Vengeance is Hers


Anya sits at the table watching the couple dance. She canít tear her eyes away from their happy faces. It hurts so bad. She wonders if it will ever stop hurting. She forces her eyes down into her nearly empty glass and sighs. She swallows the last of the sweet fruity liquid and moves to head toward the bar. She stops as the young blonde intercepts her progress.

Anya: Excuse me.

Cathy: Sorry. Are you okay?

Anya: Yeah, fine. Why?

Cathy: Well I noticed you over here and well you looked sad.

Anya: Iím fine.

Cathy: If you say so. Iím Cathy, by the way.

She holds out her hand and Anya silently shakes it.

Anya: So what do you want Cathy?

Cathy: Oh nothing. I just saw you sitting here and you looked well you looked upset. I know you donít know me but I thought you might feel like talking.

Anya smiles and nods.

Anya: Talk? You want me to talk?

Cathy: Only if you want to. Sometimes it helps.

Anya: I donít even know you.

Cathy: I know, but Iím a very good listener.

Anya sits back down and nods to the seat beside her. Cathy smiles and joins her.

Cathy: So you want to tell me about him?

Anya: Him?

Cathy: The guy on the dance floor.

Anya: Oh him. Looks happy doesnít he?

Cathy: Happy? I guess. But I'm more concerned with how you feel.

Anya: Me? Well how does miserable sound? Guts ripped out horrible?

Cathy: Pretty bad.

Anya: Sorry. It is just every time I see him; it hurts all over again.

Cathy: So heís an old boyfriend?

Anya: Fiancé.

Anya nods at Cathyís concern.

Anya: Yep, we were to be married.

Cathy: What happened?

Anya: He happened. He decided at the last minute he couldnít do it. Literally the last minute.

Cathy: You mean?

Anya: Uh huh. Left me standing at the altar. All our friends and family were there.

Cathy: That has to hurt.

Anya: It does.

Cathy: Must make you want to wish some horrible punishment?

Anya: Wish? Oh I wish something all right.

Cathy: What do you wish? That he was covered in huge pustules?

Anya: No. Far worse. See the girl he is with?

Cathy: You want her to die?

Anya: No I want her to get her lifeís dream and I want him to watch.

Cathy: What?

Anya: I want him to have to see her in the arms of another?

Cathy: So you want her to dump him?

Anya: Not just dump him. What I wish for is her former lover, Angel have his soul bound and come back to her.

Cathy looks at her oddly and nods.

Cathy: Odd wish butÖÖÖ.

She morphs into vengeance demon.

Cathy: Done.

Anya smiles and nods. She gets up and walks out the door without looking back.

Anya: Donít play a player.


Note: No way is this to imply that Buffy and Xander are a couple but just that Cathy thinks they are.

I would not be against someone taking this story and making a sequel. It was just an idea that popped into my head.