Six Weeks My Ass by Tracy



Rating: NC-17, PWP

Pairings: B/A of course

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Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: None, if you know the history.

Summary: Just a little PWP that takes place sometime in the future.

Author’s Note: Just a little treat, while I take a much-needed break from Timely Reunions.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back on the bandwagon soon.




Angel woke slowly, feeling a slight cramp in his outstretched shoulders. Trying to bring his hands into his body, his eyes snapped open when he realized he was unable to move his arms. Lifting his head, he looked up and noticed that his arms were tied to the corner posts of the bed. Immediately sensing danger, he jerked hard, trying to free himself without success. Looking down, he noticed that his legs weren’t faring any better. They too were tied to the posts, leaving him completely spread eagle on the bed that he and Buffy usually shared. Fearing for her, he screamed her name, “Buffy!”

Getting no response, he opened his mouth to scream for her again, when she appeared in the doorway. His mouth didn’t close as she appeared. If anything, it opened further. She stood there in the doorway, wearing a black bustier, complete with a garter belt, black fishnets, and spiked black heels. And, God help him, it was see through. His heart pounded in his chest and his breath just stopped. Against his will, his body responded to the sight of her, his erection growing larger by the second. She was glorious. Her hair tumbled down her shoulders like a golden waterfall, gently curling around her hips. He had asked her to let it grow, and she had complied. He had always loved her hair, and the more of it the better. God, she was so beautiful, but they couldn’t do this. Not yet.

“Uh, Buffy, honey, why am I tied to the bed?” Angel was staring at her, trying to contain his breathing. Damn, she was just so hot, and that outfit was making it all the more obvious. Having gotten no response to his question, he pleaded, “Baby, you need to let me up. You know we can’t do this.”

“Angel, for once just shut up, okay?” Walking towards him, her hips swayed back and forth, highlighting the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Angel was starting to wish he was dead, again. He tried to reason with her as she approached the bed. “Honey, you know what the doctor said. Six weeks. We have to wait six weeks, and it’s only been slightly over four.”

Reasoning wasn’t working. Buffy slid onto the bed between his legs and began rubbing his chest with her delightful hands. Leaning down, her lips began to caress his skin, hungrily lapping at his throat. Angel groaned, feeling himself grow even harder. Moaning, he leaned his head back, allowing her full access. “God, Buffy, please. You have to stop.”

Instead of stopping or responding to his request, Buffy continued to lick and suck his skin, moving from his throat down to his chest. She spent several minutes teasing his chest before she zeroed in on his nipples. Angel jerked when she lathed his nipple with her tongue, firmly licking his flesh until it was hard and sensitive, waiting for the next touch. Angel tried to again free himself, this time for a different reason. Now he wanted to touch her. “Let me go, Buffy. I need to touch you.” Angel begged, this time for a different reason.

Laughing, Buffy continued down his body, still not responding to his requests. Slowly but determinedly she moved lower, loving each and every piece of his flesh. His hips, his ribcage, his belly button, she didn’t miss anything. Angel was in hell while being in heaven. Arching up into her, he could feel her breasts rubbing against him, her hard nipples grazing against his thighs, causing him to moan at the contact. Angel was now almost beyond words, not able to do anything but moan at the sensations. His cock was throbbing in the glorious pain of arousal, rejoicing in the feel of her breasts and skin against it. His hips began to move up and down, trying to increase the contact. Surprisingly, Buffy got into the rhythm and used her shoulders to increase her cleavage, trapping his throbbing member between her breasts. The sensations were too much, causing Angel to hump against her breasts, loving the feel of the soft flesh. He could feel his release coming - he was almost there.

Suddenly Buffy pulled back, completely removing all contact. Groaning, Angel jerked all five of his limbs upward, trying to touch some part of her. “Ah, God, Buffy. Don’t do this, honey. I need…”

Laughing, Buffy kneeled at the end of the bed. “Oh, I bet you do, don’t you, honey? You need to get off, right? You need me to touch you, right? But, no, I can’t do that remember? We still have your little six week rule, don’t we?”

Taking a few seconds to gain his composure, Angel sighed in frustration. “Buffy, it wasn’t my rule, it was what the doctor said. And I don’t like this anymore than you do. So, please honey, just let me up and we’ll go to bed.” Frustrated and angry, Angel just wanted to go to sleep, and not wake up for the next two weeks.

Buffy laughed angrily. “I don’t think so, dear. I think you’ve forgotten a few things.” Buffy’s hands gently caressed his thighs, approaching but not touching his erect member. Straddling his thigh, she slowly began to move her wet center back and forth, leaving a trail of her moisture there. “I don’t give a damn what the doctor said. I’m the slayer. I heal ten times faster, at least, than a normal person. Which means six days should have been enough. But no, not you. You always know what’s best for me. Hell, if I would have let you have your way, you’d still be a vampire living in LA, without me.” Angel sighed as she continued to rub his thighs, then leaned over to gently kiss the head of his cock. Unable to control himself, Angel arched into her mouth. Buffy didn’t pull back. Instead, she opened her mouth wide and sucked him into her warm, wet orifice, until he hit the back of her throat. Angel saw stars, the sensation almost too much. “God, that feels so good. Don’t stop, baby.” Buffy’s mouth continued to bob up and down on him, her tongue taking a few seconds to swirl around the head every few bobs. Throwing his head back, he moaned loudly as his orgasm fast approached. The next thing he knew, he was arching himself into thin air. Frustrated beyond belief, Angel gave Buffy a pleading look. “Honey,” he gasped, “please, you’re killing me here.”

Laughing, Buffy stood up and stared down at him. Lightly grazing his chest with her fingernails, she shrugged her shoulders at him. “Well, I’d love to help you out there, but there’s this whole six weeks thing, you know. So, I guess I’ll be back in, oh, about two weeks.” Turning around, she started walking out of the room, her ass swaying to and fro.

“BUFFY!! You better get back here, right now!” Angel growled, jerking at his bindings again. The bed creaked under the stress, but the ties didn’t loosen. “Please, honey,” Angel begged, “to hell with the six weeks. Just come back, please.”

Turning around, Buffy smiled sexily, leering at his gorgeous body that was so delightfully spread out for her view. Stopping, she crossed her hands over her chest, causing her breasts to almost fall out of the top of her barely there outfit. “That’s what you say now. But as soon as I untie you, you’ll go all noble on me again.” Cocking her head, she appeared to come to a decision. With a slight shake of her head, she slowly began walking back to the bed. “Okay, I’m going to come back, but we’re going do this my way.”

“No problem, baby. We’ll do it any way you want,” Angel quickly agreed. At this point he’d agree to anything if she would only touch him again. Which she promptly did. Climbing onto the bed, she again ran her hands down his body, closing her hands around his cock, slowly moving her hand up and down. Within seconds, he was as hard as he had been all night. It felt like he had been without her for months, not just weeks. Opening his eyes, he stared into her beautiful hazel ones, transfixed by the love and lust he saw shining there. With the cat like grace that only a slayer could possess, Buffy slithered up his body, positioning herself on either side of his head. Slowly, she lowered her sex down to Angel’s face. Inhaling deeply, Angel’s cock throbbed at the smell. She smelled wonderful, like lust and vanilla and Buffy. Slowly, his tongue darted out, gently tracing her outer lips, tasting her. Hearing the gasp that came from Buffy’s lips, Angel began to taste her in earnest. Raising his head as far as he could, he thrust his tongue into her, lapping up the juices that were dripping from her. Buffy began to bounce slightly up and down, her head thrashing back and forth.

With a loud moan, she quickly removed herself from his face, sliding down his chest until she straddled his hips. Grasping him, she slowly rubbed him against her wet center, causing Angel to push forward, reveling in the feel of her after so long. Staring into his eyes, she positioned him at her entrance, and gently began sliding down onto him. Gasping in unison, Buffy pushed down until he was buried to the hilt. Stopping, she sat still, throwing her head back at the sensations. Angel too closed his eyes, trying to catch his breath. Soon the urge to move was too great, causing Buffy to give into it. Slowly, she began to ride him, pulling up until he was almost out, then lowering herself back down. Unable to just sit there, Angel began moving with her as best he could with both legs tied to the bed. Opening his eyes, Angel was mesmerized by the sight of his wife riding him. Her head was thrown back, her nipples hard, protruding from her sheer black top. As if she could sense his scrutiny, Buffy’s hands moved up her thighs, over her ribcage, and slowly began to rub her nipples through the sheer fabric. Angel had seen a lot of things in his really long life, but nothing as erotic as Buffy sitting on his cock, playing with her nipples. “Ahh, yes, baby. You are so sexy. Faster, sweetheart, please.”

Looking into his dark eyes, Buffy answered his begging by increasing her speed. Riding him hard, her hands lowered from her nipples to find her clit. Touching herself, she began bouncing on his cock, increasing the pressure to her clit. With a loud groan, Angel tried to keep pace, not taking his eyes off of Buffy’s hand, rubbing herself. He was close, but his wife was closer. With a loud scream, her body tightened as she came, her amazing slayer muscles clenching around his cock, sending him over the edge as well. “AHHHHHH! GOD, YES!!” Angel screamed, jerking up into her, squirting his seed into her womb.

Buffy fell onto his chest, panting from lack of breath. Angel too was having a hard time catching his breath. “Honey,” he said, in between gulping air, “where’d you get that outfit?”

“Oh, this old thing? I’ve had this for years.”

“I don’t think so. I think I would have noticed something like that hanging in the closet. Uh, could you untie me now?”

Looking up at him, she nodded. “Yes, I guess I better. I think the baby’s awake, and it’s your turn.”

Standing up to untie him, Angel commented. “Who would of thought a four week old baby could eat so much?”

As she finished untying him, he gently rubbed his wrists, then quickly grabbed her around the waist, throwing her on the bed, covering her with his body. “Buffy, you do know that tonight is going to constitute some major payback, don’t you?”

Giggling, she kissed his lips. “Promises, promises.”

“I love you, Buffy.”

“I love you, too, Angel. Now go feed the baby.”


The End