Sigma Delta Gamma by Jo



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Summary: Buffy and Angel meet up in college.

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Buffy Anne Summers had just graduated High School and was about to start off her first year of college at UC Sunnydale. College is basically every person being their own individual and not being in a clique. Buffy was excited to start off a new life in UC Sunnydale and leaving the memories of Sunnydale High behind. Mainly Buffy wanted to leave behind the memory of her boyfriend of two years, Jeff Chambers who decided that they should breakup. She was heart broken about this, but her best friend Willow told her that things would get better and she’ll find a guy and start going out again. Though in Buffy’s case she didn’t want to meet a guy and start a relationship again. She wanted to start college, enjoy her time and not worry about some guy telling her what to do.


Angel McCrohan was starting his third year at UC Sunnydale. He liked the school and somehow he just didn’t know how he joined a fraternity. Why oh why did he join? He still had no clue. He blamed it all on Xander Harris. Xander told him that he’d meet a lot of guys to hang out with. Instead Angel noticed that most of the time the guys partied a lot and got drunk. It’s not that he didn’t join them, but it was happening all the time. He was hoping that the reunion with their sister chapter, that he’d meet a nice girl that wouldn’t just talk about herself or ask him what type of car he drove.

“Hey Angel, aren’t you glad that we will be in college together now?” Angel was interrupted by his thoughts and looked at the dark haired female.

“Sure thing Faith. I always wanted my kid sister to follow me around. I just hope that you don’t get yourself into any trouble, like you did in high school.”

“Me? Why big brother, I’m appalled! How could I do such a thing like that,” she said sarcastically. Angel laughed.

“Speaking of college, have you thought about joining any activities when you enter this fall?”

“I don’t know. I’ll see all the cute guys and then make up my mind. Hey, maybe you can hook me up with one of your frat guy friends.” He looked at her.

“Yeah, right. There’s no way I’m letting my little sister near those guys.”

“But Angel.”

“No buts about it. I’m your big brother and what I say is final. End of discussion.” She looked at her brother. She knew that Angel was looking over her, but he sure can be annoying, oh let me correct myself a pain in the ass. But she loved Angel.


Buffy was up in her room and was talking to Willow about UC Sunnydale.

“I still can’t believe that I graduated and now I’m going to attend college this fall. It’s a miracle.”

“Come on Buffy. You’re acting as if it wasn’t going to happen.”

“Come on Will, you know perfectly well that Synde man wanted my ass out of school. He was always looking for an opportunity. Okay enough about that. So how are Oz and Xander?” Willow blushed at the thought of Oz. She missed her boyfriend. He was off in LA with Dingoes Ate My Baby playing in UCLA.

“Oz is fine. As for Xander, he’s enjoying the life as a frat guy. He’s telling corny jokes and is still the butt of all jokes.”

“Great. You know there’s this part of me that’s excited about college, but then it’s like I don’t want to go. Does it make sense or am I babbling?” Willow laughed.

“You’re not babbling. Just think of it his way you’ll meet a ton of college guys and forget about Jeff Chambers. Since I’m joining a sorority, I figure you’ll meet a nice frat guy there.” Now it was Buffy’s turn to laugh.

“Will, did you eat too many pixie sticks? There’s no way I’m joining a sorority, let alone meet a frat guy. A typical frat guy does the following things, has a huge ego, plays football and loves to drink beer and do Jell-o shots.”

“Buffy you can’t just stereotype guys in a fraternity like that. There are some guys that aren’t like that.”

“I know Willow, Oz is an exception, but you have to admit that most frat guys do what I said. Besides I’m not interested in hooking up with a guy. If I meet a guy, I just want it to be purely platonic.” Though Willow heard the words of her best friend, she knew that Buffy wouldn’t mind being in a relationship.

Buffy on the other hand thought it was best to not rush into anything. Jeff wanted her to have sex with him before he headed off to UCLA, but Buffy wasn’t ready. Though they dated for two years. They never had sex with one another. All she wanted was to meet a guy and be friends with.


It was the last day of summer and the whole gang decided to meet up at The Bronze. Well basically the gang consisted of Buffy, Willow and Cordelia. Buffy figured she’d enjoy her last moment at The Bronze ‘cause starting tomorrow it was a whole brand new life at UC Sunnydale.

“Aren’t you two excited about tomorrow? New classes, professors and books to open up our minds.”

“Sure thing Willow. I’m excited, but not like you though. I’m just glad that Mom doesn’t mind that I’m dorming,” Buffy said laughing.

“I just can’t wait to join a sorority. You get to meet other girls and I hear that the frat guys look really gorgeous.”

“Yeah, sure thing. Most of the guys probably partied so much that the brain cells that they have left are enough for them to chug down some beer. I can’t wait for those keggers,” Buffy replied sarcastically.

“Well Buffy just because you’re not interested doesn’t mean we have to follow you. Though I do recommend that you join a sorority. You might find the perfect guy. Speaking of guys you know Faith McCrohan, well her brother’s in a fraternity and I heard he’s a looker.”

“That’s great Cordy, but I’m just not interested in meeting a guy now. If I do, I just want to be friends.”


Buffy had an early class and it was Art History. She wondered why she chose a class this early even to begin with. As she wandered down the hall to her Art History class, she passed by a guy that seemed to have caught her attention. He was tall, well built body with broad shoulders, dark brown hair with spikes and the most gorgeous brown eyes she’s ever seen. But the thing that caught her attention the most was his smile. It was more of a smirk and she wondered if it was for her or was he thinking of someone else. So she smiled in return and then headed on her way.

Angel spotted the petite lady as soon as she made her entrance down the hall. Her blonde hair was done in ponytails, so she looked more like an innocent schoolgirl than a college girl. She wore a long skirt and a small white T-shirt that said “BAD GIRL.” Angel smiled at her hoping she’d smile back and she did.


As everyone was seated the professor introduced herself as Ms. Sandra Kent. She then went on with the syllabus with the class, the books and then attendance. Then since there wasn’t much left to do, she had a video set for the class to watch.

“Oh, great. She already wants us to start off with writing notes. I so didn’t want to do this.”

“Shh.” Buffy looked over it and was that guy that smiled at her in the hall.

‘I can’t believe this! He’s shushing me already. I don’t even know his name. This is just great.’

Angel looked at her facial expression and noticed that she was furious at him. ‘She sure looked cute being mad at me. Hey! Where is this coming from? Just calm yourself Angel.’


Buffy was glad so glad that her first day of classes were over. She headed towards the bookstore to get the required books for her classes. The line wasn’t as long as it was earlier during the day, so she knew for sure that she’d be in and out in no time. Buffy made her purchases and on her way out she ran smacked into what she thought was a wall, but instead it was a guy’s chest. Her books fell and she tilted her head and looked into those same brown eyes.

“You should watch…” He was speechless after he stared into those hazel eyes.


“Sorry about that. Let me help you there.” He picked up her books and handed them to her. As he laid the last book on her arms his fingers gently grazed against hers. The touch of his fingers passing against hers he felt something run though inside him. He hoped that maybe she felt that spark as well. He smiled at her before they both rose up.

“Thanks. I’ll see you around.” She turned and left with a smile on her face.

“Yeah, see you around,” he whispered to himself.


Buffy was back in her dorm room in Stevenson Hall, dropped her books on her desk and plopped down on her bed.

“I can sense that someone had an eventful day. Who left that smile on your face?”

“I’m just happy,” she lied. It was definitely the mystery guy that she saw three times in one day.

“I know that look on you face. It’s a guy. Who is he?”

“That’s the problem, Willow. I don’t even know who he is. I’ve seen him three times already. He has the sweetest smile and these brown eyes that I could drown myself into,” she said happily.

“You’ve got a crush on mystery guy. You should ask him out.”

“No way Will. I doubt I’m his type anyway. Besides a guy like him probably already has a girlfriend that he’s devoted to.”

“You never know, you might meet him somewhere you least expect it.”

“Yeah, right,” she said laughing.


Meanwhile Angel went back to Delta Zeta Kappa and went straight into his room. The only thing he especially liked about Delta Zeta Kappa was that he had his own room. It was great just in case he met the right girl and wanted to be alone. A girl’s face came into his mind. Those green eyes were still pierced into his mind. Angel kept on thinking about the pretty blonde when someone entered his room.

“Hey Angel.”

“Don’t you ever think if knocking before entering someone’s room?”

“Actually no. Come on, Angel we all have to prepare for this weekend.”

“What’s this weekend?” He knew perfectly well. The upcoming weekend was to meet up with their sister chapter Sigma Delta Gamma.

“We get to meet the new babes. You might find your prefect match.” Angel laughed.

“No, thanks.” ‘I think I found my match, but I doubt she’ll be there.’


Buffy still didn’t understand how she let Willow and Cordelia to convince her to attend Sigma Delta Gamma’s meeting. As far as she knew sororities weren’t her things. She didn’t need a club to meet new friends.

“Tell me why again I should join you and Cordelia in a sorority?”

“It’ll be fun and you can meet new people. Come on Buffy maybe your mystery guy might appear,” Willow said smiling.

“I doubt it.”

“Buffy, you’re coming. End of discussion,” Cordelia said seriously. Buffy huffed and walked out the door with both women.


Buffy and her friends arrived at Sigma Delta Gamma. She looked around and the decorations were in colors of purple and gold balloons. Then she swerved her head around and noticed the panther, which she presumed was their mascot. ‘What did I get myself into? I just can’t wait for female bonding. Yay!”

“Alright ladies, if you would kindly take your seats and I’ll begin.” All the women were seated. Some of them seemed eager to join this sorority, while others were simply forced against their own recognizance.

“Welcome ladies to Sigma Delta Gamma. I’m Darla Forrester and I’m the president of Sigma Delta Gamma. I’m guessing the reason why you came to this open house was to see whether or not joining this sorority is for you.”

“You can say that. But in my case I’m just here to check out the frat guys.” Buffy turned and looked at Faith.

“Faith, she might here you.”

“Don’t care B. I know you’re not too thrilled about joining.” Buffy cringed when she heard Faith call her B. She just detested that nickname. She accepted Buff or even Anne, but B she just didn’t like at all.

“I came because of my friends. How about you? You don’t seem like the type that’ll join a sorority to help out anyone.”

“You got that right B. I mostly joined because my Mom thinks it’ll give me some kind of stability. I’m doing it mostly to bug the hell out of my brother.” For some weird reason Buffy wanted to know how could she have a brother. ‘Was he psychotic as her, or just an ordinary guy? Yeah, right that’d be a miracle.’

“I didn’t know you have a brother.”

“Yeah, he’s in Delta Zeta Kappa. You’ll meet him.” Buffy just smiled. ‘Oh, great he’s a frat guy. I can’t wait to see what thing he has planned for me.’


The guys made their introductions and were now waiting for their sister chapter to get acquainted.

“So Angel are you ready to meet some potential girlfriend? You get to talk, have a drink and party the night,” Xander said doing a silly dance.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not interested,” he lied. He already had his eyes set on the petite blonde with those green eyes that made him smile. Just when Xander was about to interject he heard the ladies enter.

“Welcome, to Delta Zeta Kappa, drink, mingle and be merry,” Xander said laughing. The women laughed and looked at Xander in a weird way.


As time went by Buffy was getting bored. She mostly stayed with herself or talked with her friends. Willow noticed how her blonde friend wasn’t amused by the situation.

“Buffy, are you alright?”

“Sure thing Willow.” She then turned her head towards the crowd and spotted the mystery guy looking her way and smiled. She smiled right back at him.

“Willow could you tell me who that guy over there? The one with the blue T-shirt and blue jeans with the dark brown spiked hair.” Willow smiled at her friend. She noticed how her friend was excited about meeting Angel.

“Oh, that’s Angel McCrohan. Is he your mystery guy?”

“Yeah, he is. How do you know him?” Buffy asked curiously. Buffy wondered how her best friend knew a guy like that and never hooked her up with him. ‘Where did that thought come from? Stop that Buffy. He probably has some gorgeous model girlfriend.’

“He’s a friend of Oz and Xander. You don’t remember him back in Sunnydale High?”

“Nope, my mind’s coming to a big blur.” She looked up and saw Angel staring at her again. She left her friend Willow and headed towards Angel.


Angel noticed that his mystery girl was walking towards him. ‘Okay Angel just act like yourself and don’t say anything stupid.’

“Hi!” he said flashing her that smile that she loved.

“Hi. My name’s Buffy,” she said smiling back.

“Buffy, quite a unique name. I’m Angel.”

“I know that already,” she said laughing. He looked at her with such confusion. ‘How did she know my name? More importantly why didn’t they give me hers.’


“My friend Willow. You know Oz’s girlfriend.”

“Oh, I know Willow. She’s a sweet girl.”

“Would you dance with me?” She nodded. He led her off the dance floor. His hands were at her waist, while her hands automatically went around his neck. The touch between them was something indescribable. As she looked into his eyes she started talking.

“So Angel, what’s a guy like you doing here?” He laughed a hearty laugh.

“I joined because of Xander. So Xander’s definitely to blame. How about you?”

“My friends as well. There’s this one girl that kept on annoying me throughout high school. She’s a wild girl back at Sunnydale High.”

‘Oh, boy! I know she’s talking about Faith. Faith’s the only one.’

“She keeps on calling me B. I just can’t stand it. Did you remember a girl named Faith back at Sunnydale High?”


“Faith. I don’t remember that name at all,” he lied.

“I’m sorry for bugging you with this. I know that I’m eating your ear off with this.”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind.” Faith made her way toward her brother. ‘Well, well big brother’s already making the moves on B.’ She tapped Angel on the shoulder.

“Angel, I’m heading out. Mom wants to know if you’ll be home tonight?”

“Tell her that I’ll be home later on. If not I’ll be home definitely tomorrow.” She kissed his cheek and left.

Buffy looked at him and blushed. ‘I can’t believe I just insulted his sister and he took it.’

“I’m sorry about that. I didn’t know that Faith was your sister. If I had known,” she said apologetically.

“It’s alright Buffy. I’m glad to know how you really feel about my sister. Most of the girls that I knew and went out with always said that they liked her. I knew they didn’t. You have something that they lacked of.”

“What’s that?”

“Honesty. You are the first girl that I met that I can see she has her own opinion and sticks by it.”

“Thank you.” Buffy felt like she knew Angel all her life. She had the feeling that if their friendship grew into something more that she knew that he’d never hurt her. Angel loved the feeling of Buffy in his arms. ‘I want to get to know her better. I know for sure I want to be with her. I can feel it all the way down to my bones.’


As they danced their last song, Angel didn’t want Buffy to leave his arms. He would have done anything for her to stay.

“I think I better get going. I doubt the guys would like to see me come morning.”

“Oh, I doubt that. When they see your pretty face, they’ll be smiling.”

“Pretty huh? Are you flirting with me Angel?”

“Maybe.” ‘Of course I’m flirting with you. I want you.’

“Thanks for the compliment. That’s sweet.” She leaned upon her tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

“Good night Angel.”

“’Night Buffy.”


That night Buffy slept well because she remembered what a nice time she had with Angel. She finally knew his name and he wasn’t a jerk like she expected most guys that joined a fraternity. Though she still wanted to her to know Angel as a friend first. That doesn’t mean if something happened later on between them that she wouldn’t pursue it. Who wouldn’t if a girl met someone like Angel?

“Good Morning Willow,” Buffy said cheerfully.

“Morning. Someone sure had a good night’s sleep.”

“I had a great time last night.”

“It wouldn’t be because of a certain tall, handsome, dark haired guy.”

“Maybe.” Willow lifted her brows.

“Yes. I’ll be joining the sorority. I thought the word sorority would ever come out of my mouth.”

“So out of curiosity, what did you two talk about while you danced all night?”

“Oh, Willow it was horrible and embarrassing. I mentioned Faith and little did I know she was his kid sister.”

“So what did he say?”

“He thought I was honest. I was the first girl that he met that had her own opinion and wasn’t going to please him.”

“So did you feel anything while you were in his arms?” Willow asked curiously. She noticed the smile that her blonde haired friend couldn’t seem to get rid if.

“I don’t know. Maybe. For now I just want to be his friend.”


Angel was another one that had a great night’s rest. One of the cutest things that he remembered about Buffy was how embarrassed she was when Faith appeared. He could tell that was so horrifying for her to go through. He liked her honesty, but that wasn’t the only thing he liked about her. Her smile. She looked so innocent and sweet, but yet he had this feeling that she had this wild side that was hidden very well.

Xander was standing by Angel’s doorway. He noticed that his friend was in the arms of Buffy Summers. It seemed from the way they danced and spoke on Saturday that they got along very well. He walked in and sat next to Angel.

“Angel, Angel my friend. What’s up buddy?” he said smacking Angel’s shoulder.

“Xander, Xander, what is it that you want?” Angel said removing Xander’s hand.

“Come on, Angel, pal, buddy. I noticed you were making the moves on Buffy Summers. You danced with her all night. So what gives? You like her?” ‘It figures that he had to mention her.’

“Since when are you keeping tabs on me? It’s none of your business what Buffy and I spoke about. Do I like her? Of course I do, but as a friend. She’s a lovely young woman,” he lied. He was so interested in her since the first day. When they danced on Saturday he was definitely sure of himself that he wanted to know more about Buffy Summers.”

“I always keep tabs on the women you’ve went with. I have this feeling that your lying to me about your feelings for Buffy.”

“Xander why don’t you concentrate in your own love life and leave mine alone. I have to get ready for my class, so would you leave now.”


Angel sat in Art History as he had kept the empty seat next to him waiting for Buffy to sit on. Every time someone would want to sit, especially females he just said that he was holding it for a friend. Well technically it was true. Buffy is his friend. Buffy entered the room and sat on the vacated seat next to Angel.

“Hey Angel. How are you?” ‘Does she want to know how I really feel while she’s this close to me? Just tell her that your fine and smile.’

“I’m fine Buffy. I had a great time on Saturday with you.”

“Oh, please don’t remind me. I should be a bit angry with you, instead of being embarrassed.”

“Why is that?” He made believe as if to what he did wrong.

“You know perfectly well. You should have told me that Faith was your sister,” she said hitting him playfully.

“Now why would I do that? I already told you that I was glad that I met a girl that was completely honest about Faith. So you have no worries.”

“Thanks. Did you read the assignment, that Professor Kent assigned us?”

“Yeah, I did. Let me guess you didn’t.”

“I can’t help it. What’s that’s suppose to mean that I didn’t? Why you…” She then hit him again. He grabbed her wrist and the contact of his fingers touching her skin went down his spine.

“You know if you keep hitting me, you’ll be leaving a mark on me and I won’t be able to show off to the pretty girls at Sigma Delta Gamma.” She looked at him and laughed.


The same day Angel and Buffy had lunch together. Willow supposedly had class at the time. She knew the redhead had good intentions. As for Cordelia she probably met up with some guy. Buffy didn’t care less. She was just focused on the set of brown eyes that sat across from her.

“So you decided to join the sorority, huh?”

“Yeah, I figured it seems interesting.” ‘But I think the reason is because of you.’

“That’s great. You’ll be making tons of friends and you’ll have a bunch of guys dying to go out with you.” ‘Including myself.’

“New friends I can handle. Going out with a guy, I’m not ready yet for that.” ‘I guess in my case the only guy I’d consider would be you.’

“So what type of guy is Buffy Summers looking for?” Xander ran over to interrupt Buffy and Angel’s conversation.

“Hey Buffster! Long time no see. How have you been?” he said hugging her.

“I’m doing great Xander. By the way great party on Saturday.” She was glad that Xander saved her from Angel’s personal question. Xander sat down and looked at Angel.



“So what are you two chatting about?”

“Just about Saturday, that’s about it.” Angel answered. He wanted Xander to leave and Buffy could tell.

“Okay. Has Angel here bore you to death with Art History or what a great football player he is?”

“No, he hasn’t. I guess I’ll find out sooner or later,” Buffy said smiling at Angel.


As the semester went along both Buffy and Angel had gotten to know each other better. They both sat in the lounge taking a break from Art History.

“So what is that you fear Angel?” Buffy asked. Angel was rather surprised by the question. ‘If she knows the truth she’s going to laugh at me.’

“I don’t think you want to know. You’ll laugh at me. Everyone else has.”

“I promise I won’t,” she said placing her hand on top of his.

“Okay. My biggest fear is I’m afraid of chickens. Or rather birds. They seem to be clucky,” he said motioning his head back and forth like a pigeon. Buffy smiled, but then suddenly started laughing out loud. Angel looked at her and bent his down in shame.

“I’m sorry Angel. I just wasn’t expecting an answer like that.”

“I’m glad that my fear has become an amusement for you. Speaking of fears, what’s yours?” Buffy stopped laughing and became serious.

“I fear hospitals. I don’t like them mainly because of the smell and seeing the people that are about to die just waiting for the end to come.” He could tell that she was afraid of hospitals seriously. Buffy realized that he was fairly quiet and decided to ask him another question that will shock him.

“Angel, where’s the strangest place you thought about sex?” Angel nearly chocked at Buffy’s question.

“I guess the library.”

“Why the library?” She was definitely curious.

“It just seems like that every time I’m in the library with it being quiet and all, I tend to have horny thoughts,” he said smiling wickedly.

“I guess I better not be in a library with you,” she said smiling back.

“So Buffy, how about you?”

“I’m not going to tell.”

“Why not?” he whined.

“’Cause a girl always has to keep a few secrets to herself.” He groaned. He wanted to know where and with whom she’d be with. It was bothering him a lot. Buffy just enjoyed gloating, but the fact of the matter was she didn’t have an answer her him. When she was around Angel, parts of her would be jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping jellybean. She felt things with Jeff, but they weren’t this strong or powerful.


It was time for pledging and the theme was “CAR WASH.” They would take the proceeds and split it into two. One was for charity and the other would be for the sororities and fraternities. Each girl was paired up with a guy. As if faith was granted upon them Buffy was paired up with Angel. She couldn’t wait and neither could he. It seemed as if both of them were dreaming of an opportunity to be together and not worry if one touched the other.

As each of the couples washed cars and made their money, the weather was getting higher. The humidity rose causing them to sweat. Angel was checking out Buffy in her cute sky blue tank top with matching shorts. Her hair was swept up in a bun, but had a strand of hair sticking out. She looked tired and worn out. He thought that maybe she needed to cool off a bit. As he finished rinsing the car himself, he raised the hose, aimed it at the pretty blonde and let the water jet out.

“Angel, stop that!” Though he didn’t stop, he was quite enjoying himself seeing a wet, soaked and drenched Buffy. As the water nozzle went down Buffy went after him with a bucket full of soap and water.

“Oh, no you don’t Buffy.”

“Oh, yes.” She then poured the soapy water on him. He was now completely drenched as well. The foam of the soap was all over his body from his hair right down to his legs. Buffy looked at him and couldn’t help, but stare at his body. The T-shirt he wore clung to his chest as second skin revealing his pecs and abs. ‘He is definitely in great shape. What I’d do now to see him without a that shirt on?’ He wiped the excess soap from his face.

“I’m going to get you for this Buffy,” he said smiling.

“Try and catch me if you can.” She then went running around the car until Angel grabbed her by the waist.

“Gotcha.” She turned around and looked at him. They were so close that not an inch of space was left between them. Buffy gulped and caught her breath. He was staring at her intently. It was as if he could read what was on her mind.

“So what are you gonna do about it?” Buffy finally said after finding her voice.

“I’m gonna kiss you.” He nipped her lower lip, and then moved on deepening the kiss. Buffy felt the need to keep on kissing Angel. Her hand went through his wet hair lightly massaging the nape of his neck. The other was on his arm. Angel’s arms held her firmly around her slim waist. She fit perfectly in his arms. Nothing could ruin this moment.

Faith noticed her brother was in an intense lip lock with Buffy. ‘Way to go B. She’s not that much of an innocent girl after all. I think they both need to cool off a bit.’ Faith picked up a hose and told Willow to get one as well. Both ladies aimed at the two kissing young couple. As if like an automatic reflex both Buffy and Angel parted when they felt the cold water on their skin.

“What the?”

“Who did that?” Both of them looked at he conspirators. It was Faith and Willow.

“Faith! Why’d you do that?” Angel wasn’t too pleased with his sister at the moment. He’ll get her back.

“I thought you and B needed to cool down. You both looked like at any minute you’d be sucking face.” He glared at her.

“Willow! How could you? You’re my best friend.”

“Well Faith spotted you two and asked if I wanted to wet the both of you. So I gave in. She can be very threatening,” Willow said innocently. Buffy looked over at Angel.

“You know what Angel, I think its time we show your sister and my best friend who’s the boss around here. Are you up for it?”

“Definitely.” Both of them had a hose and started squirting at their enemies. They all kept on wetting each other back and forth until Willow couldn’t handle the pressure anymore.

“Okay, okay you to win.”

“Thank you, Willow.”

Angel looked over at Buffy and clearly this time he could see definitely much more of her body. Her shirt clung tightly that her bra was revealed as well were her pert nipples. Buffy looked down at herself and realized what Angel was gazing at.

“Okay, that was all too revealing. At least guys don’t have to worry about covering up anything.”

“That’s true. We guys can just take our shirts off.” He then proceeded on to doing that.

“I was getting a bit hot anyway,” he said with a half smile. The sight of that smile melted her heart. She was then now able to see what was underneath that T-shirt of his. It’s not that she hadn’t notice, but with one less article of clothing things looked clear. Crystal clear. ‘Those were the arms that held me not so long ago. In his arms for what seemed like a minute made me want to be in his arms for an eternity. My tiny body was flushed up against his broad chest. Those lips, oh how much I love those lips when I hear him talking to me, but especially his kiss. He was gentle and sweet with the softest touch. I can definitely keep on kissing those lips and never ask for anything else, but for his love. Love? Am I already falling for the brown eyed guy?’

“I better head inside and change. See you later.” As she turned to walk in Angel called out her name.



“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For the kiss,” he said smiling.

“Your welcome.” He watched her back as she entered inside the door.


Willow saw the heated stares between the two and knew that definitely there was an attraction. She had to know if Buffy really likes Angel. Buffy walked in with a smile on her face. The smile said it all. She liked him.

“So Buffy how was it like kissing Angel?”

“Well Willow I was interrupted to remember.” That was total nonsense. She remembered every infinite detail of his soft, luscious lips on hers.

“I’m sorry. Really. Please Buffy,” Willow pleaded. Buffy looked over at her best friend. She knew the redhead was really sorry and besides she wanted to tell her about Angel.

“Okay your forgiven. Just give me a sec to change.” When Buffy returned all dried up she sat next to Willow. Buffy explained the turn of events before the water fiasco.

“You actually did that to him. That’s like moxie.”

“I know, but the best part was him kissing me. I’ve kissed before and it wasn’t anything like this. His kiss made my heart do flip flops and made my knees go weak.”

“Awe, that’s so sweet. So are you going to go out now?”

“I don’t know. I mean what if I’m not Angel’s type. Look how good he is. There’s no way he’d want me.”

“Oh, Buffy stop kidding yourself. He likes you. I can tell by the way he looks at you and the kiss was so obvious. No guy could kiss a girl like that and not like her. So it’s settled. Angel likes you.”


“Resolve face.” Buffy laughed and Willow joined her.


Angel was thrilled that he finally kissed Buffy Summers. Since their talk about where they thought about sex, he wanted to know more about the blonde goddess. ‘Goddess. Ha, can I be falling for her already, just after one kiss? But that was one hell of a kiss.’ Every time he thought of Buffy it brought a smile to his face. He sure enjoyed getting back at his sister and Willow.

Faith was standing by the doorway and looking at her brother with the silly grin across his face. She knew that smile was there because of Buffy Summers. ‘Oh you won’t be smiling pretty soon brother dear. Just wait until Buffy has to do her initiation. You won’t see your precious Buffy the same way.’

“Hey Angel, what are you thinking about? It isn’t Buffy that’s on your mind?” He lifted his head and looked up at his sister.

“What’s it to you? You never seemed to care who I went out with. If I can recall very well, you never liked any of the girls I went out with. So don’t ruin this relationship that I have with her. I like her a lot.”

“Calm down Angel. Why would I do something to harm anything between you and B? I would never do that.” He rolled his eyes at her.

“I know you Faith. You’re up to something and I’ll find out.”

“Sure. Whatever.” ‘It’s too bad you won’t be able to pin this on me.’


Faith decided to head over to the sorority house and figured that she’d find Buffy there. She knew that Buffy had a thing for her brother. Faith had the intention that after their initiation that Angel wouldn’t see Buffy Summers the same way ever again. As she made her way inside she spotted Darla, the president of the sorority.

“Darla, I was wondering if you could help me out with something.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I wanted to know about our initiation that’s coming up this Friday.”

“I’m sorry Faith, but I can’t tell you anything. You’ll just have to wait until Friday as well. Why the curiosity, may I ask?”

“I just don’t like the idea of my brother and Buffy Summers hooking up. I can’t stand the blonde bitch. She acts all perfect, sweet and innocent. I know she’s probably more thrilled about joining this sorority than me.”

“You really don’t like her. Things might go your way on Friday.” In Darla’s heart she always had a crush for her fellow junior. He was everything she was looking for in a man. ‘I want Angel. I just hope this will make him come running towards me.’


Friday. Things were about to change on this blue sky and sunny morning. The birds’ maybe chirping, but come night someone’s heart might be spilt in two. Angel wasn’t too thrilled about what was to come tonight. He still couldn’t comprehend why he joined this stupid, obnoxious society called a fraternity. ‘Brotherhood. Brotherhood my ass! What fulfillment will this help me out in life? I’ll drink, go to parties and get laid a couple of times and for sure they’ll hire me right away. What great credentials I’ll have!’ Angel was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t hear Buffy calling out his name.

“Angel!” she said for the third time.

“Oh, sorry about that.”

“It’s okay. You just seemed to be off in deep thought. Something wrong?”

“No, it’s okay. I think you have enough to worry about.” Buffy looked at him confused.

“You know, tonight’s your initiation. Aren’t you thrilled? Excited? Ecstatic?” he said sarcastically.

“I know, but as my friend you sound like you’re so supportive in this grand event that’s about to occur tonight,” she replied sarcastically. He laughed.

“Okay, you got me. I just don’t want to see you get hurt. Your too much of a nice girl.” ‘I’d feel guilty if someone would hurt you. I’m starting to have feelings for you that I have to keep to myself.’

“That’s sweet. I know for sure that if you keep sweet talking like that, you’ll definitely find a girl,” she said smiling. ‘I just wished that I was the girl you’d fall for. I know I’d make the perfect girlfriend, but I’ll settle for friendship as of now.’ Angel laughed.

“Who said I didn’t find the right girl? She might be closer than I think,” he said leaning closer to her face. His lips were inches away from hers. He was so close that if he leaned a bit closer, he could just kiss her again. Angel wanted to kiss her so badly.

“Oh,” she said out of breath. Faith spotted her brother and Buffy. ‘It seems my dear brother wants to kiss B all over again. I think I should stop by and say hello.’

“Hey Angel. Hey B. What are you two up to this fine morning?” Angel glared at his sister. He knew what she was up to. Faith smiled at him. Buffy was a bit relieved that someone interrupted them. Though the person that interfered then was not to her liking.

“Faith, what are you doing here?” He was angry with his kid sister right now. He knew that she was interrupting something.

“Oh, dear brother, I came to see you and B here. How are you B?”

“I’m fine Faith. Actually I’m glad that you came. I was wondering are you heading over to the house later tonight? You know the initiation?”

“I got it wired B. It’ll be fun. I can tell you’re excited.”

“Oh, that I am.”


At the fraternity house everything was set for the evening. Since the initiation of the new members male and female they held it there. The place was decorated with the streamers of purple, black and gold. They had a deejay with music on the side with all the alcohol on a table right next to the music.

Buffy and Willow were talking to one another when Willow spotted her boyfriend Oz coming their way with Angel behind him.

“Hey Willow. Hey Buffy,” Angel said and leaned down to kiss both girls on the cheek. As he lifted his face from Buffy’s cheek, he looked into those green eyes that he loved so dearly and smiled. She smiled back at him. Oz went by his favorite redhead and gave her quick kiss on the lips.

“Hey Buffy, so are you excited about joining the girls club?”

“Well gee Oz, when you put it that way how can I not.”

“Buffy, could I talk to alone for a moment?”



They both sat down on a sofa nearby and no one was around them. Angel liked the idea of not having anyone eavesdropping on their conversation. Buffy was fiddling with the hem of her shirt. She wondered in her mind what was Angel going to tell her. Angel took quite a while before he spoke. He had to admire how beautiful she looked. She wore a blue sleeveless shirt and a long black skirt that reached her ankles. Her hair was done in two ponytails, so she looked like a little schoolgirl. Buffy lifted her head and also decided to admire what was before her. He wore all black. His shirt was practically second skin to him with long sleeves. She could see those muscles all over again just like when they had the car wash fund drive. His jeans weren’t too tight, but just tight enough to see those thighs of his. Besides his clothes she loved his hair with the spikes in them. It was uniquely Angel.

“So Angel, what was it that you had to tell me in private?”

“I…ah wanted to tell you that I was sorry for what I did to you earlier. I don’t want you to think that I’m leading you on. I was really teasing you.”

“Oh, that thing. No need to worry. It’s not as if we were going to kiss or anything.”

“Oh, no. I don’t want to ruin our friendship by kissing you. I care for you like a little sister. I wouldn’t want any of these guys around here to take advantage of you.” ‘Oh, please get over yourself. I care for you like a sister. Who are you trying to prove this too? You know perfectly well that after the first kiss and all those other encounters that it wasn’t brotherly feelings you felt for her. Tell her the truth. You want more than friendship.’

“I feel the same way. You’re the brother I get to tease and make fun of all the girls you go out with.” ‘Are you kidding yourself. Brother, you’re practically drooling every time you see him. Then when he was about to kiss you, you wanted it as well. Tell him that you want more than friendship.’

“Oh, Buffy I just want to warn you about my sister Faith. Don’t let her push your buttons. She tends to act all nice and sweet when I meet a girl and then later on she causes the destruction. I don’t want your feelings to get hurt.”

“Oh, I can handle whatever Faith throws at me. You know I’m not to fond of anyway.”


As time went by people danced, drank and mingled with others. It was time for the new sisters to initiate into their sisterhood.

“Will all the new members please form a circle on the ground? Also the guys of our fraternity make one as well next to the girls,” Darla said. Everyone gathered around the circle as Darla requested.

“Alright since everyone has formed a circle we shall start with the initiation process. All the new girls please step this way.”

“Okay, we’ll start off with Cordelia Chase and then go down the line.” As each girl did her initiation it then became time for Buffy to go along as well. Angel watched every single girl and now it was his crush that was about to do the same. ‘Can I actually sit through this and not feel any pain?’

As Buffy stood up and she was placed right in front of Parker Abrams, he was ready that’s for sure. He wanted to know more about Buffy because he overheard that Angel McCrohan had a thing for her and this was his opportunity to break Angel’s spirit. Buffy leaned in as Parker moved closer to kiss Buffy on the lips. As she kissed him all she kept on thinking was that it wasn’t Angel’s lips that were upon hers. Parker wanting the kiss to go further deepened it by placing his tongue. Buffy released the kiss and looked at him. He gave her this smirk that left the attention he wanted more with the petite blonde and was going to get it. She smiled at everyone and then her face landed on Angel’s.

In the meantime Angel looked at what happened before him and was crushed to Buffy kissing a guy. It broke his heart in two just knowing that someone else had kissed those beautiful lips. He thought in his mind that he was the only one to give her kisses, unless he read the signs wrong. Angel stood up, looked at the both of them and walked out the door.

Faith noticed her brother’s reaction. She saw just how much he wanted to rip Parker away from Buffy. ‘Awe poor dear brother, what are you going to do now that your little girl has kissed another guy? He’ll feel hurt and then move on. That’s life.”

Buffy saw Angel’s reaction after the kiss. ‘So Angel does have feelings for me besides friendship. How can I make it up to him?”


That same night Angel kept replaying the kiss in his minds over and over again in his dreams. The weird part was that he dreamt that Parker and her became a couple.

As Parker and Buffy kissed away, Angel was not only hurt, but also disgusted by the sight before him. Her hands were wrapped around his neck as his hands were around her waist. Both of their bodies were flushed against one another not leaving any space passing through. As they parted Buffy looked over Angel’s way and saw the pain in his brown eyes.

“What’s wrong Angel? See something you don’t like? Don’t look so sad you’ll find the girl of dreams one of these days and you’ll feel just the way I do with Parker.”

“Yeah, Angel she does have a point there.” Angel stood up and left the two of them behind.

He woke up from a terrible sweat realizing what he dreamt.

“It can’t happen that way. There’s no way I’d let Buffy date anyone like Parker Abrams, even if I didn’t have a chance with her. She’s too much of a nice girl for that jerk to be with.”


Monday morning Angel wasn’t in the mood to head to class. He knew that Parker would find his way and get Buffy. ‘Why did I have to kiss her? You know why, because you like her. Does she feel the same way about me?’ Angel knew that if he didn’t go to class that Buffy would get suspicious. He heard a knock on the door and wondered who it was. As he made it to the door and opened it, he was surprised to see Buffy on the other side.

“Buffy. I wasn’t expecting to see you. Are you alright?” Buffy was speechless because she’s seen him without a shirt before, but him only in boxers was something else. Her jaw dropped open at the sight of him. ‘Control yourself. He’s just your friend, but a very good-looking one. He’s also a great kisser. Oh, stop that and control your hormones.’ She wanted him to grab her and kiss her the same way he did during the car wash. The longer she stared at him, the more of a hypnotic trance she was in. His face looked flushed as if he was still sleeping when she knocked on his door. He looked so cute with his hair all messed up.

“Buffy, are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry. Can I…”

“Sure. Come on in.” She walked passed him, making sure her body didn’t make any contact with his. She sat on his bed while he excused himself and changed his clothes. When he came, he sat next to her hoping to know why she came.




“Yes.” He said facing her.

“I wanted to talk to you about Friday night.”

“What’s there to say? You kissed Parker because you had to. No big deal,” he said standing up. Buffy didn’t like his response.

“I didn’t want to kiss him. I wanted to…” ‘Kiss you.’

“You wanted what?” She shook her head.

“Nothing. So are you coming to class? ‘Cause I could wait up for you outside and then we can go together?”

“I guess, but don’t you want to meet up with your friends?”

“What you don’t want to be seen with me? Am I that hideous to you?” she said pouting her lower lip. He looked at her and she looked so adorable doing that. She had the cutest little outfit. It was a black three quarter inch sleeveless shirt and blue jeans. Her hair was done in two ponytails that made her look like a schoolgirl.

“No there’s nothing wrong with you at all. You look beautiful as always,” he said smiling.


Faith was thrilled that her brother was now going to stay away from Buffy Summers. She didn’t want her brother around that girl. If they did try to hook up with each other, she had another way of breaking them apart. Though now things were going to change because Buffy and Angel passed by together in front of Faith. Faith was furious that her brother was walking with Buffy. Angel stepped up and spoke to his sister.

“Faith, hey how’s it going?”

“Five by five. I thought Buffy here would have been with Parker Abrams after that heated kiss on Friday night.” Faith purposely mentioned Parker; cause she knew Angel would get pissed off.

“No. Parker’s not my type. I’m looking for someone that doesn’t think with his libido all the time. He should have at least a few brain cells.”

“But B, you’ve got to admit that he’s hot. Don’t you ever wish that you could ugh,” she said motioning her hips. Angel glared at her.

“Okay again with the grunting. Faith if you want him, then he’s all yours, when I meet the right guy, I’ll know in my heart that he’s mine.” As they left Faith placed her finger down her throat as if she was going to throw up.

“Oh, please. When I meet the right guy, I’ll know that in my heart that he’s mine,” she said imitating Buffy’s voice.

“That’s a load of bullshit. She knows that she wants Angel. Buffy wants to get to know my brother in the horizontal sense. Well it ain’t going to happen.”


The holidays were coming and it was turkey time. Thanksgiving a time for giving, sharing and being thankful for the family you have. Yeah, right. Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a time for eating and stuffing yourself to the point that you gain so much weight.

Angel was thrilled about going home for Thanksgiving. He so didn’t want to stay at the fraternity house. He couldn’t wait to go home and hang out with Buffy more often. Things between them were great, though he wished that she never kissed Parker Abrams.

“Angel, my man. Buddy. So am I invited to your folks place for Thanksgiving? I’ll bring pie.” Angel looked up at Xander.

“Xander, why am I not surprised that you want to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Don’t you really want to be home with your folks?”

“Nah. You know how much I adore the parental units, but yours are better. They don’t yell and scream at each other. Come on you know, you want me there.” Angel laughed.

“It’s okay Xander, I was just pulling your chain. I’ll see you there.”


Meanwhile Buffy was packing her dirty laundry and walking to Willow and about being home just for a few days.

“I’m just glad that we have this break. I just want to sit back, relax and eat my turkey.”

“Gobble, gobble. I hear ya. So are you planning on seeing Angel during your break?”

“I don’t know. He probably wants to be home with his family.”

“Oh, come one Buffy. You and I know perfectly well that Angel wants to be with you.”

“Well I don’t know anymore. I thought after our first kiss that maybe he’d kiss me again, but then after the initiation he’s been a bit different. His face was crushed when I kissed Parker. I wished that I didn’t have to kiss Parker Abrams in the first place.”

“Don’t think too much about it. Give Angel some time. He might surprise you on Thanksgiving,” the red head said cheerfully.

“I guess you’re right.” ‘Though I wish that he’d be his old self again.’


Thanksgiving Day. All the families in Sunnydale were sitting down by the table eating, talking and were thrilled to be with one another.

Angel was sitting down with his family as Xander was across from him setting of jokes right to left and stuffing his food down. Angel looked at him and couldn’t help, but laugh at him. Xander was definitely one of a kind as a friend. He may be weird, but Xander has a good heart.

“What are you laughing at, Mr. Stud? See something funny?”

“Actually now that you mentioned it, you Mr. Funny Man. That is definitely funny,” Angel said smugly.

“Ha, ha very funny.”

“I was meant to be funny.”

“Now boys settle yourselves,” said Mrs. Kasiya McCrohan.

“Mom, I was just kidding. Xander knows I am, right Xander?”

“I don’t know, you sort of hurt my feelings there,” Xander said sadly.

“Oh, yeah well I’m not Cordelia Chase.”

“I’m not Buffy Summers.”

“Who’s Buffy?” Before Angel could respond his kid sister went ahead of him.

“Oh, she’s some chick that Angel wants to screw with.”

“Faith!” all five voices exclaimed.

“Mom, she’s just some girl I met and we’re friends. That’s all.” ‘You know that’s not true. You want her to be yours and yours alone.’

“Yeah, but what about that steamy kiss you gave her?”

“You kissed her? Way to go man. So how was it?”

“So you kissed Buffy and does she feel the same way about you son?”

“I guess she does, but if she wants friendship, I’ll give it to her.” ‘Yeah, right. Stop lying to yourself and everyone around you. Just ask her out.’ Angel looked at Faith’s way and noticed she was jerking her tongue at the side of her cheek motioning it back and forth.

“Faith, can I talk to you?” She stood up and they headed towards the living room.


“What’s the matter? Did I say something to offend you?”

“Oh, you know what you did. Why did you do that action with your tongue?”

“Oh, you mean this.” She showed him again.

“Yeah. Now I like Buffy and I care for her deeply, but as a friend. I would never think about having sex with her.”

“Oh, sure you don’t. So you don’t want to see her at all during our break?”

“Yes, but that’s not the point. I know you all too well Faith. Don’t try to hurt her feelings. ‘Cause if I ever find out that you’re the cause of any harm, things won’t be the same between us.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.”


On Saturday morning Angel hoped that Buffy didn’t have any plans for the day. He wanted to be with her friends and her as well. As he picked up his phone and dialed her number, he waited patiently until she picked.

“Hello,” she said drowsily.

“Morning Buffy. Did I wake you?” She recognized the voice at the other end. It was Angel.

“Well I’m not usually up at nine unless it’s for a class.”

“Then maybe I’ll talk to you later.”

“No, it’s okay. I’m up. So what is it you want to talk about?” she said happily.

“Well if you insist. I thought that maybe you and your friends with mine could go hang out and go see a movie.”

“Sure. That would be great,” she said with little enthusiasm.

“Buffy, did I say something wrong?” he could tell by the sound of her voice that she wasn’t that excited about hanging out with him.

“No. I just thought that we’d hang out just the two of us. Unless you don’t want to.”

“No! I mean yes, I want to, but I thought you’d want your friends with us as well. I thought that you might feel awkward around me after we kissed.” ‘I know I still do every time I’m around you.’

“No, of course not. Your Angel, my best friend.” ‘Who are you kidding? Every time you’re around you wished he’d kiss you like that all over again.’

“Okay. I’ll come pick you up at noon. ‘Cause I know how much you ladies love to get all dolled up just to get ready.”

“Ha, ha very funny. It won’t take me that long to get ready.”


Angel picked up Buffy and as he drove, he started taking to her.

“So how was your Thanksgiving?”

“It was okay. You know turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings. How about you?”

“It was fun. Xander came over. He usually likes to come over and eat my mother’s cooking.”

“Oh, that’s nice. So how’s Faith?”

“Faith? Why you ask? I know you don’t like her.”

“I know that, but I was being polite.” Angel laughed.


As time went on both Buffy and Angel enjoyed being the company of one another. Angel liked being around Buffy Summers and there were parts of him that were happy especially when she was around. Parts of him wanted more than friendship and wondered if she felt the same way. Buffy in the other hand started feeling really nervous around Angel. After their first kiss it mostly dominated her dreams and thoughts. She wanted to kiss him that day when he was teasing her about him finding the right girl in his life. Though now she wondered if he felt the same way.

As they both went inside to see the new movie at Sunnydale Cinema, the idea that were both going to inside somewhere silent, dark and all alone, well technically they’d be other people, but they didn’t know was making her even more nervous. The movie went on and as the scenes got more intense Angel couldn’t help, but stare at her. Buffy sensed that Angel was gazing at her and lifted her head and looked into those brown eyes that she was staring to fall in love with.

“What? Do I have something on my face?”

“No. You look just right.” He didn’t know why he was holding himself back and not kissing her. The way her green eyes were looking intently at him. ‘Why am I afraid to kiss her again? It’s not like she doesn’t want to? Or does she not see me in that way?’

Buffy wondered what was that all about. He looked at her and just said that she looked just fine. ‘Did he have meaning behind that? Does Angel have feelings for me, like the way I do? Should I ask him?’


They stepped out walking towards his car and started talking.

“So, what do you think of UC Sunnydale so far?”

“I like it to some extent. Though joining the sorority has made some doubts.”

“Why’s that? I thought you liked Sigma Delta Gamma.”

“I guess, but I just can’t see myself baking cookies, drinking beer and eating jell-o shots until my head spins and throw up. Or I might get so drunk and wasted that I’ll sleep with someone and not completely recognize the man laying next to me.”

“You do have a point there. Though I don’t want you to ever think that you’ll sleep with anyone and not recognize the face. I have the feeling that you’ll have better judgment before you have sex with someone.”

“You think?”

“I know.”


December had finally arrived and finals were two weeks away. Buffy dreaded this moment since she started at UC Sunnydale. Though she needed to find a study partner. ‘I could ask Willow, ‘cause she got the brains. Or I could ask Angel. Though I doubt he’d want to help me after I kissed Parker. Oh, well.’

“Buffy.” She looked up and noticed that it wasn’t Angel, but instead it was Parker Abrams. She didn’t like him at all. After the incident that he pulled at the initiation, she didn’t want to be near him.

“Parker. What do you want?”

“Come on, Buffy. I didn’t mean any harm. Besides I thought you and I created a special bond. I mean that kiss was something, wasn’t it.”

“Yeah, it was disgusting. I only kissed you because I was told to. You’re not my type anyway.”

“So what is your type? Perhaps Angel McCrohan.” Before Buffy had the chance to answer, Angel came over to interrupt them.

“Hey Buffy. Oh, I’m sorry, did I interrupt something?” he asked looking at the two of them.

“No! Please have a seat. Parker was just leaving, weren’t you?” Angel sat down and looked up at Parker.


“Angel. I see you came to rescue your girl from me. You’re thinking I might steal this one away, too.”

“Parker, she’s not my girl. And since when do you care about whom I talk to? What you and Buffy here have something that I know about?”

“Actually, we might have something one of these days. You just wait and see. The next time you see Buffy, I’ll be the man sitting by her side,” he said smiling and then walked away. Angel faced Buffy and started to speak.

“So you and Parker huh? I expected a better judge of character from you,” Angel said with a smirk.

“There’s no Parker and me. He’s not my type. Besides I like someone else.”

“So who is he? Is he someone I know,” he said leaning in closer.

“I’m not telling you. So are you ready for finals?” she said changing the subject.

“Yeah, more or less. Though we have these last two weeks to review. How about you?”

“Well, I’ve got Willow to help me out Biology, but I need help with Art History. So I was wondering if you could help me out? I mean unless it’s…”

“No, I don’t mind at all. Do you want to meet in my dorm room or yours? Or do you prefer the library?”

“You and libraries don’t go well together. I don’t want while were reviewing that you have horny thoughts.” Angel laughed. He couldn’t believe that she remembered that.

“I know, but I won’t. Trust me when I say this. The last thing that would be on my mind during finals is having sex or thinking it for that matter.”

“Okay. I trust you. So I’ll see you later around seven.”



The rest of the day went by pretty quickly and Buffy was now in her room, changing her clothes and getting her books ready to meet up with Angel at the library. The fun part for her was the idea that she’d be with him. She wanted to kiss Angel so badly. She thought that the movies that it would have happened, but that was a bust. So maybe while they’re studying she’ll drop some hints to him.

“So where are you headed to?” Willow asked.

“I’m going to the library with Angel to study for our Art History final.”

“So is that all you plan to do, just study?”

“Why Willow what are you thinking about?” she said smiling.

“I knew it. You’ve got it big time for Angel. So you want to kiss him again?”

“Maybe.” Willow glared at her.

“Okay. You’re right I want him. I’m hoping he feels the same way too.”

“Oh, he does. There’s no way a guy could kiss a girl like the way he did and meant it to be just friends.”


At the library both Buffy and Angel sat down and were getting ready study. Each of the labels had two lamps that were centered with four chairs around it. As for the room itself it was humongous and nothing like the library at Sunnydale High. ‘Willow must like it here a lot.’

“So are you ready to master in Art History?” Angel asked.

“More than I’ll ever be.”

“Oh, Angel can I ask you something.”


“Do you think I’m pretty?” That question was totally unexpected. He had no idea where she was leading with this. All thoughts were rummaging throughout his mind.

“Yeah, I think your pretty, why you ask?”

“I guess I wanted to know if you felt something for me when we kissed that day. I know because you must have liked it…uh…I don’t know maybe I was wrong.” ‘Oh, yeah don’t you sound like a bumbling idiot. He’s sure to like those moves.’

Angel moved his seat and was facing her. He couldn’t help, but notice how cute she looked with her head down with her fingers playing with the hem of her shirt. He took his finger, lifted her chin and looked straight into her eyes.

“You’re definitely not wrong. I like, no let me correct myself I loved kissing you that day. If it wasn’t for my sister and Willow I would still be kissing you now.”

“Oh. So can we kiss now,” she said softly.

“Yeah, we can kiss now,” he said smiling. As both of their heads leaned forward and started kissing a voice was calling out their names.

“Buffy, Angel my two favorite people. What are you guys doing?” Angel groaned while Buffy giggled. Their foreheads touching one another and Angel whispered to her.

“He has such great timing.”

“Xander, what do you want?”

“Angel, buddy why are you so mad at me? What did I interrupt something between the two of you?”

“Yes. Buffy and I were studying.”

“Not from where I’m standing. It looked more like kissing to me,” Xander said smiling. Before Angel had a chance to answer Buffy spoke up.

“Xander, is there some reason why you’re particularly here? ‘Cause if you don’t, if I’m right Cordy was looking for you earlier.”

“I get it. I’ll go. See you two lovebirds later.”

“Thank God he left.”

“I can sense you really didn’t want him around.”

“You got that right. I was rudely interrupted while I was kissing a beautiful, young lady.” She blushed. He leaned in pulling her chair closer to him and leaned in once more kissing her. Buffy’s hands went automatically around his neck, while his went around her waist. His lips just went on savoring the lips that were before him. He pulled her closer onto his lap. He removed his lips from her causing her to whimper. Through his lips found better refuge leading a hot trail hot kisses down her throat.


“Yes.” He went back to kissing her.

“We have to stop. We’re suppose to be studying,” she said breathlessly.

“I am studying.”

“Studying what?”

“The art of kissing Buffy,” he said as he applied one kiss on her bare neck leading up to her ear.

“That’s not studying. You promised me that you’d tutor me. So you changed your mind?”

“No, of course not. I just thought this would be more fun. I mean we’re in the back secluded with no one to bother us,” he said and then kissed her.

“You’re right, but we have to start studying.”

“Alright, you win. Though don’t get mad if I get distracted by looking at you,” he said smiling. She kissed him one more.


Finals were coming closer and closer and so were things between Buffy and Angel. Since they both admitted their feelings for one another, they were hardly inseparable. Whenever you’d see one the other would be right behind.

“So are you ready for Art History?” Willow asked her blonde haired friend.

“Yes. Angel helped me out a bit.”

“I’m sure he’s helped you out in other places as well,” the red head said wickedly.

“Willow! Wash that mouth of yours. Do you talk to Oz like that?”

“Of course I do. That’s why he’s so amazed about this wild side that’s about to surface.”

“Don’t. Keep it to yourself and Oz. I can’t wait for finals to be done so I can spend Christmas vacation with Angel.”

“So we’re not going to hangout?”

“Of course we are.”

“Speaking of Angel, where is he?”

“That’s strange he was suppose to be here already.”


Angel was in his dorm room about to step out when he ran smacked into his sister.

“Faith, what is it? I’m in a bit of a rush.” He had the feeling that Faith going to mention about Buffy.

“In a rush to see Buffy?” ‘Bingo.’

“What does it concern you? Why you care about me going out with Buffy Summers anyway?”

“I just don’t like her for you. She might break your heart like Drusilla did.”

“Oh, don’t you dare compare Buffy with Drusilla. You know perfectly well that she was missing a few loose screws in her head.”

“Yeah, but did you see her with Parker Abrams? That wasn’t an average kiss.”

“Faith, I know for a fact that Buffy can’t stand Parker Abrams. He’s always been a jerk. Oh, no let rephrase that an asshole.”

“Okay, you got a point there. Just don’t come crying to me when she breaks your heart.”

“She won’t Faith. She’s not like that.”


Buffy was in her room pacing and kept wondering what took Angel so long top get here. All thoughts were rummaging through her mind. ‘Maybe he met someone and totally forgot about me. Or maybe he’s not interested in me.’ Willow kept looking at her blonde haired friend pacing back and forth in the room.

“Stop it already! Could you sit down? If you keep on walking you’re going to make a hole in the carpet.”

“Sorry. It’s just I’m worried that maybe he’s not coming or maybe he’s not interested in me the way I am about him.”

“Oh, Buffy stop over thinking things. Angel is attracted to you. He doesn’t seem to be the type to play with a girl’s feelings.”

“Yeah, but maybe Faith told him something about me and now he’s disgusted with me.” Before Willow was about to answer a knock was at the door. Willow walked over opened the door and Angel stood there facing her.

“Willow. Is Buffy still here?”

“Actually she’s right here. She hasn’t been able to stop pacing back and forth for the last twenty minutes.” Angel walked in and walked towards his girlfriend.

“I’m mad at you,” she said pouting.

“Maybe I can make happy again,” he said flashing her a smile. He then leaned his head and captured her lips into a kiss. Her arms went automatically around his neck pulling his head deeper into their kiss.

“Well I guess that’s my cue to go.” Both of them didn’t even hear when Willow left. When they both drifted apart they both noticed that no one was in the room except them.

“Still mad at me?”

“A little,” she said shyly.

“Well I can definitely fix that.” He went back to her lips once, but then went on to the side of her neck licking her soft skin.

“Still mad at me?” he said in between the kisses on the side of her neck.

“Mmm. No,” she said out of breath. Angel smiled at her reaction. Angel kept on going while his hands caressed her back. Buffy’s fingers threaded through the short hairs on his back.


“Hmm,” he mumbled.

“We have to head over to the houses. The girls are having a meeting and I can’t miss it.” That brought his attention and stopped kissing.

“Since when do you care about the sorority that much? If I can clearly recall very well you’re only in it because of your friends.”

“I know, but I have to at least show up. Besides you have to be at the frat house.”

“I don’t care about that. I’d rather be with you. You’re definitely way more interesting than a bunch of guys drinking and rating the girls on campus.”

“They rate the girls here! Oh, great now I feel like a piece of meat.”

“Don’t worry Buffy. I won’t let that happen. I never liked the idea, but it’s always been tradition. And you know what they say about tradition.”

“It can’t be broken.”

“Don’t feel bad. I think the girls have something as well for the guys.”

“Hmm. I wonder.”


“Just kidding. Let’s go before we’re really late.”


When Buffy and Angel arrived at the houses they noticed signs specifically stating that each member go straight to their houses.

“I guess that’s our cue to go.”

“Not if I can’t help it,” Angel said wickedly. She knew perfectly well what Angel had in mind. He leaned his head down as she raised hers and they both kissed. The kiss seemed like forever, but it was interrupted by a female voice.

“Hey B, hey brother nice spotting the both of you here. So ready for the meeting B, we’re gonna be late?”

“Faith, why don’t you go inside while I finish talking with Buffy, okay?” he said through clenched teeth.

“Doesn’t look like you two were talking before when I got here.”

“Faith.” He glared at her. His brown eyes were penetrating. He was fighting every part of his body for not wanting to do something harmful to her.

“Okay, okay I’ll go.” She walked inside the sorority house leaving the two lovebirds alone.

“Sorry about that. Faith just sometimes really annoys me so much that it’s irritating.”

“Well, that’s family for you. You can pick your friends, but family you just can’t. Don’t you wish sometimes that you would?”

“Yeah, but I don’t have that option. Well enough about that. So after finals they’re having a party at the frat house for a pre-Christmas celebration. You up for it?”

“Hmm, frat party? Is there anyone that I’d know that will be there?” she asked coyly.

“Actually there’s this one particular guy. He’s about six foot one, dark brown hair with brown eyes, a nice smile and goes by the name Angel.”

“Angel? Hmm, with a name like that and such a wonderful description you’d think I’d remember meeting such a man,” she said pointing her head at her temple.

“Hey! I take offense to that. How could you not remember me?” he said sadly.

“Oh, Angel honey how could I ever forget someone like you? You’re etched in my mind,” she said smiling.

“Now come here and give me one last kiss.”

“Happy to oblige,” he said grinning. He then leaned in once more and kissed her.


The homeless shelter annual Christmas food give away was a success. Everyone helped out in one way or another. They raised a lot of money for the shelter, but twenty five percent of the profits went to sorority.

The party at the frat house was set for Friday. Everything had been arranged from the food to the decorations and the music.

Buffy was getting dressed in a red skirt that reached right at the knee with a white T-shirt that had a Santa Claus on it with the words HO HO HO on top of the picture. Her blonde golden hair was half and half down and it had ringlets in the end of her hair. She quickly looked at herself in the mirror one last time applying her makeup and perfume.

“You look so pretty Buffy.”

“Thanks Willow. So you ready to see Oz?” Willow blushed.

“Yes. I guess you’re waiting for Angel, huh?”

“Yep,” she said smiling. A knock on the door interrupted the ladies conversation. Buffy walked over, opened the door and spotted her boyfriend.

“Hi,” she said shyly.

“Hey beautiful.” He then kissed her.

“Hi Willow.”

“Hi Angel.”

“Oh, before I forget Oz will be on his way. He had to stop by and pick up something.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

“Buffy, we’ve got to get going. Faith’s waiting for me in the car and she can be a bit impatient at times. I’m sorry to rush you.”

“It’s okay. Just let me grab my sweater and then we’ll go.” Buffy grabbed her things and waved Willow goodbye.


At the frat house it was already filled with people, music blaring and everyone having a grand ole time. The Christmas decorations from wreaths to mistletoe to a big Christmas tree by the corner decorated with ornaments and lights.

As they were inside there was mistletoe right at the entrance of the frat house. Faith passed by and went to her friends. Both Buffy and Angel had no idea that they were standing underneath it.

“Hey man, kiss your girl,” Xander said.

“What are you talking about?”

“Look up and you’ll see.” Angel raised his head and noticed the mistletoe.

“I guess I have to kiss you.” He bent his head down and captured her lips into a sweet kiss. As much as he wanted to continue kissing her, he had to stop because he knew they weren’t alone and had an audience. She looked into his brown eyes, which showed his love for her.

“It’s too bad that we couldn’t continue. I would have enjoyed just being with you,” she said smiling. Angel smiled back.

Parker was watching the whole scene before him and he was disgusted by the displays of affection between the two. He was going to make his moves on Buffy tonight. He was going to have Buffy Summers be his one way or another. ‘Buffy’s going to be mine. She won’t think twice about Angel McCrohan. Once she’s with me things will change for the better.’

As for Faith she just couldn’t stand the blonde. She thought that Buffy only wanted to be with him because she could fulfill her womanly desires. Faith had a feeling that Buffy really didn’t love her brother. She hoped that Buffy would never hurt her brother’s feelings.

Xander came towards them to say hi.

“So how’s it going Angel? And don’t you, Buffy look lovely this evening,” he said and then kissed her cheek.

“You know me Xander, I’m fine.”

“Thanks Xander. So where’s Cordy?”

“You know how Cordy is. She’s probably hanging out with the girls socializing and what not.”

“Okay. I’m going over to see the girls, so have fun and mingle with your frat friends. After all you know them pretty well,” she said facing Angel.

“That’s the problem. I know them too well,” Angel said looking at Xander.

“Hey! I take offense to that.”

“You should. I meant you anyway.”

“Angel, if you promise to behave yourself, I’ll give you your present.”

“Okay. You win. I’ll behave,” he said smiling. He would do anything for Buffy.

“I’m heading over to see the girls, so have fun, but not too much,” she said and then kissed him.

“Not if I can’t help it.” She glared at him.

“I’m just kidding,” he said with his hands up.


Buffy was talking with her friends, listening to the music that the deejay was playing. It was time for Christmas tunes that kept on playing and playing. Buffy realized that Xander just decided to play “White Christmas” constantly. Though it seemed strange that he’d want one. Who’s heard of snow in California anyway?

“So do you and Angel have any plans for your Christmas break?” Willow asked.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to meet his parents. Though I know that Faith won’t be too thrilled.”

“Don’t worry about Faith. You’re not dating her, your dating her brother.”

“I know. So what are you plans for Christmas break?”

“Remember I’m Jewish. Not everyone worships Santa.”

“Sorry. So do you and Oz have any romantic setting planned?”

“No. I’m not ready for that. We’re not ready for that. How about you and Angel?” Buffy almost chocked on her drink.

“What?! Of course not, Willow. We never discussed it. Angel I just like being with each other. He’s what I always wanted in a boyfriend.”


Darla thought that after Buffy kissed Parker that Angel would have told her how much Buffy hurt his feelings. She wanted to comfort, console and hopefully get some action that would lead her to sheer ultimate bliss. Though Darla was wrong about her and Faith’s doing. Angel seemed even closer to Buffy and loved the petite blonde. She had nothing against Buffy, but she wanted Angel for herself.

“I just wished there was a way that Buffy could got out of his life.”

“I want Angel. Angel and I are meant to be together.”


Buffy made her way towards Angel. She had to get ready to leave and head back to her dorm room. Though a part of her wanted to stay longer with Angel.

“I should get going.”

“Don’t you want me to drop you off?”

“It’s okay Angel. The walk isn’t that far to my dorm. So I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Sure.” He leaned down and kissed her. Parker saw the whole interaction between them. He was glad that Buffy was walking home instead of being dropped off by Angel. He just couldn’t stand the guy. Angel just seemed to have everything coming to him so perfectly. ‘Well this time things are going to change. ‘Cause after tonight Angel’s going to see a new side of his beloved Buffy that will make him leave her for good.’


Buffy was along the sidewalk to Stevenson Hall with a smile on her face. She really liked Angel a lot. She couldn’t wait to spend Christmas with him and was wondering if too early to say the words ‘I love you’ to him.

Parker was walking quietly behind Buffy and decided to make his presence known to the beautiful blonde.

“Buffy, what a lovely night isn’t it?”

“Parker you scared me. What are you doing following me?”

“Actually, yes. I noticed that your boyfriend Angel didn’t drop you off at your dorm. Why is that?”

“I wanted to come back by myself. Angel was willing to drop me off. Though it’s none on your business anyway,” she said angrily. She hated Parker for trying to put the moves on her while he knew that she liked Angel. She somehow wished that Angel dropped her off.

“Gee sorry. I just thought that Angel wouldn’t let a pretty girl like you off his sight.” She blushed slightly.

“Thank you.” They both continued walking along just enjoying each other’s company. Buffy was beginning to think that maybe Parker wasn’t that bad of a guy. Parker could sense that Buffy was being friendlier to him. He knew tonight would be the night to make his movement on Buffy Summers. By the time he’s done with her that Angel McCrohan wouldn’t come near her.

As they made it towards Stevenson Hall Buffy was glad that she made it. She was going to take a nice shower, change into her pj’s and give Angel a call.

“Thanks, Parker. I can make it from here. Have a great vacation and see you in the New Year.”

“Your welcome. But I’m not leaving. I decided to stay.” Buffy sure didn’t like the tone in his voice. She quickly opened her door and walked in to close it behind her when Parker’s hand got in the way.

“Parker you can leave.”

“And I said no.” He then pushed her into the room making Buffy landed on the floor. He closed the door behind them locking it. There was a dim light that showed through the blinds that emerged from the campus lights inside the dark room. Buffy was beginning to get frightened and wondered what Parker was up to. As she stood up he picked her up and threw her to the bed.

“Parker, what do you want from me?” she said frightened. He laid on top of her his legs at the side of her hips holding her firm in his grip. Buffy feeling trapped by him and realized that Parker was about to rape her.

“You know perfectly well, you bitch,” he said and then slapped her face. The slap that Parker gave Buffy made her head swing toward the left in a whiplash. As Buffy let her hand glide in her lower lip, she found it bleeding. She looked at the red liquid, which looked like crimson at her fingertips from the darkness of room; she realized that it was her own blood and tears began forming in her eyes. The tears built up and began cascading down her cheeks.

“Awe poor little Buffy crying. Why such sad tears? I didn’t cause you pain.”

“You asshole! You slapped me!” She then spat in his face. He in return slapped her again.

“Naughty girl. You shouldn’t have done that Buffy. Don’t you know that I love you,” he said caressing her cheek. At the contact of his hand on her cheek, she flinched at his touch.

“Don’t you dare say that you love me? You have to hold me down to have me to have me in your arms. You know what you are, you’re a loser.” She then scratched the left side of his cheek.

“You bitch. Your gonna pay for that.” He touched the scar that she marked with her nails and it angered him even more. He was ready to mark and make Buffy his. His left hand held both her arms as his right went underneath her skirt and tore off her stockings and panties down to her knees. He released his hand that was holding her hands above her head. Parker then pushed her skirt and then tore shirt she released of her hands and started pounding him with her fists all over his chest.

“Oh, God please help.”

“Oh, Buffy God can’t help you now.” His mouth went to her breast and began to suck on her nipple. His other was caressing her breast. He thought that Buffy was enjoying the touches that he laid upon her. Though the case was different the whimpering that Parker heard was out of pain and suffering. She placed her hands on his shoulders to push him off, but he wouldn’t budge. Though Parker noticed the insistency and figured that maybe Buffy wanted something else.

He lifted his head and looked into those green eyes and knew right after this Buffy would be his forever.

“Since Angel’s has gotten some action with you already. I figure it’s my turn. I wanna see how much stamina you have.” He unzipped his pants, slid down his briefs to let his erection out. He was hard and ready for Buffy. As he entered his erection into her silken folds, Buffy screamed in pain while Parker grinned. He thought Buffy had gotten some with Angel, but this slut was a virgin before him. He couldn’t believe that Angel didn’t get a piece of this action. ‘Oh, well he’ll just have to settle for leftovers.’

“Angel!” she exclaimed. She closed her eyes because she couldn’t stand the sight of Parker’s face looking down upon her. She just wished that Angel would come through that door and save her.

“Oh, sorry sweetie, but your Angel won’t be here to save you. I know how much you wished this was him, but I’ll definitely be a better lover,” he said thrusting into her body vigorously. As each thrust went inside Buffy felt her body split into two. All her thoughts and emotions became numb. Her body just gave up and gave in to Parker. She didn’t feel the need to struggle to put up a fight. The sound of her voice screaming for Angel and Parker’s grunting became silent in her mind.

Parker felt like such a man. He had Buffy Summers exactly where he wanted her. She was his finally. Every time that thought entered his mind he knew there was no way Angel would want her after his wonderful job well done. As his climax approached he felt that Buffy was a great fuck. He placed his hand on her cheek and cupped it.

“Look at me Buffy. That’s it. I want you to remember what a great fuck you are. So that whenever you and Angel are ever together, he’ll know that you’re such a slut that some other guy took your virginity and not him.” He then leaned down and kissed her roughly.

He got up, zipped his pants and walked out the door. As soon as he left Buffy’s emotions and thoughts came back. She couldn’t believe that she got raped. The tears came pouring down even faster this time around and so did the screaming from her lips. All that she wanted was for Angel to come through that door and hold her in his arms.


Angel actually had a great time this year at the Christmas party. He mostly enjoyed his time especially with Buffy. He had to smile just thinking about his girl. She was definitely nothing like Drusilla. Drusilla was a total head case. As he entered his car he spotted Buffy’s sweater by the passenger’s seat. He figured that he’d surprise her and bring the sweater over.

Angel made it to Stevenson Hall and knocked on her door. He heard no response.

“Buffy, it’s Angel. Open up.” Still there was no response. ‘Now that’s strange.’ His hand went to the knob and opened the door and spotted Buffy on her bed. He thought she was sleeping from where he saw her from a distance. Then he heard this sniffling sound of someone crying.

He walked on over and noticed that Buffy scrunched up with her arms wrapped around her knees holding her body closely. Her appearance was somewhat distraught, her shirt looked torn from the minimal light that was shown through the window. He touched her shoulder and she flinched at his touch.

“Please, stop hurting me.”

“Who’s hurting you Buffy? It’s me Angel. Buffy look at me.” He lifted her chin so she was facing him. When Buffy realized that it was Angel, she had to say his name to reassure herself that she wasn’t dreaming.

“Angel? Is that really you?”

“Yes, baby. It’s me. Who’s hurting you?” She never answered him, but instead she flung her arms around him and started crying. She held Angel close to her not wanting to let him go, because she thought that if she did he’d disappear. His hand began stroking her hair and went down rubbing her back.

“Sweetie, who hurt you?” He held his hands by her cheeks so she’d look into his eyes. She closed her eyes. He pulled her away and turned on the lamp by her bed. When he saw his girlfriend’s face he was shocked at the sight before him.

“Oh, God! Buffy!” He noticed the fresh tears streaming off her cheeks. Her eyes were red, puffy and flushed from the crying. The thing that caught his attention the most wasn’t the red mark across her cheek, but her split lip. He let his thumb graze against her swollen lower lip that had dried up blood and was now purple. He was thinking that not too long ago he kissed those sweet lips under the mistletoe and now she was abused and battered. He continued looking down her body and noticed her cute t-shirt was torn and there were marks above her breasts. Then his eyes wandered down and noticed her stockings were ripped into shreds as well.

“Who did this?” he asked.

“Parker. Parker Abrams,” she said quietly. As soon Angel heard the name of his enemy, his facial expression from concern became angered. The ridges on his forehead were concentrating, his soft brown eyes turned dark black and his fists were clenched turning white.

“Parker. I can’t wait to see Parker. He and I will have so much to talk about,” Angel said sarcastically.

“I’m taking you to Sunnydale PD and then I’ll drop you off at home afterwards.” He placed his black leather jacket on her shoulders, wrapped his arm around her shoulder and walked out the door.


At Sunnydale PD, Buffy was waiting for the first available detective to approach her. She laid her head on Angel’s shoulder. He automatically placed his arm around her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.

A detective approached the young couple. He noticed that from the looks of things that this girl was raped and wasn’t by the guy she was with. He seemed to have loved the young lady in his arms.

“Hello. I’m Detective Lindsay McDonald. My partner Detective Lilah Morgan will be joining us. Why don’t we head inside the interrogation room and we’ll begin as to why you’re here.”

Buffy explained the whole situation and started crying again after the incident. She felt as her body was crumbling. Her insides were eating every crevice of her organs.

“Aren’t you finish with her already? Can’t you see that asking the same questions over again is hurting her?”

“We’re sorry Angel. We just have to take Buffy to the hospital, so a rape kit can be performed,” Lilah Morgan answered. Angel nodded in agreement.


At the hospital Buffy arrived with the detectives and Angel. As Buffy was sent to examination room one Angel had to stay behind. He wanted to be there for her, but they told him that he needed to stay out in the lounge.

“No, I want Angel here with me. I’m scared.”

“You don’t have to worry,” Doctor Jenny Calendar said.

“I need my boyfriend. I feel safe when he’s around. Please doctor,” Buffy pleaded.

“Alright. I’ll call him in.” Angel came in and wondered why Buffy called for him.

“Buffy are you alright?”

“I am now. Could you talk to me while the doctor does the rape kit?”

“Sure,” he said and kissed her hand.

While Angel was taking to Buffy, Jenny Calendar took some pictures of Buffy’s vagina. She then took a cotton swab and took some sperm sample and placed it in a bag. She would then take it and test to see if it’d match Parker Abrams. She’d also perform test on Buffy as well in a couple of days. She then had to take pictures of Buffy’s face and her chest. Angel didn’t want to see anymore and turned his back.

“Angel, I’m ready.” He turned around and looked at his girl.

“Oh, Buffy before you go, I want you to return in a couple of days, so I can perform a pregnancy test. Since he didn’t use a condom there’s a chance that you might be pregnant.”

“Thank you doctor.”


On the drive back to Angel wondered if he should stay with her or was she supposed to be with her family. ‘As much as I’d like the idea, it’s best that she’d be with her family.’

“Buffy, I was thinking that maybe I’ll be dropping you off home. I think that…”

“No, I want to be with you.”

“With me? Are you sure? Don’t you think being with your family would be better?”

“No, I feel safer with you.”



They made it to Angel’s dorm room with out any trouble. Buffy went inside and Angel closed the door right behind him.

“Why don’t you take a shower and I’ll wait for you outside? You can use the towel inside, I just placed it in there before I met up with you earlier.” She nodded her head and went inside the bathroom.

As Buffy stripped off her clothes, she looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t believe at the reflection before her. Her right cheek was red; her lower lip was split with dried up blood and the marks Parker’s hand on her breasts. You could see the imprint of his hands and it just brought the tears to her eyes. She wiped her tears away and headed over to the shower stall and turned the knobs of the water. As she stepped into the shower stall the hot water beat against her bare back. Her hands found the bar of soap, lathered it up and started scrubbing every part of her body. She thought that she smelled of Parker and wanted to get rid of that stench. The more she scrubbed the more the tears were streaming down her face.

When she stepped out, she picked the towel and dried herself off. She didn’t bother drying her hair and just wrapped the towel around her body and stood there just waiting. It was like her world had stopped and she had nowhere to go.


Angel was outside and wondered what took her so long. He heard the shower stop and thought in a few minutes she’d be out. So he took a shirt from his closet and headed inside the bathroom. When he spotted Buffy and it seemed like she was hypnotized and had no idea what was happening around her. It seemed like she didn’t spot Angel in the bathroom with her. He took the shirt and placed her arms through it and buttoned every button until he was done facing her.

“Buffy, can you hear me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Angel.”

“There’s no need for you to be sorry. I was just worried about you. Just give me your towel and then your going to sleep.” She looked down and realized that she was dressed in one of his shirts. She took off the towel and Angel took to with the rest of her clothes and piled them on the counter. He noticed that she didn’t move at all. So he picked her up in his arms and her arms went around his neck. He placed her gently on his bed and pulled the covers to her neck.

“Goodnight, Buffy,” he said caressing her cheek and kissed her forehead. Angel moved away to change his clothes, but was stopped by Buffy’s voice.


“Yeah. You okay?”

“Can you sleep with me and hold me in your arms tonight?”

“Sure. Just give me one minute to change and I’ll be right there.” She gave him a faint smile. Angel quickly went into the bathroom and changed into his t-shirt and sweatpants. He made his way to the bed and slipped under the covers as Buffy slid over to his side. She laid her head on his arm as the other one lay securely on her waist.


“Yeah.” She turned and faced him.

“I feel used. I wanted that my first time would be with you. I feel like I’ve betrayed you and you wouldn’t want me anymore.”

“Your first time will be with me. And I want you to get rid of that notion that you betrayed me.” She raised a brow.

“How can it be my first time with you? I…I already lost it to someone else,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“I know that, Buffy. Though when we make love, I’ll make you feel so special that you won’t even remember what happened between you and Parker.”

“But how do you know? How do you know that I won’t forget Parker?”

“I don’t. But I know this. I love you, Buffy. I know the timing is all wrong, but I was planning on telling you this on Christmas.” She couldn’t believe that Angel said he loved her. It brought a little smile on her face.

“You love me? I love you, too.” Angel smiled back.

“Now, why don’t we get some sleep,” he said and kissed her forehead. She moved in closer into his embrace until he head laid on his chest and her arm around his waist.

Angel laid there awake and waited for Buffy to fall asleep in his arms. He thought about Parker Abrams and what violent acts he could think of.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on Parker. By the time I’m done with him, he won’t even think about laying his hand on my Buffy.”


The next day Buffy woke up to the warm feeling and the gentle embrace of two strong arms around her petite waist. It brought a smile to her face that Angel was with her the whole night. Though the smile faded away and the events of Parker and what followed last night came tumbling down. The image of Parker’s face smiling at her practically gloating that he stolen what was the most precious thing that any woman could give to a man just made her start crying all over again. Her muffled crying increased more against Angel’s chest and he was awakened by it.

“Buffy, sweetie, what’s wrong?” He gently placed his finger under her chin letting her tear-stained face looking into his brown eyes. Of course he had the feeling that it dealt with last night’s turning events. After all no woman would be able to forget what cruel and painful actions a man like Parker caused on his Buffy. He couldn’t wait to have a nice meaningful chat with Parker. Though the anger that’s festered up inside of Angel, he doubted much talk would be involved.

“Parker. I just can’t seem to get the face of that jerk out of my mind. I’m so scared Angel. What if I see him and he approaches me? What am I to do?”

“You have every right to be scared. What happened to you should have never happened to any woman, let alone you. As for Parker approaching, he’ll think twice after I have a word with him. I’m going to be with you all the time. So don’t worry about a thing.”

“But what if he does and tries something? You can’t be around me twenty-four seven,” she said her voice trembling as the tears were streaming down her bruised face. Angel cupped her face and lightly wiped away the tears from her face. He was looking at the bruises that were made from last night.

“Well that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I can be your protector, your knight and shining armor. I promise nothing will happen to you,” he said smiling.

“Okay. Though can we stay here and spend Christmas together? I don’t want to go home. I feel safe with you,” she said with a small smile.

“Buffy, as much as I like your idea, I think you should be with your family and friends. You need to tell your parents what happened,” he argued.

“But you promised me. Angel, I can’t tell them and I don’t want to leave this place or your arms for that matter,” she whined.

“Okay, I’ll make a deal with you. We’ll spend the day together here and the night, though tomorrow we’re heading to your place. I’ll be there by your side when you tell your parents everything. So what do you say? Is it a deal?”

“Fine. Though I really wished you had a bathtub.”

“For what?”

“For a bubble bath, silly. I would really want one right now.” Angel laughed. He couldn’t believe what she had said.

“When you get home tomorrow, I’ll make you bath.” He then gently placed a sweet kiss on her lips.


Buffy had gone to sleep. Angel in the meantime decided to take a quick shower. While he was in the shower with the hot water glistening down his naked body his thoughts drifted off to Parker. Parker always seemed to ruin some part of his life. Though what happened with Dru was bad, what he did to Buffy was worse. He raped his girlfriend. It brought tears to his eyes just seeing his girlfriend’s face and parts of her body bruised. The scars, her split lip and the marks on her breasts were so painful for him. He felt guilty for not driving or walking her home. His thoughts drifted back to Parker and Dru.

“Parker, Dru, what do think you’re doing?” He tore them both apart. Dru’s lips were still flushed from the heated kiss and gazed intently at Angel.

“What does it look like Angel? We’re having fun. Why don’t you join us, Angel?”

“Are you out of your mind Dru? I would never do a threesome. I’m not into that, but apparently you are. How could you Dru? I loved you and you cheated on me with Parker Abrams. What is it that he’s got that I can’t give you?”

“He’s willing to make me feel special and loved.”

“Oh, really? And I don’t do that for you huh? Well you know what you two deserve each other. I always thought you were a little crazy in the head.” He then walked over to Parker, punched him in the face and said,

“Good luck, you’ll be needing it.”

Though now things were definitely different between them. Parker had wanted Buffy. So he was thrilled when he kissed her and then decided that it wasn’t enough so he raped her. He wished that Buffy went home so he could visit Parker. He quickly changed into his sweatpants and a T-shirt and stepped outside looking at the sight of Buffy curled up in the bed looking like a little girl in the fetal position. Angel promised himself that he wouldn’t let anything happen to Buffy again.

He made his way towards the bed gently not waking Buffy. There was a part of him that didn’t want to wake her up, but he had too.

“Buffy,” he said softly in her ear. She turned her body around with her arm securely holding his waist. She wasn’t about to get up.

“Angel, my hero.” She kept making believe that she was asleep. The closeness of both their bodies brought a smile to her face. Being this close to him made her felt a sense of security, which she had all through last night. Though right now with Angel just out of the shower with mild soap and a slight musky scent of his cologne made her very tranquil. Angel looked down and saw her smile. ‘So I’m her hero. I hope that I’ll always be.’ He bent his head down slowly capturing her lips into a kiss. As both their lips made contact, his hand went up her arm caressing, while her fingers slipped inside his hair. As the kiss intensified Angel pulled back not wanting to cause himself or Buffy any more pain.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he said sadly. The look in his brown eyes showed how much he hated hurting her.

“Angel, you didn’t hurt me. You could never hurt me. It’s my lip that still hurts from last night.”

“Okay. Why don’t you take a shower, while I get us some breakfast all right? And before you think that something will happen, I’ll be right back.” He caressed her cheek gently letting his thumb graze over her split lip.

“I’m going to head to the bathroom. So I’ll see you soon.” She quickly got up from the bed. Angel was a bit confused by her reaction.


Buffy dried her hair as she sat on Angel’s bed waiting for his return. She wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of going home or chances of getting pregnant. ‘Where’s Angel? He said that he wouldn’t take so long.’ Then she heard a knock on the door and realized it was Angel and felt much better.

“Buffy, sweetie, you have to eat something. You need to keep your strength up. Eat something for me, please?”

“Okay. I will for you.” She kept on eating her bagel, but her mind was far off. She still couldn’t believe what happened, but she was eternally grateful for Angel. She has no idea what she would have done if Angel weren’t there for her. Buffy looked up at him and gazed into those brown eyes that spoke volumes when he said that he loved her and that made her smile and somewhat happy for now. Angel looked at her as well and smiled back.


Angel held his promise to Buffy and they had spent the whole day at his dorm. So today they were both heading home. Though before Angel dropped Buffy off, they decided to head over to the Sunnydale Pharmacy. It was two days later after Buffy’s rape from Parker, so they needed to get a pregnancy test just in case if she was pregnant.

As Buffy went to pay for the pregnancy test, a woman that was old enough to be her mother made a comment.

“You two will make such a lovely child together.” Buffy started crying and buried her face into Angel’s shirt.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No ma’am. Thank you.” Angel paid the lady behind the counter and left.

They stepped into the car and Angel handed her a tissue.

“Thank you. Angel, why didn’t you say something to the lady inside?”

“Buffy, I couldn’t tell her that my girlfriend was raped by an asshole and could be pregnant with his child. I didn’t see the need to and besides the look on your face shows that you really are worried. I’m more concerned about you than some lady in a store.” She looked intently into those brown eyes that loved her so much.

“Well, when you put it that way, I guess you’re right.”

“Okay, let’s get you home.”


They made it to the front porch of Buffy’s house. She had been dreading this for the past two days. Though in her mind, she knew that Angel was right. She needed to tell her parents and friends about what happened.

“So I guess, I should ring the door right?”

“Yeah, that would be a good idea,” Angel said smiling.

“Can you stay a while and then head home? I’d really like it if you were there with me,” she said pleadingly.

“Sure. I know my mom won’t mind.” Buffy rang the doorbell and her mother opened the door surprised to her daughter and a young handsome man beside her.

“Buffy, it’s so good to…my God, Buffy what happened to your beautiful face?” That was all it took and Buffy broke down and cried.

“Oh, Mom it’s so horrible!” She embraced her mother.

“Oh, honey what’s so terrible? Please come in.” She then looked at Angel.

“Angel,” he said his own name. They made their way to the couch with Joyce still holding Buffy securely in her arms. Angel sat right next to his girlfriend.

“Buffy, sweetie tell me what’s wrong?” Buffy lifted her head with her tear stained eyes.

“I was raped, Mom.” Joyce was shocked by the words that her daughter had just told her. She couldn’t believe that her little girl got raped.

“Was he the one that raped you?” Hank Summers asked.

“Of course not Dad! Angel would never hurt me. He loves me,” she said looking into those lovely brown eyes.

“Love? He’s your boyfriend! Since when? And if he really is your boyfriend, where was he when this happened to you?” Hank said with is voice rising.

“I was at a frat party,” Angel said softly. He was already feeling terrible about the whole situation.

“A frat party?! So you couldn’t leave your drinking buddies for a minute and drop my daughter at her dorm!”

“With all due respect sir, I was planning on dropping your daughter off.”

“Then what changed? Tell me! I’d like to hear your side in all of this.” Buffy just couldn’t take it anymore so she yelled out loud.

“It wasn’t his fault, Dad. It was mine. I told Angel that I didn’t need a ride home. He wanted to take me back to my dorm. So don’t yell at him.”

“I’m sorry Angel. It’s just that Buffy’s my little girl and the idea of a man doing that to her angered me so much.”

“Apology accepted sir. I know exactly how you feel. When I saw Buffy and found out who it was that just made matters even worse. I can’t wait to see Parker Abrams because the both of us will be having an intellectual conversation,” he said sarcastically.

“You’re gonna beat the shit out of him,” Hank answered.

“Maybe,” Angel said smirking. Hank liked the way Angel was thinking.

“Dad! Angel! I can’t believe you, too. I’ve already pressed charges on Parker. Besides I don’t want you to get into any trouble by beating up Parker.”

“Who said I was going to beat up Parker? I’m just going to have an intellectual conversation man to man.”

“Don’t give me that.” Angel turned to face Buffy.

“Buffy, I need to do this. He hurt the both of us. He especially hurt you,” he said caressing her cheek. She tilted her face into his hand, placed her hand on his and kissed it.


“I have to get going. Call your friends and you’ll tell me what happened with the pregnancy test.”

“I want you here later. I’m not doing it without you.”

“Okay, I’ll be here. See you later.” He kissed her on the cheek and said goodbye to her parents.


Angel went straight to his room when he got home. His mother found it so strange that her son had nothing to tell her.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure, Mom,” he said with a small smile. Mrs. McCrohan noticed that her son wasn’t his usual self. As she made her towards his bed, she looked at the sad expression on his handsome features.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he said looking at the ceiling.

“Something’s wrong.”

“How do you know?” He looked at his mother.

“I’m your mother. I can tell. Is something wrong with you and Buffy?”

“No, Buffy and I are fine.”

“So are two are together? That’s great. Though something’s bothering you. So spill.” He had to laugh. His mother was happy for him, but she never forgot why she came to see him.

“It’s Buffy. She got raped by Parker Abrams and I blame myself for what happened to her Mom.”

“Don’t blame yourself for Parker’s actions.” Angel’s mom heard the name Abrams and remembered Michael Abrams, who was Parker’s father. She had dated him and he wanted to move things further into their relationship and Kas wasn’t ready. Then one day Kas went to see Michael and she caught him with Brittany. Though things changed for Kas, she met Chris and they became inseparable. So after meeting Chris, Michael Abrams was a blimp on the radar screen for her. Though now she looked at her son and saw pain that was cause by another Abrams.

“It is my fault mom. I told Buffy that I’d take her back to her dorm and she said no. I should have insisted and made her wait for me.”

“Angel, don’t burden yourself this way. The point is that you were there for her. You took care of her and for that she’d be eternally grateful. You are so much like your father, when we first went out again.”

“Really?” Angel smiled at his mother. She kissed him on the cheek and stood up.

“Yeah. Just be there for her. Oh, one more thing. I’d like you bring this Buffy of yours over.”

“I’ll do that.”


Angel was up in Buffy’s room with her friends Cordelia and Willow. Buffy had just gone inside the bathroom and took the pregnancy test. The results would have been made in fifteen minutes. It seemed like the longest fifteen minutes of her life. Angel was pacing back and forth in the room. He had all different kinds of thoughts rummaging through his mind. ‘How about if she’s pregnant with Parker’s child? Is she going to have the baby or get an abortion? Would I love this child as if it were my own? I just hope she’s not pregnant with his child.’

“Angel, could you stop pacing please? If you keep it up, you’ll make a hole in my carpet.”

“Oh, sorry Buffy. I’m just worried.”

“Well you’re not the only one. You think that I want to be pregnant at eighteen to a lowlife like Parker Abrams.” Angel walked over to her and held her in his arms.

“Don’t worry. No matter what the outcome is, we’ll be in this together,” he said rubbing her back.

“Even if I’m pregnant?”

“Yes.” He then kissed her head. Both Willow and Cordelia saw the interaction between the two and anyone could tell that they were both truly loved each other.

“Isn’t it cute how he really loves Buffy? I hope things will come out in a positive way.”

“Yeah, I hope you’re right Willow. College life is hard enough and how would she be able to get through being pregnant and be a single mom?” Cordelia asked.

“He’ll be there for her,” Willow answered. The timer in the bathroom went off. It was time for the results. Would Buffy be pregnant or would she not? Buffy went inside and came right back out with a straight face. Everyone that was in the room couldn’t tell if it was good news or bad news.


“What’s the verdict?”

“Are you pregnant?” Buffy looked at all the three faces and smiled.

“I’m proud to say that I’m not pregnant.” They all smiled and each of them hugged her.

“That’s great news Buffy. I’m that glad things worked out for the best.”

“Thanks Will.” Angel was looking intently at Buffy He was thrilled beyond relief. Buffy had already suffered enough as it is. Angel was smiling at her while he was leaning his head down to kiss her.

“I think that’s our cue to go,” Willow said pulling Cordelia away.

“No, let’s stay.” Buffy looked over to Willow and Cordelia and eyed them both.

“I’ll call you to later. Bye,” she said smiling as they left.

Buffy looked at Angel placing her hands around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. As the kiss intensified Angel didn’t want to hurt Buffy, but it seemed as if she didn’t mind at all. His hands went around her slim waist holding her firmly against his broad chest. As their lips parted when they kissed, Angel slipped his tongue inside her lips lightly playing with hers just savoring the moment. Angel wanted to continue kissing her, but decided to pull back. Buffy whimpered at the lost of his lips.

“Why did you stop? Don’t you want to kiss me anymore?” she said pouting.

“Of course I do. I just thought that if we continued to kiss that maybe I wouldn’t want to stop. I love kissing you Buffy,” he said smiling.

“Oh. Okay.”

“I have to get going. I’ll see you for Christmas. I want you to enjoy yourself for the next couple of days and relax. I don’t want you to have any bad thoughts.”

“Okay. I’ll do that. Can I have just one more kiss?” He bent his head down and captured her lips once more.

“Bye,” he said smiling.

“Bye,” she said smiling back. He then walked out of the door. She lay back down on her bed and sighed.


The days were passing by and it was almost Christmas. Angel still hadn’t bought Buffy a gift yet. ‘What do you get for a girl that you love?’ Angel was still in his thoughts when his sister, Faith entered the room.

“So Angel, what plans do you have with B? Does it include you and her exchanging bodily fluids?”

“What?! Are you out of your mind? I love Buffy and it’s none of your business if her and I exchange bodily fluids.”

“Ouch. Excuse me. I’ll leave you.”

“You do that.” He didn’t mean to get angry with his sister, but she was pushing his buttons and he had to answer her. If Faith only knew what happened to Buffy and maybe then she wouldn’t be acting like a bitch.


Buffy on the other hand had brought Angel’s gift already. It was an Art book of his favorite artist Van Gogh. She knew for sure that he’d love it. She could always tell how passionate he was for Art because she noticed it in class. While she was wrapping up her gift for Angel, her mother, Joyce entered the room.

“Buffy, can I talk to you?”

“Sure Mom. What’s up?” Joyce was a bit concerned about her only daughter Buffy. She hasn’t been herself since the rape and has been distant with everyone except Angel. Whenever Angel would call her she’d smile and be happy, but afterwards she’d close up again. Joyce would never know what it’s like being raped, but could see the pain and frustration her daughter would get all the time if Parker Abrams crossed her mind.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine.” What she wanted was for everyone to ask her how she was. The truth of the matter is that she wasn’t fine. She had no idea when she’d be fine again. Though talking with Angel every night before she went to bed helped eased her pain.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Mom. I’m fine and besides Christmas is around the corner. Tis the season to be jolly.”

“Okay, I’ll leave you alone. Just try to not think too much about what happened.”



Parker Abrams was thrilled with his triumphant conquest with Buffy Summers. He figured that she had gotten some action already with Angel, but then again Angel wasn’t always too quick to get with a lady. As Parker was pondering on the accomplishment of banging Buffy, his father Michael came with the police to his room.

“What’s with the cops Dad?”

“Son, they said that you raped a young woman. Is it true?”

“Of course not.”

“Parker Abrams, we would like you to join us at headquarters. We need to take a sample of your semen to analyze it with the victims.”

“Well we thought that you’d come with us, but since you’re acting uncooperative, we have a warrant for your arrest.”

“I can’t believe this! Dad, aren’t you going to do something?”

“I’m going to have to let them take you, but don’t say anything until your lawyer comes.”

“Alright Dad.”


Down at Sunnydale Police Department, Parker Abrams was in one of the interrogation rooms and he was waiting for his lawyer, Holland Manners, who worked for Wolfram & Hart.

“Parker, it’s good to see you again. So what trouble are you in now?”

“Same to you, Holland. Some girl I went out with said that I raped her.” The older man looked at him with such amazement.

“Did you?”

“Of course not.” The two officers stepped into the interrogation room to start their questions on Parker Abrams.

“Okay, Parker let’s start this. Do you know a woman named Buffy Summers?” Lindsay McDonald asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Did you rape her?”

“Of course not. We slept with each other.”

“Well that’s not the way she explained it.”

“Come on, you know what’s it’s like to know a girl and she’s hot. She liked it rough. So that’s what I gave her.” Lilah Morgan just couldn’t stand the arrogance of Parker Abrams. He was so smug.

“Really? ‘Cause according to these pictures right here, it seemed like it was a bit rough and then some,” Lilah said.

“Those bruises aren’t made by me. I would never do that to anyone.” ‘I’m letting this blonde bitch get me. If I have to threaten her I’ll do it.’

“Well then if it’s not you, then who did that to her?”

“Her boyfriend Angel McCrohan. He’s the one that should be here not me.”

“Okay, well see him. Though we’d still like a semen sample from you.” Parker looked over at his lawyer. Holland nodded his head in agreement.

“I just want to tell you that you’ve got the wrong man.”

“We’ll see about that.”


Angel was in the mall with Xander and Oz. He liked the both of them because they were after all his best friends. Though Xander always would say something unexpected and Oz would just look at him weirdly.

“So Angel what are you getting for Buffy?”

“I don’t know Xander,” Angel answered fir the fifth time already.

“How come? You must have some idea.”

“Well I would if I didn’t have someone constantly nagging me about it.”

“Who? Me?”

“Who do you think? At least Oz here doesn’t nag so much.” Oz smiled at the compliment.

“That’s different because Oz is the quiet one, you’re the brooding one and I’m the funny one,” Xander said smiling.

“I don’t brood. I think.”

“You brood. You always do especially now.” Angel just glared at him. They were passing by the stores when Angel spotted the gift that he wanted. He found out that during the “CAR WASH” that one of the guys took a picture of them looking at each other intently, both bodies flushed up against one another and the smile that was evident on their faces. He knew that was gift to give her.

“You’re buying her a picture to put in it. Isn’t that sort of a cheap gift?”

“No, because I have a picture to put in it. Besides Buffy will love this gift. It comes from the heart. So what are you getting Cordelia?”

“Cordelia? I am a man of many talents and ideas so to speak, so I shall think up of something.”

“You better. ‘Cause the way I see you don’t have a lot of time.”

“Yeah, he’s right about that,” Oz said.


Buffy was up in her room thinking about when she was going to see Angel. The thought of him always made her happy and put a smile on her face. Then suddenly her phone rang and brought her out of her reverie.


“Hey baby. How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine, now that you called me.”

“Have you talked to your friends?” She thought for quite a while before answering.

“No, but I plan to.”

“Sweetie, you have to talk to them. They’re your friends. You can probably tell them things that you can’t tell me.”

“That’s not true. I can tell you anything.”

“Buffy, you know what I mean. They are girls and you can tell them personal stuff.”

“I guess. Though can we not talk about this anymore? I just don’t want to think about Parker or what he’s done to me.”

“Okay. So what would you like to talk about?”

“Us. Also what is my Christmas gift?” He laughed at her question.

“I’m not telling you anything. Besides it’s a surprise and I know that you’ll love it.”

“But if you really live me, you’ll tell me.”

“Oh, you’re good, but I’m better. I love you, Buffy, but I’m still not telling you,” he said smiling at the other of the line.

“Fine. Be that way,” she huffed in frustration.

“Oh, don’t get mad. I’ll give you one clue. It has the both of us in it.”

“Okay, now you’re confusing me.” Angel started laughing again.

“Let’s forget about it. I’ll see for Christmas. ‘Night Buffy.”

“’Night, Angel.”


It was finally Christmas Day and everyone’s household was excited for this moment to come. Christmas the most joyous time of the year was finally here. Angel was thrilled with the idea of seeing his girlfriend Buffy. He missed her so much. So as he was about to make his way out of his room his mother called out to him.


“Yeah, Mom.”

“When are you going to bring Buffy over?”

“I promise you, she’ll be here for New Year’s Eve.”

“Okay.” The truth of the matter was that Angel never told anyone that lived with him about Buffy’s rape. He figured that when she came over, that he’d tell them.


Buffy was finishing the last minute touches on her hair. She wore a black knee length skirt, a red sleeveless blouse and her long blonde hair was twisted into a bun and was held with a black clip. As she looked at her appearance once more in the mirror, she actually smiled at the reflection before her. She wasn’t back to her old self, though she knew that in time with the support of family, friends and especially Angel that she’d be smiling and forget all about Parker Abrams. The doorbell rang downstairs, which disturbed Buffy’s thoughts, but she realized that it must have been Angel.

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Summers.”

“Merry Christmas to you, too. Come on in Angel.” He stepped inside the house as Buffy approached him.

“Merry Christmas, Angel. So what did you get me?” Angel laughed.
“Gee, I can sense why you wanted me here. My feelings have been hurt deeply.”

“Awe, poor baby. Let me kiss it and make it all better.” She stood on her tiptoes leaning up while his head went down until their lips finally met.

“A little, but could you try a little harder.”

“Angel, I can’t…” He stopped her with another kiss and led them over to the couch. His arms held her securely around her waist. Her fingers traveled up the spine of his back to the nape of his neck threading through the short strands of his brown hair. The kiss deepened even further as Angel gently slipped his tongue parting her lips finding that familiar place with her tongue just brought him to complete happiness.

“Much better,” he said grinning wickedly. She hit him playfully.

“By the way here’s your gift,” she said handing him a rectangular object. He looked at the nice wrapping paper, picked up the gift and started to shake it.

“It’s not ticking. That’s a good sign.” She hit him again.

“I can’t believe you. You are definitely acting like Xander now.” Angel laughed. He opened his gift and what revealed was an art book on Van Gogh. Van Gogh was his favorite artist and the smile on his face as he was flipping through the pages showed that he really loved the gift.

“Thank you, Buffy. I love it so much.” He then hugged and kissed her on the cheek. He then handed Buffy her gift. She looked at it and thought it was weird. It was small and rectangular. As she tore the paper, she noticed that it was a back of picture frame.

“You got me a picture frame?”

“Turn it around.” She did and what she saw was the both of them at car wash, Angel holding her while both of their eyes was locked with the other as if they were the only two people in the world. It was at that same moment that they decided to kiss one another.

“How did you get this?”

“Well one of the guys were taking pictures at the time and they snapped a shot of the both us. I have a copy in my room on campus. I thought that maybe you’d want one as well.” She smiled at the sentiment that he made.

“That’s what I’m here for. Oh, by the way Merry Christmas.”


The end of days of the year was coming. Angel decided to have all his friends over and his girlfriend Buffy to join the festivities of ringing in a new year. Angel had promised his mother that she’d meet Buffy. He also hoped that sister wouldn’t pull any tricks while Buffy was around. It was like she knew that Angel was talking about her and entered the room.

“Hey Angel, so is B coming over today? I can’t wait to see her. You know how us sisters have to stay together?”

“Yeah, right. Please Faith if there’s one thing you could do for me is don’t bother Buffy. She has been through a lot and the last thing she needs now is your sarcastic, cruel comments.”

“Fine. I’ll play the dutiful sister. But if something happens, don’t go blaming me for anything.” He just looked at her.


Buffy was extremely nervous. Why? Well for one, she was heading over to Angel’s for New Year’s Eve. Angel was easy to handle and that even included Faith. Buffy was more worried about meeting his parents. ‘What would they think of me? Did Angel tell them about Parker? If he did, do they want me dating their son? Oh, just get a grip on yourself.’

She rang the doorbell and when the door was opened an older man that looked like Angel stood before him.

“Hello,” Chris McCrohan said smiling.

“Hello, Mr. McCrohan is Angel here?”

“Sure. Come on in. Angel there’s a young lady here to see you.” Buffy made her way inside Angel’s home and walked into the living room and sat down on the blue couch as Angel’s Dad sat on a chair nearby.

“So how long have you known my son?”

“I’ve known him since the beginning of the semester.”

“Are you dating my son?” He needed to know because the last girlfriend that he brought was Drusilla. According to Chris McCrohan his last girlfriend was weird. She seemed like she was spacing out and couldn’t tell where she was. He was hoping that this young lady wasn’t dumb blonde. Before Buffy thought up of answer, Angel came into the room.

“Dad, I can’t believe you.” He stepped up to Buffy and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“I guess that answers my question. So son, are you going to introduce me to this lovely young lady?”

“Dad, this is Buffy Summers, my girlfriend.” He took her hand and kissed the back of it.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Angel’s mother stepped inside and noticed Angel’s girlfriend.

“Chris, are you flirting with this young lady?” He looked over and noticed his wife.

“Oh, Kas you know you’re the only one for me.”

“That’s right mister. It better be that way. I’m sorry Buffy, I’m Angel’s mother.”

“It’s nice to meet the both of you. I also see where Angel gets his charming act. Like father, like son,” she said looking at both men.

“You see son, if I were younger I’d win your Buffy’s affections,” he said grinning.

“Dad! I can’t believe you!”


Angel was inside the kitchen getting drinks when his mother stepped inside.

“Son, I still can’t believe how awful she must have felt after that rape.”

“I know, Mom. She still isn’t quite herself completely yet. I feel at times she doesn’t want me round.”

“Angel, you have to understand that these things take time. These emotional scars may last with her forever, but if you show her that you love her in due time things will be back to normal.”

“I hope you’re right.”


The rest of Angel’s friends made it over to his place in time to gather around the couch and began talking to one another. Everyone was paired up with their significant other. Buffy sat on the couch with Angel sitting in between her legs with his back to the couch. Willow and Oz shared a loveseat, while Xander and Cordelia sat on the other end of the couch. Angel moved his head up and looked straight into those green eyes that belonged to his girlfriend.

“Buffy, are you okay?” She looked and smiled at those brown eyes that showed so much love and affection.

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

“You sure?” To reassure her boyfriend she placed her hands on his cheeks and gently lowering her head and gave him a kiss. In return his hands were laid on her thighs.

“So does that answer your question,” she said breathlessly.

“Uh-Huh.” She laughed at how adorable he looked saying that as if he was a little schoolboy.

Faith saw the interaction between her brother and his girlfriend. She decided that for her brother’s sake that she’d be nice to Buffy, but after the new year rings in, it’s back to the drawing board.

“Hey everyone,” Faith said as she entered the room.

“Hey,” they all answered back. Faith sat next to Buffy and looked at the young blonde. She noticed some scars on Buffy’s face, but thought that maybe Buffy got into an accident and hurt herself.

“Hey B. What’s up?” Buffy turned her head and looked at the brunette.

“I’m fine. You?”

“Five by five.” Buffy leaned her head down to whisper something into Angel’s ear.

“Angel, since when has your sister been nice tome?” Angel turned around, kneeled in front of her and whispered right back to her.

“Maybe Faith’s trying to be nice.” She lifted her eyebrows.

“Okay, but can we not worry about my sister or anyone else for that matter. Let’s just enjoy ourselves with our friends and ring off the new with new beginnings.” He then faced her and smiled.


It had been midnight everywhere else in the United States and now it was time foe the residents of Sunnydale, California to say HAPPY NEW YEAR as well. Everyone at the McCrohan residence had their hats, horns and confetti. Xander was all decked out with his glow-in-the-dark glasses with the new year on it.

The announcer on the television was ready to start the countdown.

“10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone blew their horns, threw confetti into the air and wished everyone a Happy New Year. Buffy and Angel faced each other looking at the other her deeply and shared the sweetest kiss. It was a beginning of a new year and hopefully things will change for the better.


It was two weeks later and everyone returned back to UC Sunnydale. Everyone at the school had heard about Parker’s arrest. The cause as to why he was arrested was pretty vague. Though now he was walking on the school grounds as if what he had done to Buffy Summers was nothing at all. He didn’t pay any attention as to where he was going and ran smack into what seemed like a wall. He looked up and was faced by two angry brown eyes.



“So how is Buffy anyways? Last I heard she was pretty beaten up. She should watch out for those muggers out there,” he said smugly. Angel just couldn’t believe that he had the nerve to say that to him in front of his face.

“How is she? You know how she is, you asshole! You just couldn’t keep your hands off her could you? So instead you forced yourself on her and raped her. I can’t believe that you’d stoop that low to get a girl and let alone mine.”

“Oh, come on Angel. You and I both know that she got what she deserved. She was screaming the whole time and asked God to save her,” he said gloating. The more Angel heard him, the more angered he got.

“So you see Angel, in the long run Buffy would have been mine. You just seemed too slow to get her into bed. You’re always acting so noble and having good intentions. Buffy’s a girl that wants adventure. So that’s what she got. An adventure. An adventure of a lifetime.” Those last words just made Angel even more upset. His eyes became darker and cold. His hands clenched and finally he made a fist and decked Parker.

“If you ever come near Buffy, call her or even find some way to contact her, you’ll wish that you never met me.” Angel punched Parker one last time, kicked him in the stomach and left. Parker coughed up blood and held onto his stomach.


By the end of the day Parker Abrams was picked up in the fraternity house, Delta Zeta Kappa by the UC Sunnydale Police Department.

In the station the officers on the case explained the whole situation to Parker and his lawyer Holland Manners.

“We had the DNA results of your clients’ specimen and our victims and had them sent to the lab. After we had the results, the tests indicate that the semen that Parker given us matched with Buffy Summers.”

“Okay. So they had sex. We all know that.”

“No, Mr. Manners, what you don’t understand is that your client raped an innocent woman,” said Lilah Morgan.

“Is it true Parker? Did you rape Buffy Summers?”

“Yes, I did. Though the blonde bitch deserved it. She had it coming.”

“I can’t believe you, Parker. I can’t do anything for you anymore. You’re finished.”

“Are you out of your mind Holland? My Dad’s paying you good money, so I suggest that you do your job and get me out of this mess.”

“Unfortunately, you’ve created it.”

“Well I guess we’ll just wait for a court hearing and everything will be settled.”

“Oh, by the way Parker, who gave you that nice bruise on you chin and that split lip?”

“This was done by Angel McCrohan, Buffy’s boyfriend.”


Buffy woke up this morning with a smile on her face. It was her 19th birthday. Her past birthdays haven’t gone so well, but she had this feeling that this one would be special. She had no clue whatsoever as to what Angel was going to give her. She kept on asking him a few times and basically his response was always a no. The only thing that Angel kept on responding to her was that she’d like it.


Angel was up in his room and he was excited about what he had in store for his girlfriend, Buffy. Things between them were getting back to normal in some ways. Though there’s this part of Angel that wished what happened to Buffy didn’t happened at all. Though beating the shit out of Parker sure brought a smile to his face.

“Parker, Parker. Oh, Parker. I’m so glad I won’t be seeing your face anymore. You have caused so much trouble in my life. First with Drusilla and then with Buffy.” Angel quickly went inside his parent’s room looking for his mother. He needed her help with wrapping up the birthday gift.

“Mom, can you wrap up Buffy’s gift for me?”

“Sure, sweetie.” He handed his mother the box.

“So what did you get her?”

“Take a look.” Do you think she’ll like it?”

“Oh, it’s beautiful. She’ll definitely love it.”


Buffy had all her friends over at her parents’ house. She wasn’t too crazy about going outside after Parker, but eventually the adjustment would have to be made. Each of her friends made it over and was baring gifts. Though the most important person hadn’t showed up yet.

‘Where’s Angel? What could be taking his so long? I hope nothing bad has happened to him.’ Joyce looked over and noticed her daughter’s expression. She walked over and hopefully would ease her mind.

“Buffy, don’t worry he’ll be here.”

“How did you…?”

“I can tell. I had that same look when I’d worry about your father.”

“Thanks Mom.” She then gave her mother a hug. As she released the hug, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it.” She quickly made her way to the door and Angel was standing there with a smile on his face.

“Angel,” she said smiling.

“Buffy.” He just stared at her outfit. She had a blue jeans and a black sweater and her hair was swept up in a ponytail.

She had to stare right back at him. He looked so great in his blue jeans and brown sweater that matched his eyes. She could just stare into those brown eyes that loved so much. She took his hand and pulled him inside.


Everyone had settled in and said their happy birthdays to Buffy. Now it was time to distribute the presents. Buffy was thrilled with what her friends got her, but she wondered what was Angel’s gift. All her friends either didn’t know or they just didn’t want to tell her.

“Happy Birthday, Buffy.” Angel then handed Buffy a black velvet box. All kinds of thoughts started rummaging through her head. The only person that knew about this gift was Cordelia. She adamantly insisted that Angel buy Buffy jewelry.

So Buffy opened the box and what was revealed was a gold bracelet with and angel charm hanging from it.

“Oh, Angel it’s so beautiful. I love it.” She them hugged him and gave him a nice kiss.

“See, I told you that she’d love it.” Cordelia said happily. Angel took the bracelet out of the box and placed it on her wrist.

“Now you’ll have an angel with you at all times.”


Valentine’s Day is a time for romance, being with the one you love and getting tons of candies and flowers. Each of these three couples will experience their very own valentine with the one they truly loved.

Angel was thrilled about Valentine’s Day because he knew for sure that this Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be like the others. He’s had Valentine’s Day with Drusilla and they were nice, but at times her head wasn’t there. She would be far off in another place. He knew for sure that with Buffy he’s going have lots of fun and hopefully this would be the night for them to take the next step.


The girls were all at Buffy’s house upstairs in her room talking.

“So do you have any idea what Angel’s getting you Buffy?” Cordelia asked. She was eager to find out what Angel had for Buffy.

“No. I know that what ever Angel gets me, I’ll be thrilled.”

“Oh, please. Buffy, you and I know pretty well that you’d want something romantic. Besides you were stating that you’d like anything doesn’t imply him buying you a CHIA PET as a Valentine’s Day gift.” Buffy laughed.

“I can’t believe you. Cordy. A CHIA PET. He wouldn’t get me one.”

“I think a CHIA PET is kinda cute. I know I’d like it if Oz got me one.”

“Ugh. Willow it’s just like you to say that. Oz could give you a box of conversation hearts and you’d be merry.”

“Okay. So Cordy, what would you like from the man of your dreams?”

“Oh, please Buffy. Xander Harris is a guy that makes corny jokes and watches cartoons all the time.”

“But you like him, besides all that Cordy. He’s a sweet guy that makes you incredibly happy.”

“Okay, you win.”

“So ladies, what shall we wear for tonight for our favorite men?” Cordelia asked.

“I don’t know, but we’ll figure something out,” Buffy said smiling.


The evening was approaching and soon everyone would be enjoying a relaxing, romantic evening with their loved ones. Angel was getting dressed in his room when Faith entered in to annoy her brother on his date with Buffy.

“So Angel you ready to go out with Buffy tonight? What exciting plans do you have for little miss blondie? Are you planning to go all the way and making tonight the night?” Angel glared at her.

“Yes, I’m going out with Buffy. Though I don’t see where it concerns you. As for my plans and what I except to happen tonight with Buffy is none of your business. Besides I never give you the third degree.”

“True. Though you don’t want me going out with your frat friends. What about Spike? Can I date Spike?”

“Spike. Spike and I are like brothers. Spike sees you as his kid sister.”

“Well if Spike saw me now, he wouldn’t see me as his kid sister,” she said smiling.



“You know and besides when he comes over this weekend, don’t make any moves on him.”

“Not if I can’t help it.”


Buffy was up in her room looking at herself in the full-length mirror. Her long, silky blonde hair was draped over her back, while she had on a red knee length silk dress with spaghetti straps, black nylon stocking with matching red pumps. She wore minimal makeup, but wore a shade of candy red lipstick that matched her dress. Before she grabbed her purse she wore Angel’s bracelet on her wrist.

“I know for sure that Angel’s gonna lose it,” she said smiling into the mirror.


Oz wanted to make this a special night for his Willow. He truly loved the redhead very much, since the very moment he laid eyes on her. Since then they both have been inseparable and absolutely in love with one another.

Oz had always been one for changing his hair color. One week, he’d be a blonde, and then dye it black or even brown. So he decided to go for his natural hair color, which was red.

“He was going to pick up Willow, but she decided that she’d surprise him instead. As he made his way downstairs he already saw Willow sitting on the couch.



“You look so beautiful.” He looked at the attire if his girlfriend and noticed that she wore a pink shirt with a red heart in the center with a long red skirt and black books.

“Thank you,” she said blushing. He took a hold of her hand and led her to the dining room.


Queen C or Cordelia as everyone called her couldn’t believe that her and Xander Harris and her were still together. They were two completely different people, but found some way to be attracted to one another. In their case opposites do attract.

Xander Harris picked Cordelia and headed over to the French bistro called Chez Pierre. Cordelia just couldn’t believe her eyes when Xander’s car pulled up to the French restaurant.

“Xander, my, my this is a surprise.”

“You thought I was taking you to McDonald’s huh?”

“No. I just can’t believe that you could afford a place like this because you have to book months ahead of time.”

“And that’s what I did. So why don’t we head inside, instead of spending our time talking okay?”


Buffy heard the doorbell ring and ran to the door, but slowed her stride and opened the door. The face that was presented to her was her boyfriend.

“Hi,” she said shyly. She looked at his clothes and noticed that he was wearing a burgundy velvet shirt and black jeans. The shirt brought out his broad shoulders and his long lean arms. As for the black jeans they were tight in all the right places. It was like second skin to him. ‘Oh, he looks so good. I remember when I saw him in his boxers and how much I wanted to kiss him. I don’t have to worry about that because, now he’s mine. I can kiss him as much as I want.’

“Hey,” he said smiling. He then handed her a dozen red roses. She took them from him and thanked him. He hardly heard a word that she had just said. His brown eyes were transfixed on the back of her red dress and the sway of her hips moving right to left. As she turned around and started walking towards him, his eyes just couldn’t stop staring at how the red silk dress slung so perfectly on her body.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” He then leaned down and kissed her. He made it brief because he wanted to give her, her real Valentine’s Day gift.

“Same to you. Thanks for the roses again.” He led her to the car and opened the door for her. ‘He’s the perfect gentleman.’


Willow and Oz had finished dinner and they sat down on the couch. He faced Willow and pulled a box out of his jacket pocket and placed it in her hands. She was surprised about the black velvet box and opened it.

“It’s so beautiful Oz. I love it.” She then launched herself into his arms and kissed him all over his face.

“I guess this means you love it.” He clasped her gold bracelet that had a charm of a guitar and a witch on a broom. It symbolized the both of them.

“It’s us. It’s so cute. Thank you.” She laid her head on his shoulder while his arm wrapped around her shoulder.


Xander and Cordelia were starting dessert and he began saying something.

“Well Cordy, it’s Valentine’s Day and to show you how much I love you, here’s your gift.” He got up, went behind Cordelia’s back and placed a gold necklace with a heart around her neck. She was in such awe with the gift that Xander gave her.

“Oh, Xander. It’s so lovely. I can’t believe you such great taste.”

“Ha, ha, very funny Cordy. You thought I was going to by you a gift from a vending machine for a quarter.”

“No, of course not. Thank you so much.” She then kissed him.


Buffy and Angel made it to The Bronze and sat on the couch. Angel had come in with a red bag with hearts all over. Buffy had wondered what was in the bag.

“Angel, honey what’s in the bag? Is it for me?”

“Hmm. Is it for you? I guess,” he answered with a smirk. He handed her the bag. She quickly sifted through the pink tissue paper and lifted out a brown teddy bear.

“Awe, Angel it’s so cute. Thank you so much.” She then placed wet kisses all over his face and finally landed on his lips.

“I guess I should be giving you teddy bears more often. Well that’s not all, squeeze the paw of the bear.” Buffy squeezed the paw of the brown teddy bear and came out the words, “I LOVE YOU, BUFFY” with Angel’s voice. She smiled when hearing her boyfriend’s voice coming out of the bear.

“So whenever I’m not around, all you have to do is touch the bear and it’ll say those words.”

“I feel bad that I didn’t have anything for you. I’ll make it up to you on your birthday.”

“Don’t feel bad. I have everything that I always wanted that’s right in front of me.”

“Really? It’s me right?”

“Yeah, it’s you and only you.” He took her hand in his and ked her up and onto the dance floor.

As they held each other the music played. His left hand held her waist his other held her hand. Buffy had her hand on his shoulder and her green eyes gazed up looking into his brown ones. No matter where she was or what she was doing, but when she was in Angel’s arms nothing else mattered to her, but the man before her.

‘He looks so good tonight. His clothes just accentuate all his physical attributes. To his broad chest, his long sculpted arms underneath his shirt, to his long lean legs that were hidden under his tight black jeans.’ Oh, how much she loved those jeans especially. They weren’t too tight, but tight enough for her to see his ass.

‘I have to stop thinking about him in that way. Control yourself, Buffy. You’ve seen him with fewer clothes and you were still able to control yourself. Be a good girl, Buffy.’

‘Buffy looks so beautiful. What am I saying? She always does, but tonight looking at her in that dress, just the way her hips swayed in that red silk dress and her legs fully exposed looked so great. As my fingertips gracefully touch the sheer material of her dress, I lean in closer to take a sniff of that sweet smell of vanilla perfume that radiated off her skin. I could stay right here forever having her right her in my arms.’

‘Angel, you look so handsome tonight. The way you hold me, and feeling the touch of your fingertips against my back brings a shiver down my spine. As the tips of my fingers sift through the velvet material of your shirt, I feel the strong muscle of your bicep, it makes me realize that you my protector. If I left my head and look into your brown eyes, I can see the love that you have for me.’

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Angel.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my Buffy,” he said smiling.


Buffy was in Angel’s room studying her next Art exam. The room was so quiet and tranquil, that if you dropped a pin you hear it drop. The silence was something that Buffy needed now in her life. Even though it’s been close to, two months after the rape, it still haunted her at night. She never mentioned it to Angel about the nightmares or waking up in the middle of the night with cold sweats. He had been there for her and didn’t want to burden him even more.

Angel on the other hand sitting next to her on his bed was looking intently at the blonde beauty with his adorning brown eyes. He could stare at her for hours and never get side tracked. When he was with Buffy, especially when they were alone in situations like these it’s the moments that he could have. He wouldn’t trade anything for it. Though now the looks of his girlfriend staring in the Art book and her facial expression of somewhat confused meant, it was time for a break.

“Buffy, I think you need a break.” He then skidded over, closer and started to kiss her cheek and moving his lips towards the nape of her neck. As his lips descended making it’s journey on the creamy flesh of her skin, Buffy started to moan.

“Angel. Please not now.” Angel ignored her and kept on going. He knew that she needed this and so did he. They would kiss from time to time, but not like they use to. He understood why. Parker was the reason. It always came back to that bastard. Angel put Parker in the back of his mind and kept on kissing his girlfriend. He pulled her onto his lap and her black skirt hiked up a bit revealing her thighs a bit more. His strong hands held onto her slim waist as his lips made their destination towards Buffy’s lips. As the kiss deepened between then, Buffy struggled because she didn’t want this. Her mind her heart was confusing with her decision making. Her mind told her to think rationally and to stop this, while her heart seek the comfort, love and tenderness of this man that has always made her feel safe, but now wasn’t the time.

“Angel, stop. I’m not in the mood. I seriously need to get prepared for this,” she said breathlessly.

“Oh, come on Buffy. You’ve been studying for two hours straight. I thought you might need a break.”

“I don’t. You’re forcing me to do something that I don’t want to do.”

“What? What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me, is that you can’t control what’s in between your legs.” She felt his arousal while they were kissing.

“I can’t believe you, Buffy. So now I can’t get aroused by you?”

“It’s just, that you seem to want more and I can’t give you that.”

“More. I just…I miss holding you closely and kissing you without you shuddering at my touch. It’s like you’re disgusted by me.”

“No, I’m not. It’s just that when you kiss me at times, I feel as if it’s Parker touching me and not you.” Those last few words had stricken a chord in Angel. He couldn’t believe that his ears at what he heard.

“Parker? You’re comparing me to that asshole! How could you Buffy?”

“I didn’t mean…”

“Don’t say another word. You said enough. You comparing me to Parker were the last thing I thought would ever come out of your mouth. You knew that I never liked him. Then when he…he raped you, it tore me up inside,” he said with tears streaming down his cheeks. It was the first time that he had even cried in front of her showing the pain and anguish that Parker has caused him. She went to place her hand on his cheek to wipe away the tears, but he stopped her.

“No. Don’t feel sorry for me now. See you weren’t the only one suffering. I think that maybe we need some time apart.”

“What? You’re breaking up with me?” Buffy had tears forming in her eyes.

“Yeah, I think that maybe it’s time that you start hanging out with your friends more often instead of me.”

“Who am I suppose to talk to? Who’s going to hold me when I’m crying? Tell me Angel?” Angel just looked at her while the tears continued cascading down her cheeks. He couldn’t answer her question.

“Buffy, I think you should go now.” He stayed seated on his bed. Buffy gathered her books and placed them in her bag. Her back was towards him as she turned around once more.

“Angel, please don’t leave me. I need you,” she said with her lips trembling.

“Just go.” As she opened the door she silently whispered four last words to him.

“I love you, Angel.” She then walked out the room.


Outside Buffy made her way through the hallway and bumped into Darla. Darla was the last person that she wanted to see. She knew for sure that Darla would be thrilled about this joyous occasion.

“Buffy, why the tears? Did Angel do something to you?”

“Shut up, Darla.”

“My, my I struck a nerve. Well from the looks of the tears running down your face, it’s either Angel and you had a lover’s quarrel or you to broke up? So which is it?”

“My relationship with Angel is none of your business. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get going.”

“I guess little Buffy and Angel broke up. Boo hoo. I just can’t wait to get my hands on him,” she said grinning wickedly.


Angel just stared at the wooden door with his football poster of Superbowl XXV with the New York Giants having won that year. A part of him knew that he was harsh, cruel and mean to Buffy, but she left him no choice. He loved her, but she compared him to Parker Abrams, his mortal enemy. The thought of Parker’s name just brought back all the frustrated, pent up anger within him. His fists clenched until the red of his blood disappeared and turned a shade of white across his knuckles. His relaxed face became serious, eyes became dark and unfriendly and his jaw clenched.

“Oh, God, what have I done? She needs me now more than ever, but I still kicked her out. Well I couldn’t actually accept that compliment. I just wished that all the things that happened to the both of us never happened. She’s been gone for only five minutes and I miss her like crazy. Though I’ve decided that this is what’s best for us.” Little did Angel know someone was stopping and caught an earful as to what he said?

“So Buffy compared him to Parker. No wonder she was crying. They actually broke up. Oh, this is getting even better. This was way too easy. This weekend with the party that we’re having Angel McCrohan will be mine. I gotta talk to Faith,” she said smiling to herself.


Buffy quickly made her way to Stevenson Hall and made a quick dash to her room. She knew that Willow wouldn’t be back until later and in some way she liked it like that. Buffy had decided on not attending the frat party that was scheduled for this weekend. As she changed her clothes into a matching white tank top with little bears and matching pants her thoughts just went back to Angel. This was there first fight that led them to break up.

‘Did I make things get this far? Would Angel have stopped if I said so? Oh, who am I kidding, it’s Angel. He would never lay hand on me like that.’

As she sat on her bed with her pillows fluffed up behind her, she swerved her head towards her table. On the table besides the phone that she shared with Willow, was her lamp, her picture with Angel and the teddy that he gave her. She picked up the picture frame and lightly touched the glass surface of the picture of Angel looking at her with such love with her fingertips. She placed it back on the table and picked up the teddy bear. Her instant reaction to the brown bear is to squeeze it’s stomach and hear the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ it brought tears to her eyes that when she heard the sound of his voice saying those words to her.


Darla was thrilled beyond relief that Buffy was out of Angel’s life. It was her turn to put the moves on Angel McCrohan and make him hers for good. She was walking on the gray carpet interior of the Sigma Delta Gamma house, when she looked to her right and spotted the brunette girl. She slowly made her way towards Faith and called her name.


“Jesus, Darla you could have given me a heart attack. What’s up?” Faith asked after her momentary shock.

“You wouldn’t believe who just broke up. Guess?” Darla asked cheerfully grinning.

“I don’t know. Who?”

“Oh, come on Faith. Can’t you take a guess?”

“No. So it’s either you tell you or me don’t. I don’t like playing guessing games.”

“It’s your brother and Buffy. They’re both spiltsville.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me. Those two were like inseparable. How do you know?” Faith knew perfectly well that Buffy wouldn’t tell her and Angel wasn’t one to share anything painful on his life.

“I over heard the two of them talking in Angel’s dorm room. It was intense because from the sound of Angel’s voice those two are history.” Darla didn’t want to tell Faith about her over hearing Buffy comparing Angel to Parker. She knew that Faith would get mad, suspicious and wonder why. Darla thought that if Faith wanted the whole story she’d have to go to the source. It was either Angel or Buffy.

“Well I’m glad. Those two were just starting to make me sick. If they weren’t kissing they’d be looking at each other with puppy dog eyes. Ugh. I knew she was trouble from the get go. Good riddens.” Though after that last statement she had to admit that her brother was less broody and happy, but that didn’t mean that she liked Buffy Summers.


Angel lay on his bed and stared at the while ceiling trying to find a particular spot to gaze at. He couldn’t believe that he told Buffy that they needed to break up. He was only trying to make her relax by kissing her, holding her closely. He just missed that intimate contact with his girlfriend and now it’s gone.

“Did I really do the right thing and break up with Buffy? But then again she hurt my feelings comparing me to Parker and thinking I wanted to have sex with her.”

“I would never, ever force myself on her after that painful ordeal she went through with Parker. It always led to Parker.”

His thoughts drifted back to the night he found Buffy up in her room, the night she was raped.

“Sweetie, who hurt you?” He held his hands by her cheeks so she’d look into his eyes. She closed her eyes. He pulled her away and turned on the lamp by her bed. When he saw his girlfriend’s face he was shocked at the sight before him.

“Oh, God! Buffy!” He noticed the fresh tears streaming off her cheeks. Her eyes were red, puffy and flushed from the crying. The thing that caught his attention the most wasn’t the red mark across her cheek, but her split lip. He let his thumb graze against her swollen lower lip that had dried up blood and was now purple. He was thinking that not too long ago he kissed those sweet lips under the mistletoe and now she was abused and battered. He continued looking down her body and noticed her cute t-shirt was torn and there were marks above her breasts. Then his eyes wandered down and noticed her stockings were ripped into shreds as well.

“Who did this?” he asked.

“Parker. Parker Abrams,” she said quietly. As soon Angel heard the name of his enemy, his facial expression from concern became angered. The ridges on his forehead were concentrating, his soft brown eyes turned dark black and his fists were clenched turning white.

“Parker. I can’t wait to see Parker. He and I will have so much to talk about,” Angel said sarcastically. Everything had changed from that day on and Angel didn’t realize it, but it affected him immensely. All the nerves in his body were tied up in knots. He was frustrated and angry with Parker that night, but especially with himself. He should have made her stay and wait for him. Though a part of him figured that Parker wanted Buffy, but for the inconsiderate asshole to do something like this to his Buffy was unforgivable. His brown eyes became darker into a shade of black like the night. The creases on his forehead scrunched together causing his eyebrows to become rigid. The very last thing that he recalled was his hands clenching into making a fist causing the red blood on his knuckles disappear and become a shade of white.

He just hoped that things between them would change for the better. Even though it’s only been like a couple of hours, he really wanted and missed Buffy in his life. He truly loved her, but her words cut him deep and caused a broken wound in his heart.


Angel and Buffy avoided each other at all costs. When one would be in the same room, the other either left or moved away so the other wouldn’t be nearby. Either way you put it, these two have always loved one another and it showed through their actions.

Buffy was already in Art class just waiting to see if Angel would have come because he skipped the last class. Though she figured that he’d show up today because they had an exam. An exam that she knew that he’d pass. She lifted her head up in time to see Angel enter the classroom. He always looked great in whatever he wore.’ He was mine once. And I just let him go. I want him back.’

Angel looked around the classroom for an empty seat, but the only one that he saw that was available was next to Buffy Summers. ‘Why is it that the day I decided to come to class in time, I have to find a seat next to Buffy? That’s just my luck. I guess I have to no choice but to sit next to her.’ Angel made his way over to the seat that had always been his favorite spot, but now it just didn’t have the same effect. He sat down and Buffy looked over at him and smiled at him.

“Hi Angel,” she said softly. She hoped that he’d respond in some way. He looked over at her and just stared at her. ‘What was he suppose to say? Hi, honey, I miss you and I want us to be together again. Who’s kidding whom? I guess the most I could do is say hi right back.’

“Hi,” he said looking right into those green eyes. He wanted to say more, but stopped himself before he’d say something out of line.

“Angel, I…”

“Don’t. I don’t want to here it.” He knew what she was going to say. She was sorry for what she had said, but it just didn’t seem enough. Buffy just stopped her train of thought. She just knew that she wanted Angel McCrohan to be hers again.


The weekend was just around the corner because it was Friday. It was great for Angel because he just wanted to stay in his dorm room and brood. Brooding just seemed to be his forte these days. The brooding consisted of Buffy and why he called it quits. He just needed this weekend to sort out his thoughts.

Though at the very moment Xander and Oz walked right inside his room. Xander saw the look on the dark haired man and noticed the facial expression meant. Buffy. It was plain and simple. He was heart broken.

“Hey Angel, are you up for this weekend?”

“Huh? What’s this weekend?”

“You know that the Delta Zeta Kappa always round up some money for charity and then we all go to Spring Break afterwards. Doesn’t that ring any bells?”

“No. I’m gonna spend the weekend in my room. Have fun.”

“Angel, I may not always agree with Xander here, but I don’t think this is going to solve your problem.”

“I know Oz, but I just can’t see her with another guy. It’ll tear me up inside.”

“Okay it’ll hurt you, but it’s better that you see her and know how she feels, instead of thinking of something else. Just remember this, Buffy loves you and only you. I don’t know what happened between you two, but I hope that you’ll resolve it.”

“Thanks Oz. I’ll think about it.”


Faith and Darla were thrilled about Angel and Buffy’s relationship coming to an end. The two women were trying to come up with a plan to make it over between the two lovey dovey Buffy and Angel show.

“We have to think up of something. I’ve always wanted you brother and I’m so close.”

“Yeah, Darla. I know you want to know what’s hidden in between my brother’s pants, but he isn’t that easy to persuade into anything. You have to remember what happened with him and Drusilla.”

“I know Faith. Though when I make my moves on your brother, he won’t know what hit him. Angel’s gonna be mine. Coming tomorrow night, Angel won’t even remember Buffy Summers. I guarantee it.”

“If you say so Darla.” Though in the back of Faith’s mind she knew that Darla was going to seriously need help.


Buffy was sleeping in her room and was thrilled that the weekend came. She could sleep in and not have to worry about classes or bumping into Angel. Angel was the person she didn’t want to bump into especially after his wonderful words. All she wanted was to do was continue lying her heard on her soft pillow and remain in her pajamas and relax.

Though Willow Rosenberg had plans for her blonde friend. She noticed how down her best friend was and she wasn’t too happy since her break up with Angel. She had been dull and depressed and didn’t want anything to do with friends.

“Hey Buffy, so you ready for the party at the Delta Zeta Kappa tonight?”

“Nope. I’m staying right here in my room. I figure I can do some major moping,” she said slumping back into her bed.

“No, way Buffy. You’re going to get up and move your butt into the shower.”

“No, I’m staying. Besides there’s nothing for me over there.” She just wanted Willow to leave her alone.

“No, you’re not. You are coming with me and you will get your man back. You and I know perfectly well that you miss Angel.” Buffy didn’t respond, but agreed with the redhead. She missed her Angel a whole lot.


The party at the fraternity house had just started. The music was pumping as the blaring hit off those notes on the speakers. Some of the people were swaying their hips, while others were just either sitting down and chatting away or standing up. Either way you looked at it, everyone at the fraternity house was enjoying themselves, except for two people. Angel and Buffy. The two of them just didn’t want to be there or even less seeing one another and knew that they couldn’t communicate well enough.

Darla saw “her man” or rather potential boyfriend was sitting by his lonesome. She knew that she’d use her charm on him and everything would turn her way. The best was yet to come. She made her way towards Angel and sat beside him.

“Hey Angel, why the long face?” He turned his head over to his left and recognized the voice. ‘Oh, great, it’s Darla. Can’t she see that I don’t want to be bothered? I’m brooding.’

“Hey Darla,” he said sarcastically. He just wasn’t in the mood to be around any woman. The last thing he wanted now was Darla throwing herself at him.

“I love the way my face is. Why don’t you go bother someone else? I’m not interested.”

“Oh, come on Angel. Just because you and Buffy aren’t together, that doesn’t mean your life is over and that you have to be so depressed. Cheer up Angel,” she said smiling.

“Come on, Angel. Let’s dance.”

“I’m not really interested. I just want to sit right here by my lonesome.”

“Oh, no you don’t. You mister are going to dance whether you like it or not,” she said dragging him out of his seat.

“Fine. Since you insisted.” Angel figured he’d dance with Darla and then settle to his dorm room and sleep afterwards.


Faith was going to pull her plan into action. She heard from Darla that Buffy was no longer her brother’s girlfriend, which meant it was time for some bonding of sorts. Her and blondie really didn’t hit it off and figured now would be the time. Faith brought two drinks with her and one of them was for Buffy. She figured that Buffy needed some loosening up.

“Hey B! How’s it hanging?” She then handed the blonde a drink.

“Okay, I guess. Why you being nice to me all of a sudden?” Buffy knew perfectly well that Faith had never liked her for Angel.

“I heard about you and Angel. It must be hitting you really hard.” Faith was trying to be persuasive and hopefully see what’ll happen.

“How did you? Oh, forget it. Yeah, it’s hard, but I’m dealing with it.” Buffy then took a sip of her drink. Her eyes then wandered around aimlessly and stopped right at Angel with Darla. ‘Well I guess he sure forgot about me already. I can’t believe I’m jealous of Darla. You know perfectly well that he wouldn’t go out with Darla. But then again, the smile on his face showed it all.’


Angel had enough of dancing and seeing Buffy smiling, and enjoying herself. He always felt her green eyes piercing at him and decided to smile, to show her that he wasn’t in pain.

Angel made his way to his dorm room and Darla was right behind him. He tried to get rid of her, but she didn’t get the picture. Though he figured that she wanted more out of this night. He was definitely not going to put anything out for her. Ever.

“Darla, thanks for cheering me up for a while.”

“I’m glad that I could be of service to you,” she said leaning closely into his body. Angel moved her away. He then opened the door and she went straight on inside.

“Darla, I’m not in the mood. I’m tired. So could you please leave on your way out?”


Angel took off his shoes and climbed into bed not even bothering to change. He was fast asleep in no time. Darla was thrilled because now she could have Angel when she woke up the next day. She made her way to his bed and lied right next to him fixing herself.


Buffy had so many drinks that she was giddy. She knew that Faith slipped her the alcoholic drinks, but didn’t care anymore. She just wanted to forget about Angel for quite a while. She was laughing hysterically as she somehow made it to Angel’s dorm room. Buffy figured that he wouldn’t be around and be with Darla.

As she opened the door and quietly walked inside, she noticed something. She was about to lie down on the bed and then she spoke out.

“Oh. My. God.”


“Oh. My. God.” Buffy couldn’t believe the sight before her. Angel was in bed with Darla. The buttons of his navy blue shirt were opened with Darla’s fingers on his bare chest. His hand was wrapped around her shoulder, while his hair was all messed up as if they were in an intense make out session. The strap of her dress was off her shoulders and you could see part of her breasts. They both woke up. Darla noticed Buffy and gave her a huge grin.

“I just can’t believe this,” she said laughing and then started crying.

“I never expected that you’d pick Darla. I guess congratulations are in order.”

“Buffy, it’s not what you think. Nothing happened between us,” Angel said making his way over to her.

“Oh, please. She’s practically half naked.” Angel looked over at Darla and noticed how rumpled her clothing was. He couldn’t believe what great lengths Darla went through to get him.

“I can’t believe you, Darla. You know that we didn’t do anything.”

“Oh, come on Angel. When we were dancing you were in the mood for some more,” she said leaning in and rubbing her body over him.

“Get off me, Darla. I never wanted you in that way.”

“Oh, please. You and little-miss-I-got-raped-by-Parker sure doesn’t want you anymore. If I remember clearly, she said that you reminded her of Parker. Isn’t that right, Buffy?”

“I can’t believe you! You were eaves dropping on our private conversation.”

“What can I say? If you hadn’t come into the room, I would have had Angel in more ways than one. We would have made love and come morning, he would have been naked with me under the sheets.” Buffy just couldn’t believe Darla. The alcohol was wearing off a bit. She made her way towards Darla and slapped her across the face. Darla placed her hand in her red cheek.

“How dare you say that to me. Angel would never touch you. He would never date a bitch like you. He’s too much of a nice guy for you. Now get out!”

“Angel, you’re going to let her talk to me like this! She’s not even your girlfriend.”

“Darla, just leave.” She huffed and stormed out the door. Buffy turned back and looked at Angel. She didn’t know if there was anything else to say to him. So she started walking out the door, but Angel called out to her.

“Buffy.” She turned and looked at him.


“Buffy, I just wanted to…”

“Don’t worry about it Angel. You still maybe be mad at me. I don’t blame you. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you.” She then turns the knob on the door and walked out.


Angel just stared at the door. He just let her walked out the door for a second time. ‘Am I that stupid? You love her, so go after her you idiot.’ Angel quickly opened the door and found Buffy on the carpeted floor in the hallway. She sort of decided that after a while the talking and all the alcohol that consumed her that she was tired. He picked her up and she started fidgeting in his arms.

“Let me down, Angel. I’m a big girl Angel. I can walk.” He settled her down on her two legs and just when she started walking, she lost balance.

“There, I got you,” he said holding her firmly by the waist. He led her inside and they went straight to his bathroom. He placed her on the toilet seat and went over to get a washcloth. As he kneeled down before her he was cooling her face off, Buffy was staring at Angel intently. She didn’t want this moment to end.

“Why are you being so nice to me? I mean after all the mean stuff that I said to you.”

“That’s simple to answer. I love you. You’re my girl.” Those words just brought tears to Buffy’s eyes.

“Oh, Angel. I’m so sorry. I should have never said those awful things to you. I don’t know what came over me.” He took her in his arms.

“Shh. Don’t cry honey. I’m not going anywhere,” he said as he rubbed her back gently. She lifted her head and looked into those gentle brown eyes that loved her so much.


“I Promise.” He then kissed her forehead, her nose and then her lips.

“Now, let’s get you to bed.” He lifted her up and walked out of the room, but told her to stay. He quickly stepped out of the bathroom and went to his closet and found a shirt for her.

“Here, change your clothes. I’ll be waiting for you outside,” he said and then kissed her cheek.

“Don’t you want to stay?” she asked with a wicked smile.

“Don’t even tempt me, Buffy.”


Angel was in bed waiting for Buffy to change her clothes. He couldn’t believe that she asked him to stay while she changed. If he had, his hormones wouldn’t be in any control. He just knew that his hands wouldn’t stay at his sides. It just reminded him when they danced on Valentine’s Day. The way she looked, felt in his arms was just perfect.

Buffy stepped out and noticed Angel and smiled when their eyes met.

“Hi, there.”

“Hi. Come to bed.” She just loved the sound of his voice saying that to her. She quickly made her way to his bed and snuggled up in his arms.

“Good Night, Angel.”

“’Night Buffy.” He then kissed the top of her head.


The next day Buffy was up and realized where she was. Angel’s room. It was obvious with the feeling of his strong arm around her waist. She missed feeling that sense of security and love that only Angel could provide her. She lifted her head up and noticed that Angel was still sleeping, but had this smile on his face. So she figured that he was awake already.

“Angel, I know you’re awake.” Still no response. So Buffy figured that she’d have to try harder to get his attention. She took her index finger and traced over his full lips. Angel remained still. Buffy moved her head up and began kissing the exposed skin of his neck. She kept on going until she found her spot right on the lobe of his ear and gently captured it between her teeth.

“Angel, please wake up.”

“Why should I?” he asked and opened one of his eyes to look at her.

“You’re up. That’s great. I’m hungry.”

“I’m not. I’m tired. I’m going back to sleep.” He shut his eye and did just that. Buffy placed her hand on his cheek, turned his face, raised herself up and then gave him a lingering kiss. A kiss that made him groaned and pulled the petite blonde into his arms.

‘Oh, I missed kissing her like this. The way she feels makes me feel is absolutely wonderful.’

‘Oh, kissing my Angel is just amazing. No other word can describe this moment that I’m feeling.’

“I guess you’re not tired anymore, huh?”

“Tired? No. Though I’m not getting up. I’d rather stay here with you in my arms.”

“Awe, that’s so sweet.” She rewarded him with a kiss.


Spring Break was around the corner and the topic was where to go. They could go to Cancun, Mexico, Daytona Beach, Florida or somewhere nearby. Either way the eight of them were going to have some kind of fun.

Angel was in his dorm room when someone entered. When he lifted his head he spotted the blonde haired man.

“Spike, what do I owe this pleasure?” Angel asked with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, please Angel call me William when we are in public. I thought I’d visit my best friend,” he said smiling back.

“Spike, it’s so thoughtful of you. But really why are you here?”

“Fine. The reason why I’m here is because I knew you’d be having Spring Break and thought I’d tag along.”

“Gee, Spike I’m touched. Really you shouldn’t have,” Angel replied sarcastically.

“Okay, quit the bullshit Angel. So can I?”

“Fine. So you planning to get some girl knocked up like you usually do?”

“Of course not Angel. I’ve changed.” Angel laughed.

Spike thought back to the weekend that he stayed over at the McCrohan household.

“Oh, William it’s so good to see you,” Mrs. McCrohan said smiling at him.

“It’s good to see you too.” He then embraced Angel’s mother.

“Come on. Lets settle your things up in my room,” Angel said dragging Spike up the stairs.

Both men were in Angel’s room just talking about old times.

“So Angel, who’s the new lady in your life?”

“Her name’s Buffy. You’d like her,” he said with a smile on his face just thinking about the blonde beauty.

“You’re in love aren’t you?”

“Yeah. It’s a great feeling.” Angel was about to ask Spike about his love interest when Faith entered the room.

“Hey Angel. Hey Spike. It’s good to see you again.”

“Faith! My, my you’ve grown into a lovely lady.” He was checking her out in her outfit, which consisted of black leather pants, black t-shirt and black boots. ‘She definitely has the curves in all the right places. Little Faith sure had grown up. Oh, I’m going to enjoy this weekend.’

“Thanks Spike. So has my dear brother bored you to death with his new girlfriend, blondie?”

“She has a name. It’s Buffy. I just want you to treat her with respect. Oh, and before you think of a sarcastic comeback, just remember who taught them to you. Yours truly,” he said smiling.

“See what I have to put up with? I wasn’t even going to say anything about her.” Angel just glared at her and then left the room.

Spike just couldn’t stop looking at Faith. The little sister of Angel’s had changed into a young lady with a sharp mouth. He just felt something since she entered the room. He had no idea what kind of attraction he could be having.

Faith made her way closer to Spike with each single step causing the tension in the room to rise. She sat down, looked into his eyes, licked her lips and then spoke.

“So Spike you have a girlfriend?”

“No,” he said swallowing the lump in his throat. She moved even closer until her thigh brushed up against his.

“I think I can change that.” She then leaned her head in and captured Spike’s lips in for a kiss. As the kiss deepened between them, Spike’s hand held the back of her neck. As they parted a part, Faith was the first to say something.

“How’s that for a welcome?” Faith then stood up and walked out the door leaving a stunned Spike remaining.

Spike definitely wanted to relive that moment, but a part of him feared what would Angel think of it? ‘He could beat the shit out of me. Though I really like Faith and she definitely has that wild streak that I’m looking for in a woman.’

“Oh, I don’t mind with you go out with. It just better not be Faith.” Angel had a feeling that something happened with Spike and Faith in his room.


Buffy was up in her room the night before everyone was going to head out for Spring Break. She was thinking about her Angel and wondered what she was planning to give him for his birthday. ‘I could get him an ID bracelet or a nice shirt. Or it could be a surprise that I just thought up of.’ Buffy picked her phone and dialed Angel’s phone number. She wanted to speak with him one last time before she went to bed.

“Hello,” a male voice responded on the end of the line.

“Hey Angel,” she said smiling on the end of the line.

“Buffy. Are you excited about tomorrow?”

“Of course I am. Though I don’t see why your sister has to come along.”

“Buffy, you know what my parents told me. I can’t go unless she goes. So don’t worry about my sister, okay?”

“I won’t. So I’m finally going to see your friend Spike?”

“Yeah. You’ll finally get to know him. I can’t wait to see you in your swimsuit.”

“Oh, really. Well I’m picturing you in my mind now with a nice outfit as well.”

“You are naughty, Miss Summers,” he said laughing.

“What can I say? I’m very open-minded.”

“I have to get going. ‘Night Buffy.”

“Goodnight, my Angel.”


The whole gang arrived at the hotel in San Francisco Hotel. They were now getting dressed in their bathing suits to head over to the beach. All the guys shared a room, while all the women shared another.

“So Angel are you excited about seeing Buffy in a bikini,” Spike said smiling.

“Sure I am. She’s my girl. You’ll know what it’s like one of these days when you meet the right girl,” Angel said smiling back.

“Yeah.” ‘You have no idea, my friend. Today just might be the day that you’ll find out.’

Xander and Oz were dressed in their trunks and were waiting for the other two so they could head out and meet the girls.


The girls were in their room getting dressed as well when Faith decided to tease the young blonde.

“So Buffy, this might be your moment to be with my brother.”

“Faith, could you just shut up.” Buffy was getting irritated with the brunette. She was constantly nagging Buffy about her and Angel being intimate. ‘If she only knew what really happened to me she wouldn’t be acting like a bitch.’

“Don’t worry about Faith, Buffy. She’s just jealous that you found a man that is totally in love with you,” Willow said.

“You got that right.”


Everyone arrived at the beach and set their chairs up. They sky was clear, sun shinning brightly and the beautiful white clouds were vast and endless for miles. The sand was a shade of tan that wasn’t too hot on your bare feet as your toes touched the granites rubbed against them.

Buffy laid on her back with a towel, placed her blue sunglasses on and closed her eyes. She felt the warm heat of the sun’s rays penetrate right through her skin. She had already taken off her shirt to reveal herself in a blue bikini.

“Buffy, honey I’m going to the water. You wanna join me?”

“Okay,” she said as she lowered her sunglasses to check him out. Angel was wearing black trunks that were short enough and tight enough. As she followed Angel she could see how firm his ass was. ‘Ooh I can’t wait to see what’s underneath those shorts. Bad Buffy.’

They entered the ocean and started swimming. As Buffy looked around her she couldn’t believe the sight of the water. It was blue as the sky with hints of turquoise. She faced Angel as he embraced her body with his hands wrapped around her waist.

“Did I tell you how beautiful you looked in your bikini?”

“Actually now that I think about it. No, you didn’t.”

“You…look…beautiful,” he said in between kisses. She moaned softly under his gently kisses as her fingers threaded through the short hairs on the nape of his neck. They both parted from the heated kiss and gazed into each other’s eyes. He took her hand in his and both out of the water and went straight to the towel that was laid on the sand.

As Buffy lay down on the blue beach towel while Angel was on top of her with his elbows at each of her sides. His brown eyes gazed down upon those green eyes and saw how much love she had for him and vice versa. He leaned down and began kissing her. Both their bodies were flushed, lips fused together and legs tangled with one another. They were so caught up into their emotions that they rolled around in the sand just being content with one another. Their moans from the other’s ministrations grew louder that they didn’t even notice a person appearing before them.

“Oh, Angel!” Xander said imitating Buffy. Buffy and Angel spread apart to see the smirk on Xander’s face.

“Xander! What do you want?” Buffy asked.

“Nothing actually. I thought I’d say hi. Oh, and also you two should tone it down a bit. You are in a public place.”

“Xander, just leave. I’m in no mood to joke around,” Angel said.

“Fine. I’ll go.”

“Angel, honey I just realized that I’ve got sand stuck all over my body.”

“So do I. Let’s go take a shower,” he said taking her hand in his.


They headed over the shower and washed the sand away. Angel decided that it was best to share one shower instead of two so other people on the beach could use it.

“I like my idea. Two of us, one shower,” he said grinning.

“I totally agree with you. It’s best not to waste water,” she replied smiling back.


It was the day before everyone had to leave back to Sunnydale so everyone decided to head back to the beach once more and have a bonfire at night.

Angel was walking around the beach feeling the sunrays against his back and the warm feeling of sand beneath his toes. He was looking for some seashells for Buffy when his eyes landed on a coupe with a blanket covering up their body. The thing that caught his attention was the blonde head. ‘It sure looks like Spike. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend. He never mentioned it to me. I wonder why.’ As he lifted the blanket he said.

“Spike, who’s the girl…” He didn’t even finish his sentence when he spotted the girl to be his sister Faith.

“Faith, what are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m making out with my boyfriend.”

“Oh, really. Since when? Tell me Spike. I’d really like to know,” Angel said angered. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

“Since the weekend I stayed over at your house. That’s when.”

“Faith, you’re coming with me,” Angel said grabbing his arm.

“Let me go, Angel.” The rest of the gang heard the commotion and ran over.

“Angel, what’s going on?” Buffy asked. She noticed her boyfriend had s firm grip on his sister.

“Spike and my sister,” Angel said through gritted teeth.

“That’s not the problem. You’re my problem, big brother. You have everything you ever wanted,” Faith said releasing her grip from Angel.

“I earned it Faith. I deserve this happiness and so does Buffy, especially after what she went through.”

“Oh, no here we go again with Buffy. What problem does blondie over here have? She has the perfect life, family, friends and to top it off my brother, Angel. Nothing horrible has ever happened to her. Everything is sunshine. What could possibly make her have a bad day? Her hair isn’t fixed the right way or her nail broke. Huh? Tell me.”

Buffy heard everything that Faith had said. She felt this anger boiling inside the pit of her stomach. The tears were beginning to form in her green eyes.

“Tell you! I’ll tell you! You think I’ve got the perfect life and that nothing bad happens to me. Well you’re wrong. I was…I was raped. You’re happy now, Faith. Now you can tell all your friends that blondie got hers,” Buffy said with tears cascading down her cheeks. She then ran away from everyone. Faith and Spike stood there shocked. They were the only ones that didn’t know.

“Raped? Whom did she get raped by?” Faith asked Angel.

“Parker,” he answered silently. Faith heard the name of her brother’s worst enemy and once friend.

“That asshole! Why didn’t you tell me?” Faith then hit her brother on the arm.

“I didn’t think you needed to know. Especially the fact that I know you weren’t fond of her.”

“Oh, come one Angel. You thought I’d pity on her or laugh about this. That getting raped isn’t something to take lightly. I may not be singing cumbaya when she’s around, but I’ve come to the realization that she loves you. That she’s not Dru.”

“You getting soft on me now? You’re a good sister. A smart ass, but I still love you.” He then embraced his sister.

“So Spike huh?” he whispered in her ear. She laughed.

“Yeah, I like him a lot. He treats me nice.”

“If he tries anything, I’ll break his kneecaps,” Angel said loudly enough for Spike to hear him.

“You won’t. I better go find Buffy.”


Buffy was sitting on the rocks by the ocean. The current waves were high enough for the water to splash on Buffy’s lower legs. She was pouring her tears out when she heard someone approaching. So Buffy quickly wiped her tears away.

“Angel, is that you?”

“No, sorry. It’s just me, Faith.”

“Oh, what you’re here to rub it in my face some more,” Buffy said facing the brunette.

“No. I came to apologize for the mean things that I’ve said to you. If I knew that Parker had hurt you that way, I would have kicked him in the balls for you.”

“Really?” Buffy had to laugh.

“Of course. He’s an asshole.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I heard that your brother gave him something to remember,” Buffy said smiling.

“That’s my brother. Come on. Let’s go before my brother gets worried.”

“So Spike huh?”

“Geez, do you and my brother share a brain?”

“Maybe,” Buffy answered smiling. Faith laughed.


Everyone was sitting by the bonfire. All the couples were paired up together with the girls sitting in between their boyfriend’s legs with their back flushed up against their chest.

Angel had his head laid on Buffy’s shoulders as his arms were wrapped around her petite waist.

“So you enjoyed your time,” he said kissing the side of her neck.

“Yeah, I had a great time.”

“Even when Faith said those harsh things to you?”

“Yeah, even that. I guess I can see where she’s coming from. I would be somewhat envious of myself if I were in her place, but I can sense that she actually has someone that loves her,” Buffy said looking at Faith and Spike.

“But Spike?” She turned her head and faced him.

“Spike knows her well enough. Besides if he caused her any harm, he knows that you’d beat him up.” Angel laughed.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Angel McCrohan. I wish we were alone now,” she said and then kissed him.

“Really? Why?” She leaned in closer before saying her next few words. She didn’t want everyone to hear her.

“’Cause maybe I’d show you how much I love you,” she said huskily. Angel groaned. The look in his brown eyes said it all. He wanted her and she’s evil.

“You’re evil.”

“I aim to please,” she said gloating.


Since Spring Break Buffy and Angel have been extremely close to one another. They would constantly be making out and then have to stop because Buffy felt that it wasn’t the moment to go further on. Angel had always expected, but it was beginning to be unbearable for him. Though he knew that when the time was right they both would know. He just didn’t want to be the butt of all jokes with his friends because he waited for the right woman to be with intimately.

It was the day before his birthday and Angel was thrilled about celebrating his birthday with Buffy. He just knew that no matter what happened, that it would be special because of her. His past birthdays were rather dull and boring. He either didn’t feel like celebrating or somehow Dru would be off in her own world and completely forgot about his birthday.

Angel and Buffy were in his dorm room on his bed making out. Their lips were fused together, tongues dueling with one another for dominance, hands were roaming all over each other’s body and the heat was rising rapidly between them.

“Angel,” she said breathlessly. She was looking down at those brown eyes that showed love while her elbows were leaning in between him on his bed.

“We should…” She just lost her train of thought because her petite frame was leaning right on top of his tall, strong stature.

“Yeah,” he said and them leaned up capturing her lips once more. His right hand roamed over her back then made it’s journey underneath her shirt letting his fingertips touch her bare skin, which in return made her moan. His other hand went through her blonde hair and lightly massaged her scalp.

Buffy’s right hand caressed his cheek, while her other hand slipped underneath his t-shirt lightly scratching the side of his abs. He moaned as well from her touch. The passion between them was increasing rapidly and they both knew that they had to stop, but didn’t want to. As they continued on kissing someone gently opened the door and walked right in.

“Hey Angel, I was…” The two bodies parted from one another and looked right at the person that rudely interrupted them.

“Xander, don’t you knock? Actually, what really concerns me now is how could you barge in like that?”

“I had no idea man. I’m sorry.” Buffy quickly fixed her rumpled shirt, her hair and stood up.

“Where are you going?” Angel asked looking at Buffy.

“I think I should go so you can talk to Xander.”

“No, don’t go. Xander should he going,” Angel said glaring at him. Angel stood up and walked towards Buffy.

“Honey, please stay,” he said pouting.

“I wish I could, but Xander here looks like he needs your help. I also have to get ready for your birthday,” she said smiling.

“Birthday? What are you gonna give me?”

“I’m not saying because it won’t be a surprise anymore.” She kissed him once more than walked out the door.

“So Xander, what do you want?”

“Actually, I really didn’t need your help.” Angel looked at him at first angry, but then launched at him and shook him senseless.

“Xander, I can’t believe you.”

“I try.” Both men laughed.


Today’s Angel’s birthday and he’s turning twenty-one. He hoped that this birthday would be a memorable one. He wanted to have so much fun with all his friends, but especially Buffy. He recalled that Buffy said that she’d make it up to him on his birthday when they were together on Valentine’s Day.

“What does Buffy have planned for me? I hope it’s going to be fun and worth my while,” he said smiling. Faith decided to make her appearance.

“Hey Angel. Happy Birthday.” She then went over and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was thrilled for her brother and knew that he’d enjoy this day.

“Thanks Faith. So what wonderful gift do you have for your favorite brother?”

“Actually I’m not telling you yet. You’ll just have to wait until later,” she said smiling. Angel just laughed. He knew that whatever his sister chose for him that he’d love it. They always knew what the other liked.


Buffy was in the shower washing her hair lightly massaging in as her nails gently scrapping her scalp. She closed her eyes so none of the vanilla scented shampoo wouldn’t get into her eyes. She had a faint smile across her face while her thoughts drifted off to the first time she kissed Angel.

“Angel, stop that!” Though he didn’t stop, he was quite enjoying himself seeing a wet, soaked and drenched Buffy. As the water nozzle went down Buffy went after him with a bucket full of soap and water.

“Oh, no you don’t Buffy.”

“Oh, yes.” She then poured the soapy water on him. He was now completely drenched as well. The foam of the soap was all over his body from his hair right down to his legs. Buffy looked at him and couldn’t help, but stare at his body. The T-shirt he wore clung to his chest as second skin revealing his pecs and abs. ‘He is definitely in great shape. What I’d do now to see him without a that shirt on?’ He wiped the excess soap from his face.

“I’m going to get you for this Buffy,” he said smiling.

“Try and catch me if you can.” She then went running around the car until Angel grabbed her by the waist.

“Gotcha.” She turned around and looked at him. They were so close that not an inch of space was left between them. Buffy gulped and caught her breath. He was staring at her intently. It was as if he could read what was on her mind.

“So what are you gonna do about it?” Buffy finally said after finding her voice.

“I’m gonna kiss you.” He nipped her lower lip, and then moved on deepening the kiss. Buffy felt the need to keep on kissing Angel. Her hand went through his wet hair lightly massaging the nape of his neck. The other was on his arm. Angel’s arms held her firmly around her slim waist. She fit perfectly in his arms. Nothing could ruin this moment.

Angel looked over at Buffy and clearly this time he could see definitely much more of her body. Her shirt clung tightly that her bra was revealed as well were her pert nipples. Buffy looked down at herself and realized what Angel was gazing at.

“Okay, that was all too revealing. At least guys don’t have to worry about covering up anything.”

“That’s true. We guys can just take our shirts off.” He then proceeded on to doing that.

“I was getting a bit hot anyway,” he said with a half smile. The sight of that smile melted her heart. She was then now able to see what was underneath that T-shirt of his. It’s not that she hadn’t notice, but with one less article of clothing things looked clear. Crystal clear. ‘Those were the arms that held me not so long ago. In his arms for what seemed like a minute made me want to be in his arms for an eternity. My tiny body was flushed up against his broad chest. Those lips, oh how much I love those lips when I hear him talking to me, but especially his kiss. He was gentle and sweet with the softest touch. I can definitely keep on kissing those lips and never ask for anything else, but for his love. Love? Am I already falling for the brown eyed guy?’

“I better head inside and change. See you later.” As she turned to walk in Angel called out her name.



“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For the kiss,” he said smiling.

“Your welcome.” He watched her back as she entered inside the door.


Even though it was Angel’s birthday he wanted to pick up Buffy at her house. As he rang the doorbell he stood waiting fully dressed in his black slacks, white shirt with the first two buttons opened, his leather jacket and black boots. Just when Angel was about to ring the doorbell again, Buffy opened the door and left Angel totally speechless.

“Hi,” she said smiling. She could tell by his heated gaze that he loved what she was wearing. He looked at her attire and just knew that she looked fabulous on Valentine’s Day, but today this topped it off. She wore this black silk dress with short sleeves that reached her knee with a slit on the right side. Her blonde hair flowed on her back making her more mature and sophisticated for a nineteen year old. He leaned down and gave her a kiss.

“So are we ready to go?”



Buffy and Angel arrived at The Bronze and as soon as they both entered everyone yelled out surprise. Angel looked over at his girlfriend and smiled.

“You did this for me?” he asked.

“Yeah, but everyone else chipped in as well. Our friends, your sister and your parents made sure everything was set. I just…” He stopped her babbling with a kiss. She relaxed completely into his kiss.

“Thank you.”

“Uh-huh,” she said breathlessly. Angel just looked into those green eyes and smiled. Faith made her way over to her brother to swish him a happy birthday again.

“Hey big brother, happy birthday.”

“Thanks Faith.” All their friends made it over to wish him a happy birthday.


It was time for Angel to gather around his friends while they each handed him his gift. The only gift that he really wanted was from his girlfriend. As the gifts kept on rolling he wondered what Spike and his sister Faith would be giving him. Xander gave him a boxing nun, Oz gave him a card with two tickets to a football game, and Cordelia and Willow gave him a gift certificate to H & M. Both his sister and Spike came forward with a bag.

“Here you go,” Faith said with a smirk. Angel had that gut feeling inside of his stomach that it was something memorable. As he took the box out the blue bag, he unwrapped the blue wrapping paper to reveal a box of TROJAN condoms. His beautiful brown eyes practically popped out of his head. He was in total shock.

“I can’t believe you two. I hope you two aren’t using these?” he asked looking at them.

“Of course not,” Faith replied smiling. She just loved teasing her older brother. He raised his eyebrow.

“Oh, don’t worry Angel. I wouldn’t take advantage of your sister yet,” Spike said with a smirk.

“Spike. If you…” Before he had the chance to respond, Buffy snatched the box away from him.

“Buffy, what do you need that box for?” She came up, placed her hand behind his neck pulling him closer and whispered in his ear.

“You never know when we might need these things,” she said huskily. The breath of her voice in his ear just made him shudder. She then winked and let him be.

‘Are we going to have sex tonight? Is Buffy ready to take the next step? Oh, great now she’s definitely going to leave me with horny thoughts for the whole night.’ Just when Angel was about to go after Buffy to ask her what she meant, all the guys surrounded him.

“So Angel tonight might be the night that could change everything for you,” Xander said.

“You won’t be considered as the oldest virgin anymore,” Spike said. Oz just looked on.

“I don’t know. And I don’t think it’s any of your business,” Angel then made his way toward his parents.


Buffy was chatting away with the girls. She couldn’t believe what bold move she made. She knew for sure that tonight would be the night.

“So Buffy, you and Angel are going to get intimate?”

“Maybe. I’m not saying Cordelia. A girl just doesn’t kiss and tell that she’s going to have sex.”

“Ah ha. You thought about it.”

“Okay. I have, but that doesn’t mean anything.

“We want details.”

“I sure don’t. He’s my brother.”

“Oh, don’t you worry Faith. I won’t be saying a thing,” Buffy said smiling.


Angel went over to talk to his parents. A part of him felt embarrassed about receiving the box of condoms in front of them.

“Mom, Dad, I’m really sorry about Spike. I didn’t…”

“It’s okay, son. We were young once too,” his father answered.

“Yeah, but I just…”

“It’s okay honey. You don’t need to apologize for Spike’s action,” his mother responded and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“You’re our boy and whatever you do with your life is your responsibility. We both have faith and know you always make the right decisions,” his mother added.

“Thanks, Mom.” He hugged her and his dad. His parents handed him a set of keys.

“We both decided that you deserved a new car and this is our gift to you.” He was stunned. He couldn’t believe that his parents bought him a new car.

“Don’t worry about your old car. Faith is getting it.”

“Happy Birthday my sweet Angel,” Kas said with tears in his eyes. He just smiled.


All their friends left and now Buffy and Angel were heading back to the dorms. Angel was going to drop Buffy off and then hit the sheets and sleep soundly.

“I’m dropping you off and then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“No, it’s okay. I want to spend the night with you.”

“Okay.” Though he had no idea that when she meant the night, that they’d be together, naked and making love.


They made it to his dorm room and opened the door and he was stunned with what he saw. There were vanilla scented candles lit up in the entire room. Buffy closed the door behind them and made sure that it was locked. He turned around to face her.

“So is this part of my birthday present?”

“Some of it.” She went to his CD player and let the tune play as the female singer sang the lyrics. She went back to him and placed her hands around his neck as his went around her waist. She looked up into those brown eyes that she could drown herself into for hours and then she started talking.

You're a song
Written by
The hands of God
Don't get me wrong
This might sound
To you a bit odd
But you're the place
Where all my thoughts
Go hiding
Right under your clothes
Is where I'll find them

“Angel, do you know how much I love you?”

“Well I guess not.” He wondered what was the point for the question. He already knew in his heart that Buffy Summers was his.

She smiled at his response. She made sure that both their bodies were flushed up against one another. His hard muscled chest that was underneath his white cotton shirt, while the curves of her breasts were beneath her black silk dress and the feeling of both their bodies being that close to one another brought shivers down both their spines like an electric shock. Buffy knew perfectly well that her boyfriend soon to be lover would be feeling more than that.

Underneath your clothes
There's an endless story
There's the man I chose
There's my territory
And of all the things
I deserve
For being such
A good girl honey

“Buffy, what are you up to?”

“Now, if I told you wouldn’t the surprise be ruined?” She then slipped off his jacket letting it fall to the wooden floor. Then her hands slipped on his shirt on the waistband of his pants letting her fingertips lightly caress his smooth skin. She got on her tiptoes and kissed him. He closed his eyes and moaned into the kiss. He was beginning to feel things inside his body. As she released her lips from the kiss, she slowly unbuttoning his shirt placing a wet kisses down his smooth bare chest and brushed her body against him sliding her hands on his shoulders letting his shirt to fall right on top of his jacket. He had to breathe in deeply for not wanting to tear off her dress.

Because of you
I forgot the
Smart ways to rhyme
Because of you
I'm running out of
Reasons to cry
When the friends are gone
When the party's over
We'll still belong
To each other

“Buffy,” he sighed. She placed her fingertips on his lips to silence him. She lightly pushed him towards his bed until he sat down. She took her left leg and parted his legs open and placed herself between him. He closed his legs holding her firmly as his hands went to her waist. Buffy lowered her lips and started kissing Angel as her fingers threaded through his brown hair. His hands journeyed its way until he founded the zipper sliding it down slowly. His went back and slide the dress off her shoulders making the silk glide off her body. Angel continued on sliding his hands up her legs, her back and found fastener of her bra when Buffy pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with lust in his eyes.

“Nothing. Nothing at all.” She then moved back and showed him her attire, which consisted a maroon lace bra and matching panties.

“Surprise!” He was surprised that’s for sure. He thought the sight of her in a wet t-shirt made him feel happy, but this definitely topped it off. She walked back to Angel as his hands held her waist.

“Angel, make love to me.” She wasn’t asking him a question, but just wanted someone she loved to make her feel special.

“I’d love to,” he said with his trademark smirk. His hands found the clasp of her bra and unhooked it and slipped his fingertips in the straps letting the lace material fall to the floor. His hands cupped her breasts squeezing them gently causing her to moan.

“Angel.” She just loved the attention his fingers were giving her breasts. If she felt this excited now, she wondered what it’d be like when they made love.

His hands left her breasts and went directly to the waistband of her panties and slipped his fingers inside caressing her but and gave it soft squeeze and slipped off the discarded material.

“Oh,” she moaned. She was now completely naked before him. He stood up, picked in his arms and placed her on the bed. As his brown eyes looked into those green eyes he knew that this was right. He began kissing her again. Both their hands roamed over each other.

Buffy’s hands found his belt opened it up, the top button and unzipped his pants down. Angel heard the zipped but totally ignored it and went onto her neck sucking on the exposed flesh. Her hand found the slit of his boxers and was a bit hesitant to touch him. ‘Why am I afraid? It’s Angel. I love him and I’m willing to touch every part of him because he makes me feel special. So get over it.’ Her hands went inside touching his erection. It felt smooth, soft and she could feel the ridges that were distinctly him. She slid her hand up and down setting a slow pace and gradually increasing the speed feeling him grow under her caress. He moaned under her touch.

“Mmm. You have to stop Buffy,” he said placing his hands on top of hers.

“Why? You don’t like? ‘Cause the way I see it you were enjoying it as well,” she said looking down at both their hands. He felt that he was getting harder by the minute with her hot little fingers.

Underneath your clothes
There's an endless story
There's the man I chose
There's my territory
And of all the things
I deserve
For being such
A good girl honey

“Oh.” He lifted himself off her and quickly shed off the rest of his clothes. Now he was completely nude before Buffy’s very eyes. He went back to kissing Buffy as her hands roamed over his smooth back feeling the contours of his muscles rippling beneath her fingertips. His lips went towards her neck, and then captured her nipple in his mouth lightly kissing it then gently sucking it. The moans increased even more inside Buffy’s body. He then went to the other and did the same task to the neglected one. His lips kissed between her breasts, kissing down to her navel letting his tongue lick her skin. His hands touched the sides of her body gliding all the way down sliding his fingers into her panties sliding it off. As the last article of clothing was removed both soon to be lovers were waiting to become one.

Buffy leaned over and took the box of condoms and handed it to Angel. He knew perfectly well what to do. As he was done, he gently parted her legs open and looked into her green eyes. He leaned himself and was about to enter when he felt Buffy stiffened.

“Buffy, look at me,” he said placing his right hand caressing her cheek. She stared right at him.

“It’s me Buffy. I would never hurt you. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” That was all they both needed and Angel leaned in and entered inside her slowly, gently. As he kept going in and out of her with a steady pace, her inner muscles kept contracting squeezing his throbbing erection. He lowered his head and kissed her lips. His tongue parted open her lips finding her and danced together as one.

The feeling of both their naked bodies pressed against each other as they both rocked back and forth in unison. Buffy knew that her orgasm was near. The tingling down in her loins was beginning to stir.

“More, Angel.” She was almost there and Angel felt his orgasm approaching as well they both yelled each other’s name once more.

He laid next to her turned his and looked at her.

“That was…”

“Wow,” she answered.

“Yeah, wow sure pretty sums it up.” He pulled her closer to his sweat body while his other hand pulled the sheet to cover their body. She placed her hand on his chest and draped her arm over his waist.

“So you enjoyed your birthday gift,” she said tiredly looking into his eyes.

“That was it? I thought there was something more like an actual gift,” he said teasingly.

“Why you…”

“No, it was lovely and I truly cherish it. Now lets get some sleep.”


It was the day after Angel’s birthday. Technically any other birthday would have been nothing, but this was different. This morning was the day after his birthday with Buffy in his arms after they made love. He looked down at her and lightly played with the strands of her hair until her beautiful green eyes looked right into his brown ones.

“Morning,” she said shyly. She still couldn’t believe what happened to them last night. ‘I made love with Angel. My Angel.’

“Morning beautiful,” he said smiling.

“Angel, you know what you were right. You did make me forget about Parker.”

“I’m glad. Buffy, I have a confession to make.” Buffy wondered what could it be that was so important to tell her now. ‘Did I do something wrong? Did he regret us making love last night? Please let it not be that.’ He saw the look on her face and it looked serious and in deep thought.

“It was wonderful last night. I never regretted what happened last night. I wanted to tell you that last night was my first experience with a woman.” Buffy was stunned. She couldn’t believe that this man that was in front of her was a virgin until last night.

“You’re serious?”


“I just thought that someone like you would have been sexually active already.”

“Well you’re wrong. You’re the only one. I hope that it will remain that way forever,” he said smiling.

“As long as you want me.”

“Well in that case, let’s have some fun.” He pulled the covers above them and Buffy began giggling.



* 1 year later *

Things between Buffy and Angel have never been better. Since the night of his birthday and the day after waking up in her arms, he knew she was the one. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with this girl, this beautiful woman, and his lover.

The day was sunny, clear blue sky and the birds were chirping. Angel was walking towards the platform to pick up his diploma. As he shaked hands with the principal, he looked towards the crowd and spotted Buffy and as their eyes locked from afar he smiled at her. She smiled right back.


As Angel went to see his parents, his dad was the first one that gave him a hug.

“Congratulations, son. I’m very proud of you.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Mrs. McCrohan decided to make some interference and hugged her son as well.

“Congratulations, my Angel.” She then kissed him on the cheek. Faith just looked at her brother as Spike’s arms were wrapped around his waist.

“Congratulations, my little Angel,” Katherine McCrohan said pinching his cheeks.

“Grandma, please I’m all grown up now,” he said embarrassed. He blushed at how his own grandmother could make him still feel like a five-year-old. Buffy looked at the interaction between the two and thought it was so adorable. His grandmother turned over and saw Buffy and smiled at her.

“Awe, that’s so cute.”

“Angel, she’s so cute,” she said and pinched Buffy’s cheeks as well. Buffy had the same embarrassing look as Angel.

“You know when Angel was a little boy, he use to run around naked and I would see his cute little tush and wee wee hanging.”

“Grandma!” Buffy on the other hand had her own personal thought to his grandmother’s comment. ‘His tush ain’t little anymore and neither is wee wee. Those parts of him have grown drastically through the years.’ She then looked at Angel and smiled.


Angel told his parents that he’d meet up with them later. He wanted some alone time with Buffy. The last thing that Angel wanted now was an audience. He took Buffy by the hand and they walked side by side. As they made it to the bench, Buffy had yet to congratulate him the way she wanted to.

“Congratulations.” She then went on her tiptoes and have him a kiss. He accepted it willingly and pulled the petite blonde in his arms. As the kiss deepened Buffy let her tongue part his lips open seeking refuge with is. He moaned at the contact, but quickly released the kiss.

“Buffy, let’s have a seat.” She was still a little hazy after that amazing kiss. They both sat down and Angel wondered how he was going to tell her this. He knew she was the one for him. Though this little part of him had doubts about her reaction.

“Angel, just tell me.” She cupped his cheek with her hand and kissed him.

“Buffy, you know that I love you so much.” She nodded.

“You’re the first girlfriend that I ever had that I really loved me. You weren’t trying to please me, or being nice to me because of Faith. When I first kissed you, it hit a nerve inside my body that I never felt before. I guess what I’m trying to say is Buffy Summers, will you be mine forever?” He had said those very last words as he was down on one knee and opened the black velvet box. Buffy was stunned. She couldn’t believe that Angel had just proposed to her in the day of his graduation. She kneeled before him and kissed him fully on the lips.

“Yes! Yes! I’ll marry you,” she said those words showering kisses all over his face. He slipped the diamond ring in her finger. The whole time he slipped the ring on her finger he was looking right into her eyes.

“Though we can’t marry right away because I’m not done with college and…” He quickly shut her mouth with a kiss.

“It’s okay. We can wait after you graduate. I’m in no rush. I just want everyone to know that you’re mine and your taken,” he said grinning wickedly.

“A sense of ownership, huh?”

“You got that right. You’re mine and mine alone.” He then showed her by kissing her.


* 23 years later *

Buffy and Angel were happily married with four children of their own. Nina, who was eighteen and has gotten accepted to UC Sunnydale, Chris who was fourteen and going to Sunnydale High, Robert who was ten and was going to start fifth grade and finally little six-year-old Kathy was going to start first grade.

The both of them were on the couch making out. One of the Angel’s hands was behind her neck grasping the blonde hair, while the other was holding her securely by the waist. Buffy on the other hand had her hand on his bicep and the other on his thigh. As the kissing kept on going Buffy knew that they had to stop because their children were home. Though she also knew that Angel wouldn’t care. He always loved showing his devotion to her.

“Angel, we should stop,” she said breathlessly.

“Hmm,” Angel said as his lips were nibbling the sensitive skin on his neck.

“The children will catch us.”

“Don’t care,” he mumbled and went over to the other side. His lips made its way back to hers and claimed it once more.

Nina was heading towards the living room when she saw both of her parents making out. Her siblings were with her as well.

“Ooh, kissy face.”

“Oh, that’s gross.”

“I can’t believe this. My parents are making out like teenagers.”

“Mom, Dad how could you?” Buffy and Angel parted and was faced by their four children.

“Actually it’s really easy Nina. I kiss your mom and she kisses me back,” he said grinning. Buffy hit him playfully on the chest.

“Angel, don’t embarrass her even further.” Kathy made her way over and nudged herself in between her parents.

“Hi Daddy.” She then leaned her head on her father’s arm. She always felt a little jealousy towards her mother when it came to Angel. Whenever she had a nightmare or heard thunder in a rainstorm, she’d called out to her daddy. He would come in and hold her until she fell asleep or would bring her in and slept with her parents.

“Hey, there my little girl.” He then kissed her little nose.

“I thought that I was your little girl,” Nina said jealously.

“Ha, your jealous of Kathy,” Chris said smiling.

“Oh, you shut up. Or I’ll tell mom and dad that you spend way too much time in the bathroom.” Chris bent his head down him utter embarrassment.

“Nina leave your brother alone.”

“But Mom he started it.” Chris smiled.

“Okay, let me ask you something. Have you decided where to go to college this fall?” Angel asked.

“Let’s leave Robbie. You coming Kathy?”

“No, I want to stay with mommy and daddy.”

“Kathy, why don’t you go with your brothers and play a game with them. Mommy and daddy will come up and play tea party with you after we talk to Nina.” Kathy pondered on the thought and then smiled.

“Okay.” They all left leaving behind their parents and sister.

“You were jealous of your sister weren’t Nina?” Angel asked.

“Yes,” she said shyly. Angel walked over to her.

“You’re my first born. You’ll always be my little girl. So like I said before, where are you attending college?”

“UC Sunnydale.”

“That’s great. Do you have any activities that you want to join?” Buffy asked.

“Actually, I was thinking about joining a sorority. Your sorority Mom.” Both Buffy and Angel looked at each other.

“You really don’t have to join one. They’re dull, boring and you wouldn’t find a nice guy.”

“But Mom you met Dad in one. He’s nice. So are Uncle Xander and Uncle Oz.”

“True, but your father is totally different. He and I were forced into joining.”

“You got that right. Look the thing is Nina, that sometimes when a young lady like yourself joins a sorority she could get hurt badly.”

“Like who?”

“Like your mother,” Angel said looking at his wife.

“What happened to Mom?” Nina asked, concerned.

“I got raped. That’s why I want you to really think about it. Some of the guys are jerks, but like you said your father is one of a kind.”

“So don’t join because your friends pressured you okay?”

“Okay. Though you never know, I might find a guy like you Dad or maybe like Uncle Xander,” she said teasingly.

“Sweetie, I love you, but your Uncle Xander is enough for everyone.” Buffy looked over at Angel and smiled.

“I’ll leave you two to make out. Bye!” Both Buffy and Angel laughed. Angel started kissing his wife again. As his lips found her neck like he did earlier, Buffy started talking again.

“Angel, aren’t we suppose to meet Faith and Spike today?”



“I…don’t…care,” he said in between kisses from her neck trailing to her lips.


“But nothing. Buffy just shut up and let me kiss you,” he said grinning and pulled her into his lap. She looked into those brown eyes a thousands times simply said.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” He slowly leaned in and kissed his wife and held her closely not even letting her go.

The End