Veronica by Anightgirl


Opening scene: We see a silhouette of a woman pressed against the glass panes on the doors to the Hyperion. Past the silhouette Cordelia slowly comes into focus and is shown rocking Conner. The shot pans past the silhouette, Cordelia is humming softly. She turns and carries Conner to his bassinet.

Cordelia: Now, you just stay here for a minute while Auntie Cordelia goes upstairs to get herself ready for when daddy comes home. (She tucks Conner in and looks around making sure that everything is in order, then heads upstairs.)

After Cordelia is upstairs for a minute Conner begins to whine softly. We shoot back to the womanís silhouette and follower her in as she walks towards the bassinet. We see the shot from behind as she picks up Conner and hushes him. Her long brown hair hangs to her waist curling slightly as it falls down her back against the white dress she wears. Conner immediately quiets and begins giggling when the woman holds a toy up to him shaking it.

Next shot: Cordelia coming down the stairs. She slows her step and watches for a moment.

Cordelia: Excuse me?? Who do you think you are?

The woman turns sharply and reviles her vampire face to Cordelia. Cordelia immediately begins to breath quickly and bolts down the stairs. She stops at the bottom and places both of her hands in the air.

Cordelia: ListenÖ you have to put him down. Do you have any idea who his father is?

Woman: Yes, I know who he is, that is why I have come here. (Her face shifts back to its normal form) Iím sorry I should introduceÖ.

Cordelia: (Abruptly interrupting her) No, you should put him down, and run away before Angel gets home. (She moves towards the phone.) Iím going to call him right now.

Woman: No, Iím sorry. My name is Veronica. Iím here to help. (She places Conner back in the bassinet and begins to walk backwards towards the door.) I think I have started thing out on the wrong foot. Iíll come back later when Angel is home and explain.

Behind the woman we see Angel, Gunn, and Lorne walking through the door. Angel stops them before they get too close.

Angel: Explain what?

The woman turns and faces him, behind her Cordelia screams.

Cordelia: ANGEL, SHEíS A VAMPIRE AND SHEíS AFTER CONNER!! (She runs to the bassinet and picks him up. Lorne crosses the lobby and places himself in front of her protecting the two of them.)

-------------Cut to commercial and intro. Credits--------------------------------------------------------

Fade in on Angelís face.

Angelís face immediately turns and he lunges at the woman who quickly slides to one side and bolts up the stairs. Her face has turned again too and she stops half way up the stairs.

Veronica: Angel NO!! (She dodges a stake that Gunn shoots at her from the crossbow.) Iím here to help I swear! (Angel has reached her spot on the stairs and begins to fight her. She back flips off the stairs and lands on the floor below.) Listen please!! I donít want to hurt Conner I want to protect him. Angel, I have a soul too!!

Angel stops dead in his tracks. Floored for a moment.

Angel: What?

Veronica: Angel I have a soul just like you. Please just let me explain.

Gunn: Angel sheís lying she canít possibly have a soul sheís a vampire. (He rolls his eyes after he realizes what he said. Wesley walks through the door)

Wesley: Whoís a vampire?

Gunn: The broad over there, Cordelia found her with Conner.

Wesley: Why wasnít Cordelia with Conner?

Angel: Good question. Cordelia, why werenítí you with Conner?

Cordelia: (searching for an answer) WellÖah...IÖ had to go upstairs. (She waves her hands in the general direction) IÖdidnít think. Ugh!! Hello?? (Points at Veronica) Evil vampire, here to kill your son, better questions to be asking right now!!

Veronica: I was watching from outside. She went upstairs and he started fussing. I came in to calm him.

Cordelia: Oh yeah, why were you all vamped out then when I came down?

Veronica: Because it calmed him. Just like I said. He stopped fussing as soon as I turned. (She has a desperate look in her eyes. She is beginning to realize she might not make it out alive against them all.) If I had wanted to take him donít you think I would have come and left right away instead of staying to play?

Lorne: Well, sheís got a point.

(Gunn shoots him a shut up you idiot glance)

Lorne: Well she does. Sorry.

Angel: (He motions towards the couch in the center.) Then sit down and explain yourself.

Veronica places herself in the center seat and waits for them to sit down. Angel and Gunn remain standing. Cordelia picks the seat furthest from her and holds Conner tightly.

Veronica: I was turned in 1329. I donít really remember much of my mortal life. All I remember is that my mother was a very powerful witch and at a very young age I showed a great potential to follow her lead. (We see a shot of her in the past. Her monologue overlies the sound, but her memories are shown)

ďUnfortunately, when I was 17 I became very ill. I tried every spell I could to heal myself, but none of them worked. A vampire came calling one night. He tried to fool me, to let him into my home, but my mother had taught me about the soulless who wander the night. I realized at this point that there was no other way to keep myself alive other than becoming a vampire. The following night I cast a very powerful spell on myself. The basic point of it was to allow me to keep the most important part of me, my powers, after my turn. I left my house that evening and wandered the forest in search of the vampire. He came to me and I told him what I had done. Iím assuming he thought he would benefit turning a witch into a vampire. So he did.Ē

We see Wesley rise off the couch a contemplative look in his eyes. He disappears into the library.

Cordelia: This is beginning to be quite the little tale you are telling us. Why donít we just get rid of her now Angel?

Angel: Cordelia be quiet I want to hear the rest. (His sharp words astonish her and she is visibly hurt. Angelís full attention is on Veronica.) Go on. (He moves from against the back wall to the seat directly across from Veronica. He leans forward placing his elbows on his knees, as if his superior hearing has being infected.)

Veronica: Well, when I awoke from the change I immediately began to try my powers and see if the spell had worked. I was able to perform small spells but the larger oneís were not working. When my maker and I went out to feed I was horrified by the way he treated his victims. I felt sorry for them. Eventually the hunger overpowered me and I had to feed. When I killed I was guilt stricken, and disgusted by what I was doing. Thatís when I realized that the most important part of me that contributed to my powers was my soul. The Powers That Be let me keep my soul not the witchcraft itself. I have lived for 672 years as a vampire with a soul.

Cordelia: Really, how come weíve never heard of you before this? Wouldnít you be in one of those old books we have if this were true? I mean Angel, the prophecies would have known about her at least if not them then the watchers council would have mentioned her.

Wesley emerges from the library room; he is carrying several of the old books open faced.

Wesley: They do. (He removes his glasses)


Fade in: Wesley is standing next to Veronica and reading from the open book on top. He is relatively excited about what he is reading.

Wesley: Apparently, she is the vampire the watchers reported rescuing people in Europe. A description was never a possibility she always left before the witnesses could see her. After learning he was good the watchers automatically assumed it was Angel. It makes sense now. When I was training in London, I asked how the accounts of Angelís rescues could be so wide spread across Europe when other diaries tell us his was in America. The council told me that the question had already been discussed and proven that it would be possible for a vampire to travel between the continents in the time between entries. Thatís where they left it.

Cordelia: (Rolls her eyes) I have to go change Conner. (She gets up frustrated that everyone is taking Veronicaís side. The jealousy bug has begun to hit her a little)

Cut scene to the office: Conner is on the changing table.

Cordelia: (Whispering to Conner) I donít see why she should be believed. Who cares, sheís not really pretty or anything. Your daddy isnít going to be interested in her just because she happens to be another vampire with a soul. I mean who cares if she has a great body and gorgeous long hair. So what if she can share his torture with him for all eternity? I mean look at her, she has been around for centuries and those are the clothes she wears?

Return scene to the lobby.

Wesley is growing more excited. He quickly closes the book on top and hands it to Veronica.

Wesley: When Conner first came to us I only read up to the information that pertained to him. I stopped after we found out that he was the prophesized child. The prophecies have written of another vampire with a soul. One who helps the child and his vampire father. One with whom any human, upon having a relationship, will die.

Veronica: I learned very quickly that my lovers died shortly after our union. Listen if you donít want to believe me then thatís fine Iíll leave. There is another way that you can tell though Angel, and you know what it is.

Cordelia: (Returning with a freshly changed Conner in her arms. She places him in the bassinet and rocks it slowly.) And how is that?

Veronica begins to speak, but Angel cuts her off.

Angel: I can drink from her. If she has a soul I will be able to read it and know if she is telling the truth.

Cordelia: Youíre not really considering it, are you? I mean what if you do and she tries to kill you in the process? What if her blood is somehow tainted and she poisons you? Angel, there are a hundred reasons not to do that.

Gunn: Man, Iíd listen to Cordy. She could be right.

Wesley: It is awfully risky Angel.

Angel: There isnít any other way. Weíll never know if sheís telling the truth. It could be possible also that she has read the same prophecy and is here to destroy Conner. I have to know.

Cordelia: Uggh! Fine if you really think you have to just donít do it out here in front of everyone itís gross.

Angel: Well Veronica? Shall we then? (He moves off the chair and walks to her. One of his hands is outstretched for her to take.) We can go to my room so we donít disgust them. (He says the word disgust with a hint of sarcasm hidden beneath it.)

Veronica rises and takes his hand. She begins to follow him, but pauses and turns to the group.

Veronica: Donít worry I wonít harm him.

Angel: If Iím not back in 15 minutes come get me.

Fade out

Cut Scene to a local club where a young girl is dancing with a blond man in the middle of the dance floor. Loud music pounds in the background, the man begins to press against the girl rubbing her back and hips as they move.

Girl: Do you always dance this well?

Man: Only when the company is suitable.

Girl: Iíve never seen you here before.

Man: Iím new in town. I just moved here from out east. First time Iíve gotten out.

Girl: Well, welcome to town. Anything I can do to help just ask.

Man: Actually I was getting kind of hungry you wanna go for a bite?

Girl: Sure thing. Let me tell my friends Iím leaving hold on.

(The girl wonders off screen and a smile crosses the manís face.)

Cut scene to Angelís room. Veronica is seated in a chair and Angel is rummaging around near his fridge.

Angel: Drink?

Veronica: Yes, please.

Angel makes two ďdrinksĒ and hands one to her. They both drink for a minute and an awkward silence fills the air. Angel places his cup on the table when he is finished.

Veronica: Well, I guess we should do this. Iíve never done this before. (She places her cup on the table and rises to face him. He moves towards her and places his right hand on her neck.) Wait, (She backs away from him and undoes the first few buttons of her dress then pulls it to the side.) try not to get blood all over this thing. It is a pain to get out.

(Angel smiles at her and moves forward again. He backs her up slowly so that she is pressed against the wall near his bed.)

Angel: He we go. (His face turns and he leans into Veronicaís neck. As he pierces her flesh her face changes also and she begins to claw at his back. He pulls away from her after a moment still gripping her neck and looks her in the eyes) Guess you were telling the truth.

Veronica: More. (She mutters)

Angel lifts her and they drop to his bed. He buries his face into her neck again and she rips his shirt from him. She in turn drives her fangs into his neck. We see flashes of her past life again leading up to when she was outside the hotel.

Cut scene to the lobby. Fred has returned and the group is explaining the occurrences to her.

Fred: So how long have they been up there?

Gunn: About ten minutes.

Cordelia: (she looks at her watch) 9 minutes and 34, 35 seconds.

Lorne: Not keeping track or anything are we?

Cordelia: (When she looks up she realizes that she doesnít see the room anymore she sees a couple walking down the street. The blond man holding the girlís hand appears human for a moment and then he flashes into a demon of some sort with a single line of plates running down his back and both sides of his face. The room comes back into view and Gun and Wesley and both holding her about a foot above the couch.) I donít know if I am ever going to get used to this floating stuff. Thanks guys.

Gunn: What did you see? Is someone in trouble? Do you know where they are? Should I get Angel?

Cordelia: Girl with a demon. Mostly likely she is in trouble. They are near the Black Light. Yeah, of course you should.

Gunn turns and heads to Angelís room.

Cut Scene: Angelís room.

Angel lifts himself slowly from Veronica and rolls over on the bed next to her. There is blood on his lips and chin, and Veronica is similarly covered.

Angel: (Trying to break the silence smoothly.) So, my name's Angel, nice to meet you.

Veronica: (Stretches) Veronica, likewise.

Gunn bursts into the room and stops dead in his tracks when he sees them both lying on the bed. They look up at him and Veronica begins to button her collar back up.

Veronica: Damn it. (Wiping at some blood on her shirt) Now I have to get this dry-cleaned.

Angel: Sorry, but you ripped mine. (He gets up and moves to the closet.) What is it Gunn?

Gunn: Uh, um, Cordy just had another vision. A girl in trouble, some sort of demon with her. They are near the Black Light. You gonna come with?

Angel: Yeah, give me a sec. (He pulls on another shirt and turns to Veronica) You, wanna come?

Veronica: Of course I do. Gunn is it? Do you know what the demon looked like?

Gunn: Cordelia said that it looked human, but underneath it had plates down itís back and face. Wesley is looking in the books and Fred is searching the web. (Waits a moment then leaves.)

Angel: Come on. (He puts out a hand and pulls Veronica from the bed.)

Scene: Lobby

Gunn is in the office telling the group what he saw in Angelís room. He finishes just before Angel walks in.

Angel: So what is it? How do I kill it?

Wesley: The only thing I have been able to find is a demon called the Egalliv. Based on this though it isnít harmful. It actually helps people. Vary rare, since other demons hunt them down.

Angel: Well, Iíll just have to figure it out when I get there. Cordy, Fred, are you two going to be all right with Conner?

They both answer him quickly, nodding their heads.

Angel: Try not to leave him alone again ok? (He shoots a glance at Cordelia)

Cordelia: What about her? What are you going to do with her? (She moves her head in Veronicaís direction.)

Angel: Sheís coming with. She was telling the truth. (He goes to the weapons closet and pulls an axe and a crossbow loaded with arrows. He tosses the crossbow to Veronica.) You know how to use this?

Veronica: I was reborn in 1329 I sure hope I do.

Angel: Good. Gun, Wesley, lets go.

They leave quickly and Cordelia and Fred are left standing in the office. Cordelia has a hurt expression on her face and Fred goes to comfort her.

Fred: Itís ok Cordelia. You made a mistake, everyone does. Heís just busy, heíll forgive you, donít worry.

Cordelia: Itís not that. What happens if he pushes us all to the side because he has found someone just like him?

Fred: He wonít do that. The two of them canít do this all alone. He needs us all.

Cordelia: Yeah, (she gets up and goes to Conner) I know.

Fade out on Cordelia hugging Conner closely and whispering in his ear.



Open on the streets of LA. Angelís car flies around a corner. Close-up of the car reveals Angel and Veronica in the front. Gun and Wes are in the back.

Wesley: Angel we really must get you some driving lessons. I donít see why this is necessary. I almost flew out the back.

Angel: Sorry, was going a little to fast for the turn. You ok Veronica?

Veronica: Wonderful. You know the majority of my life horses and ships were the only form of transportation. In the last century alone so many different forms, have been invented. I must say though nothing beats a nighttime ride in a convertible. (She looks at Angel and smiles.) Letís do it. (They engine grows louder as Angel accelerates.)

Scene: Outside the Black Light.

The car is moving more slowly now, and the group is scanning the streets for the couple.

Veronica: What is the girl wearing? There are too many guys and girls walking together to know who it is.

Gunn: Cordelia said she had red hair, was wearing a black leather skirt, a velvet top and some sort of blue stone in her necklace.

Wesley: There she is. (He points out the right side of the car.)

Angel pulls the car up to the curb just as the couple turns into an alley. The group rushes out of the car and follow them into the alley.

Angel: Hey!

The couple turns around and faces the group.

Girl: Can we help you with something?

Gunn: Yeah we were just wondering what he plans on doing with you.

Guy: I really donít think that is any of your business. Now if you will excuse usÖ

Angel: You see there just isnít any excuse for demons like you. You go around and prey on these poor girls and, well, I think you know the rest.

Guy: Prey on her? Do you even know what you are talking about? Iím not preying on her.

Angel: I just donít think you are being honest here.

Girl: No, he is being honest see Iím the one preying on him. (Without taking her eyes off of Angel she pushes the guy into the wall and begins to walk forward. Her skin turns a dark purple and her eyes begin to glow a bright orange color.) Why do you have to mess with me Angel? I know who you are and I was planning on coming for you and your son soon enough. I donít think you understand that we really donít care for your kind. The ones who are always out to save the day blah blah blah blah. It does get a little old donít you think? I guess I have to take care of you and your little friends here though. (She rushes him and as he goes to hit her she flips over his head and lands behind him.)

The group begins to attack her as Wesley runs to the injured man. The woman moves very quickly and manages to swipe a sword from Gunn. She is in an intense fight with Angel, Veronica takes Wesleyís blade from him and tosses the cross bow aside. She canít afford to hit Angel as they battle. Just as she moves in to stab the demon the demon spins slices open Veronicaís side, Veronica manages to take off the demonís free hand before falling to the ground. The demon backs off from Angel and waves the stump in the air.

Demon: You canít kill me in pieces. (The hand regenerates itself and she returns to the fight.)

Gunn picks up the discarded crossbow and aims at the demon. Angel notices him and works to keep the demonís back towards Gunn. Gunn fires the crossbow and hits the demon just below her neck. The demon freezes and both arms fly out to her sides. She howls and bursts into a purple light that dissipates quickly.

Angel rushes to Veronica and begins to pick her up.

Angel: Gunn go help Wesley.

Gunn: Got it. He turns and runs to where Wesley is with the injured man.

Angel: Veronica let me help you.

Veronica: Ugh, Angel donít Iím fine.

She sits herself up and uses the sword as leverage to pick herself off the ground. Blood is pouring down her side.

Angel: No you are really hurt let me help you. (He takes the sword from her and she leans on him as her free arm wraps around his waist.

Veronica: Thanks.

Gunn and Wesley walk up with the slightly dazed man whose face has changed to its natural look. They slowly head back to the car.

Cut Scene: Hyperion Lobby

Cordelia and Fred are in the office talking about the men as everyone walks in.

Angel: Little help here!! (He is still supporting Veronica while Wesley and Gunn carry in the weapons. The demon guy is walking on his own now but stumbling a little.)

Angel puts Veronica on the couch and points to a seat the guy can sit in.

Cordelia and Fred run from the office.

Cordelia: Oh my god is he okay? (She is looking at the injured man who is now holding his head. She walks over to him and places a hand on each shoulder.) ARE YOU OK? WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?

Guy: Stop yelling please.

Cordelia: Oh, sorry.

Angel: Cordelia will you get the bandages for Veronica?

Cordelia ignores him and keeps tending to the guy.


Cordelia: What?

Angel: The bandages, please.

Cordelia: (As she begins to walk back to the office.) I donít know what you are all in a tiff about she will heal she IS a vampire.

Fred comes out of the office.

Fred: Here Angel (She hands him the bandages.)

Angel: Thanks Fred.

Angel rolls Veronica onto her good side slightly and rips away the part of her dress where she got cut.

Cordelia: Great now heís stripping her in the lobby. (She rolls her eyes and goes to hunt down some aspirin. Gunn and Wesley are trying to nonchalantly stare at Veronicaís exposed midsection.)

Angel finishes bandaging Veronica, takes off his jacket and sits on the couch. Cordelia returns with the aspirin and a couple glasses of water.

Cordelia: K, Who needs aspirin? Gunn? Wesley? Strange demon whose name I donít know?

Guy: (muffled) Jacob

Cordelia: Huh?

Jacob: Jacob, my name is Jacob. Iím an Egalliv demon. I rescue people.

Cordelia: Oh, nice to meet you Jacob. Aspirin?

Jacob: Yes, please.

She passes out the aspirin and puts the bottle on the table.

Angel: Cordelia. (He points to Veronica)

Cordelia: Oh sorry, would you like some too?

Veronica: (Places her arm around her midsection and grunts a little as she pushes herself up to a sitting position.) No thanks; I think Iíll manage.

Angel: So Gunn how did you know how to kill her?

Gunn: Well, I was looking at her and noticed that on her back right by her neck there was an orange symbol that glowed just like her eyes, so I figured it must be important. I hit her there and boom she died.

Jacob: I just want to thank you guys for helping me out tonight. I wander around and help all sorts of people, I have always known that there were demons out there that want to kill me, but this one just got too close.

Wesley: Yes, well maybe you will be more careful with who you try to take home then.

Jacob: No kidding. (Stands up) I have to get going. I need to go to bed. Thanks again. I mean it.

Veronica: I need to go too Angel. (She slowly pushes herself into a standing position.) I need to get home, shower and rest up a bit. Turns to the room. Everyone, it was nice meeting you. Perhaps we will see each other in the future. (She begins to walk to the door with Jacob) Walk me out? (As she says this she stumbles a little and Jacob catches her.)

Jacob: Of course.

Angel: Hey you two wait up. (He grabs his jacket off the couch.) Let me give you guys a ride. Neither of you are in any condition to be walking the streets. (Takes Veronica from Jacob)

Jacob: Thanks man.

Angel: (Back to the room) I will be back in a while guys.

Cordelia: Yeah, we know.

Fred: So guys. (Sits on the couch) Tell us what happened tonight.

The guys begin telling them the story.



Cut Scene: Angelís car

Veronica is in the back seat stretched out and they are deciding who gets dropped off first.

Jacob: Well I live just North of here.

Veronica: I live west.

Angel: Well, Jacob I will take you first and I can swing around and drop you off on the way back Veronica, unless you want to get dropped off first.

Veronica: Nah, I Ďm fine. Go ahead.

The next scene is just outside of Jacobís apartment.

Jacob: (Reaches out to shake Angelís hand.) Hey man, again, thanks.

Angel: (Shakes his hand) No problem, thatís what Iím here for.

Veronica: Hey Jacob you want to give me a hand? (She reaches out to him)

Jacob: Yeah sorry. (He helps her to the front seat and walks into his building. The car takes off down the road.

Veronica: I canít believe she got me so good. I thought I had her and the next thing I know I am on the ground bleeding all over the place. I hate that.

Angel: Donít worry it happens to all of us. Do we need to stop and get you anything before you go home?

Veronica: Nope, all I need is a hot shower and a good meal before I go to bed.


Cut Scene: Veronicaís

Angel is standing in front of an entertainment center in a room decorated with medieval items. He is taking down various statues and looking at them. Veronica walks around the corner in a full-length dark green bathrobe.

Veronica: Careful, those are really old. Thanks for helping me upstairs. You can get going now if you want.

Angel: Actually I thought I would stay until you are ready to sleep just in case you need something else.

Veronica: Ok, well the kitchen is through there will you get me a glass while I go shower quick? Help yourself to anything you want.

Angel: Sure, thanks. (He walks into the kitchen and pours two glasses of blood. When he walks back into the living room he notices the bathroom door is open a crack. He leans against the wall next to the door and sips his drink.) So, how long have you been in LA?

Veronica: (From inside the bedroom) WHAT?





Angel: YEAH, ME TOO.

Veronica: HOLD ON. (The water turns off) I can hardly hear you. Iíll be right out. (Walks out of the bathroom in her bathrobe again with a brush in one hand. Angel hands her the glass of blood he has been holding.) Sorry now what did you say? (She takes a drink then puts the glass on the coffee table, sits on the couch and begins to brush her hair. She winces occasionally when she moves the wrong way.)

Angel: Oh, I said me too. (Sits on the couch) I have been a lot of places too.

Veronica: Yeah that is the problem with being a vampire you live so long that pretty soon there arenít a whole lot of places to go that are new anymore. (She finishes brushing her hair and braids it, the finished braid falls almost to her waist. She picks up her glass and takes another drink.)

Angel: I wish that were my only problem. So do youÖ

There is a loud crash and two vampires come flying through Veronicaís door. Veronica jumps up moaning in pain and runs to her bedroom to retrieve her weapons. Angel in the mean time begins to fight them with a little hand-to-hand combat. Veronica returns from the room and tosses Angel a stake.

Angel: (Still fighting.) Donít you think (kicks the vampire) that was (hits him) a little rude?? (On rude Angel stakes the first vampire and turns to go after the second one who is attacking Veronica. She is holding him off well but canít get in the position to stake him.) HEY!!

The vampire turns and jumps at him.

Angel: You really should have learned some manners. (He fights the second vamp and dusts him quickly. Then walks over to Veronica.) Not having a good night are you?

Veronica: No I guess not. (She walks to her door and pushes what is left of it shut. She and Angel try to get it closed all the way but the frame has split and the door now hangs on a slight angle.) Well shit.

Angel: Listen, you canít stay here tonight you are in no condition to fight if someone else comes, and now your door wonít shut right. Why donít you get dressed, grab some things and you can stay at the Hyperion.

Veronica: Are you sure it isnít a problem?

Angel: No problem at all. I will work on fixing this while you change.

Cut scene: Wesleyís office.

Cordelia is pacing back and forth in front of the window. She keeps looking at her watch.

Cordelia: Where is he?

Wesley: Expecting a date at this hour Cordelia?

Cordelia: No, Angel. Why isnít he back yet? He should have been here by now.

Wesley: Iím sure he is fine. He is probably just fighting a something somewhere.

Cordelia: (Walks into Wesleyís room.) You know I really donít trust that Valerie girl I mean sheÖ

Wesley: Veronica.

Cordelia: Huh?

Wesley: Veronica, her name is Veronica.

Cordelia: Whatever, (waves her hand through the air) the point is I donít trust her I mean how do we know she should be around Conner? What if sheís just faking it? I KNOW!! Wolfram & Hart, I bet they hired her, gave her a soulÖ.

(Angel and Veronica walk in together and head to the office.)

Angel: Hey guys.

Cordelia: Oh Angel, youíre back I was beginning to think you were goingÖ(she looks past him and notices Veronica standing there.) Oh. Whatís she doing here?

Angel: I helped her up to her place and while we were talking some vampires ripped down her door and attacked us so I told her she could stay here till she heals and we get her door fixed.

Wesley: (Somewhat under his breath while looking down at a book.) See told you he was fighting something.

Veronica: Hi Cordelia, how has the rest of your night been going?

Cordelia: Anyways Angel, Conner is upstairs with Fred till you go up. I am going to go home. If I have any visions Iíll be sure to call. Goodnight Wesley.

Wesley: (looks up briefly) Oh, good night Cordelia.

Cordelia leaves, but not before casting Veronica a very nasty look. She walks out side and grumbles to herself about the Wonderful new she-vamp, and heads home.

Scene: Back into Lobby

Veronica: Well, I donít think she likes me too much.

Angel: Itís not you Cordelia just really has a hard time with new people. Do you want me to show you to your room?

Wesley: (gets up and leans against the door frame) Actually Angel, I was wondering if I could speak to her for a while. I would really like to know more about her past. I mean if you arenít to tired or anything.

Veronica: Sure thatís fine. Let me put my stuff away and get comfortable. I will be back down.

Angel: Here follow me.

Angel picks Veronicaís bag up and they head up the stairs.

Scene: Upstairsí Hallway

Angel: This is my room here. Fredís room is just down here, then Lorneís and yours is going to be this one. (He opens the door and they walk in.)

Veronica: Thanks. I hope this isnít an inconvenience at all. Do you think I could possibly get something to eat? Iím still pretty hungry. You know trying to heal and everything, wears you down.

Angel: Sure no problem. Be right back.

Veronica begins to remove her clothes from her bag and we follow Angel down the hall to his room. Fred is sitting on his bed reading. She moves to the end of the bed when he comes in.

Fred: Hi, ready for me to go?

Angel: Actually, could you stay for a couple more minutes? (He walks to the midsize fridge in the back corner and pulls out a bottle of pigís blood. He pours two large glasses and turns back to Fred.)

Fred: (She has a slightly disgusted look on her face.) Yeah, sure. Can I ask whom the second glass is for?

Angel: Veronica, sheís staying down the hall for a day or two. (He starts to leave.) Iíll be right back.

Fred: Okay, have fun. (She leans back against the headboard and returns to her book.)

Cut scene: Veronicaís room.

Veronica is on the bed brushing her hair. She is wearing a pair of blue sweatpants and a gray tank top. There is a knock on the door and she goes to answer it.

Veronica: Come on in, I was just getting ready to go talk to I believe his name is Wesley, right? How is your son?

Angel: Sorry all I had left was pigís blood, ran out of the good stuff. (Hands her a glass.) Yes his name is Wesley and Conner is fine. Listen; if you donít want to talk to Wesley tonight you donít have to. He has a tendency to get over excited about things he can research.

Veronica: I donít mind. Just hope he doesnít want to stay up until daybreak, Iím exhausted.

She reaches behind her to put her drink on the table and it begins to fall off the edge.

Veronica: (She looks at the falling glass) STOP (The glass and spilling blood stop mid-fall.) Return. (The glass reverses direction and all the liquid returns to the cup.)

Angel: Impressive.

Veronica: Thanks, like I said, some of my powers stuck with me. Iím going downstairs. (She puts her brush away and picks up the cup.) Will you be up for awhile?

Angel: Yeah, stop by when youíre done.

Veronica: I will. (She walks to the door.) Oh, and thanks. (She motions with the glass.)

Fade Out


Scene: Wesleyís Office

Veronica and Wesley are seated in the office. Wesley is taking notes as Veronica talks.

Veronica: You know you kind of make me feel like I am at a shrink.

Wesley: Excuse me?

Veronica: You with your pad and pen. For a while around 1929 I went to see a psychiatrist. Being around for a couple centuries can make you feel really alone and extremely bored all the time.

Wesley yawns and rubs his eyes.

Veronica: You look tired. I am going to go back upstairs, why donít you go home and get some sleep? We can talk again tomorrow.

Wesley: Good idea. Sleep well.

Veronica gets up, grabs her cup and walks across the lobby.

Cut Scene: Angelís room.

Angel is on his bed writing in a book. There is a soft knock at the door and he opens the door before Conner is woken.

Angel: (In a low tone) Come on in.

Veronica: (Hands Angel the empty glass, he grabs his and moves to fill them.) We wonít wake Conner will we?

Angel: Nah, here sit. (Motions to one side of the bed.)

Veronica: So, tell me about yourself. Well, except for the whole vampire with a soul, saving people, prophesized son. I know about that stuff.

Angel: Well other than that there reallyÖ

(Music comes in and we pan back watching them talk.)

End Credits