Gift From The Past

Chapter Two

Her hand travels up his shoulder and her fingers entangle into his long locks. His arm encircles her waist and pulls her tight against him. Her body molds against his and she can feel his rising arousal. A moan escapes her throat and becomes muffled by their dueling tongues. His mouth slowly drags from her lips and burns a path across her jaw and down to her sensitive neck. She tosses her head back in submission. As his lips gently caress and suckle, an audible growl is heard. He pulls back and looks into her embarrassed face.

Liam: I believe you are in need of more than just my loving.

Buffy: I am fine.

Liam: No. If I am to take pleasure in your company, I must see that you are fed. I will be right back.

Buffy: DonítÖ.

Liam: I will be but just a mere moment. You will wait here?

Buffy: I will.

He turns to leave but then turns back.

Buffy: Yes?

Liam: I regret I have yet to learn your name my precious.

Buffy pauses a moment and then smiles.

Buffy: Anne. You can call me Anne.

Liam: Well Anne, I am Liam and I will be right back with something to take the hunger from you.

He smiles and steps out of the room softly closing the door behind him. She stands staring at the closed door for a moment then draws in a deep breath. Her heart races as she tries to make sense of what just happened. Buffy slowly turns and looks around the clean but Spartan surroundings. A small dresser sits under the single window. A small oil lamp graces it center and cast odd flicker light over the rest of the meager furnishings. Beside the dresser is a wooden straight back chair and in the corner another odd chair. Further inspections reveals, it to be chair with a whole in the seat and bowl below. She audibly gasps as she realizes its use. She shivers and moves away. She moves to the last piece of furniture, the bed. A faded but clean quilt is folded across the foot. The rest of the bed is covered in creamy cotton sheets.

She glances back around and thinks about the kiss. She sighs and feels her skin tingle. Even if it is not her Angel and his lips were not cool, the kiss was still so familiar. It was like coming home. Coming home and finding the furniture has been replaced. The same feelings but at the same time they are new and different. She looks down at her dress and begins to unbutton the long row. The hair clip comes out and is placed on the dresser. She slips her shoes off and under the bed before she slips the gown and petticoat off and hangs them over the back of the chair. Removing her modern undergarments, she stashes them under the dress before dashing to the bed.

She slips between the crisp rough fabric and attempts to relax. Her eyes move from the flickering flame to the door as she fights the endless stream emotions coursing through her brain. She flows quickly from anticipation to fear to blind panic and on to desire and anticipation. Her system is rapidly overloading as she sees the door knob turn. She bolts upright and stares as he enters the room.

Liam glances across the room and catches his breath as he takes in the woman sitting in the middle of the bed. The sheet clutched tightly to her chest. Her hair as yellow as the sun, cascading over her shoulders.

Liam: I brought you food and wine.

Buffy: Thank you. Set them on the dresser.

He watches as she folds back the sheet beside her in a silent invitation. Liam places the basket and bottle of wine on the dresser. He removes his waistcoat and tosses it on the chair before moving to the edge of the bed. She shrinks back slightly as he sits down and removes his shoes. He turns and looks at her and she edges closer. His fingers reach out and comb through the ends of her long golden hair. She shivers from the small tickling feeling as the hair brushes over her bare shoulder. His fingers intertwine in her soft tresses as he wraps his hand around her head and draws her forward. Her lips caress against his and soon their mouths are lost in a battle of possession and passion. He presses her back against the pillows as his long body stretches the length of the bed.

Her fingers take on the task of unhooking each button of first his shirt and then his fly. He shrugs off the fabric of the shirt and drops it to the floor. His hands begin to roam over her shoulders and back. As her fingertips tease the waist band he pulls back and eases the fabric down his hips. His pants and stockings join his shirt. He slides his nude body under the covers. They both gasp as their bare flesh connects.

Liam: You are so beautiful.

Buffy: As are you.

His lips captures hers and presses her down onto the pillows. She opens her mouth and uses her tongue to coax his to play. His hands wander from her shoulders to her clavicle and down to her breast. She groans and arches her back as his fingers scrape across her taunt nipple. He begins teasing the hard tip with his thumb as the kiss becomes more demanding. Her hands span over his broad back and urge him closer. He rolls on top of her and looks into her eyes. She smiles and pulls him back toward her mouth. His knees gently spread her legs as his fingers dip into her wet channel. He moans at the tightness.

Liam: Please tell me you not be unbroken.

Buffy: What?

Liam: Have you not been bedded?

Buffy: I have.

She pushes the memory of Parker away.

Buffy: But it was but once.

Liam: Once?

Buffy: Before he left me.

Liam: The one who shares my face.

Buffy: Yes. Please stop.

He pulls away from her but she grabs him.

Buffy: I meant stop talking.

She pulls him back to her lips and his fingers again probe her hot channel. She bucks her hips in rhythm as their lips and tongues tango. His mouth leaves hers and travels down to her taunt nipple. His hot tongue circles the pink center before his lips surround it completely. She moans in pleasure. She feels sensations wave through her body as he teases her. Then she whimpers as his fingers stop and slip away.

Buffy: Please.

Liam: You be sure.

She nods and he shifts his hips. She gasp as she feels the tip of his erection press against her nether lips. He slowly eases himself in, giving her time to adjust to his invasion. She widens her legs and he shifts his hips and gently forces forward until he is completely sheathed in her heat.

Buffy sighs and he smiles. She flexes her muscles over his shaft and he groans in delight.

Liam: Ohhhh. I be in heaven I think. No where else could one feels such pleasure.

He begins stroking in and out. Little moans escape from both their throats. Her legs wrap around his hips and he increases his pace. His mouth covers hers as she becomes more vocal. Her final keen as she plummets over the precipice to bliss is lost in his throat. Her muscles tighten and nearly strangle his engorged flesh. He digs his fingers into the pillows and collapses as his climax is squeezed out of him. He lies panting as her fingers stroke his bare back. He regains his bearings and looks into her face.

Buffy: Are you okay?

Liam: I be fine. I be not lying when I say any man that bedded you and walked away is a fool.

Buffy: Oh.

He rolls over pulling her with him. She lies with her head on his chest.

Liam: Would you be wanting of the food and wine?

Buffy: Please.

He climbs from the bed and she watches as his nude body moves in the soft lamp light. He sits back down on the bed and draws the sheet over his lap. She sits up and he pulls out two silver glasses and hands them to her. She cradles them in her hands as he pours them both wine. She watches as he moves cheese, bread and fruit from the basket. He pulls out a knife and carefully cuts an apple. He places a piece between her lips before taking his glass.

They take turns feeding themselves and each other.

Buffy: No more.

He smiles and drops the remains in the basket and sets it on the floor. He turns back to see her lying down beckoning him into her arms. He slides into them and softly kisses her lips. They each taste the sweet flavors on each others lips and tongues.



Liam: It shall be dawn soon. As much as I regret leaving your arms, I must return to my house.

Buffy: But.

Liam: If my father should learn I was not home, he would be sure to discover where I was.

Buffy: I do not want to cause you any problems.

Liam: You my precious would never.

Buffy: How are you so sure?

Liam: I just know. Now I must go.

He stands and begins dressing.

Liam: I must ask if you are leaving.

Buffy: I have no where to go.

Liam: I will tell Betsy to check on you and bring you breakfast.

Buffy: Betsy?

Liam: She works here. She can be trusted to not tell the proprietor. You will be safe here.

Buffy: Thank you.

He slips on his shoes and softly kisses her.

Liam: You must rest.

Buffy snuggles down amongst the linens and closes her eyes. She sighs as she hears the door close quietly.



Giles Apartment

Rain splatters on the window as Anya stands watching.

Giles: I donít know where else to look.

Tara: W..wÖ.e will f..f..ind her.

Xander: Damn right we will.

Everyone darts their eyes at him as Willow jolts from his outburst. They all watch as the young red-head again relaxes in her corner of the sofa.

Giles: Xander, please try to keep your voice down.

Xander: Sorry.

Tara: S..s..he nnneeds to

Xander: I know.

Giles: It has been three days and we are no closer to knowing what happened. But when we do, we may need Willow to help bring her back.

Anya: Thatís why Tara slipped her that powder stuff. The girl has not slept since Buffy went poof.

Xander: I know. Everyone does not have to remind me. There just has to be something we can do. Some spell or some way to trace the magic. Something.

Giles: We have not given up and we wonít.

Anya: Here comes someone.

Giles moves to open the door as Riley barrels in. He stops in the doorway dripping over the floor. He looks down at the growing puddle.

Riley: Sorry.

Giles: Quite alright. Come in.

Anya: But be quiet.

Riley follows her finger to the sleeping witch and nods. Giles hands him a towel and he removes his slicker and shoes before entering the living room.

Riley: Any luck?

Giles: None so far. Were you able to access the government files?

Riley: Yes. I has able to use my security clearance and access the projects. There were a couple regarding time travel but all had been aborted. But they were based on science and mathematics. None involved using magics.

Giles: Just as I expected. Most people will deny what is out there.

Riley: We donít deny the demons.

Giles: But you can see them. And even then most people try to make up some excuse.

Riley: I guess.

Anya: So what do we do now that soldier boy was no help?

Giles: I am not sure. I guess we get back to the books. Try to see what we missed.

Xander: We didnít miss anything. Someone did a spell and took her away. We know that. What we donít know is where and that is not going to be in some old book. We need to find a way to find out where.

Anya: Then Willow and Tara can do the spell and bring her back.

Tara: M..maybe we nneeed to ssttop looking f.for h..her and tr..try f..find the one wh..who d..did the spell.

Everyone looks over at her.

Giles: Blimey. She is right.

Xander: What? Can we trace the spell to the source.

Giles: No. But this is not a simple spell.

Xander: We know that. Willow found the spell two days ago. She even had me go buy all the stuff at the Magic Shop so we would be ready.

Giles: She did?

Anya: Yes. He spent lots of money too.

Giles: My lord! Why didnít I think of that.

Anya: Oh because you are not a witch. But if you want to pay for them I think Xander would let you.

Giles: Not that. If we need specific ingredients to do the spell.

Xander: So does the person who did the first spell.

Giles: Exactly

He grabs his coat.

Xander: I am going with you.

Giles: No, stay here and help Willow and Tara prepare to do the spell.

Riley: I can go. My car is right outside.

Giles: Fine, lets go. I will call.

They men run out into the pouring rain.



Galway Inn.

Buffy lies in bed watching Liam dress.

Liam: I am sorry, I have to keep leaving you.

Buffy: It is okay.

Liam: I promise I will come back later and take you on that picnic we planned yesterday. My father will not interfere with our plans again.

Buffy: I understand you had to work.

Liam: My father can find someone other than myself to make his deliveries this day. I will be back and we will go. You must leave this room. It has been three days.

Buffy: I am not complaining. The company has been wonderful and you brought me this wonderful book of poetry to read.

Liam: I am pleased you like it.

He leans down and kisses her soft lips before heading toward the door.

Liam: I will be back soon my love.

Her mouth falls open as he vanishes through the door.

Buffy: My love? Did he say my love?

She smiles as she falls back onto the pillows. She lifts the leather bound book and flips it open. She pulls out the single piece of folded parchment between the pages. She unfolds it and looks at herself lying in this very bed. Her hair cascades over her shoulders as a satisfied smile adorns her face. She refolds the drawing and tucks it back between the pages as she begins reading.


OíHara House.

Liam slips in the back door and heads for his room. He enters to see his mother perched on his bed.

Liam: Mama? Has something happened?

Mrs. OíHara: You tell me my son. You sneak into this house right before dawn with your hair and clothes unkempt.

Liam: I am home. No harm has befallen me.

Mrs. OĎHara: Harm will befall you if your father learns of your whoring ways. He has tolerated your opposition to working at the company but he will not tolerate you ruining the name OíHara.

Liam: I shall not ruin his precious name. Of that he has no further worry.

Mrs. OíHara: Your actions do not foretell your claim.

Liam: He will not have to concern himself with my actions. I am leaving.

Mrs. OíHara: Leaving. And where might you go?

Liam: I have met someone and we are leaving this place.

Mrs. OíHara: You are abandoning your family for some whore.

Liamís eyes flash in anger.

Liam: She is no whore. But neither you nor father would understand, so I have chosen to leave this town and take her where we can start a life and not be judged.

His voice softens.

Liam: I love her Mama and I want to have a family with her. I look into her eyes and I wonder what our child would look like with her eyes.

Mrs. OíHara: You want to settle down with her? You do not understand the responsibility.

Liam: She makes me want to take car of her. She makes me want to be responsible.

Mrs. OíHara: And why not bring her home to your father? Why leave?

Liam: Because he would never approve. She would never be good enough for him. She is beautiful and bright and loving but he would never approve.

Mrs. OíHara: Is she one of the servants at the tavern?

Liam: No Mama, she is not.

Mrs. OíHara: Then pray tell why would your father object to her?

Liam: Because she is a runaway bride. She denounced her father and left rather than marry without love.

Mrs. OíHara: Oh. My son, please no. SheÖ

Liam: Please, Mama, do not say anything. I love her and I will not listen to you speak ill.

Mrs. OíHara: You love her?

Liam: Yes, Mama. Have you not listened to what I speak. I want to marry her and have a family with her. I do not expect your blessing or fatherís but I will not change my mind. I can not. My heart will not let me.

Mrs. OíHara: I hear your words and I wish that I could rejoice in them. I fear you will regret this decision.

Liam: I shall not.

They stop as they hear the steady thread of his fathers footsteps.

Mrs. OíHara: Please do not leave before we can speak more.

Liam: I shall stay until he leaves. But no longer I grant.

Mrs. OíHara: We shall speak further once your father has departed.

She scurries from the room. Liam quickly changes and begins gathering his personal belongings. He places his small wardrobe in his leather satchel. He adds his favorite books and a couple of sketches to the top and closes the buckle.



Main Street

Giles looks around and pulls out a small leather pouch and slips out a small pick.

Riley: What are you doing?

Giles: Picking the lock.

Riley: I have a master key. It opens every shop on Main Street.

Giles: Oh.

Riley pushes Giles away and quickly unlocks the door.

Giles: Okay. Credit card slips, sales receipt. Help me look.

Giles opens a drawer and is flipping through credit card slips.

Riley: I don't know what I'm looking for.

Giles: I do.

He looks angrily at a slip.

Giles: Ethan Rayne.

Riley: Who's that?

Giles: My worst nightmare. Oh donít know why it took me so long to figure it out.

Riley grabs his phone and dials.

Riley: Command, are you there?

Giles: What are you doing?

Riley: It's agent Finn. I need a search. Local hotel registrations matching the name Ethan Rayne. R-A-Y-N-E. Call me back.

Giles: You can do that?

Riley: It'll take a couple of minutes.

Giles: Letís get in the car and be ready to go.

He leaves and Riley follows.



OíHara House.

Mrs. OíHara softly knocks and enters Liam room. She looks at the leather bag and then her son.

Liam: Has he departed?

Mrs. OíHara: He has.

Liam: Then I be on my way.

Mrs. OíHara: Wait.

Liam: Mama, I am leaving. Nothing you say will be changing that.

Mrs. OíHara: I know that my son. I just wanted to give you something before you leave.

She holds her hand up to silence him.

Mrs. OíHara: My mother gave me this. My father gave it to her on the day I was born.

She places a small circle of silver and blue in his hand.

Liam: A ring?

Mrs. OíHara: Every woman should have a proper wedding ring. You do not have to tell her from wince it came.

Liam: You do not have to.

Mrs. OíHara: I feel I must. Now make a promise to me.

Liam: If I am able.

Mrs. OíHara: Promise me you will never let your bride feel she is second to anyone or anything.

Liam: That you can be sure I will. That is a promise I can make to you.

Mrs. OíHara: May god give you both strength to bear your burdens.

Liam: We will be okay. Now I must be leaving.

He picks up his satchel and heads out the door. He turns to see his mother sitting on his bed with tears in her eyes.

Liam: I will always love you.

He turns and walks out.


Sunnydale Motor Inn

Ethanís Room

Ethan lies on the bed flipping channels when the door crashes open. Giles moves in and grabs him by the shirt and slam him into the wall. Riley closes the now broken door and watches.

Giles: Where is she?

Ethan: Where is who?

Giles: Donít play games with me.

Ethan: No games. At least I am not playing any.

Giles pulls him forward just to slam him back into the wall.

Giles: You better start talking.

Ethan: You will never find her if you kill me first.

Giles: I am not planning on killing youÖ..yet.

Ethan: Come on Ripper, the slayer is okay. She is not in any danger.

Giles: She is not here and that is not okay. Now where is she?

Ethan: I am not sure exactly.

Giles: What do you mean you are not sure? Where did you send her?

Ethan: They said she would be okay.

Giles: Where?

Ethan: All I got is the co-ordinates and a Julian date and you know how bad I am at the math stuff.

Giles: You can bring her back?

Ethan: Yes, if you can let me go.

Giles slings him across the room and he crashes into the dresser.

Ethan: I can not bring your little slayer back if I am injured.

Giles: You will bring her back and as for injuries we will have to see.



Galway Street

Liam walks along the street. His satchel gripped in one hand and a single pink rose in the other. He enters the Inn with a smile consuming his whole face.



Dorm Room

Buffy gasps as she looks around the familiar room. She glances at the book clasps to her bare chest. Hearing noise in the hall she quickly get up and slips on her robe from the hook on the closet door. She glances at the book on the bed and walks over to the window. She looks out at the rain streaming down the glass.

Buffy: Rain?

She walks over and turns on the small television and switches to the community channel.

Buffy: Three days. It has been three days here too.

She rushes to the phone and punches in the familiar numbers.

Xander: Hello.

Buffy: Xander?

Xander: Buffy? Oh my god is that you?

Buffy: Yes, it is me. I am back

Xander: Where are you?

Buffy: My room. Is Giles there?

Xander: He left with Riley trying to follow a lead on you. We are on our way over.

Buffy: No. No donít. I will come there. I just need to take a quick shower and I will be right over.

Xander: You are coming here? You are sure.

Buffy: I am sure. I will be there in about 30 minutes.

Xander: God I am so glad to hear your voice.

Buffy: Me too Xander. Now let me go get that shower.

She hangs up and gathers her stuff and heads for the bathroom



Ethanís Room

Riley is guarding the door speaking into his cell phone. Ethan is sitting cross-legged on the floor, remnants of a spell just completed in front of him. Giles is standing behind with his arms crossed.

Ethan: I really got to learn to just do the damage and get out of town

Giles nudges him with his foot and he climbs to his feet.

Giles: I better call my place.

Riley moves to hand him the phone as it rings.

Riley: Hello. She did? Okay we will be there as soon as we can.

Giles: Buffy?

Riley: She called. She is going to your place.

Giles: Thank heavens.

Ethan: Is this gonna go on much longer? I'd rather like to be going.

Giles: And why would I let you go?

Ethan: Well, maybe because you have no choice. And you really canít kill me

Riley open the door and two MPs enter. They grab Ethan and handcuff him

Riley: By the authority of the US military, you're being taken into custody pending a determination of your status.

The MPs remove Ethan from the room

Riley: They'll, uh, take Mr. Rayne to a secret detention facility in the Nevada desert. I'm sure he'll be rehabilitated in no time.

Giles: Uh, if you don't mind, I'm just gonna go and watch them manhandle him into a vehicle.