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Tango's Fanfiction

All these stories are written by the amazing Tango. You can contact her at: TangoFic


In A Position To Let Me Know
Angel's Return
Capsized Delusions
Diluted Truth
Landslide of Principle
Mutual Sensations
Picking Up The Pieces
Putting the Damage On
Something You Can't Forgive
Soul Vacation
The Mark
The Reclaiming
The Taste of My Blood
Under My Skin
Want, Take, Have
When Angels Fall
When Hell Breaks Loose
Puppy's Revenge
Chimera Parts 1, 2, & 3
Finding Someday
Saving the Slayer

Sick Series:
Calling In Sick
Going in Well (sequel to Calling in Sick)
Staying Well (sequel to Calling in Sick and Going in Well)

Primal Force Series:
Primal Force
Flip Side of Primal Force
Flip Side of Primal Force, Part Two

Drawings Series:
Drawings of You
Images of Us, Sequel to Drawings of You
Portraits, Sequel to Drawings of You and Images of Us(A Work In Progress) Parts 1-2

Works in Progress:
In A Maudlin Sort of Way(A work in Progress) Parts 1-14
Slayers and Witches and Vampires, Oh My! (A work in Progress) Parts 1-8
Guardian (A work in Progress) Parts 1-5


Please beware that most the stories in this area contain adult content. If you are too young or uncomfortable with adult or sexual situations please do not read.

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