Trading Spaces


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Willow Rosenburg walks down sidewalk.

Willow: Welcome. Today we are in the lovely town of Santa Monica. The crew and I are happy to be working close to home for the next 48 hours. We are in the neighborhood of computer programmer Xander Harris and his lovely wife Cordelia. They are trading spaces with their neighbor and her employer attorney Liam Ryan. Liam will be assisted by his friend and law partner Wesley Wyndam-Price.

Xander and Cordelia moved into their house two years ago and have never been happy with their totally white on white kitchen but could never decide on what to do. Liam has lived in his house for five years and his bedroom looks like it did the day he moved in. Both are ready for a change.

Helping Xander and Cordelia to bring new life to their friendís bedroom will be our own designer Lorne Greene. Liam and Wesley will be assisted by designer Buffy Summers. Both teams will have to share the carpentry skills of Charles Gunn and have just two days to complete the work.

Willow walks up to the two teams and smiles.

Willow: Are you all ready?

Xander: Letís do it.

Liam: I guess.

Willow: Now remember that you have no say on what goes on in your own house and no trying to sneak a look. So if we are ready, trade keys.

Cordelia: Angel, you better not screw this up.

Willow: Angel?

Cordelia and Liam trade keys.

Cordelia: No one calls him Liam outside the office.

Willow: Okay then, Xander, Cordelia, Angel, and Wes get moving. You got less than 48 hours.

The two teams take off. Cordelia and Xander rush up the front stairs of Angelís two story brick home and in the front door. They drop their bags and rush up to the master bedroom. They stop in the doorway to watch Lorne looking over the room. He turns and smiles at them.

Lorne: Ah there you are. I was just looking over the room.

Cordelia: Pretty abysmal isnít it?

Loren: Well it is very minimalist.

Xander: I have seen hotel rooms that are more homey.

Lorne: I would have to agree.

The trio look around the large space. The eggshell colored walls almost blend into the beige carpet. Three pieces of furniture look lost within the space. A large king size oak four poster bed with a hunter green bedspread is against one wall. The opposite wall has a large matching dresser with an equally large TV with VCR and satellite receiver. Beside the dresser is a straight back wooden chair that appears to have been dragged up from the dining room.

Cordelia: Five years and it still looks like he has yet to move in.

Lorne: Well then we need to change that. So what ideas do you have?

Cordelia: Color. He needs color.

Xander: I agree.

Xander opens the closet door. Lorne glances at the sea of black suits and dark shirts.

Lorne: We have our work cut out for us.

Xander: Weíre ready.

Lorne: So am I. Letís clear this place out.



Down the street

Wes and Angel enter through the front door and head back to the kitchen. Both men stop and observe the petite blonde perched on a step stool measuring the window over the sink. Her small pale blue tank top is pulling up revealing a patch of tan skin. Right above her low rise jeans, two dragonflies appear to have landed on her spine. Angel is entranced by the sensuality of the tattoo and is startled when she turns around.

Buffy: There you are. Which one is Liam?

Liam: That would be me.

Buffy: Okay then.

Wes: But everyone usually calls him Angel. Unless you need him in court.

Buffy: Angel? Pretty name.

Angel just gives her a lopsided smile.

Buffy: And you must be Wes.

Wes: I am.

Buffy: Well what do you think about this room?

Angel: Other than the feeling of snow blindness?

Buffy: I have to agree with that sentiment.

The trio stare at the white floor, white cabinets, white counter tops, white appliances and white ceramic tile on the walls. Even the mini-blind at the window and the small appliances are white.

Wes: I am assuming we will be painting.

Buffy: We will. I hope you both know how.

Wes: I have done a little.

Buffy: Angel?

Angel: Does finger painting in first grade count?

Buffy: No. But donít worry when we are done you will be an expert.

Angel: Yay?

Buffy: Well letís get started by clearing this place out.



Angelís bedroom.

Cordelia and Xander sit on the empty floor.

Lorne: Now I was in Singapore last month and found this fabulous fabric at an even more fabulous price. I knew I would find the perfect home for it and this is it.

He unwraps the large bolt and reveals the blood red and gold silk. He fans it out. The red fabric is embossed with scattered images in gold of pagodas, fans, and dragons.

Cordelia: Is this for the curtains?

Lorne: No, pumpkin. The walls

Xander: You are going to put that on all the walls.

Lorne: No, WE are going to put it on three walls. But first we are going to put up a layer of batting. We are going to quilt the walls with this.

And then he pulls out a second bolt and unwraps it. They examine the gold velvet.

Lorne: And this will be the curtains. And we will use both the red and gold for a canopy over the bed and for pillows. I also found a wonderful red bedspread.

Cordelia: And the floor?

Lorne: I already looked. Under this awful carpet is hardwood.

Xander: So weíre going to pull it all up.

Lorne: I think so. Then I have some wonderful throw rugs in red, gold, and black.

Xander: And the furniture?

Lorne: What you say we paint it all a glossy black.

Cordelia: Like black lacquer?

Lorne: Hopefully similar. I am also going to have Gunn build an entertainment center for the TV with shelves and doors. It will also be painted black.

Cordelia: Love it.

Lorne: Do you think he will?

Cordelia: He better.

Lorne: Well letĎs get moving. Xander, why donĎt you start with the carpet while I help Cordelia get started on the padding the walls.


The Harris Kitchen.

Buffy sits on the floor with the two men.

Buffy: Okay, we all agree the room needs color and lots of it.

Wes: Yes.

Buffy: Well I was thinking a bit of Miami. Soft tropical colors. We donít have the budget to replace the floor or counter top so we are working with them.

Angel: Painting the cabinets?

Buffy: Exactly and adding color to the tiles on the walls. You want to see the colors?

They nod as she pries open the first can.

Buffy: This is a soft peach.

She opens the second can.

Buffy: And a light aqua.

She opens the third can.

Buffy: With a sunny yellow.

Wes: I get the Miami feel.

Buffy: Good, so do you like it?

Angel: I think Cordelia will.

Buffy: Great. Now I found some great fabric to do roman shades for the window over the sink and the one in the door to the garage.

Angel: Block out the view to the cars?

Buffy: Definitely. Now what we need to start doing is taking down all the cabinet doors and numbering them. Then we can take them outside for sanding and painting.

Angel stands up and holds his hand out to help her up. She takes it and feels a warm feeling flood from his hand throughout her body. She looks into his chocolate eyes and sees a similar emotion reflected in them. She blushes and grabs her tools.



Angelís Bedroom

Xander rips the last of the tacking strips up as Cordelia applies the adhesive to the wall.

Xander: This floor looks almost new.

Lorne: Probably been hiding under the carpet ever since the house was built.

Xander: What about the marks from the carpet strips.

Lorne: Will cover it with a bit of quarter round later. Right now I need you downstairs sanding the furniture. Cordelia, are you okay by yourself while I talk to Gunn about the entertainment center?

Cordelia: Yeah, I got it.



The Harris Kitchen.

Angel stands sanding the cabinet frames as he notices Buffy walk in.

Buffy: Wes is working on the doors. How are you doing?

Angel: Fine.

Buffy walks up and runs her hand over the finish.

Buffy: Perfect. As soon as you finish we can start putting some color on them.

She glances around. She glances at the blue tinted lenses of his glasses.

Buffy: I guess it is bright enough for shades.

Angel: No, I just have bad eyes. The tint helps block out a little of the light.

Buffy: Oh, well they look good on you.

Angel: Thanks.

She picks up a piece of sand paper and kneels down to work on the base cabinet. Angel glances down and gets an ample view of her breasts. He turns around before she looks up and notices his obvious arousal. He crosses himself and wonders what is it about this woman that is making him feel like he is back in high school again.


Angelís House

Cordelia sits in front of the sewing machine.

Cordelia: I hope I donít mess this up.

Lorne: You will do fine. Just keep it straight. Now the ceilings are 8 feet tall so I have cut the silk a little longer. All I need you to do is sew the sections for each wall together where I pinned them and then I will have the pillows cut out and you can sew them. Then we need to hem the curtains and the fabric for the canopy.

Cordelia: Are you building a canopy frame for the top of the bed?

Lorne: No actually Gunn is making a round wood frame to attach to the ceiling. We will cover it with the red silk and fabric will hang from it.

Cordelia: Sounds good. I was having problems seeing Angel in a real canopy bed.

Lorne: Oh no sweetheart, this will be fit for a harem master.

Cordelia: Angel and harem? Not likely.

Lorne: Oh he prefers just one particular lady.

Cordelia: No more like the man never looks. Iíve been working as a paralegal for him for six years and in all that time he has never gone out on a date. Now I am not saying he is no fun. He loves to go snow skiing during the winter. He even has a place up near Mammoth Mountain. Which luckily was nicely decorated before he bought it.

Lorne: But heís not interested in the ladies.

Cordelia: Oh god heís not gay, if that is what you are thinking. He just never dates. Itís like his decorating. He never makes the effort.

Lorne: Well maybe one day he will.

Cordelia: And maybe this bedroom will inspire him to make a few other changes in his life.

Lorne: It could.




Harris House

Buffy carefully pours the yellow paint into the tray.

Buffy: Okay then. Once I get you started on the cabinets in here, I will get Wes working on the doors.

Angel: You really trust me to do this?

Buffy: Yes, unless you want to try sewing the blinds.

Angel: (grimacing) Iíll paint.

Buffy dips in the brush and whips off the excess. She sweeps it up the side of the end cabinet.

Buffy: Nice even smooth strokes.

She hands him the brush and he shakes his head before dipping the brush as she had done. He raised his hand and tried to mimic her movement. Buffy smiles and reaches out. She wraps her hand around his.

Buffy: Relax the wrist and let it just flow.

Even through the odor of the paint he can smell the intoxicating fragrance of her shampoo. He forces himself to concentrate on the expanding yellow surface and hopes his throbbing manhood will disappear. He knew these two days would be difficult due to his lack of any home improvement skills but he never imagined he would be subjected to a constant state of arousal.

He tries to remind himself he is a thirty-one year old respected attorney and not the pimply faced teenager he used to be. Granted he has been celibate for close to seven years but with the hours he has been forced to keep to get his practice going it would have been unfair to expect someone to wait around for his few stolen moments of fun. No woman would want a relationship that would consist of a few scattered weekends at his cabin.

Buffy: Well just continue like that and let me go get Wes started on the cabinet doors. Holler if you need me.

Angel: Buffy?

Buffy: Yes.

Angel: Thanks for being patient.

Buffy: Hey, you know more than you think.

She goes outside and stops to refocus her mind. She cannot understand this overwhelming desire to throw the man on the ground and have her way with him. She squeezes her thighs together to try and assuage the raw ache. She gathers her scattered emotions and heads to see how Wes is progressing.



Angelís Bedroom

Lorne: Are we ready?

Cordelia: You tell us.

Lorne: Well stretch it tight and I will start the stapling.

Xander: Howís that?

Lorne: Perfect.

Cordelia squeals as she hears the first staple.

Lorne: Let me get all the way from top to bottom and then we can fold it over and tack it on the other side.

Cordelia: And what are we doing at the top and bottom?

Lorne: Will staple it and then we will put up the crown molding Xander painted gold.

Cordelia: You have had him busy.

Lorne: We donít have a lot of time.

They cover the wall with the red fabric and stand back.

Cordelia: It looks kinda wrong.

Lorne: We havenít tufted it yet.

He picks up a small box.

Lorne: These gold upholstery tacks will do the trick. Now we need to space them evenly top to bottom so the form equal diamonds. One tack in each corner. Always start in the center of the wall.

He begins by nailing a tack in the center of the wall. Then moving two feet above and adding a second. And then another to the side

Lorne: Make sure you stay in line. Use the level. Xander?

Xander: You sure you trust me.

Lorne: Yes. You need to be able to do this without me.

Cordelia: This is our homework, isnít it?

Lorne: Part of it. I also need you paint the entertainment center black and to put the high gloss sealer on all the furniture. And finish these three walls.

Xander: You leaving us now?

Lorne: Not yet. I want to make sure you feel comfortable with what to do. But soon.

Cordelia nods and steps closer to the wall.

Cordelia: Well this is for Angel.

Xander: It is going to be a statement.

Cordelia: Now if he would find a woman to share it with.

Xander: He will someday.

Cordelia: I thought he was attracted to that one client he helped with the stalking case.

Xander: The actress?

Cordelia: Yes but he got psycho fan put away and then nothing.

Xander: I can not see Angel with an actress. Too high maintenance.

Cordelia: Well he needs to adapt then.

He smiles at her.

Xander: Not every man is like me.



Harris Kitchen

Buffy sits on the floor painting the lower cabinets.

Angel: I think I am done up here.

She stands up and inspects his work.

Buffy: Good. Now you need to finish these bottom cabinets.

Wes walks in.

Buffy: Hi.

Wes: Sorry. Angel, Fred just called.

Angel: Is there a problem?

Wes: Not a big one. But it seems William got himself taken in for driving under the influence.

Angel: Well Fred can handle it.

Wes: You know him. One of us needs to make an appearance. It should only take an hour or two. The judge wonít even set bail until morning.

Angel looked down at his yellow paint splattered black jeans, aqua shirt and white t-shirt.

Wes: Looks like you are little worse for wear. I already finished the cabinet doors. Iíll get back as soon as possible.

He looks at Buffy.

Wes: I assume painting the things Gunn built are the home work.

Buffy: Yes.

Wes: Well I will be back as soon as possible to help.

Angel nods as Wes pulls off his aqua shirt and tosses it on the counter He pulls his keys from his pocket and takes off out the door. Angel shrugs and sits down to work on the base cabinets. Buffy sits beside him as Willow walks in.

Willow: Hey. Charles and I are leaving.

Buffy glances at her watch.

Buffy: I think I will stick around a little longer. Iíll see you in the morning.

Willow: Okay. Good night.

She walks out the front door.

Angel: You donít have to stay. Wes will be back later. I know you probably have a husband waiting.

Buffy shakes her head.

Buffy: Nope no husband.

Angel: Okay, boyfriend then.

Buffy: No. Thereís no one. Not even a pet. I travel too much to have one.

Angel: But I know you donít want to spend you evening painting.

Buffy: I am fine right here. Unless you are sick of me already.

Angel: No, not in the least.

Buffy looks down at his tray.

Buffy: Well I need more paint.

She gets up and walks over to the can.

Buffy: How about you?

Angel: I guess.

He gets up and saunters over. As she pours the paint into each tray he finds himself starring, not for the first time that day, at her breasts.

Buffy: Here you go.

He shakes himself from his lusty thoughts and reaches rapidly for the tray without looking. His hand wraps around hers and he turns his head in near shock. The heat from the contact floods through each of them. Buffy stands unmoving as he slowly lifts her trapped hand to his mouth. His lips caress the silky skin on the back of her hand before he flips it over.

Buffy watches almost completely mesmerized as he trails scalding kisses over her palm and onto her wrist. He pauses and his eyes seek out hers. He looks into the pools of liquid green before lowering his head. The first touch of his lips on hers reminds her of coming home. Her hand slides into his thick hair as his arm slides around her narrow waist. All conscious thoughts disappear as his tongue plunges into her mouth.

Buffyís free hand slides down his side and under his white shirt. Her fingers splay over the smooth skin of his hip and gently massage the muscles underneath. She never even notices as he lifts her and sets her on the nearby counter until she feels the pressure of his erection on her jean clad sex. She wraps her legs around his thighs and pulls him close to increase the sensation.

With her bottom perched on the counter, his hands begin to slowly roam over her back and under her tank top. She draws in a deep breath as his lips leave hers and travel down to her neck. Her head falls back in complete abandoned lust as the fingers of his hand skirt around her ribs and cradle her sensitive breast. She can not hold in the moan as his tongue laves the skin of her neck and his fingers toy with her hard nipple. She shifts her hips and grinds against his hard cock.

The small thread of control snaps and his mouth descends onto her chest as his hand pulls the fabric down. She wants to howl as he almost violently begins to lick, nibble and suckle on each breast in turn. Her nails dig into his scalp leaving small crescent shaped marks. She begins to rock her hips against him and he looks up into her flushed face. He lifts his face to within inches of hers and she opens her eyes.

Angel: Buffy?

She suddenly is horrified at her wanton behavior and drops her legs. Before he can react she slips off the counter and away from him.

Buffy: I..uh..weÖuh Iíll work on the things outside. Uh you Ö

She takes off out of the kitchen. He stands staring at the empty floor where she was just standing before forcing himself to move. He walks over to the window and glances into the back yard. He can just see her squatting down behind the table Wes has been using. He considers following her but turns sadly back to his painting.

He begins to use the concentration techniques developed in law school to focus on the task at hand and block out all thoughts of the petite blonde outside. He was nearing the last cabinet when he hears Wesís car pull into the driveway. He stays seated on the kitchen floor and can hear the faint sound of voices that are soon followed by her car starting up. He slowly turns his focus back to the homework.



Early Morning.

Wes and Angel sit out on the back deck looking over the back yard, drinking coffee.

Buffy: Good morning.

Wes turns and smiles.

Wes: Good morning to you too.

Buffy glances warily at Angel.

Wes: He is a grump before he has had at least a pot of coffee.

Angel: I am not. Good morning, Buffy.

Buffy glances at the mug clasped in his hands.

Buffy: I could use a cup of coffee myself.

Angel: I set up the coffee maker in the dining room. But sorry I have no sugar or cream. I drink it black

Buffy: I take it black too.

Angel sets his cup on the table and stands up

Angel: Let me get you a cup.

Buffy: Thatís okay, I can share yours for now.

She picks it up and sips it a few moments before handing it back with a wink. Angel feels the familiar tightening in his groin and can only stare at her.

Wes: You might not want to mess with the manís coffee supply.

Angel swallows and smiles at her.

Angel: I think I can share.

He picks up the cup and takes a swallow before handing it to her. His eyes look into hers for one second before she takes the cup and turns to Wes.

Buffy: Are you both ready. We have lots to finish and not a lot of time.

Wes: Letís do it.

Buffy: Angel?

Angel: I am here to do your bidding.

She feels a sudden flood of moisture between her thighs as she looks at his smile. She swallows hard and moves toward the kitchen.

Buffy: Okay, we need to hang all the doors back up. Hang the new light fixtures. Do the tiles. Hang the new shelves. Finish and put up the blinds. And clean everything up before 5.

Wes: Aye, aye, captain.

Angel: Wes, behave.

Wes: Donít I always.

Willow comes walking in.

Willow: Hey guys. Howís it going?

Buffy: Hey Wills. I think we got it.

Willow: Nothing I can help you with?

Buffy: The chair cushion covers?

Willow: Done.

Buffy: Really? You are such a peach. Well right now I need to get Angel started on the eyelets for the roman shades and stuffing the cushions. And then I can help Wes hang these doors back up.

Willow: Why donít I help with the doors and you take Angel.

Willow smiles as Buffy blushes.

Buffy: Thanks.


Angelís bedroom.

Lorne stands smiling.

Cordelia: So you going to tell us what you have planned for this one very bare boring wall?

Lorne: I sure am.

He opens an box and pulls out a package of 12 by 12 mirrors.

Xander: You are going just put up a few mirrors?

Lorne: No. Not a few. The whole wall. Corner to corner and floor to ceiling.

Cordelia: Youíre serious.

Lorne: It will really open up the space.

Xander: I like it.

Cordelia: You would.

Xander: We going to do them above the bed too?

Lorne: This is a boudoir, not a bordello.

Cordelia: Well either way it wonít get any action.



Later in the Day

Angel stands in the kitchen watching Buffy and Gunn hang the shelf unit on the wall. He loves the subtle glimpses of the two dragon flies. He has this urge to run his fingers over each delicate wing, followed by his tongue. He shakes his head and looks over at Wes attaching the new ceramic knobs to the cabinets and drawers.

Wes: It would go faster if you helped.

Angel: Sorry.

He turns around to help as Buffy glances over her shoulder. She admires his ass as he leans over to screw in a drawer handle. She catches a movement from the corner of her eye and sees Willow watching her.

Buffy: Hey Will.

Willow walks next to her.

Willow: I see you are admiring the workmanÖÖÖÖship.

Buffy gives her an embarrassed look and smiles.

Buffy: It is always said I have an eye for beauty.

Willow: Yes, but the question is are we window shopping or looking to buy.

Buffyís mouth falls open and then she walks over to the men.

Buffy: We need to get the tiles done. So I need one of you. Angel would you mind.

Angel: You sure.

Buffy: I think you can handle it.

She walks over and opens a folder on the counter.

Buffy: These are very simple. I have here just basic rub on transfers. It will make the tiles look like they have been hand painted. I already cut them to fit the four by four tiles. And sticking with the Miami and beachy feel, we have sea shells, sand dollars, starfish, and sea horses.

She holds up a wax paper with a picture of a conch shell.

Buffy: All you do is pick a random tile and lay the picture on it and use the flat wooden stick to rub it all over. You have to makes sure you rub it completely. See how it is getting a little lighter.

Angel leans forward and his hand brushes her hip. Both of them stop for a fraction of a second.

Buffy: Now when you finish rubbing it, just slowly peal the paper off.

She removes the paper and reveals the shell now on the wall.

Angel: It canít be that easy.

Buffy: It is. Now just put them on which ever tiles you chose. Try not to use the same design to close to each other.

Angel: No particular pattern?

Buffy: Nope. Pick a tile and go for it.

Angel reaches over a picks up a starfish. He places it on the tile and begins to rub. He looks over his shoulder to check her approval.

Buffy: You got it.

He rubs it a little more to be sure and then very slowly peels off the wax paper. He can not help smiling at the starfish firmly attached to the wall.

Buffy: Now you can do that, I will get Gunnís help with the light fixtures.

Angel watches her walk away and is flooded by the memories of feelings of her body pressed against his and the taste of her mouth. He grimaces as he feels his jeans become even tighter. He canít decide if he wants this day to end or never to end. He becomes lost between the conflicting torments of being here with her and not touching her and having it end and not see her again.



Time: 4:15

Angelís Bedroom

Cordelia walks in and drops an armload of pillows on the floor.

Cordelia: That is the last of them. I think my fingers are permanently cramped.

She glances at the mirrored wall.

Cordelia: Wow. That isÖ.well wow.

Xander: I like it.

Lorne: Well folks we got only 45 minutes. We need to stop looking and get this room put together.



Harris Kitchen

Angel and Wes set the wooden table slipcover in place. Buffy smiles.

Buffy: Perfect. Now all we have to do is clean up and put in the finishing touches.

She begins to direct the two men. Willow peeks her head in.

Willow: You going to make it?

Buffy: Not a problem.


5 oíclock

Buffy stands with Willow looking over the room.

Willow: I think we need a Florida vacation again this year.

Buffy: Does make you want the surf and sand.

Willow: I donít have to ask your inspiration for this one.

Buffy: What can I say, I love the beach. And well the colors of Miami just beg to be used.

Willow: I guess they do. Well letís get Xander and Cordy and see what they have to say.



Willow stands holding the coupleís hands.

Willow: Now what did it look like before?

Cordelia: White.

Willow: Well open you eyes and look at your new kitchen.

Xander opens his eyes and gasps. Cordelia keeps hers closed.

Cordelia: Is it bad?

Xander: Honey open, it is wonderful.

She opens one eye peeks then quickly opens both and looks around. She quickly spins around and glances at the wall behind her.

Cordelia: He didnít screw up.

Willow: So you like it?

Cordelia: I love it. I actually might try cooking.

Xander: Now letís not go too far.

Willow: Well let me go see what Angel thinks of his room

She walks out as Xander pulls Cordy into a hug.

Xander: Hope he approves.

Cordelia: He better. I broke three nails working on it.


Angelís Bedroom

Willow stands holding the two menís hands.

Willow: What did it look like before?

Wes: Dull, boring, Spartan.

Angel: Clean, neat.

Willow: Well that is not it now. Open your eyes and look at your new bedroom.

Both men open their eyes. Wesley gasps as Angel stands frozen.

Willow: What do you think?

Wes: It is something. It is definitely not Spartan.

He smiles big.

Wes: I love it. I would be happy with it.

They both look at Angel who still has not moved.

Wes: Angel, are you okay?

Angel looks at him in confusion.

Wes: What do you think of the room?

Angel: Red.

Wes: And?

Angel: Uh and gold.

Wes: But do you like it?

Angel: I uhÖI uhÖ

He looks at Willow.

Willow: You hate it?

Angel shakes his head.

Willow: Then you like it?

Angel: I donít know. It is so well different.

Wes: Which is what you wanted.

Angel looks around again.

Willow: It may take time to get use to.

Angel: It will.

Willow: But you donít hate it.

Angel: No. I donít. Just give me a few weeksÖÖÖ..or months.

Willow: Well letís bring your friends in.

The door opens and Cordelia and Xander step in.

Cordelia: Well?

Wes: Undecided, but he doesnít hate it.

Xander: Well thatís a start.

Wes: And yours?

Cordelia: We love it.

She hugs Wes and then walks up to Angel.

Cordelia: You did good.

Angel smiles and gives her a hug.

Cordelia: Give it time and youíll get used to it. You got used to me.

He smiles.

Angel: I did.

Willow: Well why donít we go downstairs and see the designers.

Everyone steps downstairs and out the back door. Lorne and Buffy are talking against the railing. They both look up expectantly.

Willow: Let me introduce the designers. This young lady is the one that turned you snow drift kitchen into a beach oasis. Buffy Summers.

Cordelia glances at the petite blonde and smiles. Buffy smiles back. Xander holds out his hand.

Xander: We love it. You did a wonderful job.

Cordelia: You did.

Buffy: Thank you.

Cordelia: I am still not sure how you did it with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum but you did.

Buffy: They do good work.

She glances over at Angel lounging against a deck rail. Wes is talking to Lorne. Buffy excuses herself and walks over to Willow.

Buffy: He hates it?

Willow: No, I just think it will take a bit of getting use to.

Buffy nods.

Buffy: Much like Lorne, himself.

Willow: So true.

Willow looks around at the people.

Willow: Well I think that is it.

She adjust her shirt and looks at the camera one last time.

Willow: Well from Santa Monica, California, that concludes this episode of Trading Spaces.

The lights go dim and everyone looks around and sighs and Cordelia lets out a nervous laugh.

Cordelia: If I ever say I want to do TV again, someone gag me.

Xander: You got it.

Cordelia: Well, I think I hear a bubble bath calling my name.

Xander takes her hand and they wave good by as they head home. Willow and the crew move on out to the street. Wes looks over at Angel.

Wes: I will see you tomorrow. You going in early?

Angel: Not sure. My first appointment is at noon.

Wes: Well see you there.

He turns to Lorne.

Wes: I will be sure and call. I really want your thoughts on my living room.

Lorne nods and follows him out to the front of the house talking. Angel glances over at Buffy and smiles.

Angel: I guess this is good bye?

Buffy: Well I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Lorneís work, if you donít mind.

Angel: Oh of course.

He opens the door and follows her in.

Angel: Down the hall and up the stairs.

She follows his directions and he trails behind her. She walks into the still open door. She glances around at the red and mirrored walls. She walks over and examines the gold curtains covering the two large windows. Then runs her hand over the black lacquer dresser and new entertainment center. She examines the gold dragon sconces against the mirrors. Red candles send a flickering light that is reflected back. She walks over to the large four poster bed and glances up at the medallion on the ceiling from which drapes the red and gold fabric that encompasses the head of the bed. She fingers the gold tassels that hold the canopy back to the wall.

Buffy looks up at Angel leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed.

Buffy: Lorne is very bold.

Angel: He seems to be.

Buffy: So you are not sure if you like it?

Angel: May take a while to get use to.

He watches dumbfounded as she crawls up on the bed and kneels facing him.

Buffy: Let me see it in candle light.

He pauses for a moment and then flips off the overhead light. The soft candle glow bounces off the mirrors and illuminates her.

Buffy: Well I like it.

She flops back on the mounds of pillows and smiles.

Buffy: Mmmm, nice.

She glances over at him as he struggles to stay still.

Buffy: You might like it better if you came over her with me.

He swallows hard and propels himself across the room. He kneels on the bed perched over her.

Angel: Are you sure?

Buffy: Arenít you?

Angel: Definitely.

He leans over and kisses her lips. His hand strokes her bare shoulder as his tongue demands entrance. Her hands began shoving away the aqua shirt as his mouth moves from hers to her neck. As he fondles her breast he feels her shoving his t-shirt up. He lifts up on his knees and discards it onto the floor. She stares at his bare chest and then begins running her hands over his ribs and teases his nipples to tiny hard pebbles. He moans in pleasure and dives back to her lips.

Her nails scrape over his back as he plunders her warm mouth. He slowly rolls them over and begins tugging her tank top up and away. His breath releases loudly as he takes in her naked breasts. He teases one nipple with his thumb before leaning in and taking it in his mouth. She sighs and uses her hands to hold him against her sensitive flesh. He suckles gently until he hears the loud chirping from his pants pocket.

He moans and sits up before pulling out his cell phone.

Angel: Sorry.

He flips it open and holds it to his ear.

Angel: Hello.

Cordelia: Hey, I was just wondering if you know what happened to the female designer. Her car is still in my driveway.

Angel: It is?

He looks down at Buffy and smiles.

Angel: Sheíll get it in the morning.

He closes the phone, turns it off and drops it on the floor.



Six months later

Buffy walks down the empty strand of beach. The wind whips her thin sundress as the sun bakes her skin. She squats down and picks up a perfect seashell. She looks at it laying in her palm and then stands to look over the aqua water. She does not even move as two large hands encircle her from behind and rest on the slight bulge below her dress. She leans back and raises her hand up around his neck.

Angel: You are up early.

Buffy: I guess. How did you find me?

Angel: I could find you if I was blind, Mrs. Ryan.