Forever, Always, and Then Some

Chapter One


Angel with the help of his friends is learning to take on the responsibility of fatherhood. Cordelia has actually taken on a lot of the baby’s day to day care. With the help of Fred and Lorne (who is staying at the hotel since his place blew up) the baby is thriving.

As Angel is rocking his son and trying to hum an Irish lullaby, Lorne walks in. He looks at Angel.

Lorne: Angel, you need to find his real mother.

Angel: What do you mean? His mother is dead, Darla killed herself.

Lorne: She was not the real mother, the baby needs his real mother.

Angel: What are you talking about?

Lorne: That is all I know…….Darla was not his mother.

Angel: Are you telling me I am not his father? He is not my Son?

Lorne: No, you are the father, but she was not the mother. I don’t know anything else.

Angel is stunned. Cordelia walks in with a bottle for the baby, and Angel tells her what Lorne has said. She is also stunned.

They tell everyone about Lorne’s words but no one can understand how Darla could not be the baby’s mother. She carried him. She gave him life. Lorne has to be confused or getting erroneous messages.


Meanwhile in Sunnydale

Buffy wakes up, sits up in bed and darts her eyes around her room. She looks confused. She walks to Willow’s room .

Buffy: Willow do you have a moment.

Willow: What’s wrong Buff?

Buffy: I just had another of my vivid dreams but I know no way this one is a prophecy dream. It took place in a location that no longer exist.

Willow: What are you talking about?

The two women sit on Willow’s bed.

Buffy: Well in the dream I was in Angel’s old apartment in LA, the one that blew up. I only saw it that one time when I went there to find Faith but I know it was that place.

Willow: You dreamed about Angel’s old apartment? What were you doing there?

Buffy: I was with Angel and we were ……..well you know. We were…

Willow: You and Angel? Sounds more like a fantasy. Have you been thinking about him lately?

Buffy: Not really, well not more than usual. But Willow this dream was so vivid, like when I have my prophecy dreams. It felt like more than just a regular dream. And Willow one other bazaar thing, in the dream I think Angel’s heart was beating because we were talking about it. Oh and he was eating ice cream.

Willow: He was alive? Sounds like a big fantasy. I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you should call Angel, he might be able to shed some light for you. Maybe it is like before when you guys shared a dream. Could that be it?

Buffy: I don’t know but I guess I could at least call him.

We see Buffy dialing the phone.

Buffy: Hi Cordelia, it’s Buffy, can I talk to Angel?

Cordelia: Buffy he is really busy right now. (we see Cordy look out the office window at Angel trying to take care of the baby) Can he call you back or can I give him a message.

Buffy: Well actually this may seem stupid, but I had this dream about Angel at his old apartment, the one that blew up and I wanted to talk to him about it. I know sounds farfetched but I feel there was something more than just a dream. I thought if I talked to him about it, it might make some sense.

Cordelia: Buffy are you telling me you called long distance to talk to Angel about a dream.

Buffy: I know it sounds lame but it was so vivid. Angel was alive and we were together in his old apartment. Oh forget it, I am just being silly. I should not have called. Bye

Cordelia: (looks stunned) Bye.

Cordy hangs up the phone. Cordy looks out at Angel. She walks out of the office.

Cordy: Angel, I think I may know who we are looking for.

Angel: (distracted by the baby)Huh? Looking for?

Cordy: His mother, I think I know who she is.

Angel: Who? How?

Cordy: Buffy.

Angel: Buffy? Now why would you think that Buffy is his mother? We have not been together for years.

Cordy: Well she is back in Sunnydale having dreams of you being alive and being together in your old apartment.

Angel: Which apartment? Sunnydale or LA?

Cordy: She said the one that blew up. I guess that would be LA unless the other one blew up too.

Angel: No just the one here. Are you saying you think she has somehow regained the memory of that day?

Fred: What are you guys talking about?

Cordy: Angel I don’t know what to think but we know better than to believe in coincidence. If the memory has been given back to her, there has to be a reason. And why else now of all times?

Angel: But how? How can she be his mother? She was never pregnant.

Cordy: Are you sure? Tell me during that night were either on of you concerned with birth control.

Angel: Well no. It was not even discussed. We were…..well. Hell she could not have gotten……but if she did……and I turned back time……what happened to the child?

Angel glances down at his son in confusion. Fred continues to try and follow this conversation.

Cordy: I think you just reached the same conclusion I did. Buffy is his mother. And the reason he is human is because both his parents were human at the time he was conceived.

Angel: But how did Darla end up carrying him?

Cordy: I do not know, but she was the first person you slept with after that day……you were the only one to carry the memory, maybe you carried more than a memory.

Angel: You are talking crazy.

Cordy: Anymore crazy than two vampires conceiving a child?

Fred: Okay, let me see if I understand what you two are saying, Angel was human for one day and slept with the Buffy girl and she may have gotten pregnant. But Angel turned back time causing a flux in the quantum configuration and the day never happened. So the baby was stuck in limbo until Angel slept with Darla, allowing the baby to be brought to term. Darla was no more than a surrogate mother.

Angel and Cordy just stare at Fred.

Fred: Well knowing the passage of time has been altered, any configuration of later events is possible to correct the damage.

Angel: Fred what are you saying?

Fred: I think Cordy is right.

Angel: Oh

Cordy: Well we need to find out before we go telling anyone else. Especially before we tell Buffy.

Angel: I agree, but how.

Fred: We could do a DNA test but that would require a skin or hair sample from the mother. Do you think we could somehow get her to send us one without her becoming suspicious?

Angel: We are talking Buffy, she does not trust many people.

Cordy: Except Willow. We could get Willow to help. She could get us what we need but we may have to tell her the truth.

Angel: Maybe not. Let me try……Willow may do it if I promise to explain later.

Cordy: Oh yeah, you have saved her life a few times.

Angel: I will call and try.

Wesley and Gunn walk in.

Wesley: What is happening?

Cordy fills the guys in as Angel and Fred get the baby asleep.

Wesley and Gunn are shocked to learn of Angel’s sacrifice for the sake others.

Wesley: Angel might I suggest if you are going to get Willow to help you retrieve the samples you tell her it is some research I am doing with Fred on Slayer DNA and ask for Dawn's too. It will give us a comparative. Think she will buy it.

Angel: Actually I may be able to pull that one off.

Angel goes to make the call.

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