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When the cell phone buzzed beneath her pillow, Buffy disentangled herself from Riley's body, grabbed her robe and tiptoed into the hallway quickly. She flipped on the phone and managed a whispered, breathless "Hello?" before the voicemail picked up.

"Hi baby," a very familiar voice rumbled as she hurriedly slipped on her robe.

"Angel," she whispered, sneaking down the hallway, down the stairs and into the living room. She curled up on the couch and pressed the phone tightly against her ear as if that action would make her feel closer to him.

"It's your turn, Buffy," he said, his voice low and smooth, sliding over her body in a sensual wave.

"Can't," she whispered, trying not to choke on her words, "Why don't we skip me tonight and I'll double up the next two times."

"He's there," he growled, not bothering to hide his irritation. He wanted to be the mature adult here, wanted to remember that he was the one who left, but the idea of his mate's body intertwined with any other male was enough to bring out the beast inside him.

"Angel..." she retorted fearfully, leaving the rest unsaid. He knew the rest anyway.

"Your turn," he growled again, his words reverberating through the phone at her.

"He might hear-"

"Your turn," he repeated, "Don't care if he's there."

After a moment of weighted silence, he calmed just listening to her nervous breathing. Still unwilling to give up, he added, "I've been waiting all day to talk to you...all night. Please, love."

"‘Kay," she whispered, "Just a short one."

"Where are we?" he asked, knowing his smile came through the line in his words.

"I've just come home from patrolling," she whispered, closing her eyes to visualize her fantasy, "It's late. Mom and Dawn are asleep upstairs."

"Am I already in the house?"

"Yes," she answered, "You're waiting for me. I glance in the living room as I head upstairs and you're sitting on the couch. You don't say anything, you just stare at me, eating me alive with your eyes."

"What are you wearing?"

"A long black skirt," she whispered, trying so hard to keep her voice as quiet as possible, "And a white blouse."

"Underneath?" he prodded.

"Thong panties and no bra," she answered, "In the dim light, you can see my nipples showing through the material." Urged on by his little moan, she continued, "I walk closer to you and I can see the bulge in the front of your pants. You inhale deeply like you always do when I'm aroused, cause I am. I'm so wet. You reach out and slide my skirt up my legs before pulling me onto your lap. I straddle you, pressing us together. I grind on your lap as you thread your fingers through my hair and kiss me...long and slow. You bite at my lips and suck on my tongue and I want you so badly, but I can't tell you. I can't say the words."

"Keep going," he said, "Tell me what happens...want all the details."

"You kiss along my neck and you stop to suck on the scar there," she said and then she heard him almost interrupt her for reminding him of his transgression but she continued before he could comment, "No, Angel. It's one of the most sensitive parts of my body now. Just touching it, makes me want you. When I'm outside and wind blows, sweeping over that raised skin like a caress, I feel you and I have to take a deep breath to keep from running out to find mate."

"Buffy..." he growled, this time in lust and longing for her.

"You suck on my scar and I press against you harder, silently begging you to take me," Buffy said, squeezing her thighs together now, truly aroused by him and the mental image she's conjured, "You move down to my breasts and bite them through my shirt, leaving wet spots where your mouth has been. I want to feel you on my bare skin, but you won't lift my shirt. Finally, I reach down and pull it up, baring my skin to your mouth, hands and tongue. I thread my fingers through your hair as you kiss and suck my flesh, just where I want you, just how I want you."

"Are you wet now?" he asked, wrapping one large hand around his erect cock. Alone in his bedroom, he slouched back in his bed and cradled the phone against his shoulder, eyes tightly closed as he imagined his beautiful mate, bare chested, grinding in his lap. He could almost taste her skin, could almost feel those pebbled nipples against his tongue.

"Yes," she gasped, squirming on the couch.

"Spread your legs, baby," he groaned, "Touch yourself for me."

"He's *here,* she repeated, as if that little detail had escaped her demon lover. Until now, she had managed to keep Riley separate from these late night phone calls. When Angel first sent her this cell phone and the calls began, she had talked herself into believing that this was not being unfaithful to Riley. It was simply a conversation. Now that said boyfriend was actually in the house, naked in her bed, she felt a little differently about it. Still, she knew she would not be able to deny Angel.

"I know that," he snarled, then lowered his voice once more to a loving tone, "I want to hear the pleasure in your voice. I want to hear you come for me."

"Don't think it's a good idea," she whimpered, "What if he wakes up and comes down here looking for me? How am I going to explain phone sex to him?"

"Do you know what it does to me to know you're coming for me," he urged, taking a different route, "knowing that you're climaxing for me when I'm not even touching you...can't touch you? You are so amazing when you're in the middle of an orgasm. I'll never forget the way your face looks contorted in pleasure for me..."

"I only get this wet for you," she whispered, letting him know that she was granting his request, "Feels so good...wish they were your fingers. Yours fill me so much deeper..."

"Tell me what happens next," he coaxed.

"You're sucking on my breasts and you reach around and grab my ass," she continued, sliding one and then two fingers inside herself, while rubbing her clit, trying to keep her voice low and hoping she succeeded, "You pull me tighter against you, pressing against me so hard. I think if I wasn't the Slayer, it would hurt, but it doesn't. Feels so good. You reach between my thighs and touch me through my panties, rubbing...rubbing and you're kissing me again...your mouth against mine, your tongue inside my mouth. I reach down and unbutton your pants, unzip your zipper and you lift your hips so I can pull your pants down enough to free your..."

"Say it," he groaned, stroking himself harder.

"Cock," she whispered, her voice lower than before.

"Yesss," he hissed, "Then...?"

"Then I wrap my hand around you and you groan, thrusting against my hand," she whispered, "And I don't know how long I planned to touch you, but you push the crotch of my panties aside and guide your...cock...into me. You speak for the first time then."

"What do I say?"

" me, Angel."

"I say, ‘I love you, Buffy,'" he began, "‘I love the feel of you around me, so fucking hot, burning me. I want you to ride me...hard.'"

"And I do," she continued, "I slam down on you, impaling myself with your thick, hard cock. You just barely fit inside me and I feel so full,"

A noise coming from upstairs made her bolt upright, removing her hand from her thighs. Looking up the stairs, she waited to hear another sound, but heard nothing else. Nervous and shaken, she pressed the phone to her ear again, "Gotta go. I heard something, I think he's awake."

"Buffy, don't go," he said, hearing the desperation in his voice and not caring that she heard it too.

"Sorry," she whispered, "Call tomorrow night. Mom'll be back home and I'll be alone. I promise."

"I love you," he whispered back.

"I love you too, Angel," she answered before hanging up, "Don't ever forget that."

Buffy felt like a thief in her own house as she made her way to her bedroom. She knew he was awake the moment she climbed into bed. He was turned away from her, facing the window, facing Angel's window and his whole body was tensed, each muscle angry.

"Are you going to keep pretending you're asleep?" she asked, finally, knowing he wasn't going to hold her again tonight.

"Would you prefer that I admit that I overheard most of your conversation with Angel?"

"I don't know, Riley," she answered, biting her lower lip as she felt her eyes fill with tears. She wasn't sure if she was crying for Angel, Riley or both.

"Are you going back to him?" he asked quietly, turning over in bed to face her, "Cause if you're going to break my heart, just tell me."

"No," she said, "We...I can't be with him. Not anymore."

"So, I'm supposed to be fine with my girlfriend have phone sex with another man...demon?" he asked, keeping his voice low even though Dawn was spending the night at Xander and Anya's, "And on a cell phone that I've never seen? Angel's probably the only one with the damn number, isn't he?"

"Yes," she answered, covering all the questions with one answer.

"It's cheating, Buffy," he said, taking a deep breath, "Doesn't matter if you aren't touching him. You're cheating on me with a vampire."

Buffy laid down and carefully placed the phone back under her pillow where it always was and faced away from him, not bothering to answer. What answer could she possibly give? She felt his eyes burning into her for long moments, until she finally whispered, "I can't stop. I won't."


~The End~

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chi·me·ra also chi·mae·ra (k-mîr, k-) - n. A fanciful mental illusion or fabrication.



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