing her.

“Yeah?” He was hoping that she changed her mind and wanted to head back to his place.

“I forgot to give you something.” She then proceeded on and pulled his head down for a lingering kiss. His hands automatically wrapped around her thin waist. Both of them enjoying the kiss and not wanting to let go had to after a while.

“I think I should go now,” he said breathlessly. His mind told him that he had to leave or he’d probably never to stop kissing her or letting her go. His eyes gazed at her swollen red lips that he just kissed.

“Yeah, you should.” Though Buffy couldn’t move as well. She had no idea what it was about Angel McCallister that made her want him to stay. Was it his eyes? Those brown eyes that seem to light up when I’m around, but have something mysteriously hidden and yet seeking to find the right woman to open up all his secrets and desires. Or was it his lips? Those lips that kissed hers with such gentleness and delicacy as soft as rose petals brushing away her pain and suffering and filling it up with great happiness. Extreme happiness. Then again it could always be his great body. She noticed it up close and personal this morning. The sheets were at his waist and showed a perfect view of his well-defined sculpted chest. His arms were lean and muscular, but too bulky just right. She definitely would feel a sense of security in those arms. ‘Oh his body is definitely a plus. I’m going to be having very naughty dreams for the next few weeks.’

He smiled at her one last time and walked away.


Joyce Summers opened the door and startled Buffy.

“Mom you scared me.”

“Sorry, sweetie. Come on in. What brings you here?” Buffy looked up at her mother and the formation of tears started to well up in her green eyes.

“Oh, mom. Riley… cheated… on… me. I… found… him… in… bed… with… another… woman,” she said between sobs. Joyce couldn’t believe that her son-in-law of two years would do such a thing. Buffy stopped crying and looked into her mother’s eyes and continued on.

“Not only wasn’t it a woman, it was the nurse at Sunnydale General. I mean that bitch has got some nerve to make the moves on my husband and then sleep with him, in my home no less.” Joyce felt such sadness for her daughter. How could Riley Finn treat her daughter like that? The pain of her miscarriage is the worst feeling for a woman to go through, let alone Buffy. She hoped that Riley won’t contact her or she’ll show him a side of Joyce Summers that he’s never seen before.

Both women sat on the couch as Buffy wiped away her tears. She figured as soon she filed for divorce, she could start her life with Angel. The mentioning of the doctor’s name brought a smile to her face. She still remembered his kisses that were sensual and his touch was comforting like a warm blanket sheltering the love of a child. Joyce noticed her daughter was far off somewhere.

“Buffy, honey are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I was just thinking about things. I think I’m heading to bed now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight sweetie.”


Buffy woke up the next morning and heard her parent’s doorbell ringing. She wondered who could be ringing the door at this time. When she opened the door she spotted a man in a suit.

“Are you Buffy Summers?”

“Yeah, I’m her.” The man handed her a white paper and then left. Buffy closed the door and looked over at the sheet of paper before her. She read the words.


She continued to read and noticed his reasons for divorce was doe to traumatic trauma and Buffy’s infidelity. She became furious and shocked with the accusations that Riley brought upon her. Her father Hank Summers came down and wondered who was at the door.

“Buffy, who was at the door?”

“I can’t believe him. How could he blame me for our marriage? What an asshole!”

“Buffy, are you talking about Riley?” Buffy looked up from the paper and noticed her father for the first time.

“Of course it’s Riley. He’s blaming me for our marriage. I’m not the one that screwed around with a woman in our bedroom,” she said furiously.

“Okay.” Hank Summers sure didn’t want to here all the things that his daughter had went through. Though then again he was never too fond of Riley Finn.

“I’m sorry Dad. It’s just, I’m the one that should be handing him the divorce papers and not the other way around.”

“Don’t worry honey well get Willow to help you out and settle this mess.”


Angel was waking up from a very nice dream that involved him and Buffy. It consisted of him and her kissing passionately and finally he popped the question to her. He was in such contentment. Sheer contentment. He figured that since Buffy will eventually file for divorce from Riley, then maybe things between them would be clearer. He had this pain inside him because Buffy wasn’t around. It was obvious he was falling for Buffy and couldn’t help, but feel guilty. He didn’t want that her husband would think that he was the cause if their separation.




Buffy just couldn’t believe how absurd Riley had been with her. She was his wife and she’s the one that caught him in a compromising position with another woman. She closed her eyes as she lay in the bathtub immersed in vanilla bath beads with strawberry scented candles. Her muscles were sore all over from stressing out on Riley’s reaction towards her and the anger that she felt. She really thought that he was an understanding husband. Buffy thought their marriage was made to last forever. She knew that after the last of their child she was distant, but that didn’t mean she didn’t love him any less. Well as of now there was no lost love. Riley Finn is definitely going to pay for the harm that she caused upon her. The funny, yet unusual thing was that Riley had hired an attorney from Wolfram & Hart. He knew that she was working undercover to find out what they were doing. Then she had another problem as to who hit her on the highway and why. She thought about it carefully and came to the conclusion of Wolfram & Hart. Somehow in someway they were connected.


Holland Manners was in his office and surprised to find out that Buffy Summers-Finn was still alive. His perpetrator didn’t do his job as well as he was paid to. He figured maybe there was a way the firm could find something incriminating against her and fry her ass. She was too smart for them and could never accept her reasoning for joining their law firm. Now he knew for sure that after this divorce Buffy wouldn’t be able to practice law.


Buffy decided that since Wolfram & Hart were the ones planning the divorce that she should hirer her long time friend Willow Rosenburg-Ozbourne. She called her best friend and explained the situation and agreed to help her out. Afterwards she hung up with Willow, she kept on wondering if she should give Angel a call. Though a part of her wondered what lame excuse she’d think of to tell him. She decided not to make that phone call, but wondered what her Angel was doing.


As the weeks went by both Buffy and Angel has no contact with one another. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to call one another, but they were extremely busy with work, especially Angel. He just seemed to have a lot of patients everywhere. It was like no matter where he moved there was another pregnant woman waiting for him. All Angel wanted now was a break so he could finally have the courage to call up Buffy.

“Doctor McCallister, you have a patient waiting for you in room two.” Angel sighed. He knew that after this patient he’d take his lunch peacefully in his office. He walked in and noticed it was his favorite patient, Cordelia. Cordelia was married to Alexander LaVelle Harris, also his boss at Sunnydale General. This was their second child on their way. Their first child was a boy, so he’s hoping that Cordelia wants a girl.

“So how have you been Cordelia? Have you had any upset stomach or any pain around your belly.”

“Nope. I’m feeling the same. You know bloated and gradually getting bigger by the minute. I think after this one we won’t be having anymore,” she said lightly massaging her belly.

“I don’t know about that. Xander seems like he wants a huge family.”

“Well he’s not the that’s going to be the size of a beach ball for nine months. I am.” Angel laughed. He then went on with his regular examination and then finally had an ultra sound to make sure that they weren’t any complications with Cordelia’s child.


Angel went back to his office and had his lunch. While he was biting into his ham and Swiss sandwich, he kept wondering if seeing Buffy was the right thing that he needed in his life. It was the right thing. Since after his breakup with Darla he didn’t feel the need to go out with any woman. Then all of s sudden Buffy somehow fell into his lap. She was everything he ever dreamed of in a woman, but the slight drawback was that she was taken. Though now he might have a chance with her. They kissed a couple of times and it was electrifying. He picked up his phone and dialed her cell phone number, since he didn’t have her parent’s number. After two rings someone picked up.

“Hello.” Joyce heard a male voice she wasn’t familiar with and wondered who he was.

“Excuse me, but who are you?” Angel figured out that it wasn’t Buffy.

“I’m Doctor McCallister, Buffy’s physician. I’m sorry about that Mrs. Summers. I was wondering if you knew where your daughter was.”

“Sure. She’s actually taking a bath, I’ll bring the phone to her.” Angel had this visualization of Buffy in a bathtub full of bubbles reaching up to her neck. Her arms lay on the side of the tub, with her eyes closed and her hair swept up. His thoughts of her naked in water were causing a sudden hardness in the center of his pants.

“Buffy, honey there’s a Doctor McCallister on the phone for you,” Joyce said handing her the phone.

“Thanks Mom.”

“Hey, what’s up doc?”

“Ha, ha very funny. I was calling to see how you were doing. So how are you?” She sighed.

“Ugh. I don’t want to talk about it.” Angel didn’t like the tone of her voice. She sounded furious about something or it could it be someone.

“What is it? Tell me,” he asked concerned. She thought it was so thoughtful and sweet of him to have such concern for her.

“Well since you insisted, it’s Riley. He decided to file for divorce. He has some nerve stating I’m the cause of the separation. He’s the one that made a decision that I wasn’t good enough for him and started to have sex with a blonde floozy,” she said angered.

“Maybe, I shouldn’t have called. I’ve upset you by prying into your business. I’ll go now.”

“No! Don’t go. I’m glad you called. Actually hearing you voice made me feel so much better. I missed you.” Hearing those last words brought a smile to his face.

“I missed you, too. Uh… I was wondering if you’d like to go out to dinner with me? If it’s a problem, due to Riley I’ll perfectly understand.” She thought about it for quite a while and couldn’t believe that he was asking her out. She loved the idea of picturing him nicely dressed in a suit, preferably black. Angel couldn’t stand the silence on the other end of the line. He wondered that maybe she thought he was being too straightforward. ‘Way to go idiot. Now she thinks you probably just want to get inside her pants.’

“Sure. I’ll go out with you.”

“Really?” He was surprised with her answer.

“Really. It’d be great to see you again. Hopefully when I see you, you’ll be able to cheer me up a bit.”

“I’ll try my best. So I’ll pick you up at eight.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then.” When they hung up the Angel had this huge grin on his face that definitely showed that he was in love with Buffy Summers.


Later on Buffy was glad to be home and was excited about her first date with Angel. She didn’t consider her going out with Angel as cheating on Riley. He did far worse than her. As she was getting dressed in a simple blue dress, that reached her knee, she decided to not wear her wedding band. Buffy figured that she wasn’t married to Riley anymore. Buffy was about to apply her makeup when her mother stepped in.

“Buffy, where are you going tonight?”

“Oh, mom you startled me. I have a date tonight,” she said smiling.

“A date? With whom may I ask?” Joyce inquired.

“I’m going out with Angel. And before you say something, he’s a really nice guy, mom. He’s been really thoughtful about my whole ordeal with Riley.”

“Well by the way you have spoken about Angel. I can tell he’s a nice guy.”

“Yes, he is,” she said smiling.


Angel had arrived in front of The Summers residence. He was getting nervous like a teenage boy going out on his first date. He couldn’t believe the way he was reacting.

“Get a hold of yourself. She likes you. You have nothing to be afraid of. So just calm down and ring the door.” He rang the door and he heard the door open and a man appeared.

“Good Evening, Mr. Summers, is Buffy ready?”

“Sure hold on a minute.” Buffy heard the door and came downstairs staring right into the most thoughtful, beautiful brown eyes ever laid upon her. He had this small shy smile on his face that made him look so adorable. She had these butterflies building up in her stomach that she never felt with Riley, not even when she first met him. He was gazing at her and noticed the curves of her body in her blue dress. She was a lovely sight. The nerves that he had before entered her house were all gone the minute he laid his eyes on her.

“You look beautiful,” he said smiling after finding his voice.

“Thanks. You look great yourself.” He was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie and black shoes. His hair was done with its usual spikes. She walked down the rest of the steps and approached him as he handed her a dozen red roses.

“Thank you.” She smelled them and placed them in a vase.

“Mom, Dad this is Angel McCallister. He’s a doctor.” Angel shook his father’s hand and took Joyce’s hand and placed a kiss on the back of her hand.

“Okay, I’ll see you to later. Don’t wait up,” she said smiling and leading Angel out the door.


As they arrived at Chelsea’s they both made they way inside the restaurant. He held her chair out for her and then sat across from her. After a few minutes of looking at the menu, a waiter came by to take their order.

“Hi! My name’s Leslie and I’ll be taking your order tonight,” she said gazing Angel intently. She found him handsome looking and very attractive in his suit. ‘I wonder what he looks like without the clothes on.’ Buffy noticed this and thought, ‘Hello, he’s my date! Not yours. I so wish I could tear her eyes away from him.’

“I’ll have the steak well done with potatoes.”

“And you miss?” she said still looking at Angel.

“I’ll have the chicken Parmesan with spaghetti.”

“Oh, and I’d like to have a bottle of red wine as well.”

“Sure. I’ll be back with your orders.” As Leslie left Buffy was glad and took the opportunity to talk to Angel.

“Did you see that woman was staring at you the whole time and was hardly paying attention to me?” Angel laughed. He couldn’t believe that Buffy was jealous if the waitress.

“I didn’t notice at all. I wouldn’t care if all the women in the restaurant were staring at me. You’re the only one I have eyes for. You’re the only one I care about,” he said taking her left hand in his and lightly grazing his thumb over her knuckles. He noticed that she didn’t wear her wedding ring and didn’t bother to ask.


After dinner they both had dessert. As they both ate their ice cream Buffy started up a conversation.

“So Angel, what can you tell me about yourself?”

“What can I say? I’m the oldest of three. I have a younger sister named Jennifer and brother named Andrew. My parents always are happily married and I hope that someday I can find the right woman to settle down with and share the same dream.”

“How about you?”

“Well, I don’t have any siblings, but I’m surrounded with lots of friends that I care for. I for one never thought that I’d become a lawyer. I thought after when I married Riley that he was my soul mate, but I guess I was wrong big time.” She then continued eating her ice cream and Angel was laughing at her.

“What’s so funny?”

“You have some ice cream on your face.” She took the napkin and wiped the spot on her face, but it was still there.

“Here let me get that for you,” he said leaning his hand as his thumb gently wiped the vanilla ice cream off the side of her lips and licking it clean with his lips. The feeling of his thumb touching her lower lip felt like an erotic sensation. He smiled at her letting her know that he knew what she was thinking. She blushed and bit her lower lip. ‘Great now he knows what your thinking. How can you make it that obvious that you want him to do it again?’


Darla was sitting across from a table watching Angel and Buffy talking with one another. She despised the fact that Angel was going out with her. He was supposed to be with her, not with that sniveling little blonde. ‘What is it that she has, that I don’t have? I’m prettier than her and probably make Angel feel things that he won’t feel with her.’ Darla was too distracted to notice that Riley was calling out to her.

“Darla, where were you?”

“I’m sorry my darling. I just spotted a friend and I wanted to say a quick hello,” she said standing and making her way over to Angel.


“You know you have a pretty smile. You should smile all the time,” he said with her brown eyes looking intently at her. She blushed. She hasn’t heard a man in quite a while, even Riley compliment her like that. It’s not that Riley never said anything considerate, but he didn’t say it often like he use to when they were married. ‘Marriage. What a joke? Who would want to marry me now?’

“Thank you. You definitely know how to sweet talk a girl,” she said smiling back.

“Oh, just you wait and see. There’s more to come.” He knew this act of flirtation between them was growing more and more intense. He wanted more than anything to be with Buffy. He knew that if she were, he’d show her all the love and affection a woman like her deserved to receive. One thing for sure his year with Darla hasn’t been anything like the few moments he’d spent with Buffy.


Darla made her way over and wanted to interrupt the happy moment between the two. Her goal was to destroy and crush Buffy’s little heart. She’ll be surprised that her Angel went out with her for a year. ‘This is definitely going to be fun. I can’t wait to make her face squirm.’

“Angel, my darling it’s so good to see you. What are you doing here?” she said stroking his cheek. He removed her hand away.

“Darla, what are you doing here? Can’t you see that I’m here on a date? So why don’t you leave now,” he said through gritted teeth.

“My Angel, how could you react this way? After all we’ve been through and you treat me like this. I’d expect more from you,” she said smiling wickedly.

“I’m not your Angel anymore. You made that perfectly clear about a year ago. Didn’t you hear me the first time Darla, leave me alone.”

Buffy was looking at the interaction between the two. She couldn’t believe that Angel and Darla were lovers. She just couldn’t picture Angel with a conniving bitch such as Darla. He seemed to have a great judgment in women. The thing that boggled her mind was why Darla and him broke up after a year. What was it that he told her to make their relationship end?

“Oh, I can’t leave just yet. I have one more thing to say to dear sweet Buffy here,” she said facing the young lady.

“When Angel gets to be intimate with you and thrusts himself inside of you, making you scream and reaching that ultimate orgasm, he’ll be thinking of me instead of you.” Buffy stood up and slapped her across the face. Darla held onto her red cheek and laughed and walked away.

Angel looked up at Buffy and noticed her tears were forming around her eyes.

“Buffy, I’m sorry about. I didn’t mean for all this to happen.” She looked down at him.

“I know. Can you take me home now?”



The drive back to the Summers Residence was quiet and tranquil. Buffy never uttered a single word since they left the restaurant. Angel was feeling extremely guilty, mostly because the scene Darla displayed at the restaurant. Angel hoped that this event wouldn’t change things between him and Buffy. While he was driving, he let his right hand find hers. She accepted the simple gesture. He let his fingers graze over her knuckles smoothly; soothing her and making her relax under his touch.

They made it to her parent’s home and stood in front of the porch. He held her closely, not wanting this simple intimate act between them fade away. Buffy loved the comfort of Angel’s strong arms holding and not wanting to let go. She looked up into his brown eyes and smiled.

“I’m sorry about Darla,” he said again.

“It’s okay. I just wasn’t expecting to see her, Let alone know that you and her were lovers. Then she just had to add icing to the cake by giving me a visualization that hadn’t enter my mind.”

“I hope you know, that if we ever get intimate, that I’ll be only thinking of you and only you. You believe me don’t you?”

“I believe you.” Though in her mind she couldn’t get those words that Darla mentioned out of her mind.

“I had a great time tonight. I’m hoping we’ll be able to this soon,” he said smiling.

“Me too,” she said smiling right back. Angel leaned his head and captured her lips and gave her a gentle kiss.


Riley was standing behind a tree nearby the Summers residence and spotted Angel and Buffy kissing. He couldn’t believe that she was kissing that man.

“I can’t believe her. She’s my wife for God’s sake. How can she cheat on me like that?”

“I so can’t wait when we go to trial. Things will erupt between me and her.”


They both were still kissing. His hands were wrapped firmly around her waist. Hers were grasping the strands behind his neck. They both let go looking at each other breathlessly.

“That was nice.”

“Just nice?”

“Okay, it was incredible, erotic, overwhelming, mind-blowing…”

“Okay, okay I believe you. I guess I’ll be going now. So I’ll see you soon.” He started to walk away, but was stopped by her hand.

“Wait! I had a really great time tonight.” She leaned up to emphasize that she wanted to be kissed again and did kiss her one last time.

“Good night,” he said smiling.

“’Night.” She then walked in and leaned against the door and sighed.


Angel was so thrilled about his date with Buffy. He had such a wonderful time even though Darla had the nerve to react this way. Though she reacted that way, as soon his lips had found Buffy’s all thoughts of Darla’s jealous rage went out the window. He could still remember how soft, sweet and gentle the kiss was. It brought a smile to his face just thinking about her and looking into her green eyes. He decided to call Spike and tell him the wonderful news. He dialed up and his friend’s number and waited for him to pick up.

“Hello,” Spike mumbled.

“Spike, guess what?”

“You won the lottery,” Spike said sarcastically.

“No, you idiot. Buffy and I went out our first date.” Before Spike could answer Drusilla opened her eyes, leaned forward and kissed him fully. Her lips never wanted to leave his as her fingers tangled into his blonde hair as his arms glided up her bare back.

“Dru, I’m on the phone.”

“Don’t care, Spike. I want to play,” she said pouting.

“Well it’s Angel. You do remember Angel, don’t you? Peaches have fallen in love.”

“Hey, I heard that. Stop calling me Peaches. You know how much I’ve always hated that nickname.”

“Fine, Peaches I won’t say it again. So do you want to meet up? I presumed that’s why you called me.”

“Yeah, but since Dru’s, I’ll meet you later.”


Willow came over to visit Buffy after hearing the devastating news of Riley cheating on her.

“I still can’t believe that Riley did that to you. He seemed like the prefect guy. It’s just doesn’t seem right.”

“I know, but my eyes don’t deceive me. I saw him in our bed with a blonde, namely the nurse at Sunnydale General.”

“Darla. Doesn’t she work with Angel?” As Buffy head his name, the first thought that entered her mind was kissing Angel last night and the sweet words he told her.

“You wanna here something. Angel use to date Darla. They were lovers, but somehow they’re not together. I didn’t ask him why though.”

“How do you know all this?” Willow asked.

“Angel and I went on a date. She barged in on us at the restaurant as if she owned Angel.”

“You went out with the handsome doctor. So does he really have a great body underneath all those clothes and is he a great kisser?”

“Willow! I’m shocked. You have Oz, remember?”

“I know, but didn’t answer my question. Does he?”

“Yes, he has a gorgeous body and he’s an excellent kisser. If you’re wondering how I saw that body of his, I stayed over at his place for a while.”

“So how much of his body did you see?”

“I saw him in his boxers. He definitely works out that body of his,” she said smiling wickedly. Willow looked over at her friend and noticed that glimmer in her eyes that showed she was falling for the young doctor.


Angel met up with Spike at Willie’s bar that day. They both sat down and Spike opened up the conversation.

“So Angel, when do I get to meet this Buffy of yours? I mean your constantly talking about her?” Angel laughed. It was true that he was constantly talking about her, but he seemed happier now that Buffy entered his life.

“You’ll get to meet her soon. I figure when we go out you can have Dru come along.”

“So have you… you know had sex with her yet?” Spike had always been very straightforward about everything.

“No, I haven’t. It’s not like that when I’m with her. She makes me feel great about myself. I didn’t feel this way with Darla.”

“Okay. But don’t tell me that you don’t want to?”

“I do, but after her ordeal and what her husband did to her, I don’t want to add onto that pressure. I’ll give her all the time in the world.”

“Oh, you’ve got it bad. She’s got you whipped.”

“I’m not whipped. I’m in love.”

“You’re whipped.”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”


Angel’s thoughts throughout the evening were on the beautiful blonde that has been invading his mind. He truly loved the little blonde that captured his heart. The thing that boggled his mind the most was how someone like Riley could cheat on someone like Buffy. She had been through such pain after her miscarriage and this is how he repaid her. He knew that if he ever saw Riley Finn that he’d be paying for his actions toward Buffy. Then speaking of Buffy he decided to give her a call.


“Hey. Guess who?”

“Hmm, could it be that really attractive young doctor that took me out and is a great kisser?”

“One in the same. So have you been thinking about me lately?” He was curious to know if he was the only one that was hopelessly in love.

“You wouldn’t believe what the topic of discussion I had when Willow came by.”


“Maybe. Yeah, it was you. I told her what a great time we had and what a great kisser you are.”

“Really? So she doesn’t think I’m a bad influence on you because you’re still married?” he asked.

“Nope. Actually she likes you. Of course I like you much, much more,” she said cheerfully.

“Well I’m glad. ‘Cause I sure didn’t want Willow to come chasing after me.” She laughed.

“Willow’s happily married to Daniel Osborne. So you have no worries whatsoever.”

“Oh, thank God. I thought that maybe I’d have two women fighting over me,” he said laughing. She just loved to hear the sound of his laughter and picturing his that beautiful smile on his face.

“You wish. So when can I see you again? I’ve been bored at work and you’re the only person that cheers me up when I’m down. Especially now.”

“Well how can I refuse an offer like that? Why don’t you come over Saturday and I’ll make you dinner and we’ll watch a movie afterwards.”

“Okay. See you then.” After Buffy hung up the phone, she had a huge grin displayed on her face. She was thrilled about going to her second date with Angel. The best part about their second date was that they’d be alone in his apartment. So no Darla and no Riley coming over to interrupt their nice moment.


Saturday just seemed to appear quickly. It seemed as if the Powers that Be wanted this day to arrive as well. Angel was glad to have Saturday off, but he had to work on Sunday. Sunday was the least of his worries. He wanted to have a wonderful evening without the crowded people and no interruptions from either beepers or cell phones. He just wanted a very quiet evening with Buffy in his arms.


Buffy had all her thoughts focused on her date with Angel this evening. Even though the coming up weeks she would have to go to divorces court and settle the ownership of property. Since Angel was making her dinner at his place she opted for nothing too fancy, which was a black skirt, white sleeveless shirt and black shoes with stockings to match. Her hair was swept up in a ponytail. She figured that since he brought her roses that she's return the favor and bring him a housewarming gift. 'What can I get him? I mean I never got a guy a gift before. Xander and Oz don't count. What could he like?'

"I can't give him underwear. That's too intimate and plus I've already seen him in his underwear. A tie? Now that's tacky and childish." Then she remembered that when she was in his room spying on his dresser and noticed what type of cologne he wears.

"That's it I got it. I'll quickly head over to the store, get it and then head to Angel's."


Buffy made her way to his apartment and just stood outside staring at the numbers of his door. She felt so nervous, as if it the first time she was entering his apartment, but she wasn't.

"Get a grip on yourself. Angel likes you. He wouldn't have invited you over dinner if her didn't. Then again maybe him inviting me over to his apartment is that he’s expecting me to sleep with him. I hope that's not the case." She knocked on his door and he opened up smiling at her.

"Hi," she said shyly.

"Hi. Come on in. Dinner's ready. I just have to set up the table," he said and then kissed her.

"I brought you something," she said handing him a small bag. He looked inside and noticed the contents that were in there.

"Thank you. Now I feel guilty that I didn't get you anything."

"You've done enough me. You’re me cooking dinner, we’re going to watching a movie and I presume in between all that they'll be some kissing involved." He laughed at how she figured what ways he was going to make it up to her.


"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, ask away." Now was her chance to ask Angel about his relationship with Darla.

"Why did you and Darla break up?" Angel looked at her.

"Darla and I broke because…" He just couldn't quite finish his statement. Buffy placed her hand of his cheek turning his face towards her.

"Tell me. It's okay. I won't judge you. Remember you asked me about my problems? You know I care for you deeply." He turned his face caressing his cheek into her hand. It was a simple gesture, but he felt touched by her hand.

"Darla and I broke up because I asked her to marry me and she said no. It was right after we made love and we had been going out for a year. I figured things were going great for us, but I guess I was wrong." Buffy heard his words and felt so sorry for him. He definitely had some emotional scars that wouldn't be easy to alleviate.

"Though since I met you, my burden has been less. You've changed and made me feel love again. I care for you deeply as well." She smiled back at him.

"I'm glad. I feel the same way about you too." She leaned in and kissed him. As the kiss became more intensifying Angel parted her lips open with his tongue. As his tongue found hers, they both lightly stroked each other's tongue. He nibbled her lower jaw tasting the butter and salt from the popcorn and made his journey down her neck. As he continued to lick and nibble on her neck she was moaning out his name.

"Oh, Angel." She just enjoyed how Angel made her feel. She placed a hand on his scalp massaging his hairs. Her other hand was at his forearm. She remembered all too well what he looked like and the rest of his body for that matter. Those broad shoulders, muscular chest, nice abs and strong muscular arms that weren't bulky, but just the right for his frame.

His lips made its way back to her lips and continued on. Though this time around her hands roamed down his back against his t-shirt. Buffy's lips went down nipping his lower jaw, down his Adam's apple to the side of his neck. She kept her hot lips against his soft skin much longer than he did. His hands stroked her thigh. As she made eye contact with him, Angel was first to speak.

"You know that kiss you left on my neck is gonna leave a hickey right," he said smiling.

"So. I don't want anyone coming after you. Your mine," she said pouting.

"Possessive much? Besides I don't want anyone. I just want you." She laughed. She knew that sooner or later they'd get closer and wouldn't be able to move back.

"I can't wait for my divorce, so I can finally be with you and not worry about who's over my shoulder," she said frustrated. She was getting agitated and Angel sensed it. He picked her up and laid her in his lap. As he faced her back, his hands worked it's magic and went on her shoulders lightly massaging the knots she created.

"Relax Buffy. You have nothing to worry about. I won't let Riley cause anymore pain than with what he's done already," he said and kissed the side of her neck.

"Besides if one of us should be feeling guilty it should be me. I'm the one that's attracted to a beautiful woman that happens to be married." She craned her neck towards him.

"I like you. Not Riley. Besides I'll soon leave that Finn name completely for good." She turned around as he continued on.

"I like the sound of that," he whispered in her ear. The warm breath as he said those words brought a shiver down her spine. He then kissed the side of her neck going down.


During the middle of the night Angel didn't have the heart to wake Buffy up and make her go home. She looked so cute with her head laid against his shoulder and her arm sprawled against his chest. She was the perfect match for him in every way. So instead he lifted her up in his arms and she automatically wrapped her arms around his neck and headed towards his room.

He laid her gently on the bedroom and was about to get up when she called out his name in her sleep. She was dreaming that Angel was leaving her.

"Angel, don't go. I need you. I love you." He smiled. She loved him.

"I'm not going anywhere love, but I need to take your shoes off."

"Okay, but don't leave," she said still sleeping. He took off her shoes and the same as well and joined her on the bed.

"My Angel. What would I do if you never came?" she said and finally drifted off into a deep sleep with a smile on her face.

"I love you, my Buffy. I can't wait for you to be mine forever."


The next morning Buffy felt this warm hard body feeling and wondered what it was. She peeked her eyes open and noticed Angel awake looking down at her. Those intense own eyes were smiling at her with such love.

"How long have you been staring at me?"

"I guess about since eight this morning. You look like a sleeping angel, so peaceful and serene," he said leaning down while she raised her head to meet up with his lips. What started off as a sweet, gentle innocent kiss became more passionate that was building up gradually. They both felt the sparks, electricity that course and ran through their veins. As Angel was the first to release the kiss, Buffy moaned at the lost of his lips.

"Why'd you stop? I wasn't finishing kissing you yet," Buffy pouted. Angel stared at her lower lip just jutted out before him. He captured her lips again with a quick kiss.

"I had to stop because I have to head over to work at ten and if I stay here, I might not be able to stop myself."

"What's so bad about that? I wouldn't mind you staying." He raised his eyebrows to emphasize 'your not the one that's going to get yelled at.'

"Okay. I get your point. So hurry up and get ready to make me breakfast," she said pushing him off the bed.

"Yes, ma'am," he said saluting her and then left.


They both drove in separate cars to Buffy's house since Angel was heading to work. As they made it to her front porch Angel was right behind her. They both faced each other and smiled. Each of them felt that the way they met was awkward, but it made them both stronger as a person.

"I better get going before I'm late for work. The last thing I need now is for Xander to yell at me." Buffy laughed. She couldn't picture Xander as an authoritative figure. He'll always be the goof ball that does the snoopy dance when they were in high school.

"I sure can't picture Xander in that way. But I don't want you to get in trouble, so I'll be going now." He placed his hand on her cheek letting his thumb gently caressing it. As he was about to lean down and kiss her goodbye the front door opened.

"Buffy." She turned around and faced her father.

"Dad. Could you give me a minute alone with Angel?" He nodded and closed the door.

"Sorry about that. So when can I see you again? I hope it won't be in a couple of weeks," she said smiling with her green eyes gleaming at him.

"How about this Friday? Though I think afterwards I might be heading to New York for a conference for two weeks." She was saddened when she heard his last statement. 'Angel isn't going to be here for two weeks. What am I going to do?'

"Sure Friday's great. I wish I could come to New York with you, but I'll probably be busy with work," she said sadly. He placed a finger and lifted her chin up.

"You know I'll be missing you. So I guess we'll make our next date something for the both of us to remember," he said and gave her the most sensuous kiss. All the while Buffy and Angel were kissing a camera was clicking and flashing away.

"Well, well what do we have here? Buffy sure knows how to pick'em. No wonder she doesn't want Riley anymore. Angel McCallister sure had better assets than Riley.

"I'll see you soon."



Angel went to work with a happy smile on his face. The reason for the smile was simple. Buffy. Though they didn't spend a romantic evening intimately, having her in his arms when he woke up this morning was the best feeling. It was indescribable, but yet it was perfect how she just fit perfectly in his embrace. Darla passed by his office and noticed the silly grin he had across his face. Then from afar she spotted something on his neck. 'What is that? It couldn't be hickey? It can't be that Buffy girl.'

"Angel, who put that silly grin on your face and gave you that hickey? Is it Buffy? If it is, I hope you know that she's a married woman."

"I'm a big boy Darla. I don't need you to hold my hand or shoulder to cry on. And if I were you I wouldn't act like the Virgin Mary. You sure had your kicks with her husband if I'm right."

"Yeah, but I'm guessing you haven't nailed her yet. You’re so pathetic Angel, falling for her innocent act. You and I know perfectly well that after you get what you want from her you'll be coming back tome."

"You wish Darla. You dumped me remember, Darla? I proposed to you and you weren't ready. All of a sudden as soon as I'm going out with a woman, you actually want me back. It isn't that easy. So just get that notion out of head." Darla was shocked to hear what Angel had to tell her. She was so furious that she stomped out of his office.


At Wolfram & Hart their photographer came back to the office to develop the photos that were taken in front of the Summers' residence. Holland Manners figured he could use these pictures as evidence for Riley to state his reason why Buffy left him. Things were about to get heated in this love triangle. If you want to call it a love triangle.

"Here are the pictures, Mr. Manners."

"Thank you, George."

"Oh, these pictures look great. They will definitely help out when we head to trial.”


Thursday. Spike's at his desk and figured that Angel's been keeping this Buffy a mystery. He dialed Angel's number and got through with the doctor.

"Hey Spike, what's up?"

"Nothing much, here. I was wondering when are you planning for me to meet your Buffy. Do you think I'll scare her away?"

"Of course not. It just slipped my mind. Why do you have a day in mind?"

"Yeah, how about tomorrow night?"

"Sure. See you then." After they hung up the phone Angel realized that tomorrow was Friday and his last day with Buffy before he heads over to New York.

"How could I be so stupid? Buffy is going to be very disappointed. I was going to make this night special for us. I guess it'll have to be put on hold until I come back."


Buffy was excited that Friday night was just going to be the both of them. They won't have friends or family ruining this moment. She had the perfect outfit that she knew that Angel wouldn't be able to take his eyes off her. That was whole point of her buying that dress. She wanted Angel to hold onto her and never let her go. Since she was excited about her date with Angel, she decided to give him a call.

"Hello. Dr. McCallister speaking." She loved hearing the sound of his voice.

"Hey Angel." He smiled. He knew perfectly well by the sound of that sweet voice whose it was. It was his Buffy. Though he figured his Buffy will be disappointed with he's about to say.

"Buffy, I'm glad you called."

"I can't wait for Friday, how about you?"

"Well about Friday…"

"What is it Angel? Are you bailing out on me?"

"No, it's not that at all. It's just that Spike wanted to meet up with you and I said okay, but it's tomorrow." He was waiting for Buffy to scream, but instead she was silent.

"Oh. I thought that Friday would be our night. I mean since you're leaving for two whole weeks. I even bought a nice dress and matching underwear to go with it. I guess I'll just wear something else."

"No! No. Don't do that. I want to see you in your dress," he said excitedly. He couldn't believe what he told her. Now he knew for sure that when he saw her tomorrow, he'll know how she'll look and wonder what's underneath that dress.

"Okay, I'll wear the dress. I can't wait to meet Spike and his girlfriend. So I'll see you tomorrow."

"Wait! Don't go. Buffy, please don't be mad at me. I have a favor to ask you. Could you stay at the apartment for me?"

"Sure. When do you want me there?"

"If you could drive me to the airport tomorrow and you'll have the apartment to yourself."



Friday. Angel woke up feeling excited about his upcoming date with Buffy. Of course now things have turned around. So instead now he's going to be going on a double date with Spike. It's not that he didn't like Spike; it's just that he's going to New York for two weeks and won't be able to see Buffy. For Angel not seeing her two weeks will be like pure torture for him.

Xander stepped in and noticed Angel sitting behind his desk thinking or in Xander's case brooding. He wondered what could be consuming his friend's mind.

"Hey Angel, what's on your mind?" Angel looked up at him. 'Should I tell him about Buffy? If I do, what will his reaction be? I won't tell him unless Buffy feels it's right.'

"Nothing much. You know how it is with work and all. Cordelia seems to doing well. She told me that after this one, that she doesn't want anymore."

"Well that's great for Cordelia, but I want a huge family. Are you sure that you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay."

Darla knew about the medical conference in New York. Back when they were dating, Angel used to take her, but now that Buffy entered his life that maybe she'll be accompanying him. Though she figured that sweet, little Buffy wouldn't be leaving because of her divorce proceedings. So Darla had her wicked way to get Angel. She knew that after her plan, Angel would be back holding her in his arms.


Riley meanwhile figured that he'd use sue Buffy for alimony. After all he suffered and his plan was to cut Buffy completely dry. If the doctor was going to take care of her, she didn't need any money. All he wanted now was for Buffy to regret ever leaving him and then marry Darla. He figured after the divorce things will be clear and Darla will become his wife. He wanted the house and everything that was in it.


Buffy was getting ready for her double date with Spike and his girlfriend. She wondered what Angel's friend was like. She quickly got dressed in her black silk dress that reached her knee with matching black heels. She applied minimal make up and her favorite perfume. As she looked herself, she knew perfectly well that Angel was going to have a hard time thinking straight. It was after all his last night before he was off to New York.

"Well if I have to suffer, so does he."


Angel was driving towards Buffy's place and still couldn't believe what an idiot he was to accept Spike's invitation. Somehow he had the feeling that he's going to regret setting this double date. When he heard Buffy's voice telling him about the dress with matching underwear, he knew that she was probably going to look stunning. As he made it to the door and rang the bell, Joyce Summers answered the door.

"Angel, it's so great to see you. I'll call Buffy for you."

"Thank you, Mrs. Summers." He entered the house and sat on the couch.


As Buffy came downstairs she made sure she was quiet enough to make a grand entrance for Angel.

"Angel," she said softly. Angel looked up.

"Buffy. My you look so beautiful." She smiled. She did look beautiful. The black dress accentuated the curves of her body down to a cue. The sight of her nearly took his breath away. All thoughts of Spike and Dru went out the door. He so wished that tonight would be their night. 'I'm such an idiot. A fool. How am I going to be able to take my hands off her? If I could only change things around.'

Buffy looked him over. He was gorgeous as always. She loved the way his brown eyes were looking right through her. She had him good. 'Well he's the one that decided to bring his friend on our date. I can tell that he likes the dress. Or maybe he's possibly thinking what it'd be like to be all alone. He'll just have to suffer. I'm definitely going to enjoy making him suffer.'

"So are we ready to meet up with Spike and his girlfriend? Unless you changed your mind about not going." He groaned. She knew perfectly well what she was doing to him.

"Yeah, let's go." She giggled. Though as soon his hand made contact with her dress, she shivered at his touch. 'Oh, boy. I have to control myself around him.' Angel smiled. He knew that even though he was going to suffer. She was going to have her fair share as well.


They made it to the restaurant in no time and waited for Spike and Dru to arrive.

"So, what's the name of Spike's girlfriend? Or for that matter, what is Spike like?"

"Spike's girlfriend's name is Drusilla. As for Spike himself, he's had a way with everything. You'll see what I mean."

"It's too bad that I can't stay over tonight," she said smiling wickedly.

"Don't even remind me." Before Buffy had a chance to reply Spike walked on over with Dru by his side.

"Hey Angel. Oh and this beautiful cutie must be Buffy," he said taking her hand and kissing the back of her palm.

"Thank you." Angel looked over at Spike.

"Buffy, I'd like you to meet Drusilla and the charmer is Spike."

"Nice meeting the both of you." They all sat down and talked amongst themselves. As they were chatting away, they all were finding out things about one another.

"So Spike is there anything that you can say to embarrass my Angel?" Buffy so wanted to know if there wasn't any little tormenting thing that she could find out about her boyfriend.

"Well he does have a nickname," he said smiling at Angel.

"Nickname. Oh, how cute," she said facing Angel. Angel didn't like where this was leading. He didn't want Buffy to know his nickname. It was childish and stupid.

"Spike, don't tell her. Please man I'm begging you. Don't tell her," Angel said pleadingly.

"Come on Angel. What kind of friend would I be, if I didn't tell her?"

"You'd be a great friend if you didn't," he said through gritted teeth.

"His nickname is Peaches." Buffy started laughing and then everyone joined in except for Angel. Buffy looked over his way and stopped laughing to speak to him.

"Angel, I think it's a cute name. So don't get mad at him okay. I was curious and I wanted to know." He looked at her and smiled. He then laid his hand on her thigh leaving it there for the remainder evening at the restaurant. His hand just kept gliding up and down the sheer fabric of her dress, which caused Buffy shivers throughout her body. Angel figured that since she laughed about his nickname, that she'd make her miss his touch when he leaves for two weeks. She loved the sensation of his hand touching her thigh, but yet it was distracting her at times when Spike or Dru was talking to her. She looked over at him and whispered in his ear.

"You know that's not fair Angel. If you keep it up, I might not be accountable for my actions and have you tied up and never head to New York tomorrow." She then kissed his cheek. He looked at her. 'I probably wouldn't mind if you did.'


Angel drove back to Buffy's place. As they both reached the porch, neither of them did want to go. He placed a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"You know it's going to hard not being able to see you for two weeks. What's a girl suppose to do?"

"You could always occupy your time with work and see your friends."

"Yeah, but the friend that I want to see won't be here. He always cheers me up," she said pouting. She looked so sweet and innocent just showing him much she's going to miss him.

"I'll be back before you know it. And besides you'll see me tomorrow morning and you're going to be staying at my place." He leaned down and kissed her.

"Yeah. I had a great time tonight Peaches." He groaned at the name. She giggled.

"I'm going to kill Spike."

"I was only teasing you. Besides I prefer to call you Angel."

"Thank God. So I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah." She leaned up on her tiptoes for one last kiss.


Buffy was never a morning person even when it came to going to school. She dreaded the idea of waking up early, but she had to this morning. Angel was leaving for two weeks to New York and this was their last day together. She looked over at the clock and it read seven a.m.

"I'm only doing this because I love you Angel. Besides that I wouldn't do it at all." She smiled at the thought. Buffy headed up and went straight to the shower. As she stepped in and let the water beat against her bare back. She quickly stepped out, got dressed and headed over to Angel's place.


Angel was finishing packing up his clothes while in his boxers. He made sure that everything was packed and ready. Angel heard the doorbell rang. He walked over and to his surprise he noticed it was Buffy.

"Buffy, you're here early," he said smiling. She looked at his appearance. 'Oh, he looks so good in boxers. I definitely have to keep this image of him sketched into my mind.' Angel noticed she was staring at him longingly.


"Oh, sorry about that. Honey, I was wondering that when you came back we could use these," she said smiling. Buffy showed him a box of condoms in her hands. Angel's eyes nearly popped out his head when he noticed what was in her hands. He groaned. He also felt a tightening in his boxers and knew very well that Buffy was the cause. She giggled which made matters even worse.


At the airport Buffy hugged Angel tightly not wanting to let him go. Buffy felt as if something bad was about to occur. Angel laid his head on top of hers and stroking her back.

"I don't want you to go," she said sobbing onto his shirt. He lifted her head with his hand and looked into those teary green eyes of hers.

"I won't be gone for long. I was thinking that when I come back that I should test that theory and see how much stamina you have," he said smiling.

"Why doctor, do you talk to all your patients like this? 'Cause if you do, I'm going to have to tell them that you're taken already."

"Don't worry Miss Summers I only say such things to the person I love." She smiled at what he said. He then bent his head down and gave her one last searing kiss. As his lips met up with hers, his tongue licked her lips parting them open and lightly massaging his with hers. As the kiss ended he went on and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear.

"I'll see you soon."


On the other side of the airport were Darla and Riley both getting ready for their own private vacation to New York. Darla had plans of her own for Angel. She knew about his convention because not only had she overheard, but also she and Angel used to go together. 'Awe it looks like poor little Buffy won't be coming. Too bad.' Riley was thrilled that he'd be away from California and Buffy for the next two weeks. The divorce proceedings were going to take into effect.


Buffy didn't want to head back home and since she packed some clothes already, she decided to head back to Angel's. As she stepped into the apartment, she could smell Angel's cologne permeating throughout his apartment. She already missed him. Buffy quickly changed her clothes and slipped under the covers and watched some television.


Angel arrived in New York and took a cab to his hotel in Manhattan. As he made it inside he went straight for his bed. He was too tired from jet lag and didn't bother to change. He asked the hotel to give him a wake up call at nine pm. As he woke up he knew that it was six pm in California and hoped that Buffy would be at his place. Then a part of him hoped that maybe she went to see Willow. He hated seeing his girl down. When he dialed the familiar number that was his home number, he was about to leave a message when Buffy picked up.

"Hello," she mumbled.

"Buffy, did I wake you? I can call you later if you want." Buffy quickly became aware of the voice at the other end of the line. It was Angel. Her Angel. She automatically put a smile on her face.

"Not really. I'm glad you called. I wanted to hear your voice." It was his turn to smile now.

"You're lying. You were sleeping. So are you going out tonight?"

"I might head over and see my parents and have dinner with them. I miss you already and it's only been one day."

"I miss you to sweetie. I'll talk to you soon."

"You too."



        Buffy decided to head to her house. The same house that she hasn't set foot into since she saw Riley in bed with Darla. She had to figure out an idea on how to instigate her revenge on Riley Finn. As Buffy checking out her CD rack, she found the perfect song that would set the mood.

While he was scheming
I was beamin in the Beamer just beamin
Can't believe that I caught my man cheatin'
So I found another way to make him pay for it all


So I went
To Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree
And on the way I grabbed Soley and Mia
And as the cash box rang I thought everything away


There goes the dreams we used to say
There goes the time we spent away
There goes the love I had but you cheated on me
And that's worth that now
There goes the house we made a home
There goes you'll never leave me alone
For all the lies you told
This is what you owe


        The words were playing and she totally liked what they were saying. Buffy decided she really didn't need anything in the house except for what was hers. As for the rest of the things, they would either be sold or given to charity. Oh, she definitely would make Riley pay for the heartaches and pain that she went through. The only problem she might have is with Willow for not knowing about this unexpected turn of events that she planned to do. Buffy checked out the things in the house that was hers and labeled everything. Then all other accessories that belonged to Riley would be gone.

 Hey Ladies
When your man wanna get buck wild
Just go back and Hit 'Em Up Style
Put your hands on his cash
And spend it to the last dime
For all the hard times
When you go then everything goes
From the crib to the ride and the clothes
So you better let him know that
If he messed up you gotta hit em up

While he was braggin
I was coming down the hill and just draggin
All his pictures and his clothes in the bag and
Sold everything else till there was just nothin left

And I paid
All the bills about a month too late
It's a shame we have to play these games
The love we had just fades away, away

There goes the dreams we used to say
There goes the time we spent away
There goes the love I had but you cheated on me
And that's worth that now
There goes the house we made a home
There goes you'll never leave me alone
For all the lies you told
This is what you owe

         "So Riley decided to take a little vacation. Tisk, tisk, he should've known better than to leave an empty house, while your soon to be ex-wife is around. Men will never learn from their mistakes." She smiled to herself and couldn't wait to see Riley's face when he returned and find a FOR SALE sign on the house. Buffy decided that under the circumstances that she could get this house, she decided against it.

 Hey Ladies
When your man wanna get buck wild
Just go back and Hit 'Em Up Style
Put your hands on his cash
And spend it to the last dime
For all the hard times
When you go then everything goes
From the crib to the ride and the clothes
So you better let him know that
If he messed up you gotta hit em up

All of the dreams you sold
Left me out in the cold
What happened to the days when we used to trust each
And all of the things I sold
Will take you until you get old
To get 'em back without me
Cuz it might be better then money or sex

 Hey Ladies
When your man wanna get buck wild
Just go back and Hit 'Em Up Style
Put your hands on his cash
And spend it to the last dime
For all the hard times
When you go then everything goes
From the crib to the ride and the clothes
So you better let him know that
If he messed up you gotta hit em up


         As the days passed by Angel never got a chance to call Buffy. He knew that she'd be tired. He also knew that if he'd be tired. He also knew that if didn't call her before his lunch with Robert, that he might not have time tonight. He calculated the time and realized that it'd be eleven a.m. in California and she'd be up already.
        "Hello," she said happily. Angel could tell that she was in a great mood.

        "Hey Baby. You sound very happy. Could I be part of the reason why you sound so happy?"

        "Yes and no." She longed hearing his voice calling her baby for the very first time. It sounded just right coming out of his mouth.

        "Care to explain yourself." He was confused.

        "Yes, you are the reason why I'm happy. The no part deals with Riley. I decided that he didn't need a house so when he returned from his vacation with Darla he’ll be surprised."

        "Buffy, you're not planning to sell the house and everything that's in it?"

        "Yep. I'm making Riley suffer. He deserves this and more to what's coming to him. Besides I always figured that when I’d get another house that it'd be with the person that I'm in love with." Angel thought about what she said. 'In love? Is Buffy in love with me? Well either way I'm going to tell her that I love her.'

        "Okay then. I wish you were here. 'Cause I have the feeling I wouldn't be so bored and you'd distract me," he said flirtatiously.

        "In what way do you mean?" Buffy decided to play along. She loved to see this side of him. She couldn't wait to see more of this side of him.

        "Why Miss Summers, I have no idea what you are thinking?" Buffy could tell that he was good at making believe to not understanding her point.

        "Oh, we'd talk, but not for long. I was thinking more along the lines of you and me in bed naked. Isn't that what you were thinking?" Before Angel had the chance to answer the embarrassing question, his doorbell rang.

        "Hold on, Buffy." He spotted through the peephole and noticed it was Robert Price.

        "You ready, Angel? I can come back in five minutes if you like."

        "Buffy, honey I have to get going. I'll talk to you soon."

        "Okay," she said sadly. Angel heard the sound in her voice.

        "What is it Buffy? Did I do something wrong?"

        "No. It's just that you never answered my question." He knew perfectly well what she meant. It's not that he hadn't thought about it, he did, but admitting to Buffy just seemed strange. 'Get a hold of yourself Angel. You're not in high school anymore. So you have nothing to be afraid of.'

        "That's exactly what I was thinking. I have to get going. I'll talk to you later." As he hung up he was surprised at what he admitted to Buffy. 'Great now I'm going to spend the whole day picturing her and I naked in bed.'


         Buffy smiled when she got off with Angel. Her smile was so huge that if anyone was around that it was contagious.

        "So, he feels the same way as well. I guess I'm not the only one daydreaming. I can't to see him. It's just one more week and my Angel's returning to me.”


         Angel spent the whole time thinking about Buffy. He heard everything Robert was telling him, but had her on his mind the whole time. 'I have the feeling that tonight I'll be dreaming of a certain petite blonde.'

        "So Angel, last I heard you were with Darla. How is she? How come she wasn't with you?"

        "Darla and I broke up."

        "I'm so sorry for you. You and her looked great together."

        "Well I guess some things weren't meant to be."


         Angel got back to his hotel and was tired from his long day. He took the yellow cab and visited the sights of New York City. Now the only thing that he wanted was to lie down on his bed, crawl under the sheets and sleep. Or preferably dream about Buffy. As he stripped off all his clothing leaving his clad naked body, he slipped under the covers and went to sleep.

         As Angel was in a deep sleep someone entered his hotel room. The woman entered making her way to his bed. She slowly stripped off her clothes and looked at Angel. He was lying asleep with the sheets at his waist, just like she remembered seeing him that morning. 'Oh, this is going to be fun.' She languidly made her way onto the bed crawling ever so gently as her breasts grazed up his thighs underneath the sheets until her pert nipples grazed against his. As she was doing this, she laid open wet kisses up his chest, his neck to his jaw and finally his lips. His arms went automatically around her waist. He smiled and realized who it was. He opened his eyes looking into a pair of green eyes.

        "Buffy, what are you doing here?"

        "I missed you. I thought that maybe you'd want some company. If not I can leave," she said moving off him.

        "Oh, no you don't, Miss Summers. You're staying right here and finished what you started."

        "And what would that be?" she said smiling shyly.

        "You know perfectly well," he said and then flipped her over so he'd be on top.

        "Angel! That's not fair. I came to surprise you and you're taking all the fun out of it," she said pouting.

        "Don't you worry your cute little head about that? You'll have plenty of time to make it up to me," he said smiling wickedly. He then lowered his head and gave Buffy the most sensuous kiss ever. 

         Angel thought his dream felt all too real because he felt a woman's body on top of his. He really thought that maybe Buffy did surprise him after all. She could feel that he was turned on. She felt his erection against the heat in her body.

        "Buffy," he moaned. The woman looked down at him and gently nipped his lower lip and said.

        "I could just eat you up." Angel heard the voice and couldn't believe that he was dreaming of Darla. 'It can't be her. If I open my eyes, I won't see her in front of me.' He opened his eyes and noticed a pair of blue eyes instead of green one staring right at him. He jumped up.

        "Darla! What are you doing here?"

        "Why my sweet dear Angel, I missed you. I thought you might need some company," she said smiling.

        "What I need for you is to leave my room. And could you stop calling me your sweet Angel?"

        "Why Angel I could tell that I still have an effect on you still? You were hard when I was on top of you."

        "That wasn't you," he said through gritted teeth.     


        "Oh, let me guess. It's your sweet little Buffy you were dreaming about? So how is she Angel? Is she what you expected when you fucked her for the first time?" Angel laughed.

        "I can't believe you're jealous. It's none of your business. So why don't you just leave now?"

        "So you haven't fucked the little blonde yet? My, my Angel, when we were dating it didn't take you that long until we had sex. So what's change?"

        "Darla when we were dating, if I wanted to, I'd fucked you after our first date. I've changed and I have you to thank. If you hadn't dumped me, I would've never met Buffy, " he said smiling. Darla laughed sarcastically.

        "I can't believe you're treating out relationship for a year as nothing. I didn't mean anything to you."

        "Oh it did. I asked you to marry me and you rejected me. How did you expect me to react? Did you expect me to welcome you with open arms again? So now I moved on and so have you. You have Riley."

        "Riley is not like you. I'm satisfied, but not in the same way as I was with you."

        "Too bad. Now for the last time, leave Darla and head back to Riley." She quickly finished getting dressed and headed out his room.

        "I can't believe she did that. Man, Darla's really desperate to be stooping this low. I'm just glad that Buffy wasn't here to see all this."



         Darla made her way back to her hotel room. She knew that she has to find a way to get Buffy out of Angel's life. 'I don't care what I do. Angel and I are meant to be. I'll make him see it.'




        Buffy was glad that this coming week was going to have lots of changes. Especially for herself, she was going to sell her stuff from the house, Angel coming home and seeing Riley's reaction on the FOR SALE sign on the house. She's hoping to have it sold before he came back.

        "I can't wait for Angel to come home to me. I plan to make his welcome back a very memorable one for the both of us." She was smiling to herself already thinking of all the fun they'd be having all weekend.

        The day seemed long, but it was productive for the attorney. Buffy sold most of Riley's stuff and had plenty more to sell. She couldn't believe the amount of junk he had consumed. All her stuff was in storage in her room at her parents' house. Buffy closed up shop and headed to Angel's place. As she changed out of her clothes and into a tank top and a pair of shorts all she thought about was Angel. She went over to dresser and opened his cologne and sniffed the scent that she remembered that was uniquely Angel.

        "I miss you so much. I can't wait to tell you how much I love you." 'I just hope he feels the same way. Of course he does. What man allows a woman to take care of his apartment while he's away?'




        As sleep took Buffy over she'd been dreaming about Angel returning and him and making love to her. It seemed that since when he left for New York she'd be having almost the same reoccurring dream.


Lonely in bed
At night
And it never feels right
I toss and turn
Each night
Till the morning light
But just the thought of you
Send chills up and down my spine
Just knowing you'll be here real soon makes everything alright


It makes it special
Me and you
On a rare occasion
Candlelight a special night
Seeing you is a sweet sensation

Memories of you
Your arm baby, squeezing me close to your heart
Shadows in the dark baby
Of kissing every part
And knowing we can share it all and be still be
Still be free
Fore each and every magic moment will last for eternity

It makes it special
Me and you
On a rare occasion
Candlelight a special night
Seeing you is a sweet sensation

        She had just finished doing the laundry and brought the clothes up and started folding them. She was humming away when a pair of strong hands wrapped around her waist. He then leaned his head and whispered into her ear and kissed the side of her neck.

        "Missed me?"

        "Angel when did you…ooh that feels so good." His hands or rather his fingertips gently making circular motions on her stomach making his way up to and cupped her breasts. His hands gently squeezed her breasts causing Buffy to moan. His fingertips lightly touched the tip of her nipple causing it to become hard. Buffy couldn't control her emotions and started rubbing her body against his. Angel let go one of her breasts and started to unbutton her shirt or rather his shirt. Buffy whimpered at the lost of his hand on her neglected breast. When he was all done with the last button, he brought both of his hands on her shoulders and letting the shirt fall onto the floor. He continued on kissing her shoulder and Buffy turned her head to kiss him. She was about to turn around to face him, but he stopped her. His hands slid down her arm causing her to shiver. His fingers descended down and slid down her panties. She slipped out of them. His hands went right to her breasts just one last time.

        "Angel. I want you." She turned around with her breasts flushed up against his shirt. Angel felt the heat enumerating from her body.

        "Angel, make love to me." She then started kissing him passionately not wanting to let go of his lips. Her small hands found their way on his shirt and just ripped the buttons off his shirt. Next her hands found the belt buckle, then the button and the zipper. Angel's hands went through her blonde silky hair. He let go and held his hand beneath her cheeks.

         “I love you Buffy.” He quickly got out of his boxers, and then laid Buffy gently onto the bed.

         “Are you sure about this?" he asked with his brown eyes penetrating right though her.

         “I've never been more sure in my whole life. Make love to me, my Angel." He did just that.


And my love for you will never fade away
I'll save a special spot for you baby
Don't you know my heart has made for you a special place?
Don't you know?
Call on me
When you want me
When you need me
I'm here for you


It makes it special
Me and you
On a rare occasion
Candlelight a special night
Seeing you is a sweet sensation


Buffy was smiling while she was still asleep. As she woke up, she felt sweat and a tingling sensation run though her body. She was aching for Angel to touch her where she needed the most.

        "Oh, this dream was way too real. He definitely needs to come home soon."


         Saturday had finally come around. Two people in particular couldn't wait to be reunited with one another. It seemed like forever, but it was actually only two weeks.

        Buffy had to set things in motion for Angel's arrival. She had to go shopping, which meant that she needed Willow coming along with her as well. She got dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and headed out the door




        "So you're ready to take the next step with the doctor?" Willow asked. Buffy blushed.

        "Yeah, but at the same time I'm a bit nervous. I mean I've only been with Riley for the past two years. What if Angel thinks I'm not good enough for him? What if…"

        "Buffy, breathe. I doubt Angel would do that to you. He cares for you a lot. I can tell by the way you talk about him because your face just lights up. Your hopelessly in love with him."

        "Yeah, I am. But at the same time I don't want to disappoint him. I mean the way Darla is they probably did things that Riley and I never did."

        "What are you thinking about? You're not thinking about handcuffing Angel to his bed are you?"

        "Willow, of course not! I was thinking the handcuffs would come later on in our relationship."

        "Buffy, I'm surprised. You never did anything like that with Riley/"

        "Please! Riley would never agree to it. We were married for two years and he never touched me in a certain area."

        "Well then I guess Angel will just have to devote his time to that certain place on your body," Willow said smiling.

        "Willow, I hope you don't let Oz here you talk like that about another man."

        "Don't worry Angel's all yours."

        "Yep. Angel's mine." 'Boy I can't wait when he gets home.' 



Angel's flight back to Sunnydale was a long six hours, but he couldn't wait to see Buffy. She was on his mind constantly and especially after that nice dream that he had. He definitely wanted it to come true. As he headed to get his luggage he thought he'd see Buffy. 'Maybe she has a surprise for me.'

He made his way to his apartment and opened the door to smell vanilla. He knew Buffy was around, but didn't know exactly where.

"Buffy, where are you?"

"I'm in your room. Follow the rose petals on the floor." He dropped his bags at the doorway and followed the trail of red rose petal until he reached his door. As he opened the door, the sight of Buffy standing in a floor length black silk nightgown with a right slit that reached her mid thigh. Her hair was swept up and she had the most beautiful smile on her face.

"You like what you see?"

"Definitely." She walked towards him until she linked her arms around his neck.

"I missed you so much." She then leaned her head as Angel leaned his down toward hers. Their lips met and she let her tongue dart out on his lips until she parted them open. As her tongue swirled with his, Angel's hands held her securely at the waist and walked towards the bed. As Angel fell with Buffy on top of him, he kicked off his shoes and released their kiss. He looked into her green eyes and then shut them again.

"Angel, wake up! Your not suppose to be tired before we make love. That's for afterwards." Angel didn't stir. He just kept on sleeping.

"Great the minute he gets home to make love to me, is the minute he falls asleep on me. Well there's a bright side to this, he's home." She laid her head on his shoulder and went to sleep.


Angel woke up with a weight on his shoulder and looked over and spotted her. His Buffy. She looked so beautiful asleep. 'Oh, way to go Angel, she had plans for a romantic welcome home celebration and you slept on her.' He figured he needed to make it to her so he proceeded on by tilting her chin up and kissed her, as he let go and whimpered.

"Hey." She placed a hand on her head and felt her hair was a mess.

"Awe, I need to get up and go to the bathroom. I must look horrible." She moved to get up, but Angel pulled her back down.

"You look beautiful." She thought about his comment for a while before she answered.

"Okay." She went back in his embrace.

"Why didn't you wake me up? I thought we were going to have our own private celebration." She blushed.

"I tried, but you didn't move at all. You still want to?"

"Why don't I show you," he said smiling wickedly. She knew what he was getting at.

His lips went back to hers again. As his tongue found its entryway inside her mouth, he lightly massaged his with hers. As he moved down her chin, he nibbled her lower lip tasting the vanilla that intoxicated his senses. His journey went downwards onto her neck lightly nibbling on her skin. Buffy had her eyes closed. Lips parted open and her fingers grasping the hairs at the nape of his neck. Angel's hands glided up and black silk fabric from her waist to the sides of her breasts. The feel of his hands on her body making the slightest touch caused shivers running up and down spine. The funny thing was that it was just the beginning of his touches on her body. His hands cupped her breasts squeezing them ever so gently. Buffy's fingers found the buttons on his and started to unbutton them, but she was getting furious and tore the shirt open with the buttons flying off.

"Hey! That was my favorite shirt."

"I'll buy you another one," she said smiling. She then went down kissing Angel's stopping for a minute to grab a nipple and licking it. Then she went on kissing him until she reached the waistband of his pants. As she started to undo his belt Angel placed his hand on hers.

"What's wrong? You don't want me no more?" she said innocently.

"Nothing, I do want you. Just let me do this." He quickly got out of his pants and boxers and went right back to her.

"I think it's time you get out of this." He placed his fingers at the straps and slid them down her bare shoulders moving toward her sides. Angel moved quickly and took off the rest of her gown. When he looked back down she had no panties on. His body became hard by the sight of her nude body. She was his goddess.

Buffy looked up into his brown eyes and felt as if her was looking intently at her. As if he was looking at her thoroughly being able to see her soul. It almost frightened her, but she loved him. She looked down at him and gazed at his chest and loved to see how sculpted and chiseled it was. Though her eyes looked a bit further down and noticed how his erection was protruding. 'There's nothing small about him. Riley sure was much smaller than him. Bad Buffy.'

Angel leaned onto his elbows not wanting to crush her petite form and kissed her again. He looked at her once more.

"Are you sure about this?" He was hoping that she'd say yes. He just didn't know how long to hold his urges.

"Make love to me Angel." He took his knee to part her legs open and gently placed himself inside of her. Both of them let out a low moan. As Angel entered inside Buffy, she felt so tight as if she was a virgin and not a married woman. As he thrust in and out of her, Buffy's inner muscles loosened and relaxed with Angel's ministrations. Both lovers kept on moaning each other's names. The tension of their orgasm was reaching its peak and had finally come. As Angel moved over, he pulled Buffy towards him and kissed her head.


"Yeah," she said looking up. 'Now is your chance to tell her how you feel. So don't mess up.'

"I love you," he said smiling.

"I love you, too." She then kissed his shoulder.


Later on that night Angel was contemplating whether or not to tell Buffy about Darla appearing in his hotel room in New York. 'Why should I tell her? It's not as if she's thrilled about Darla. I just can't tell her.' He blew lightly in her ear to cause her to shiver all over her body. She made believe that the cool breeze against her ear wasn't distracting her sleeping at all. Angel knew perfectly well that he could keep on going until she woke up. Buffy stirred, turned around and looked at him.

"You weren't going to stop were you?"

"Who me? What did I do?" he said innocently. She hit him so playfully on his chest.

"You know perfectly well. You were blowing in my ear. It's very distracting. I wanted to sleep a little while longer."

"I'm sorry. I can't help it when I'm around you. You make me feel things that don't or can't be explained in one word." She was in such awe with his words. It touched her in the part of her heart that no other man has done for her. Even with Riley and their two years of marriage.

"Don't be sorry. Ever. I feel the same way about you too," she said smiling and then kissed him. Buffy's stomach grumbled and caused Angel to laugh between their lips.

"I guess someone's hungry."

"I'm not hungry. Besides looking at you makes all the hunger go away."

"Really, I doubt that. I think that stomach needs some food. I don't want you to feel weak later on when I plan on continuing our weekend by never leaving my apartment," he said wickedly.

"Why doctor you sure are concerned for my health being? Why is that? Do you have a special reason?"

"Actually, I do. I haven't seen my favorite patient in two weeks and I think she needs a little TLC. Coming from yours truly," he said raising his eyebrows and then lean forward to capture her lips in a sweet kiss.


Sunday morning both lovers were in bed just feeling safe in the embrace of one another. Angel felt such love and comfort just being in the arms of the woman that he loves. He so wanted the battle of her divorce to be done and over with. The two weeks in New York has made him think a lot of things. The major one was what was going to happen to them after her divorce.

Buffy was awake and looked up at Angel. He was brooding about something. His forehead would scrunch and his brown eyes would appear darker than they were. She let her finger slid down his cheek to cause him to stir.

"Buffy, I thought you were asleep. Did I wake you?"

"No. I just woke up and noticed you were in "brood mode" what gives?"

"I was just thinking." Buffy didn't like his response at all. He seemed to be worried about something.

"I hope I'm the one that was occupying your thoughts," she said smiling.

"You're definitely always on my mind. So are we staying in bed today or do you want to get up?" Buffy leaned over him and noticed the clock read nine thirty a.m. She definitely wanted to sleep much longer.

"Sleep. I think we should sleep. Sleeping is good." Angel moved so he was on top of her.

"You sure you want to sleep? I mean I could think of other ways to occupy our time," he said whispering in her ear and kissing the column of her neck.

"Sleep? For some strange reason, I don't feel sleepy anymore," she said breathlessly. Angel smiled against her skin. He lifted his head up and looked at her.

"That's good to hear." He bent his head and kissed her lips while his arms grabbed the sheets and pulled it over their heads. She squealed in delight.


Angel was playing with the strands of her golden hair. He loved the feeling as they went through his fingers. The strands of her hair felt like silk. Buffy's head used his shoulder as a pillow. She could remain this way forever.

"So your not mad at me for not letting you sleep?"

"Definitely not. I can catch up on my sleep anytime, but time with you is precious."

"I'm glad." He kissed the top of her head and gently moved her head to get up. She her placed her hand on his chest.

"Where you going?" she whined.

"I'm going to take a shower and make us breakfast," he said giving her one last kiss.

"No! Don't go. I like having my Angel pillow," she said pouting her lower lip. He laughed. He couldn't help but notice how utterly cute and adorable she was. He leaned his head down and spoke to her.

"Why don't you join me in the shower and I'll make your favorite breakfast?" he said with his lips just mere inches away from hers. She leaned up and kissed him.

"Hmm. Take a shower with you and you making me breakfast. Let me think about it." Of course Buffy knew all to well that it wasn't something that really needed thinking.

"You should be glad that I want to do this for you. It's not everyday I do these things. So you better appreciate it," he said as if annoyed.

"You have no idea how much I appreciate everything you do for me. I love you so much."

"I love you, too," he said smiling.


Riley on the other hand was furious. He couldn't believe that what Buffy had done. She completely sold everything that he had from his clothes, entertainment system and even his car. He was stunned to the point that he even saw a sale sign on the house.

"Oh, she's going to regret this. She thinks that now she has Angel on her life that everything will be smooth sailing. She definitely has another thing coming."

"Buffy's going to be surprised at what the judge has planned for her tomorrow. She'll be begging the judge to grant her one plea."


Buffy woke up early this fine new morning to head to divorce court with Angel by her side. Even though a part of her didn't want him there, she was glad that he'd be there for moral support. She waited for Willow to pick her up and she'd meet up with Angel at the courthouse.

"Willow, as my attorney I have something to tell you."

"Sure, Buffy go ahead."

"I sold Riley's stuff while he was away for the two weeks. I also have a for sale sign on the house."

"Buffy, wow that's something. As a friend I'd say you kicked his ass! As your attorney I think you should have told me sooner."

"You said ass! I'm shocked Willow. You're right. I'm sorry, but Willow he's a jerk, an asshole whatever you want to call it. He hurt me so badly. I thought he loved me and this is the outcome."

"Don't worry Buffy. You'll get through this. You have Angel and he's been very supportive of you. So how is Angel?" Buffy sighed. As soon she heard her loves name it brought a smile to her face and thoughts about their adventurous weekend came into her mind. From his hands touching her body, his lips saying sweet words of endearment and lastly his eyes showing everything without even saying a word. Oh, she loved this man.

"Angel's fine. We had lots of fun over the weekend," she said smiling wickedly. Willow could guess what fun was interpreted to. They had tons of sex.


In the courthouse Buffy met up with Angel and spoke before they entered.

"Hi there."

"Hi." He then kissed her and let this thumb graze against her cheek.

"So you ready to go inside?"

"No. I want to go home with you," she said mumbling into shirt. He lifted her chin to look into those beautiful hazel eyes that he adored so much.

"I like your idea, but I think it's better for you to settle your divorce and see what happens from there."

"Oh, great now your using wisdom on me." He smirked.


The judge heard both sides if FINN vs. FINN. The reasons that Mr. Finn had applied on Mrs. Finn were ludicrous. Though at the same time Mrs. Finn selling his belonging was something else.

"I heard both sides of the story. Both Mr. and Mrs. Finn's reasons, as of now you both shall remain separated until I contact your lawyers. I know that each of you are seeing someone and I recommend that you stay away from that person as well."

"Your honor, but my client has not done anything wrong to receive such treatment as this," Lindsay McDonald said.

"Mr. McDonald, please don't play with my intelligence.'

"Your honor, what did my client do to receive this?" Willow asked.

"Ms. Rosenberg, Mrs. Finn needs this time to herself. Though I shall grant her one wish."

"Yes, your honor," Buffy said.

"You can spend one more night with the young man beside you."

"Thank you, your honor," she said smiling.


At the end of the day Buffy met up with Angel. He drove her over to his place. They both figured that if things went a bit further, they weren't ready for Buffy's parents to heat the moaning and groaning.

"I'm glad that the judge granted us one more night together."

"Me too," Angel answered. Buffy sat on his lap facing him with legs at the side of his thighs. Her arms went automatically around his neck. She let go of her left hand and lightly caressed his cheek and let the tip of her index finger trace the outline of his lips. The feel of his smooth lips against her fingertips was sensual. Those lips were the same ones that spoke out and said the words I love you.

"I love you."

"I love you, too. So I guess after tonight I won't be seeing you for quite a while."

"Not if I can't help it," she said kissing his lips leading down the side of his neck. Angel laughed. He pulled her closer into his arms.

"You are something else, but that's what I love about you." She lifted her head and looked deeply into those beautiful brown eyes of his.

"Thank you."


Riley had no place to stay since Buffy placed matters into her own hands and sold his stuff and including the house. Since Darla was mainly the reason for his divorce, he was staying at her place. He loved Darla truly and wanted nothing more but to make a life and have a family with her.

"Darla, do you love me enough for me to be in your life forever?" Darla thought for a moment before answering. 'Forever with Riley Finn? Hmm. I wonder if I could. Could I leave the memory of Angel McCallister out of my mind and fill it up with new memories?'

"Sure. Why not." Riley was pleased. He figured things would definitely be going his way from now on.


During the day Angel was occupied with patients and paperwork, so Buffy was hardly on his mind. That didn't mean when he thought of the petite blond with those green eyes that sparkled out that smile that made his heart sing. She was on his mind. It was when he came home to his apartment at night, that he had trouble sleeping. He was kind of use to seeing Buffy being there or knowing that she was a phone call away. He was going to miss the feeling of his arms around her waist with his head in the crook of her neck smelling the unique scent that was Buffy, which was vanilla and strawberries. The scent somehow still lingered around his apartment.

"I have to stop thinking about her?"

"Who?" Angel looked up and noticed it was Xander. Angel didn't respond.

"So who is she?"

"It's…Buffy Summers-Finn."

"Buffy. Wow. Now that's something new. So how long have you been together?"

"I guess since the incident with Riley. I've been there for her."

"Oh. So why do you want to forget about her? You seem like you're really into her."

"I am, but we have a court order. So we must keep our distance. That's why," he said sadly.


Buffy on the other hand had a case in her hands. She knew the whereabouts, but a certain dark haired, brown-eyed guy was occupying her thoughts. Just thinking about Angel had entertained certain ideas in her mind. Some were good and some were very good. Her thoughts were interrupted when Willow called out her name.

"Buffy? Did you hear anything I said?"

"Huh? I'm sorry Willow. I was just thinking."

"Thinking? Thinking about Angel maybe?"

"Yeah. It's just not fair. Riley gets to be with Darla because of what I did and I can't see Angel. I just wish that he'd surprised me this week. But I guess it's best I concentrate on my case for now."

"Don't worry Buffy things will change for the better? As soon as everything is settled you can be with Angel all the time." Buffy smiled at the thought.



It was Friday and Angel was headed to the local gym. He needed to vent out some energy. He figured working out would make him forget about Buffy. As he lifted the weights and flexed his muscles on his arms, all his thoughts were on his girlfriend. He missed seeing her pretty smile, kissing those sweet lips and holding her in his arms. He needed to see her so badly. He knew no matter what, he'd see Buffy after his workout.

Time went by Angel kept on working out until he noticed a man approaching him. It was Riley. 'Oh, great, what does he want?'

"Angel, so how is Buffy? Have you seen her lately?" Riley said snidely. He knew perfectly well that Angel made no contact with Buffy.

"You know I haven't seen her."

"Speaking of Buffy, how is that bitch? Does she moan and scream out your name when you fuck her?" Angel was furious. He couldn't believe how Riley had the nerve to call Buffy a bitch in front of him. So Angel took all the anger that consumed him and punched Riley in the face. He landed on the floor. He punched him once more and spoke to him.

"Don't you ever call her that again? Oh, and my sex life with Buffy has no concern with you whatsoever." He stormed off and headed towards the showers.


Buffy was still in the court when the judge voted in her favor at the trial.

"Oh, thank you so much," said Tracey Morgan.

"No problem. Just take care of yourself. If you need any help you know where to call me."


Angel somehow made his way to Buffy's law firm. His mind drifted away from her, but after Riley calling her a bitch, he had to see her. As he made his way to her office, he stopped over and spoke to her secretary.

"Hello, I was wondering is Buffy Summers was in?"

"Sure. Hold on." Buffy's secretary, Jill connected through to Buffy.

"Yes Jill."

"Mrs. Finn, you have a man here to see you."

"Did he leave a name?"

"No, but I'll ask. Sir, what's your name?"

"Could you tell her that's its friend?"

"He said that he's friend of yours." Buffy wondered what man would claim. She knew that if it was Xander, he's say his name. 'Could it be Angel? Oh, I hope its Angel! Please let it be Angel.'

"Could you describe him for me?"

"Okay." Jill thought that Buffy was asking for a strange request, but obliged anyway.

"He's tall, good looking well built, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He also has a nice smile." Buffy heard everything Jill had mentioned as far as she was concerned that was Angel's description. She just needed to know one more thing.

"Could you make him talk on the phone please?"

"Okay." She handed Angel the phone. Angel couldn't believe that Buffy made her secretary describe him on the phone.

"Hey Buffy," he said huskily. Her heart melted right away. She felt like she as a puddle of water just hearing his voice. It had been so long since she heard his beautiful voice.

"Hey," she finally answered back. Angel handed the phone back to Jill.

"You can let him in. Oh, and Jill you can go home early today. See you Monday."

"Thank you. You can go right in sir."

"Thanks," he winked and smiled at her.


Buffy heard a knock on her door and knew perfectly well that it was Angel on the other end.

"Come in." Angel entered wearing a white tank top, black track pants with buttons on the sides and sneakers. His hair was still wet from the shower at the gym. When Buffy looked up at him she just smiled.

"Friend, huh? Why didn't you just say name?"

"Maybe I wanted to surprise you," he said walking towards her. He leaned against her desk.

"Maybe? So why are you here besides surprising me?"

"I ran into someone. Riley."

"Riley! What did he want? Did he say something to you?" she asked concerned.

"What did he say now?"

"He called you a bitch. So I decked him." She looked down at his hands and noticed his right hand was red and looked to be swollen.

"Oh, you're hurt," she said looking at his hand in hers.

"It's okay. It doesn't hurt." He then winced in pain. She lifted his hand to her lips and kissed each of his knuckles delicately. All in the while she was kissing him her eyes never left his and he smiled at her. She held his hand gently and lifted herself and Angel bent down to kiss each other on the lips.

"Feel much better," she said after releasing the kiss.

"Definitely." She moved away and started to walk when Angel stopped her.

"Where you going?"

"I'm going to get you some ice and bandages for that hand."

"Buffy, it's okay. It'll heal soon."

"No way. I'm going to mend your wounds for you." She headed over to the icebox and then headed back to her desk for her first aid kit. She made Angel sit down and she sat on his lap.

"I never knew this was how they treated a patient with an injury."

"Well Nurse Buffy has her own set of rules. She only does this for one particular person only. Her Angel," she said smiling. She let the ice cube graze over his swollen red knuckles. After a few moments, Buffy dried his hand placed some ointment and bandaged his hand up.

"There you go. Now rest that hand of yours. So what do I get in return for my services?"

"Kiss me?"

"Finally something I want to do." She leaned her head up and kissed him. His injured hand placed on her back holding her close to him not wanting to let go. As the kiss deepened between them Angel let his tongue parting her lips open letting his tongue find hers lightly massaging it.

"I missed you," she said parting from their kiss.

"I missed you, too. I just had to see you even if it was for a little while."

"I feel the same way. Let's go home." Angel was a bit confused as to where home was. 'Did she want to come with me? Or did she want me to drop her off?'

"Buffy, when you meant home, your talking about your place right?"

"Of course not silly. Your place," she said like an innocent schoolgirl. Angel groaned while Buffy giggled.


Let's just say that Angel broke every speed limit to make it to his apartment. He quickly opened the door, closed it behind him and started kissing Buffy. Buffy felt her knees go weak as the kisses went on. If she didn't let go, her plan would never take its course.

"Angel, we need to stop," she said panting.

"What? Huh? Don't you want to?" 'Oh, please tell me she does. There's no way she could've been sending me the wrong signals.' She placed her hand on his cheek.

"Of course I do. Why don't you go inside your room, while I freshen up in the bathroom." He nodded his head agreeing with her and smiling on his way towards his bedroom.


Buffy went into his bedroom dressed up in a short black, silk nightie that left no visible imagination to the naked eye. When he lifted his head he spotted the most beautiful creature before him. His Buffy. They haven't made love yet, but every cell that was coursing through his body was screaming to have her in his arms and ravish the blonde beauty. In her hands were two pairs of handcuffs. He wondered where she got them.

"Buffy, where did you get those?" he asked pointing to the handcuffs.

"Oh, these things. Spike gave them to me. Now stand up." He did as he was told. She leaned up against his body and brushed her body against his. He elicited a moan. She knew exactly how to get him worked up and ready to go. Just when he was about to wrap his arms around her waist she stopped him.

"No. Don't." She then pulled the tab of his pants and yanked it off him. Next she placed her small hands beneath his tank top feeling his smooth skin against her fingertips. The sensation of Buffy's fingers gliding the side of his chest and up his broad muscular back left Angel wanting to touch her even more. As the tank top descended to the floor like his pants Angel was left standing in his boxers. Buffy's hand went through the elastic waistband of is shorts and gently pinched his firm butt. He moaned at the sensation.

"Oh, Buffy you're killing me." As she slid the rest of his shorts she answered him.

"I only just begun," she whispered in his ear. Her breath added more to the erotic feeling that he already felt with Buffy touching him.

"Now spread eagle." He was shocked at her words that he raised an eyebrow. As she laid on him, she leaned over took each hand and handcuffed his wrist to the bedpost. She went back down with her thighs on each side of his hips and firmly locked eyes with the brown-eyed guy. The sight of his body all in his nude form just like when he was born brought a tingling sensation into her body. She's seen his body before, but this was really different.

"You've been a very bad boy. And bad boys need to be punished," she said seriously, but had that devious twinkle in her eye. He was helpless and she was in control. His chest from his body shuddered wondering what was going to happen.

"But Buffy...." She silenced him with her fingertip.

"You hurt my husband and that was wrong." Angel knew what was happening and was enjoying what was to come. He had never seen this side of Buffy before and hoped he'd see more of it again in the future. As she looked at him being helpless, she felt so powerful having a strong man beneath her and under control. She knew for sure that Riley would never do anything like this for her.

"Honey, he called you bitch. I felt that he deserved the punch because no woman and especially you shouldn't be called a bitch." The look in his eyes when he said those endearing words had touched Buffy's heart truly, but she needed to be strong and continue her punishment act.

"You've defended your case well, but you must accept the sentence ahead of you. Do you accept them?" 'Oh, I don't care what you do to me. All I need is you.'

"Yes mistress." He knew for sure that if Buffy wanted to be the dominating one that he'd have to play the part. Buffy blushed at Angel calling her mistress. She felt his throbbing erection between her butt cheeks for quite a while, but it triggered more after he called her mistress. Buffy let her right hand find its way to his erection and gently stroked it.

"I guess someone's happy to see me." He smiled at her. He was definitely happy to see her. The way the curves of her body from her ample breasts to her round hips to her firm behind. He wanted to touch his blonde goddess, but his restraints were holding him back. He moaned with his eyes closed as her hand still stroking his throbbing erection and then stopped.

"Awe come on!" He knew he shouldn't have said anything, but he was about to come.

"Did I say you could speak? No. Now first off you will listen to everything that I say."

"Yes mistress."

"Secondly, whenever I touch you anywhere on your body, you will *not* come until I tell you."

"Yes mistress. Permission to speak?"

"Yes, you may."

"How about if I want to come and it hurts so much, what am I to do?"

"You are meant to hold it until I say so. Besides if you hadn't punched my husband you wouldn't be in this position right now." 'Oh, I'm so glad that I punched him. Oh, I definitely like being punished by you.'

She moved her petite body and leaned her head and kissed him. She bit lower and added more bite marks along his neck. She licked the bite marks over as if she drew blood from his neck and now closed the wound. She then kissed his chest roughly and nipped his nipples and licked each one individually. As she slid further down his body, the feeling of her body grazing against his was unbearable. Her blonde hair was scattered against his chest.

He lifted his head to see where she was headed next, but the clanking sounds of his handcuffs against the bedposts caused him some problems. Her hands were at his long lean thighs and she moved her head to kiss his hips from left to right. She moved and blew at the side of his inner thigh and kissed, nipped and licked it. Buffy went on and his throbbing erection in one hand, made her way down to his sac licking and nipping on her journey upwards. Her soft lips kept on licking until she stopped at the tip. She placed her fingertip at the opening of his penis playing with the pre cum that was at the tip, which caused Angel to shudder at her touch.

"Do you like me doing this to you?"

"Yes mistress." Angel wanted her to do so much more. She smiled feeling so confident about her control over him. Buffy removed her finger and replaced with her mouth. The feeling of her lips engulfing his throbbing erection little by little caused Angel to moan. As her mouth continued to swallow his erection whole, she used her tongue to lick him up and down as if she was sucking on a popsicle stick. As she continued on with her task her hands were at his thighs as they dug into his muscles feeling his skin against hers.

Her body was beginning to get aroused as well. Even though Angel hasn't touched her, but the sight of his naked body, his moaning under her ministrations have heightened her arousal to the extreme. Her loins were just thirsting for his touch to be in between her legs. The more she thought about it, the more tense her body got. This in turn caused her to bite him and quickly releasing her mouth before he came.

Buffy took off her nightie revealing Angel her full breasts that were pert watching and waiting for him to touch them. She glided her body and then slide down on his erection causing the both of them to moan. Buffy started rocking her hips back and forth trying to build up her orgasm. As she squeezed her inner muscles and clamped on his erection until she let go and yelled out his name.

"Oh, Angel!" She then laid her slick body against his chest. She was relieved, but it wasn't over yet. She moved her body back up still inside of him and started rocking her body against his hips. Though this time around she had a bit of difficulty. Angel noticed his lover was having some trouble performing.

"Mistress, can I help you out?" He so wanted to get out of those handcuffs and fuck her senseless.

"Who said you may speak!"

"Sorry, mistress."

"I can handle this situation on my own." She placed her hands on her breasts and gently squeezed them between her fingers and closed her eyes and imagined it was Angel's hands touching her. She started moaning at the sensation of pleasuring herself. Though she wanted to come again, she still didn't feel the tingling that she felt before. So Buffy released one of her hands and wandered downwards towards the nest of curls, slipped two of her fingers at her clit and pinched it. The slight pinch triggered the effect and she came again yelling.

Angel on the other hand was hard as rock. He couldn't handle it anymore. He knew that if he continued holding on things wouldn't go to well. The sight of his lover touching herself for pleasure was the most erotic thing he's ever seen.

Buffy feeling flushed all over every part of her body from her round firm breasts to her lower abdomen, which was covered in sweat. She laid her body against Angel's chest about to take a nap.


"Yes," she mumbled.

"My hands or rather my wrists are hurting and I'm in pain in a certain part of my body. Can I come please?"

"Yes, you may." He was so relieved to here her say that. Buffy lifted her body once more and as soon as she got back to her rhythm it didn't take Angel long to his reach his orgasm. When he released himself into her, Buffy's body convulsed like never before. Buffy was about to lay her head back down Angel cleared his throat.

"Yes." He clanked his wrists to explain why.

"Party pooper," she said pouting. She leaned over by the table got the key and uncuffed both the cuffs. Angel quickly pulled her into his arms and kissed her hungrily. He was devouring her lips as if she was a meal before him.

"So you promise not to be bad anymore," she said as they let go of their breathless kiss.

"Next time you reprimand me for my actions, I'll accept the consequences that come along with it." He then flipped her so she lay beneath him.

"I liked what you did, but I think it's my turn now," Angel said twitching his eyebrows.

"But I'm..." He silenced her statement with a kiss and thrust inside of her.



        "Are you out of your mind! Don't you think you're rushing into things a bit quickly? You hardly know the girl that well."

        "I know her well enough to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with her."

        "But Angel, you've only known her for a couple of months. What makes you think she's the one?"

        "I know that Spike, but when I'm around her nothing else matters. She's the one for me, because I feel it in my heart. When she's not around me I have this empty feeling that she can only fill. Don't you feel that way about Dru?"

        "I do, but I'm not going to rush off and propose to her."

        "You say that now. Though later on you'll want more.”

        "Yeah, right."




        Darla was shopping at VICTORIA'S SECRET when she spotted Buffy rummaging through some lingerie. 'Oh, look at that the little bitch has a romantic event coming up for her and Angel. Oh, I'm definitely going to stop that.'

        "Why Buffy, what a surprise to see you here?"

        "Darla. You know this is a free country. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get going."

        "Not just yet. I have something quite interesting to tell you," she holding a firm grip on Buffy's arm.

        "Fine. Tell me and be done with it."

        "You know that Angel was in New York not to long ago."

        "Yeah, Darla that's old news. What is it that you really want to tell me?" Buffy was getting annoyed with Darla and just wanted to leave.

        "Angel was with me all those nights while he was in New York City." Buffy was furious, but kept her cool. She knew Angel wouldn't do that to her. He loved her very much and told her that countless of times.

        "Angel would never be with you. You hurt his feelings countless of times. Besides you're lying."

        "If you think I'm lying then ask him about that dream of his." Buffy couldn't believe how low she'd stoop to get Angel back.

        "I don't believe you and I know Angel would never lie to me." She then slapped Darla across the face.

        "You'll see who's lying."



        That same night Buffy invited Angel over for dinner at her house with her folks. He was finally going to meet up with Hank and Joyce Summers. Angel wasn't worried Joyce, he was more worried about Hank. He knew how protective fathers could be. He had the feeling that when he'd have a daughter, he was sure to react the same way. As he knocked on the door he heard voice.

        "I'll get it." It was Buffy. Buffy was thrilled that he was coming over. She was also going to find out if Darla was right about the night in New York and that dream. She opened the door and he stood before her holding a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates.

        "Hi," she said shyly.

        "Hey beautiful." He then leaned in and kissed her. As they part, he handed her the roses, but Buffy looked unexpectedly at the box of chocolates.

        "Thank you. Aren't those for me too," she said pointing to the box.

        "Nope. They're for your mother." She pouted at him knowing all too well that he'd fall for it. He looked at her and knew all too well what she was attempting, but it wasn't going to work.

        "I'm not going to fall for your act." She pouted even more letting her lower lip jut out. He kissed her once more and Buffy maneuvered her hands towards the box and swatted it.

        "No, Buffy."

        "Fine. You win." Buffy parents entered the room.

        "Mom, Dad this is Angel McCallister." Angel shook hands with her father, but picked up Joyce's hand and kissed it. He then handed her the box.

        "Thank you Angel." As they all went into the dining room Joyce pulled back her daughter.

        "Buffy, you definitely have to keep him. I already like him. If I was much younger, I'd go after him myself." Buffy's eyes widen with shock.

        "Mom! How could you? That's my boyfriend you're talking about."




        "Well your dad sure had a lot of questions to ask me. It seemed like as if I asked your hand in marriage."

        "I know, but he's just looking out for me. It seemed like after what happened with Riley, he's been more protective. He just doesn't want another guy to hurt my feelings." Her back was flushed against his chest while they sat down on the couch. His hands rubbed the side of her bare arms.

        "I would never do anything to hurt your feelings. I love you too much to do such a thing." He kissed her shoulder. He moved his hands over to her shoulders and noticed how tense she was. As he started rubbing her shoulders to calm her nerves down and spoke to her.

        "Buffy, what's been bothering you so much that you stiff as a board."

        "Did you see Darla while you were in New York?" Angel was surprised the question. He had no idea why she'd say such a thing. Though in his mind he had to be honest with her.

        "Yes. But it's not…."

        "I can't believe she was right all along. I thought for sure that she was lying," she said angered. She turned around and faced him.

        "It's not what you think."

        "So she wasn't in your bedroom and you weren't dreaming about her?" she asked.
        "Yes and no." Angel couldn't believe that Darla told Buffy what happened in New York. The only think was no thing happened except for her throwing her body on him.

        "Why can't you give me a straight answer?" she said her voice rising.

        "I did Buffy. She was in my room, but it wasn't like that," he said touching her arm.

        "Don't touch me. I think you should leave now." He stood up and looked at her one last time. She looked up at him with her green eyes tearing up.

        "Before I leave, I just wanted to tell you that even though you won't listen to me, I still love you and I'll be there for you when your divorce is finalized." He bent his head down and kissed her once more. It wasn't a kiss that they shared full of passion. It was sweet and innocent like their first kiss. He then stood up, walled out of the door and out of her life.

        Buffy stayed still on the couch and started crying. The tears pouring down her face and she couldn't stop. A part of her wondered if she let him explain everything she would be alone and crying.




        Angel spent the next day at work moping like a teenage boy being dumped by the prettiest girl in high school. He knew that if he spotted Darla that she wouldn't want to be near his presence. Darla was going to hear a couple of things from him and might totally regret her actions. Darla spotted Angel by his desk and noticed that he looked sad. 'Oh, poor thing, I guess Buffy told him everything. It's too bad nothing happened. I so wish it did. He loves that Buffy so much that it's consuming his mind.' She walked in and called out his name.

        "Angel? Why the sad face? Did Buffy say something to hurt your feelings?" she said coyly.

        "You bitch. You know perfectly well what happened between us in New York." He then grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her to the wall.

        "You're hurting me. I like it," she said smugly.

        "You think I'm hurting you now Darla. Don't test me," he said angered.

        "You know I like it rough. Remember? What don't you play rough with your dear sweet Buffy? Or is too innocent to play?"

        "I can't believe you. You're just surprised that Buffy broke up with me and that I'm not crawling back to you. Oh, and I don't have to play rough to get Buffy's attention."

        "Oh, please spare me. I know you and you enjoyed it when we had sex."

        "You got that right. It was sex. You used me up and tossed me aside like a dog," he said with his brown eyes flaring with anger.

        "You don't mean that. I still love you. I want to spend my life with you." Angel only wished that those words came from another woman's mouth.

        "I don't. I don’t need you actually. You made me see the error of my ways. Now leave," he said through clenched teeth." He pushed her out. Angel needed to be with Buffy. He didn't care what he had to do. He loved her too much to let her go now.




        Since Angel was out of Buffy's life, she wanted to focus on the matter at hand, which was who sabotaged her accident on the highway. She figured it was Wolfram & Hart, but when Riley cheated on her and she fell into the arms of Angel her wounds lessened. Angel made her feel better and it wasn't just the sex. Though he made her feel things that no other man has before.

        "Well that's done and over with. No more Angel. I won't be needing the doctor's services anymore." She then started crying again. Since their breakup she couldn't stop crying at night or anytime she thought of him.

        "Just forget about him. 'Cause he sure doesn't want you anymore. Oh, who am I kidding I love him so much." Willow walked in and noticed her best friend's eyes were red from crying. She wondered what could be bringing her down.

        "Buffy, are you okay? What happened?"

        "Oh, Willow it's everything. Angel and I broke up."

        "What? Why? How could this happen?" Buffy explained the whole situation to her best friend.

        "I still don't believe Angel would do that to you. He's too much of a gentleman to do such a thing."

        "I thought so too, Willow. Though the sad part in all this is that I'm in love with him."




        Angel decided that he'd try to call Buffy once more. If he found her answering, he was going to leave his final message to her. He dialed up her number and laid back in his bed with is boxers on.

        "Hi! I'm not home right now. Then again I might be and I'm screening my calls, but I doubt it. Leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you soon."

        'Great I had to hear the machine.' BEEP!

        "Hey Buffy, I miss you sweetie. Every time I've tried calling you, you either weren't home or you just didn't want to speak to me. I don't blame you. I just wanted to tell you that nothing happened that night. I'll always love you and only you." He then hung up. Buffy heard the whole message and started crying all over again.

        "I miss you too, my Angel."




        Today was the finalization of the divorce proceedings. Buffy and Riley will go their separate ways and make their own lives. Angel told Buffy that he was going to be there to support her no matter what. He arrived early at the courthouse and sat waiting for Buffy. Buffy arrived with Willow and noticed Angel sitting by himself. She wanted to tell him that she heard his final message. The judge finalized everything and Buffy was a finally a single woman again. Angel walked over and congratulated her.

        "Congratulations Buffy. I guess you have everything you want now," he said with a small smile. She just stared at him.

        "Willow, I'll see you later," he said leaning down and kissed her cheek.

        "Yeah, I will." He walked off and Buffy just stood there watching him. She turned and looked at her best friend. They both walked out he courtroom.

        "What did Angel mean by that?"

        "I didn't want to tell you while you and Angel weren't together."

        "Okay, now I feel bad. Tell me already!"

        "I'm pregnant, Buffy." Buffy hugged her friend.

        "Congratulations Willow. I'm so happy for you."

        "I know. You should see Oz. He actually said more than one word."

        "That's something new."

        "Buffy, don't you think you should go after Angel? I know you still love him."

        "He probably already left."

        "I doubt that. I have a feeling that he didn't. 'Cause he's right there." Buffy turned around and saw Angel leaning against the wall smiling at her.

        "You knew he was going to be there, didn't you?"

        "Maybe. Just go to him kiss and makeup. Besides he's my doctor. I don't need him depressed around me." Buffy laughed and hugged her friend.

        "Thanks Willow. Call me later and tell me how things went?"

        "I will. Now go."




        Buffy walked over to Angel. He looked up and faced her.

        "Hey there. I was wondering if you could help me find a doctor," she said with a shy smile.

        "What kind of doctor? I might be able to help you," he said smiling. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down.

        "Actually you're the perfect one for me," she said smiling back. She licked her lips letting her pink tongue jut out before him. He leaned down, captured her tongue with his lips and gave her a long deep sensuous kiss. His arms automatically went around her waist pulling her closer to him. Her hands moved up and grasped the short hairs behind his neck.

        "You're still going to tell me what happened between you and Darla in New York."

        "Huh? What? Do I have to?" he whined.





        Both Buffy and Angel headed over to her place. She figured that whatever Angel had to tell her about Darla didn't need an audience. As they entered the house they both sat down and looked at each other.


        "So. Are you going to tell me?" He sighed.

        "Alright, but when I start don't interrupt me no matter what, okay?"


        "Since I arrived in New York, I've thought about you a lot. I even dreamed about you. Though this last dream seemed a bit too real. You know surround sound, feeling you and the whole nine yards. You somehow found your way to my hotel. You crawled onto the bed naked and started kissing me on the chest moving your way up higher." Buffy blushed.

        "I did."

        "Let me finish. As I was saying, you kept on kissing me on your way up and I woke up and saw you. I was thrilled beyond relief. We made love, but then she nipped my lower lip and whispered in my ear.
        "She kissed you! I'm gonna kill that bitch," Buffy said angered.

        "Buffy, please let me finish," he said holding her hand.

        "Okay. I'm sorry. Go on."

        "When I found out it was her, I just pushed her away and told her to leave my room. That's what happened I swear to you."

        "So you weren't the slightest bit aroused when she lay on top of you? You can tell me you know," she said shyly. He took his forefinger and lifted her chin looking into her green eyes.

        "No. The only person that gets me turned on like that is you and only you. I still remember that dream as it was crystal clear." She moved closer to whisper her response against his lips.

        "I guess one of these days we'll make that dream come true for you. Oh, and speaking of dreams, I had one too." He groaned. The last thing he needed to hear was Buffy telling him she had dreams as well. Her hand started to stroke his thigh between the denim materials of his jeans. The touch of her little fingers threading through the jeans had his blood rushing straight to his groin. He knew that if she kept on going he wouldn't be able to restrain himself.


        "What you don't like it? It seemed like you were enjoying yourself. Unless I'm wrong and I hope I'm not," she said huskily. Her hand kept moving closer and closer to her destination. Angel placed his hand on top of hers.

        "Please, stop Buffy. If you went further I wouldn't be able to stop myself. Besides I have to get going." He then stood up.

        "But you just got here. Where you going?" she whined.

        "I have to meet Willow to start scheduling her monthly appointments, remember?" She stood up and brushed her body against his and snaked her arms around his neck.

        "I don't think Willow won't mind if you're late. So stay." He took her arms and placed it at her sides.

        "As tempting as it sounds, I have to get going. Besides after this weekend you won't be thinking the same way." He kissed her once more and headed out the door.

        "What's going to happen this weekend!" she shouted after he left. Angel was behind the door and laughed.

        "If only you knew Buffy. If only you knew."




        Angel had everything set for the weekend. This was going to be the perfect weekend. It's not that their weekends together weren't special, but this one was going to be memorable. He checked everything out and made sure that things were clear at work. The last thing he needed was to be interrupted with any patients. Angel was heading home when the pone in his office rang. 'Who could this be? Please let it not be a patient.'


        "Hi honey. So when am I going to see you?" Angel sat down.

        "I was about to call you when I got home. You're not busy this weekend are you?" 'Please say your not.'

        "No. Why you ask?"

        "Good. 'Cause I have something to ask you."

        "What is it?" Buffy was getting curious.

        "I'm not telling. It's a surprise. All I can say is wear a nice dress and I'll take care of everything else."

        "Oh, come on Angel! Can't you tell me more?"

        "Nope. I'll call you tomorrow. I love you."

        "Love you, too."




        Saturday finally was here. Angel woke up from his bed with the smile plastered on his face. If anyone who knew better would probably think he was high, but he was on cloud nine. No more Riley and no more Darla. It was just the two of them. The way Angel had wanted it for quite a while. He made sure that everything was set for his romantic weekend.




        Buffy on the other hand was still in bed, but awake. She kept wondering what as the surprise Angel had in store for her. She hoped it was something good. Well it had to be by the way he was smiling at her and the kiss just explained it to her. A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts.

        "Come in." It was her mother that appeared.

        "Oh, Buffy I didn't wake you did I sweetie?"

        "No, Mom you didn't," she said smiling broadly. Her mother noticed that something must have happened to make her so happy. Joyce walked over and sat down beside her daughter.

        "Why are you happy? Does it have to do with a certain doctor that I know?"

        "I'm very happy because I have the life that I want. Riley's out of my life and Angel's a part of a new beginning for me. Angel makes me feel happy. Very happy. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't ever meet him."

        "I'm glad he makes you feel this way. Do you think he's the one for you?"

        "I know he's the one, but I don't want to rush things with him. I like the way our relationship is going."




        Buffy had to find the perfect dress, which meant one thing. SHOPPING. She asked Willow to come along with. Buffy figured that she'd find something simple and that it would knock the socks off Angel's pants.

        "Willow, I have no clue where Angel's taking me. I just wish he told me." Buffy kept scanning for her dress.

        "Don't worry Buffy. I have the feeling he'll be as romantic as he's always been."

        "I guess you're right. I think I found the dress. What do you think?"

        "You gotta get it."




        Angel stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. The water droplets from his hair were cascading down his body. As he took off his towel revealing his nude body, he walked over his closet and started arranging his clothes. Angel dressed in a black suit with a burgundy shirt and had the first two buttons of his shirt opened. He made sure his hair was done and that, what was inside his drawer was placed inside his jacket pocket. He splashed on some cologne and headed out the door.




        Buffy was getting dressed in her black sleeveless silk dress that reached at the knee. It had a v-neck line that revealed just the right amount of cleavage. She wore black heels with matching stockings. Her hair was swept up in a bun. The last remaining touch was her make up and her jewelry. She wore minimal makeup and a pair of earrings with a matching bracelet. The doorbell rang downstairs and she went down the stairs.

        By the time Buffy reached the last step she spotted Angel talking with her father.

        "Dad, thanks for keeping Angel company for me," she said walking towards Angel. Hank Summers smiled and left the room.

        "Hey gorgeous," he said with his trademark of a half smile. She looked so stunning on her black dress. He noticed the curves of her body were revealed perfectly, but what caught his attention was the neckline of her dress. He noticed how exposed the curves of her breasts were in the dress. The sight of her exposed brought a tingling sensation down to his crotch. He needed to avoid staring at her there before he forgets him and everything that was planned and take her right then and there.

        "Hi." Buffy was a bit surprised that he didn't bring her anything. He always brought her something. Angel looked at her and noticed what she was thinking.

        "I did bring you something. I'll give it to you later."




        They ate a peaceful meal at Chelsea's and Angel was heading over to his destination. He was quiet about where they were going. Buffy was too anxious to know, but Angel wouldn't tell her. He just either smiled at her or just told her that she'd like what he had in store. The bad part was that was blindfolded, so all she heard was Angel's car driving on the highway.

        As they made it to their destination Buffy became more and more agitated.

        "Angel, are we there yet?"

        "Yeah, we're here, but don't take off the blindfold."

        "Fine," she huffed. He looked at her and smiled.

        "Trust me you'll love it," he whispered and nipped her earlobe. She elicited a moan.

        As he stepped out, he quickly walked over and held the door open for her. They walked until Angel told her to stop.

        "You can take it off now." He had his arms wrapped around her waist. She looked at the view and the sky was filled with stars.

        "It's so beautiful up here."

        "Not from where I'm standing." She turned and faced him. He let go of her embrace and decided now was the time to tell her.

        "Buffy, I love you. You know that right?" She nodded.

        "I guess I first fell in love with you, when I saw you in the hospital. Then I realized you were married, so I had to shut off my feelings for you. So I thought you were out of my life, but then you came running towards me when Riley hurt you. I thought here's my chance to prove my love to her. So when we kissed, I knew you were the one. When we made love for the first time, I knew for certain that you were the woman I wanted to by my side for the rest of my life." As he said those last few lines, he got down on bended knee. Buffy was so surprised at what Angel had told her. She couldn't believe what he was doing. He was proposing to her.  

        "Do you remember when I said that prince charming would come knocking on your door and sweep you off your feet? I really hoped that was I. Will you marry me?" He took out a little black velvet box and opened it. It revealed a two-carat diamond ring. Tears were forming in her eyes as she saw what just happened and leaped into his arms. She then started to kiss him uncontrollably, from his neck to his cheeks and finally his mouth. As they drifted apart from the heated kiss Angel smiled and asked her the question that was never answered.

        "So is that a yes?"

        "Yes, I'll marry you. Though I'm surprised that you proposed to me."

        "Why is that?"

        "Because I can recall our first kiss and you said that we didn't know each other long enough," she said teasingly.

        "Well in that case, I'll take the ring back then, " he said trying to retrieve the ring from her finger.

        "Oh, no you don't mister. You are stuck with me." He laughed.

        "So I guess this calls for a celebration. A private one of course."

        "I agree. 'Cause right now I want you so badly," she said placing her fingers inside his shirt. He shuddered at her touch.

        "Let's head over to that," he said as he draped his arm around her shoulder. Buffy was shocked that he wanted to have sex in a house that didn't belong to them.

        "We can't do that! Are you crazy!"

        "No, I'm not. It's my house."



        Buffy was shocked to hear that he owned a house. It amazed her.

        "You have a house! Why didn't you tell me this before?" she exclaimed.

        "I didn't tell you because, I never took anyone here. I was waiting for the right woman to come along," he said smiling.

        "That would be me right?" she said shyly.

        "Yeah, that would be you." He took her by the hand and opened the door to let themselves in. As they entered the beautifully decorated home, Buffy walked toward the sofa and sat down.

        "Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back." He quickly kissed her and headed towards the kitchen.



        When Angel was in the kitchen, Buffy was looking around and noticed Angel good taste in his furniture. 'He must have had his mother's advice. It definitely has a woman's touch.'

        Angel stepped out with a bottle of champagne and two flute glasses in his hand. He smiled at the sight of his girlfriend. Now she was his fiancée now. As he approached her, she looked up and smiled.

        "That was fast." He popped the bottle opened it, poured the champagne into the two flutes in his hand and handed one to his Buffy.

        "Here's to us. To new beginnings and more memories to come."

        "To us." They sipped the champagne and looked intently at one another. Their gazes that were sent from that short distance showed passion, love and a sense of devotion that radiated between them. Angel took both their champagne glasses and set them on the table. He leaned in closer; he placed his hands and cupped her cheeks. He then kissed her forehead, both her eyelids, both sides of her cheeks, her nose and then her lips. As the kiss deepened both their lips parted out and let their tongues guided their way to one another. While this was going on Angel let his hand slip in and cup her breasts, which she moaned into his mouth. It seemed like an eternity since he touched her there. He smiled against her lips. His lips wandered its journey along the nape of her neck and then her shoulders. Angel stopped and looked at his Buffy. Her mouth was parted and her eyes were closed. She quickly opened her eyes and looked at him.

        "Why'd you stop? Change your mind?"

        "Dance with me." As the song was playing on the CD player Angel held his Buffy closely in his arms. She wrapped one arm around his waist. She inhaled the scent of his cologne and knew this was where she supposes to be. Angel kissed the top of her head and moved to lift her chin so he could see those hazel eyes that he loves so much.


It's undeniable
that we should be together
It's unbelievable
how I used to say that I'd fall never
The basis is need to know
if you don't know just how I feel
Then let me show you now that I'm for real
If all things in time
time will reveal


One - you're like a dream come true
Two - just wanna be with you
Three - Girl its plain to see
that you're the only one for me
Four - repeat steps one through three
Five - make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done
then I'll start back at one...


So Incredible
the way things work themselves out
And all emotional
once you know that its all about, hey
And undesirable
for us to be apart
Never would of made it very far
Cause you know you got the keys to my heart


One - you're like a dream come true
Two - just wanna be with you
Three - Girl its plain to see
that you're the only one for me
Four - repeat steps one through three
Five - make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done
then I'll start back at one...



Say farewell to the dark of night
I see the coming of the sun
I feel like a little child
whose life has just begun
You came and breathed new life
Into this lonely heart of mine
You threw out the life line
just in the nick of time...


One - you're like a dream come true
Two - just wanna be with you
Three - Girl its plain to see
that you're the only one for me
Four - repeat steps one through three
Five - make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done
then I'll start back at one...



        "Do you know how much I love you?"

        "Well you could always show me again," she said rubbing against his body. He groaned.

        "You are insatiable Buffy Summers."

        "Isn't that what you like about me," she said huskily. He laughed and picked her up in his arms and laid her against his shoulder. As Angel made his way up the stairs, Buffy started pounding on his back.

        "Angel, let me down." He smacked her butt.

        "No. And you better stop that if you know what's good for you."

        "What your gonna do? Your gonna tie me up and never let me out of the house?"

        "Actually I might do that," he grinning.




        "Did you have to tie me up?"

        "Well you did suggest it. So I thought it was my sacred duty as your fiancé to agree with your wishes," he said wickedly. He looked down at her with those brown eyes and kept on smiling. She swatted him on the chest. He grabbed her wrist and started kissing along the way and pulled her closer into his embrace until their lips met for a kiss.

        "I can't wait for you to be my wife. Soon you'll be having my children," he said placing his hands on her stomach. He took one of his hands and drew lazy circles against her abdomen. She started to giggle at his touch. She was always sensitive to his touches especially in her belly.

        "I can't wait for you to be my husband."




10 years later July 27, 2020


        Buffy and Angel have been happily married with two children. Her law firm with Willow was doing great. Angel still worked at Sunnydale General, but apparently there was no sign of Darla or Riley for that matter. She left with Riley and was reportedly in Iowa. Willow Anne McCallister, Buffy and Angel's five-year-old daughter was making her way to the living room. She was on the lookout for her Daddy to rescue her from the clutches of her brother Alex, who was named after his godfather Xander. He was three years older than his little sister.

        "Daddy, Daddy, Alex hit me," she said pouting. She was dressed up in a pink dress with ruffles and her blonde hair was done in pigtails. He lifted her up in his arms and laid her down on the sofa.

        "Show Daddy, so he can kiss it and make it all better." Alex and Annie were constantly fighting. Even though he always stood up for her in front of other boys, but when they were home it was impossible at times to keep them apart.

        "Here Daddy." She showed her father the red patch on top of her hand. Angel picked up her little chubby hand and gently kissed on her bruise. He made sure that when he kissed her hand that he didn't hurt her. He looked up at and noticed the same green eyes just like his Buffy.

        "Feel better Annie?"

        "Yes, thank you Daddy." She leaned in and gave him a kiss.

        "Alex Patrick McCallister, come down here right now." Alex heard his father's tone of voice and knew he was in trouble. He quickly made his way downstairs and spotted his sister and their father. His sister was very manipulative. She was Daddy's girl. She was his little angel. Whatever she would do Angel would come to her defense. He hated his sister at this point.

        "Yeah, Dad," he said quietly. His head went down afterwards.

        "Did you hurt your sister?" He nodded his head.


        " 'Cause she took my toy car away and won't give it back to me." The eight-year-old brown haired, brown-eyed boy was a little version of his father. He had the same attitude as his father and tended to be to himself at times. Though when someone messed with his stuff, especially his toys no one got in his way. He didn't want to get in trouble with his father.

        Angel turned and faced his daughter. Annie knew perfectly well what she had done.

        "Annie, is it true?"

        "Yes, Daddy, but I promise not to do it again," she said pouting. She wrapped her little arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. She knew that her father would fall for this act. Her mother always did that and he always gave in. 'Why does she have to look like her mother so much? She uses the same mannerisms and has her blonde hair. Oh, I so blame this on Buffy.'

        "Okay, but you have to give back your brother's toy." She nodded. Alex was looking at the interaction between the two and looked at his sister. She stuck out her little tongue at him. Annie thought her father wasn't looking.

        "Annie, behave. Your Aunt Willow is coming over and so is Uncle Xander. Your cousins are coming along with them."

        "Yea!" they both said.

        Buffy entered the room and noticed both of her children were happy and weren't fighting.




        As everyone headed towards the backyard Buffy held Angel back. Angel wondered what could be the reason.

        "What is it honey?" he asked concerned. She wondered how to tell her husband the great news.

        "I guess there's no other way to tell you this. I'm pregnant." He smiled, leaned down and kissed her. 

"Well as your personal physician and husband, I suggest that we head upstairs to have a private celebration," he said wiggling his eyebrows.

        "But we can't just go upstairs and leave our friends and plus your friends are coming later on as well."

        "Trust me, they won't miss us." As if someone from up above knew what they have planned, their daughter yelled out for her father.

        "Daddy! Are you coming?" Angel groaned. His daughter had such great timing. He turned and looked at his little girl.

        "Annie, sweetie Mommy isn't feeling too well, so Daddy's gonna sleep with her okay," he said kneeling before her.

        "Okay. Mommy, I hope you feel better. But you promise to read me a bedtime story before I go to sleep?"

        "Yes. Now go have some fun with your cousins and don't bother your brother." She giggled and hugged her father and then left.

        "Angel, how could you lie to her like that?" She hit his chest.

        "It wasn't easy, but I couldn't actually tell her the truth either. I'll race you upstairs," he said with an evil gleam in his brown eyes. Buffy ran passed him leaving Angel with the view of her behind. As she reached the top step, she looked down and noticed that her husband was still there.

        "You're not coming?"

        "I'm coming."


The End