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Buffy headed swiftly out of the double library doors, leaving them swinging roughly behind her, thankful that Giles had retreated to is office and was probably just as mortified as she was. That didn't change the fact that her face would never turn from the embarrassed red that it was and back to her normal shade or that she would ever be able to look her Watcher in the eye again. As she entered the girls' bathroom, another problem was weighing heavily on the Slayer...she was so dripping wet, it was all she could do to not head back to the library and wrap her legs back around Angel's waist, burying his thick, hard cock deep inside her – Watcher present or not.

And suddenly the term "Watcher" had an entirely different connotation that it previously had.

Ducking into the nearest stall, she leaned against the door, taking deep, even breaths in an attempt to calm herself. All she could think of was the look on Angel's handsome face when he saw Giles, the clenched jaw and yellow tinged eyes as he straightened his clothing, his deafening roar as she walked away. Closing her eyes, she took several more deep breaths, knowing that the time between now and the end of the day when she could see Angel and finish what they started was going to be very, very long.


Angel inhaled his lover's delicious and out of reach arousal as she hurried from the library, plainly ignoring his protest. He leaned against the wall that he had pressed her to moments before and radiated in the residual heat. His growl returned as he shifted his still hard cock in his black pants and remembered the moments before when he had been buried inside her luscious heat.

Despite the wonderful moments of love making, of having her in his arms and the fact that his cock was so hard he could barely think straight, his mind was focused on one very small, very important detail. His lover was currently walking the halls, which were immersed in hormonal teenaged boys, and underneath an impossibly short skirt, her bare, wet pussy was aroused and waiting. The thought of any male of any species being with ten feet of his lover right now sent him into waves of ferocious, unstable anger.

Without another moment's delay, he followed the trail she had made, gliding through the stacks, down the stairs and out the library doors. Breezing past the still horrified Watcher, who had just stepped out of his office – mistakenly thinking that the coast was clear – Angel didn't even have the decency to notice his presence, let alone look sufficiently guilty for his predatory, carnal act in the High School library. The vampire was too concerned with an entirely different act, which was just as predatory and carnal.

Paying no heed to the sunlight lightly streaming into the dim hallway from the bright classrooms as he had before, he shifted gracefully down the hallways, his nostrils flaring as he tracked his impassioned mate by smell alone. Angel, usually accustomed to lurking safely in the shadows and hiding from the population, did neither as he hunted her down. He wove easily around the few students still remaining in the halls. Focused on one objective only, he barely noticed the short man who stepped in his path and bit in a growl when the offending human dared to move to block him as he attempted to walk around.

"Excuse me," Angel managed, feeling proud of himself for keep his fangs from lowering and the growl from becoming audible as he looked down at the man.

"You are not a student at this school," Snyder announced, "As principle here, I demand that you head directly to the office to get authorization for being here or you have to leave school grounds."

"As soon as I see one person," Angel answered, glaring down at the smaller man and not keeping himself from towering over him, "I will be leaving."

"I'm afraid that is not an option," Snyder insisted bitterly as he looked up at the intruder, "You *will* leave my campus immediately."

Inhaling deeply, to keep track of his lover's location, he caught the distinct scent of demon bleeding off of the man. He knew the principle himself was not other than a simple, sour little human, but he was in contact with some sort of demonic entity, whose identity did not automatically spring to mind. Slowly, Angel allowed his eyes to turn and when he spoke again, his growl was rumbling loudly, mixing in with his words, "You little minion! You dare stand in my way?"

"W-what are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the fact that you smell like a human controlled by something other than human," Angel replied, leaning down, "Unless you want to learn what a real demon can do to you, I suggest you step aside."

Without a second glance, the dark vampire circled around the smaller man and continued his way through the halls, following the enticing scent of his mate. As he walked, he felt himself growing more frustrated. It was taking too long to find her and although the logical, reasonable part of his mind knew that no one else could smell his mate's arousal, no one else would be able to sense he nakedness, he still couldn't stand the idea that some human *boy* could catch of glimpse of her moist sex. He didn't allow his mind to venture to the thought that someone might dare touch her. At his current point of sexual frustration and jealousy, he knew that he could not be responsible for what he did if he witnessed that event. Even if the offending male was Xander, Giles or Oz, he would be hard pressed not to rip off their arms and beat them to death with them.

"Buffy," he said, forcing himself to remain calm as he saw her exiting the girls' bathroom.

"Angel," she whispered, rushing down the hall toward him, "What are you still doing here? You're going to get into trouble."

"*I'm* going to get into trouble?" he asked, wrinkling his brow in confusion, "Baby, you're the student here. I'm a two century old vampire. What are they going to do? Put me in detention?"

"You know what I mean," she barked, pulling his arm, nearly dragging him toward the basement access, "Someone could find out…stuff…and what if they….Dammit, Angel. *I* could get into trouble, okay?"

"You're not going to get into trouble," he said, watching her adorable face scrunch in worry as she opened the basement door and gestured wildly for him to go down, "Besides, I already talked to your principle."

"You talked to Snyder?"

"Talked?" Angel mused, leaning against the doorframe. Now that he had found her, his worry and frustration had eased and all that was left was the sexual need, which currently was being suppressed to tease his lover, "I wouldn't say we conversed politely, no."

"Angel," she said, placing her tiny hands on her narrow hips in irritation, "What did you do?"

"Nothing," he said, placing his hands over hers on her hips and pulling her towards him, "I just told him I had to talk to someone here and then I would be leaving."

"You didn't say my name?" she asked, breathing a sigh even before he answered as he backed down the stairs and pulling her with him. He shut the door quickly behind them, trapping her in his arms and against his hard chest as he peppered cool kisses on her neck.

"No," he murmured, lifting her into his arms and carrying her down the stairs. She expected him to stop at the bottom but he kept going, distracting her as he carried her with kisses, clutching her tightly against his chest. He navigated the dark tunnels, barely paying attention to their surrounds as he moved toward his apartment.

"Can't," she whimpered, but making no move to escape, as he moved through the tunnels, picking up the pace as they left the school basement far behind, "Have school-"

Angel cut off her sentence and captured her lips once more, sucking her tongue roughly into his mouth. As he reached his door, he moved in swiftly still carrying her with him until he reached the bed. Only then did he set her down. Shucking his clothes with vampiric speed, he nestled nude over his still fully clothed lover and kissed her thoroughly.

"Gonna get in trouble," Buffy whimpered as he caressed one still covered breast in his hand while kissing over her bare neck, "Giles will-"

"Not want to talk about it," Angel finished as he divested her of her shirt and bra, diving down to suck her nipples into his mouth, alternating one for the other, "Need you. Have to be inside you."

Knowing she was already, or still, wet, he slid his fingers over her sex, verifying his suspicions. Her delightful heat radiated from her tiny body, warming him and forcing a growl from his chest. He circled her swollen clit with his fingertips, teasing her as he moved back up to kiss her. She lifted her hips to press against him, her skirt bunched up around her waist.

"Yes," she finally hissed into his cool mouth, bucking against him as he pinched her clit. Accepting her permission, he plunged inside her and then rolled over, placing her on top for the first time. Gently, he guided her hips, urging her to ride him. With a mewl of pleasure with the new position, she braced her hands against his broad chest and bucked him in deeper, her thighs trembling with lust.

Angel moved up against her, sealing their pelvis' together tightly with every motion of her narrow hips, rumbling in satisfaction as her inner muscles stretched to except him. He felt her nearing her climax as she pounded over him harder, grinding against him with Slayer strength. Groaning in delight, he curled his fingers into the supple flesh of her hips and slammed up as she came down.

Far beyond his range of control, he released his seed inside her as she came, growling her name as she milked him, shuddering over him, her slick passage fluttering around his cock in pleasure. She sank on top of him, pressing her cheek against his chest, still straddling his waist and waited to catch her breath.

"We're gonna have to find another way to be together," she said, her sentence muffled against his chest as he breathed deeply, comforted by the unnecessary habit, "Like at night, when there's no school."

"I've tried to stay away as much as I can, Buffy," he answered after a moment, "But being without you for days on end is torture. All I have to do is think about you and I'm hard."

"I'm beginning to pick that up," she mused as he hardened against her. Sliding down his body, she wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and smiled up at him evilly, "Now, before I go back to school..."

"Buffy," Angel groaned as she licked the sensitive tip of his cock before laving kisses along the underside of his length, "You're...not...going...back...without...oh, God that's good..."

"Without what, baby?" she asked sweetly before taking him into her mouth and swirling her tongue around him.

"Please don't stop," he whimpered, straining to keep himself from arching against her. Smiling with her triumph, she swept down, taking more of him with every stroke, delighting in his groans of pleasure. If she had anything to say about it, she was going to make it to one whole class today.


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